BranchWhich Military Branch Offers The Best Benefits

Which Military Branch Offers The Best Benefits


Should I Join The Navy


It is commonly understood that within the military that the Navy has the best base locations in the US Armed Forces. Although there are minor exceptions, every Navy base is on a coast. So, if you want to serve and the beach life calls to you, consider joining the Navy.

If youre thinking about joining the Navy, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether or not youll be OK spending months at a time on a boat.

While most jobs in the Navy will require some time at-sea, this isnt true for every one. Make sure that you know what to expect before signing up if going out to sea is an issue for you.

to learn how to join the US Navy.

Cool Jobs In The Coast Guard

As with most other branches of the military, choosing which job in the Coast Guard to pursue will be unique to every individuals interests.

Whats interesting to note is that most of the jobs in the Coast Guard are the same ones you would find in the Navy.

Of course, there will be some major differences between jobs for enlisted personnel and jobs for officers.

With that said, some of the coolest jobs for enlistees in the Coast Guard include:

  • Gunners mate

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The National Guard And Reserves

All of the services have a reserve component, while the Army and Air Force have a related National Guard as well. The primary purpose of the Reserves and National Guard is to provide a reserve force to supplement the active duty forces when needed.

The biggest difference between the Reserves and National Guard is that the Reserves belong to the federal government, while the National Guard belongs to the individual state government. While both the Reserves and the National Guard can be called to active duty by the Federal Government, under the authority of the President, individual state governors can also call out their National Guard units to assist in individual state emergencies.

Following basic training and job training, members of the Reserves and National Guard drill one weekend each month and two weeks every year. However, it’s become more and common to activate Guard and Reserve units to supplement active duty deployments to such locations as Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.

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Which Military Branch Has The Best Benefits

by MilitaryBenefits

Military benefits can seem complicated, especially if you are not sure which branch of the U.S. military to join. Which service offers the best military benefits? The answer is simpler than you might think, but there are some areas that are more complex than others.

In general, there is no basic advantage in joining one service over the other in terms of which benefits are available from your chosen branch of military service.

All service members who serve the minimum required time in uniform and meet program guidelines may sign up for the GI Bill, TRICARE, enroll in professional military education, collect housing allowances, and receive special duty pay where offered and applicable.

Those who are wondering what the basic benefits of joining the military are, regardless of service, should know that whatever uniform you wear in the U.S. military, the following may apply:

  • Steady income with upward mobility based on time in service and time-in-grade
  • Government-paid relocations to domestic and overseas duty assignments
  • Tax-free income during deployments to hostile fire areas/imminent danger pay where applicable
  • Proficiency skills pay where applicable

Where do the military branches begin to differ? Benefits by branch will vary in several areas or departments.

Whats A Typical Day In The Us Army Like

Which branch of the U.S military has the best benefits ...

Like most other branches of the military, a typical day starts very early in the morning and ends around 5 pm.

Most of the day will be spent training, marching, or otherwise performing whatever job it is you have.

For the typical infantryman , a typical day might look something like this:

0600 0630: Formation. Basically you will line up with your platoon and prepare for physical evolution.

0630 0800: Conduct physical training. This includes things like push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, running, and calisthenics.

0800 0900: PT ends, and you hit the showers, get in uniform, and go to breakfast.

0930 0945: Report for duty. This is basically where you report back in formation and receive the days orders.

0945 1130: This changes everyday depending on the needs of the unit, but essentially involves performing whatever tasks are necessary.

1130 1300: Chow time. You hit the dining facility for lunch.

1300 1630: Usually varies on a day to day basis, but you can expect to be training during this time.

1630: Back in formation. Review of the days events, and thorough review of the following days events are broadcast.

1645: Release. You have the rest of the day to do what you want.

Obviously this is the most basic of what a typical day in the Army looks like, so dont take all of this as gospel.

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Overview Of Military Education Benefits

Military service offers a tremendous array of education benefits that can be used while you are on active duty or after you leave the service. A good education is essential for your career both in uniform and out, so take advantage of the education benefits you’ve earned.

While in service, members have access to up to $4,500 a year in Tuition Assistance. TA is paid to the school on a per class basis. Servicemembers can also use GI Bill benefits, however, it is seldom a good idea to do so while on active duty.

The centerpiece of armed services educational benefits is the GI Bill which encompasses several Department of Veterans Affairs education programs including the Post-9/11 GI Bill, The Montgomery GI Bill for Active Duty and Veterans , Montgomery GI Bill for Selected Reserves ,the Fry Scholarship, the Spouse and Dependents Education Assistance , and the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program.You may be eligible for more than one educational benefit. Knowing when each is best for your situation can save you money and ensure you get the most out of your benefits. .

