Will The Military Move My Car


    Military Car Shipping: Discounts For Military Members


    Any auto transport company that offers military auto shipping will provide a discount for our men and women in uniform. This can range from a simple $25 off your total cost to over a hundred bucks, depending on the shipper. Did you know we here at American Auto Shipping offer military car shipping discounts too?

    Since the military only pays to ship one vehicle per service member, anyone in the military needing auto shipping for a second vehicle needs to go to an independent auto shipper in order to get it moved. Most auto transport companies offer military auto shipping, though.

    Its best to look at which companies provide military auto shipping services before you book with anyone. Some companies may not offer military auto shipping discounts. Its important to tell your auto shipper that you are a member of the military. Make sure to have proper identification before you book with a company that offers a military auto shipping discount as well. Requirements for a military discount will be different from shipper to shipper as well. We recommend you speak to a representative to learn more.

    The Following Items Can Be Left In Your Vehicle:

    • Hand tools: cannot exceed $200 in value
    • Jacks, tire irons, fire extinguishers and jumper cables
    • One spare tire or two snow tires, baby / child car seats

    As a reminder: Before shipment all vehicles will be subject to a joint inspection where all damages and blemishes will be documented. You will be requested to signoff the DD788 inspection form as a mutual record.

    When To Ship Your Pov

    Each branch of the military has different limitations for shipping a POV. A few of those limitations for the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy include:

    • Army and Air Force personnel POVs will be accepted for shipment if delivered to the port within 90 days after the servicemember departed for an overseas tour of more than one year, or within 30 days after the servicemember’s departure on a tour of duty of one year or less.
    • Navy and Marine Corps personnel POVs will be accepted when at least 12 months remain to be served at their current overseas duty station at the time vehicle is delivered to the loading port.

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    Contact Us & Ask About Our Active And Veteran Military Discount

    Finally, we salute you for your selfless service to our country and for making us safer. When you need a vehicleshipped, call Number 1 Auto Transport and receive a $50 discount off any of our car shipping services. Give us a call at or request a free car shipping quote today. Check out our terms& conditions for more information.

    Are You Ready To Book

    Moving to Germany(Military) what about my car?

    Theres a lot to think about before you ship a car and as you prepare your vehicle for its journey. Dont underestimate the amount of time it will take to get to your next duty station or to your new home overseas because the whole process can take longer than you think. Preparation is key. Call us for a free, no-obligation quote and to learn more about how we help make military moves smoother and less stressful. If you know what to expect and have everything you need ready to roll before your drop-off date, youll have less to stress about and more time to prepare yourself and your family for the exciting adventure to come.

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    Privately Owned Vehicle Shipment

    If you own a vehicle and get an overseas assignment, the military will either ship the vehicle for you or store it while you are away.

    Some locations don’t allow the shipping of a personal vehicle and others restrict this privilege to certain ranks. In these cases, the military will store the vehicle for you for free while you are assigned overseas.

    The military will pay to move your personal property from your home location to your first permanent duty station, or, you can rent a truck, move it yourself. In such cases, the military will reimburse you a portion of what it would have paid a contractor to move the vehicle.

      Top 5 Trusted Military Car Shipping Companies In The Us

      Moving Company
      Round the Clock Customer ServiceGuaranteed Pickup Dates
      Not a Substantial Amount of ReviewsConfusing Website

      Our favorite when it comes to military car transports, Montway Auto Transport first started in 2006. So, with so many years in the industry, it comes as no wonder that they have shipped around 582k+ vehicles to date. Not only have their services expanded, but Montway Auto Transport has also started shipping internationally.

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      Have You Received A Permanent Change Of Station And Need Your Car Shipped

      First, Number 1 Auto Transport are proud supporters of the brave men and women soldiers who fight hard to protect our country. Because of this, we offer a discount to any military member who has received a PCS order and needs a POV shipped. We understand that military members are frequently required to move from one location to another without notice. For this reason, we strive to provide the best military carshipping services to all our military members and families.

      Second, our military car shipping services are geared to relieve you of the stress of having to move your vehicle. We have over 10 years of experience working with military members, and our staff has the knowledge you can trust when shipping your vehicle. It doesnt matter if you are moving to San Diego, Camp Lejeune, Parris Island, or Annapolis. We have reliable military car transport carriers who will treat your car like its their own. In fact, we have an outstanding customer service rating from the Better Business Bureau and numerous top ratings and reviews on Google, Yelp, and Transport Reviews.

