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Where To Take The Asvab For Navy


Can A Student Take The Asvab Outside Of School And If So Would The School Receive This Students Results

Studying for the ASVAB to join the military

A student can take the ASVAB at a Military Entrance Processing Station for enlistment purposes. While the student will be provided with their AFQT score, it will not be sent to the students school. Because the school did not administer the test to the student, the school does not need to request the results from the student and report the results to the CDE ASVAB Reporting System.

Which Topics Does The Asvab Cover

The test covers four specific areas: Mathematics Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge. Its likely that you are already strong in one or more of these areas. If that is the case, then you will be better off focusing the majority of your time on the areas where you need to improve.

Composite Scores For Mos

It will come as no surprise that certain roles, also known as military occupational specialties are more suited to certain types of intelligence than others, and just because someone might struggle with Mechanical Comprehension, theres no reason they couldnt excel in Arithmetic Reasoning and Math Knowledge.

Military occupational specialties are a reflection of the roles best suited to an individual joining the military, and each specialty requires a specific combination of ASVAB scores. Each job in the military fits into a category, and each category has a combination of ASVAB tests that make up the required score.

The role of Combat Engineer, for example, is in the Combat category, and requires strong scores in Arithmetic Reasoning , Coding Speed , Auto and Shop Information , and Mechanical Comprehension .

Ammunitions Specialists, however, need to do well in the Skilled Technical category, and will excel in General Science , Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension , Mathematics Knowledge , and Mechanical Comprehension .

There are a lot of specialties available for those starting a career in the military, and each has its own minimum score for the separate parts of the ASVAB test. For a full list of roles and requirements, see the US Military MOS Database. In most cases, a higher AFQT score will mean more MOS options, but certain roles require exceptional scores in specific tests.

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How Is The Asvab Formatted

There are 10 subtests in four areas for you to be tested in: math, science/technical, spatial, and verbal. Its important to remember that eligibility is also not based on score alone. College credits, for example, can help you improve your enlistment chances.

Heres a look at what you can expect in each of the four testing sections:

If A Student Opts Out From Being Contacted By A Recruiter Are The Asvab Results Still Provided To The School And The Student

Taking the ASVAB Prepares You for Career Planning or Military ...

Yes. Keep in mind that the opt out is opting out from being contacted by a military recruiter. It is not opting out from taking the test, as the ASVAB is not a mandatory test. Therefore, any student who wishes not to be contacted by a military recruiter will still receive their ASVAB results and will have access to the Career Exploratory Program. The ASVAB results for these students will also be provided to the school.

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Where Can I Find My Asvab Scores

Its best to keep the contact information of your nearest recruiting office or your actual recruiter they are your best bet for getting your scores. ASVAB scores are valid for up to two years before you need to retest so most offices will send your current scores via mail. If you cant get yours by mail, you can pick them up from your local recruiting office.

What Happens If I Dont Finish The Cat

The vast majority of people who take the CAT-ASVAB test finish it as the time constraints are not very aggressive. However, if a respondent isnt able to finish in time, the remaining unanswered questions are scored as if the respondent had answered them randomly. This is obviously not an ideal way to finish up the test and most often results in even poorer scores.

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How Many Times Can You Take The Asvab

There is not a limit on the number of times you can take the ASVAB.

However, you cannot just retake the test because you do not like your scores.

You can retest if you do not meet minimum entrance score requirements, you are disqualified or if you can prove that your score is not a true representation.

The first time you take the ASVAB test and answer your first question, it is considered complete.

After that first question any subsequent ASVAB testing is considered a retest.

You are authorized a retest one calendar month after your first take.

After the first retest, a second retest can be taken one calendar month after the first retest is complete.

The third retest is not permitted for 60 days after the last retest is taken.

Each subsequent retest can be taken six months from the last test.

Retest schedule:

  • Retake 1: Original Test Date + 30 Calendar Days
  • Retake 2: Retake 1 Test Date + 30 Calendar Days
  • Retake 3: Retake 2 Test Date + 60 Calendar Days

Taking The Asvab With Ged

How To Study For The ASVAB | All Military Branches

It is possible to join the military without a high school diploma, but at minimum a General Educational Development is required. All military branches require a considerably higher ASVAB score, usually 50 or above, to qualify with a GED.

Even then, only a small percentage of all recruits can hold a GED.

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Asvab Scores And Military Entry Requirements

There are minimum ASVAB scores set for each military branch. The results of your Mathematics Knowledge, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Arithmetic Reasoning subtests determine your Armed Forces Qualification Test score. The AFQT score is often called the ASVAB score, and it determines which branch of the military you are eligible to join.

Minimum Required

Need Help Acing The Asvab

Looking to improve your ASVAB score to get the job YOU want?