Finally, remember that each service has its own tuition assistance programs, college funds and other means that may be able to help you in ways beyond those of the “standard” benefits listed here. Talk with an Education Service Officer, Navy College counselor or military recruiter to find out more.

Housing Health And Dental

The military considers the health and welfare of service members and their families to be one of its most important priorities.

Housing, room and board: The military has a tradition of providing room and board, including meals as part of service members’ pay. While on active duty, you are eligible for free dining or an allowance to cover the cost of your meals if dining facilities are unavailable.

Although military housing varies by rank, location and family situation, new recruits start their military careers living on base. During basic training, recruits live in group quarters with shared bathroom facilities. As service members move up in rank, their housing options expand.

Service members and their families live in well-designed and modern on-base housing communities that emulate what civilian communities offer, including schools, church facilities, gyms, libraries, banks, commissaries, theaters, restaurants, shopping and many other community support services.

Insurance, health and dental care: Hospitals, clinics and dental services are provided for active-duty personnel and their families on or near most military installations. Active-duty service members are eligible for $50,000 to $400,000 in affordable life insurance.

Health care for Reserves and Guard: Reserve members and their families are eligible for health care when activated. Members also may be eligible for either full or partial insurance coverage.

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Highest Paid Military Branch In 2022

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The world is changing rapidly, nowhere more clearly than in terms of working for the military. Once considered a poor paying career, in recent years such a narrative has shifted dramatically.

This trend of increased pay and benefits rings especially true for many branches of the military around the world. Yes, there are some entries into this list from the American military, but the top ten features unexpected branches from all over the globe, from powerful and prestigious to smaller and unexpected.

If you are a veteran, actively serving or you are a recruit, do you think your branch of service made the cut? If you have an unending interest in joining the military but want to get paid what youre worth, here are the worlds 10 highest paid military branches.

Whats Coast Guard Basic Training Like

Best Military Branch to Join | Former Military Recruiter Shares How to Decide!

All Coast Guard basic training is conducted at one location in the US: Cape May, New Jersey.

Growing up in New Jersey, Ive been to Cape May several times.

I can tell you this, its not the part of New Jersey that most people think of when they think of NJ.

Its actually a very nice part of the state, and just so happens to be a popular vacation destination.

Like the other branches of the military, Coast Guard boot camp lasts 8 weeks, and the very first thing youll be tested on is your physical fitness.

Heres a handy bullet-list for whats expected for both men and women:

Before you even start boot camp, youll also have to meet the height and weight requirements, grooming standards, and tattoo policy.

While boot camp is located on the beach, its certainly no vacation!

Throughout boot camp, seaman recruits will do things like:

  • Firefighting
  • Physical training

Before you graduate boot camp, youll be required to pass the PT test as well.

After boot camp, Seaman recruits will then be assigned to one of the many bases throughout the country.

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Military Branches & Benefits

First, lets get one thing clear: there are benefits that you WILL get regardless of the branch that you are serving in. These are basic benefits that are granted to each and every service member.

  • Steady income based on service time and time-in-grade
  • Tax-free income for specific deployments
  • Proficiency skills pay
  • Government-paid relocations for duty assignments
  • Tax-free room and board and housing allowances
  • Plus, VA home loans
  • 30 days of paid leave
  • Healthcare, dental care, and mental healthcare
  • Military member discounts, AAFES, and commissary stores
  • Tuition assistance and other educational benefits

The three main benefit differences between the military branches are in terms of pay, bonus pay, and educational grants. Lets explore each of them now!

How Much Do You Make In The Military

Salary in the Military provides a comfortable lifestyle with pay that competes with most civilian careers. Military compensation is a combination of base pay, allowances and special pays . Base pay can be considered your core salary to which everything else is added. Your total financial package also includes the value of housing assistance and meal costs. There are also military perks like low-cost life insurance, everyday shopping discounts and more.

In the Military, you receive pay raises based on your rank and how long you have served. Enlisted personnel are typically promoted three times during the first four-year enlistment. Officers are usually promoted twice during the same period.

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Whats A Typical Day In The Navy Like

Like all of the other branches, a typical day in the Navy will depend heavily on what your rate is and where youre stationed.

For arguments sake, lets take the typical day of a popular rating in the Navy: Boatswains Mate .

Assuming he or she is on a ship, a normal day could look something like this:

0600 0745: Wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast.

0745 0800: Muster. Youll gather around with your fellow sailors and discuss the days work ahead.

0800 1200: Go to work. For a BM, this can range from things like painting the outside of the ship, to standing watch on the bridge of the ship.

1200 1330: Eat lunch. Lunch times are considerably long, but the reason for that is lines are often very long. I.E. you could be standing in line waiting to get food stacked on your tray for 30 40 min.

1330 1700: Back to work, typically whatever you were doing that morning.