      Base To Base Pcs Auto Transport

      Shipping your car in the military

      Using a military car shipping service is a regular thing for folks making a big move. Whether they are civilians making a job move from California to Texas or an Air Force soldier moving from Dover AFB all the way across the country to Beale or Travis, they need a hand moving their vehicle across the country. If they have dependents and another family, it can be even more demanding, with multiple vehicles and entire households of personal items!

      The distance between bases can be thousands of miles. While the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard may be taking care of moving your household goods to your next base, you and possibly your dependents will need to get your POV there yourself. If youve got special belongings that you dont entrust to the governments Transportation Service Provider , you might even have a moving truck to look after. Not everyone trusts the TSP, and lets face it youll need some personal goods during the move as well. Even when you get to the next stop, it can take days for the TSP to get your goods to the right house, and you might need some of that clothing or home goods while youre still waiting.

      It will be easier to let the professionals do this transport, whether long-distance or even just a few states over. Transporting your car from one base to another is an easy task because many families auto-ship their vehicles when given a PCS.

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      Epa And Dot Sticker Requirements

      The EPA sticker will be located in the motor compartment or the hood itself. It will have the words “Vehicle Emissions Control” or “CATALYST” on it. If this sticker is missing or illegible, a compliance letter from EPA will be required before your vehicle will be accepted. To get this letter, proof must be provided to the EPA in the form of a stateside title, stateside registration, or CARFAX report.

      The DOT sticker will be located in the drivers door jamb area, or on the door edge, and will have the VIN number on it . If this sticker is missing, or illegible, proof in the form of a stateside title , stateside registration, or CARFAX report must be provided to the VPC on the date of turn-in before your car can be accepted.

      Foldable Storage Guest Beds

      I bought this inexpensive Olee Sleep 14 Inch Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame, Twin Size for $62 and I put a folding Futon on it. Its more comfortable than an inflatable bed. It folds in half and its easy to store away. Because Hawaii homes are small, there sometimes isnt a dedicated guest room and bed so this portable one can be set up anywhere.*

      Navy: Aloha Furniture at the Housing Service Center: 474-1820/1821AirForce: Tunista Furniture located near the back Gate: 448-0300

      Loan Closet: Shipped your household goods? Dont buy temporary things when you can borrow!655 VickersAve, Bldg 1105, Honolulu. For more info call: 449-0319

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      Military Relocation Services With Uship

      If you or your spouse have just received your Permanent Change of Station orders, it is time to start your military relocation. uShip can help you get quotes from moving services and give you some helpful tips along the way. We have already done the research for you on the best types of moves during PCS season. If you need any help, please let us knowlet us know, and we will get you back on track to completing your PCS move.

      Our marketplace is great for finding the best relocation quotes from the best moving companies. Create your listing, including a detailed list of everything you will need moved. Military relocation services will then send you quotes on your move. You can talk to them directly and review their carrier profiles to find out more about their services and their experience in PCS moves.

      Reasons To Choose Amerifreight:

      2015 ZiL Punisher Is Russia

      Military Car Discounts: AmeriFreight is known for their military car shipping services, not only because the service itself is one of the best, but also because of the multiple discounts that they have to offer. If youre in active-duty military, at AmeriFreight you can avail of a $35 discount on your final bill. But thats not all you can make use of some other discounts they have like the early bird discount, where a substantial amount is reduced from your bill if you book them within 48 hours of receiving a quote!

      Damage Gap Coverage: Have you ever wished there was some way that the grey area between the major damages that your insurance covers and what it doesnt could have some form of coverage? Heres where AmeriFreight can step in for you with the damage gap coverage which they also call AFta or AF total insurance. The term gap stands for anything that your insurance wont cover but will still be a loss for you like stolen keys, minor chips on the car due to rocks, etc.

      Did you know? : The three AFta plans are placed at $48 , $78 , and $98 .

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      Safely Delivering Anything You Need Shipped

      Most companies that offer military vehicle transport services including us can pull pretty much anything. Regardless of whether you have to transport a car, truck, SUV, minivan, 4×4, ATV, bike, jet ski, we can move it for you. Most companies that ship for military members can pick up and deliver at a military base. It must be satisfied with the base officer, however. You can also have your vehicle shipped to and from your house if you need it to be.