Check out the Mometrix ASVAB Secrets Study Guide.

Its an incredibly detailed ASVAB study guide that includes helpful tips on acing the test, practice test questions, and step-by-step video tutorials.

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What Is The Asvab

The ASVAB is the entrance exam required to join the United States military. If you dont pass this test you wont be allowed to enlist in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or any branch of the National Guard or Reserves. This test is given to everyone who is considering enlisting in the US military.

The ASVAB determines whether you have the mental aptitude required to be in the military branch youre applying to, and it also determines what job youre mentally capable of performing.

I Want To Be An Officer Do I Have To Take The Asvab

How to Study for the ASVAB Test

Depends. Only the US Army, Marine Corps, and the US Coast Guard accept the ASVAB for officer applicants. Prospective officer candidates looking at the Air Force and the Navy do not have to take the ASVAB. Instead prospective USAF and USN officer candidates will take the AFOQT and the ASTB-E. If you are interested in joining the US Coast Guard as an officer, you also have the option of taking the Navy’s officer candidate test, the ASTB-E, in lieu of the ASVAB.

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Whats An Adaptive Test

The adaptive test is exactly what it sounds like, a test that adapts to the test taker. Questions in each section range in difficulty, and based on the test takers answers, the question types and difficulties adjust with each answer. This type of test allows for a greater level of accuracy in evaluating a prospects abilities. For the most part, correct answers beget more difficult questions while wrong answers will reduce the difficulty of proceeding questions.

My School Cannot Afford To Establish All Of The New Measures That Are Being Added To The Cci This Is Going To Hurt My Schools Cci Score Why Are More Measures Being Added

Schools are not being asked to implement new programs. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways in the CCI that schools can demonstrate how they are preparing students for success after high school. The addition of this new measure allows the CDE to potentially provide credit to schools that already administer the ASVAB to their students.

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Can I Retake The Asvab After Enlistment

Yes, you can retake the ASVAB test after enlistment.

However, each service has different rules on how often or what stipulations need to be in place prior to retesting.

Most branches require there to be a reason for retaking the test .

Most branches also require appointments and signatures from your commanding officer.

It can be a good idea to retake the test if you are hoping to reenlist into another specialty that requires a higher score as you can compete for reenlistment positions.

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Who Usually Receives Asvab Results At The Schools

What it’s like taking Your Asvab for The Military

The ASVAB results, which include the AFQT score, are usually sent to the staff who coordinated the administration of the ASVAB with the Military Entrance Processing Command. This could be the head school counselor, principal, or learning director. We encourage Accountability and Dashboard coordinators to confer with the appropriate individual so that these results are submitted accurately and in a timely manner into the ASVAB Reporting System.

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Csort: Testing Mental Toughness And Resilience

The Computerized-Special Operations Resilience Test, or C-SORT, is designed to assess a prospective SEAL candidates mental toughness or resilience. The test includes multiple sections designed to assess a prospective candidates abilities in three areas:

  • Performance strategies
  • Psychological resilience
  • Personality traits

Performance strategies test for capabilities such as a persons goal-setting, self-talk and emotional control. Psychological resilience focuses on assessing several other areas like an individuals acceptance of life situations and the ability to deal with cognitive challenges and threats.

The scores on the sections of this test are combined into a band score on a scale of one to four. A band score of four indicates that a candidate is most mentally resilient, and a one indicates the lowest level of mental resilience. Each prospective SEAL candidate can only take the C-SORT one time.

To determine eligibility for the SEAL program, the C-SORT band score is combined with the candidates run and swim time. People who have low C-SORT and slow combined run and swim times will not be considered for SEAL contracts. They will be counseled that they are not ready to pursue a career as a SEAL.

Army Asvab And Education Requirements

The Army requires a minimum AFQT Score of 31 to qualify for enlistment. To qualify for certain enlistment incentives, such as enlistment bonuses, an Army recruit must score a minimum of 50.

The Army allows more recruits to enlist with a GED than any other branch. The Army even has a special program, called Army Prep School, that allows individuals to enlist who have no high school diploma or GED.

Like the Air Force, the Army also offers a higher enlistment rank for recruits with college experience. Unlike the Air Force, where the maximum initial enlistment rank for college credits is E-3, the Army offers the rank of E-4 for those with a bachelor’s degree.

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What Testing Format Is The Asvab Given In

Depending on your recruiting station, the ASVAB may be taken via computer or pen and paper . The CAT-ASVAB test is adaptive as the test progresses, questions are chosen based on the testers ability. During this style of testing, you cant go back and change answers.

Most ASVAB testers will take the exam on a computer.