1730 Knock-off, which is Navy slang for stop working.

1730 1900: Eat dinner

Throughout the day, you may also be involved in ship maintenance tasks like sweeping, cleaning, and other assorted jobs.

Which Military Branch Pays The Most

What U.S. Military branch is best for you?

All members of the military, regardless of which branch you serve in, are paid according to their rank, time in service, location of duty station, family members and job specialty. The lowest-ranking enlisted military service member, whether a U.S. Army Private or a U.S. Navy Seaman Recruit, has a pay grade of E-1. The highest-ranking officer, regardless of branch, carries a pay grade of O-10.

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The Air Force Isnt For You If:

If youre looking to be in the infantry, a combat related role or more enlistment incentives for when you join, you may want to look elsewhere as the Air Force is one of the most competitive branches in the U.S. military.

Still want to join? Then make sure you have a really high ASVAB score especially a technical score. That will help you increase your chances of being accepted into the Air Force and getting the MOS you want.

What Qualifications Must I Meet In Order To Join The Military

In general, the Services require U.S. citizenship or permanent residency , a high school diploma or equivalent and good health. Officer candidates typically have a four-year college degree or greater. Enlisted recruits must also achieve minimum scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery .

Each Service has its own requirements for weight, height and maximum age, although you must be at least 18 to join. Some job specialties have additional standards, and some qualifications may be waived on a case-by-case basis. To see if you’re eligible, discuss these details with a recruiter.

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Which Military Branch Pays For College

The Army and Navy offer loan repayment programs to help enlisted personnel pay off college loans accrued prior to service. While each program has unique processes and requirements, theyre all enlistment incentives designed to help recent college graduates manage education debt.

The Us Military: A Brief Overview

What Branch of the Military is Best for School Benefits!

Joining the military includes a lot more than throwing on your military apparel and participating in daily PT. There is a long and storied history behind each branch of our countrys Armed Forces, as well as detailed rules regarding organization and function. Before choosing a branch or even enlisting, it is crucial to understand the structure and tasks of each branch of the U.S. military.

Today, our Armed Forces are organized according to the National Security Act of 1947. This post-WWII legislation gave us the U.S. Air Force and the modern-day Department of Defense, which consists of three military departments: the departments include the Navy, Army and Air Force.

A president-appointed, civilian secretary heads the Department of Defense and each of the three departments within it.

These departments are responsible for the administration of the five different military branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

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United States Marine Corp

Yes, the base pay if you join the USMC is the same as in other US military branches. But the difference comes in with the risks and opportunities for payment that you will have access to once you pass the gruelling basic training for new recruits.

Possible additional pay comes in from deployment, parachute jumps, and repeated tours of duty.

The branch also offers very generous benefits including housing allowances and 30 days of PTO.

This is another Highest-Paid Military Branch in the world.

The Air Force Is For You If:

This branch is great for you if you love technology and want access to some of the most highly advanced applicable training for future professions after a career in the military. The Air Force is also great for those of you that love nice amenities and some of the best deployment cycles out of all of the other branches of service.

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Common Reasons For Joining The Air Force

  • Youre treated more like a human than the Army and Marines
  • Even when youre deployed to some foreign hotspot, youll likely have better housing than any other branch.
  • Unless youre a pilot, you likely wont see a minute of combat
  • Want to learn more about the Air Force? Check out these articles below:

    Should I Join The Army


    The Army is the oldest branch of the US Military, and as such, has quite the history.

    Unlike with the Navy, soldiers in the US Army are strictly stationed on land military bases all over the world.

    The vast majority of bases are here in the US, and they include places like:

    • Fort Benning Georgia
    • Fort Campbell Kentucky
    • Fort Bragg North Carolina

    If you join the Army, theres a good chance you will end up at one of these bases.

    to learn how to join the US Army.

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    Comparing Military Careers Between Navy And Army

    My time and experience in the military has lead me to believe that the U.S. Navy has a wider variety of career opportunities and allows you to gain experience that will lead to civilian employment. Why do I say this? The Navy offers opportunities in fields that include engineering, combat, medical, aviation, diving, maintenance, police, and much more. Yes, all branches have job skills that will allow a veteran to utilize their military experience in the civilian sector, but I honestly feel the Navy has the most to offer anybody who wants to serve in the military. The training that the Navy offers its members is some of the most mentally demanding of any branch and any civilian schools. The best example is the Navy Nuclear Power School, which was named years ago by Time Magazine as the hardest academically challenging schools in the world. When an MIT graduate fails to graduate from that school, it shows just how intelligent the sailors have to be to graduate. Then theres the Navy SEAL team. You have to undergo some of the most physically demanding training in the world to graduate and be part of a Navy Seal Team.

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