      Shipping A Car Overseas

      When you receive your PCS orders you’re entitled to ship your privately owned vehicle from or between locations overseas. If you wish to ship your POV overseas it must be authorized on your orders. Alternate ports may be used if approved by the military traffic management command . Requests to use an alternate port should be addressed to the Personal Property Shipping Office .

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      Over 20+ Years’ Experience Moving Military Personnel Around The World

      See why military members rely on CFR for military car shipping services. CFR Rinkens is one of the most renowned international car shipping companies in the United States, offering Military PCS and TDY vehicle relocation services and personal vehicle shipping from anywhere in the country.

      This specialized shipping of automobiles, boats, and other vehicles should not be left to brokers or seemingly inexpensive but obscure local shippers. As front-runners in military PCS vehicle shipping, our goal is to provide reliable military car shipping services.

      How Do I Choose A Car Shipping Company


      You can use the steps weve provided to guide you while you choose the best moving company for your needs:

      • Look at your car shipping needs, what time brackets are you comfortable with, how far can you stretch your budget, what you will and will not need help with, etc.
      • Research, research and more research. The more you look into the nitty-gritty, the more equipped you will be to make an informed decision. Look at everything from insurance coverage to the terms and conditions of the companies on your list.
      • Make calls. When you get in touch with the shipping companies that top your list, verify and confirm important information. Also, get a quote thats accurate and final.
      • Visit websites like Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Consumer Affairs and Transport Reviews and go through customer reviews and ratings.
      • Time to pool all the information together and make your decision. See what matches your transport needs best and youll be good to go!

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      What You Cant Deduct

      Some things that seem like they might be deductible are not actually deductible.

      • You can not deduct meals while traveling from your old home to your new home.
      • The temporary lodging deduction is limited to one day after you move out of your old house, the days of travel, and one day after you arrive at your new home.

      Other things that are not deductible include:

      • The cost of lodging beyond your first night in your new location.
      • Vehicle registration fees or license plate costs.
      • Drivers license.
      • Any part of the purchase price of a home.
      • Costs of buying or selling a home .
      • Costs of entering into or breaking a lease.
      • Home improvements to help sell your home.
      • Loss on the sale of your home.
      • Losses from disposing of memberships in clubs.
      • Mortgage penalties.

      Evaluate How Much You Really Need To Bring

      One of the things that we really overlooked was what we should and shouldnt bring. The fact that the government would issue us furniture during our tour in Japan slipped our mind. I dont think we wouldve brought nearly as much stuff had we remembered that.

      Even items like beds and mattresses, the government provided us with what look like a brand new bedroom set to use until our own items arrived. When we saw that it made us wonder why we shipped our own stuff halfway around the world.

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      More Than Pov Car Transport: Resources For Every Phase Of Deployment

      We care about your success, and offer a compilation of resources others have found useful over the years. None of these are related to your auto shipping needs, but we thought youd appreciate some of these tools.

      Make the most of wherever you are on your journey: whether youre just getting started, getting home, or taking that victory lap, be ready for your next step with tips from Military OneSource for every phase of deployment.

      The successful movement of your POV is not a matter of chance. As with all things military, its the result of preparation and planning. If you think you may be medically eligible to ship a POV in the CONUS, check out the handbook provided by US Transcom or Contact your local Transportation Office or Personal Property Shipping Office .

      The Personal Property Counseling Checklist ensures the member, dependent, and government employee has been briefed properly on the movement of their personal property within the Defense Transportation System. This checklist may also be used in determining validity of claims for damage and improper shipments and any third party responsibility.

      For deploying service members and families, there are resources available to help you during your transitions — here’s a rundown of help programs by service.

      Deployments are tough on everyone, from the spouse to children to the family pet. BlueStarFamily.orgs resources, prepared by military spouses and service members, can make your family’s deployment easier.

      Getting To Your New Duty Station

      I personally prefer a Van for my getaway vehicle, great ...

      You have a few options here and can decide what works best for your situation. Some families choose to use a service like U-Pack and have their HHG shipped for them. This is a great option! If you want to haul the load yourself, Penske and U-Haul offer military discounts. We suggest renting a dolly and some moving blankets with your truck. Your larger furniture items are better off covered, and the dolly is a life saver on moving day. You can also elect to tow your car behind the truck. The inside of the car being towed doubles as storage and can be packed with last-minute boxes, suitcases or even houseplants. The DoD typically only covers mileage reimbursement for one vehicle during CONUS moves, and no shipping fees for extra vehicles, so you will have to decide as a family who is driving cars or moving truck to the next location.

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