When Is The Test Usually Given And When Does The School Receive The Test Results

6 Reasons the ASVAB Test is Hard (and tips to help you ACE it)

The test can be administered at any time during the year, and the schools are given flexibility in scheduling when to give the ASVAB. Once the test is given, the results are sent to the Military Entrance Processing Station where they are scored. The results are then printed and Fed Exd to the participating high school within ten days. Note that schools can also work with the Military Entrance Processing Station to request an electronic file of the results.

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How To Ace The Asvab

The main thing is to study and be prepared. Youll find a number of study guides you can use. Also, learn from others who have taken the test and make sure you learn everything you can so youre educated on the requirements as well as the contents of the ASVAB.

Here are some things you need to know about the ASVAB, and a few tips on how to ace it.

What Do Asvab Scores Mean

In addition to your base ASVAB test scores , youre also tested on if youre eligible to join the military, which is known as the AFQT.

Many exceptions can be made, so its important to speak with your recruiter about the specific requirements for the branch youre interested in enlisting in. Each job also has a minimum score tied to it, so if youre aiming for a certain job within a branch, ask your recruiter what the testing expectation is.

The highest score you can receive is a 99, which means youve performed 99% better than other test takers.

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What Is The Asvab Test

Are you planning to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery also known as the ASVAB? If so, its a good idea to learn a bit about the test before you sit down to take it. Discover the facts on the ASVAB.

The ASVAB is a timed test that measures your skills in a number of different areas. You complete questions that reveal your skills in paragraph comprehension, word knowledge, arithmetic reasoning and mathematics knowledge. These are basic skills that you will need as a member of the U.S. military. The score you receive on the ASVAB is factored into your Armed Forces Qualifying Test score. This score is used to figure out whether you qualify to enlist in the armed services.

Want To Join The Military Take The Asvab First

Taking the ASVAB – How to study

You cant join the military without taking the ASVAB test first.

Once you take the ASVAB and pass, youll have an opportunity to go through the MEPS process prior to heading to basic training.

The ASVAB is just the first step to getting your military career started.

As you go through the process, Sandboxx is here for you every step of the way. Were proud of each and every recruit, and its our goal to support you and your family while you serve our country.

Still unsure if the military is for you?

Check out our blog for content about the lifestyle you can expect in each branch to get a better idea of what military life is like. From learning how to handle your first PCS move to getting a real-life look into Parris Island basic training, we cover everything you need to know about military life at every stage.

Have a blog topic idea for us to cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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Where Can I Take The Asvab Test How Do I Schedule It

Many high schools give students the opportunity to take the ASVAB as part of career exploration. If you chose not to take one in high school, then you will have to schedule a time to take it. You can contact the Armed Forces Recruiting Officer in your area and you can schedule an appointment with a local recruiter from the branch of the military you wish to join.

What Exactly Is The Asvab

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery known as ASVAB for short is a multiple-choice test that takes about three hours to complete. This test measures which military jobs would be best for you, and its used by each military branch to screen every new recruit.

While its not an IQ test, its a way for recruiters to figure out which job role you would thrive best in. The test was created by the Department of Defense and each specific branch to determine each individuals mental ability to serve and carry out duties for various roles.

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How Does Navy Asvab Practice Test Work

The ASVAB test comes in multiple-choice mode and is administered by the MEPS or US Military Entrance Processing Stations. The test is used in determining the qualifications of applicants wanting to be enlisted in the Marine, Army, Navy, and other branches of the armed forces. The test was designed to measure a persons developed abilities and the scores may help in predicting the future occupational and academic success of applicants once they have joined the military. The ASVAB can be administered either through pencil and paper or via computer.

Navy ASVAB practice tests can prepare you for the real thing since they also measure your aptitude in spatial, science and technical, math, and verbal. Here are the contents and their corresponding domains:

  • General Science science / technical
  • Arithmetic Reasoning math

History Of The Asvab Test

How to Get the ASVAB Score You Want

For almost a century, the U.S. military has been a pioneer in the field of using aptitude tests to evaluate an individuals potential for service. The organization also uses the test to determine aptitude for various military occupational specialties . The use of aptitude tests began during World War I. While the group-administered Army Alpha test measured verbal and numerical ability as well as general knowledge, the Army Beta test was used to evaluate illiterate, unschooled and non-English speaking volunteers and draftees. The Army and Navy General Classifications Tests replaced the Alpha and Beta tests as a means to measure cognitive ability during World War II. The results of these tests, as well as additional classification exams, were used to assign recruits to a particular MOS.

In the 1950s, the military adopted a single exam known as the Armed Forces Qualification Test . Used as a screening tool, the AFQT measured a recruits ability to absorb military training and their future potential. It was supplemented by service-specific battery tests for the purposes of MOS classification. In 1972, the Department of Defense determined that all services should use one exam for screening and assigning individuals to an MOS. The AFQT was phased out over a two-year period in favor of the current Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.

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