FactsWhere To Hire Military Veterans

Where To Hire Military Veterans


Cae Usa Ranks #15 In 2021 Best Places To Work

DENSO looking to hire more military veterans

Philadelphia Business Journal Apr. 22, 2021 – CAE USA has a strong commitment to programs that bolster and encourage the hiring and retention of military veterans, and has been recognized as both a Gold Medallion Award and Platinum Medallion Award recipient by the HIRE VETS program of the U.S. government.

Why Support The Veteran Community

When US service members leave the military life, becoming a veteran could pose them some challenges. Statistically, veterans have the odds in their favor, but they are also stacked against them. Some of the veterans will find a new career directly after finishing the military and others will have problems finding a job. While in the military and serving the nation, veterans felt they had a purpose, a mission. They developed such a sense of belonging that they consider the team as a family.

When switching from active service to civilian life, it could be hard to keep or find the same purpose and sense of belonging they were used to having. It would be like stepping into a new world with new tasks and priorities. In an unknown scenario, they will ask themselves where is the family or team to which they used to belong? One important step in this transition is for the veteran to find a new career with a new purpose to fulfil and, hopefully, a new team where the person can feel integrated. Studies are showing that veterans that find a career after leaving the service are more successful than non-veterans. In addition, company owners are more satisfied with the veterans qualifications and skills as compared to non-veterans. Some individuals are not so fortunate, and that is the case when the odds are against them, as statistics show.

Observing National Hire A Veteran Day

If you are a vet and looking for work, its a great idea to explore government job sites during the month of July to see what activities and promotions the current years observation includes.

Youll want to explore both federal sites like the previously mentioned USAJobs.gov, but also your state-level government official sites as well as the state AND federal Departments of Veterans Affairs.

Remember that at the state level, the organization may be named slightly differently the Division of Veterans Affairs or the State VA may be worth searching for as well as the federal Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you are an employer, you can begin by reviewing the Department of Labors guide to hiring veterans, and you can also take advantage of a tool traditionally offered to veterans who are transitioning from military lifethe Department of Defense has an official site called DoD Skills Bridge which features tools to help service members translate their military skills into civilian ones.

But the site also features help for employers the DoD Skills Bridge program seeks partner employers to help train and retrain military members before they outprocess for the last time. Other federal agencies provide apprenticeship programs employers can consider participating in.

With more than 18 million veterans in the United States, employers usually recognize the value of this highly trained and disciplined demographic.

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Update Your Job Descriptions

Focus on experiences and competences and avoid listing years in a position or certificates or diplomas as requirements or qualifications for the role. Many veterans may lack academic degrees or formal certificates but have nevertheless gained the relevant experience and skills that you need.

For instance, ask yourself why your job descriptions dictate a masters degree or six years of experience? Are these critical to the position or do they merely serve as a signal of what you want to see in candidates?

Take the time to re-think who can do the job and break the job down into the absolutely required critical constituent knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies, and then list these in your ads.

Not only will this help with your veteran hiring efforts, but it will benefit your hiring members of other populations that may not have the formal education but do have the right skills.

Build inclusive hiring practices

Creating a safe and equitable workplace starts with hiring. That’s why we’ve developed solutions to cultivate inclusivity and support diversity at every stage of the hiring process.

Companies Leading The Way In Hiring Veterans

Celebrating " National Hire a Veteran Day" : Career Fair for Veterans ...

There are a number of companies that have created successful veterans-hiring programs. A couple that stand out are Southwest Airlines and General Electric.

Southwest Airlines employs more than 8,000 military veterans and over 1,400 military spouses. Central to the companys efforts to hire veterans is its military-specific careers page. The page includes testimonials from veteran employees, a military skills translator, and a description of different veteran-specific programs. In recognition of its efforts, the company was awarded a 2016 Most Valuable Employers for Military award by CivilianJobs.com and named a 2020 Best for Vets: Employers by Military Times, among other awards over the years.

General Electric employs approximately 10,000 veterans and has also earned awards for its veterans hiring programs. The company has a careers page dedicated to military personnel. Veterans and enlisted personnel can search jobs that fit their skill sets. They can also view testimonials and first-hand accounts of the experiences currently-employed veterans have had with the company.

Both companies set a good example for specifically targeting military veterans who need jobs in the civilian workforce that allow them to use the skills and experience they received while active in the military. By following their lead and heeding these best practices, your organization can hire more of these valuable employees.


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Government Resources For Hiring Veterans

In addition to informational resources for veterans, the government provides financial resources for employers looking to hire vets as well. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Jobs Act is a federal tax credit available to employers for hiring veterans and individuals from groups who have consistently faced barriers when looking for employment.

Qualified veterans fall under this category. A qualified veteran who is eligible for WOTC is a veteran who has a service-connected disability, is unemployed or is receiving SNAP benefits. WOTC can reduce an employers federal income tax liability by as much as $9,600 per veteran hired, it requires little paperwork and the certification process is uncomplicated.

A qualified veteran, however, differs from a protected veteran. According to the Department of Labor, a protected veteran includes the following categories:

Protected veteran status ensures that covered veterans are protected from discrimination based on military service, and they are entitled to reasonable accommodations if veterans suffer from a service-connected disability.

New Techniques To Hire And Retain Military Veterans

While you may already be familiar with the benefits of hiring military veterans into your company, you may not yet have a firm sense of how to fully leverage this population. For those less familiar with the benefits, data suggests that overall veterans tend to be more dedicated employees, are more productive, and can deliver a higher ROI compared to non-veterans in your workforce.

Military employment consultants

Theres no shortage of standard advice offered in books, articles, websites, and at conferences regarding hiring veterans and you may have already applied these ideas to your companys business practices. Standard advice may not give you the competitive advantage you need in an active job market, however. So now youre looking to do more to be different, to get more creative, and to get a leg up on your competitors, especially in a talent crunch.

As industrial/organizational psychologists with years of experience in the military and in corporate hiring and co-editors of the recent book, Military Veteran Employment: A Guide to the Data-Driven Leader, we are here to offer new ideas and suggestions to take your veteran hiring and recruiting to the next level.

For example, in a survey of employers by the Edelman global communications firm, only 23% of employers said that they saw veterans as strategic assets for their companies and only a little more than two out of five said that they are receiving enough veteran applications.

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Encouraging Employers To Hire Veterans

National Hire a Veteran Day on July 25 is first and foremost a call to action for employers, and unlike some holidays this particular day is recognized and promoted by federal agencies including the Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs .

These agencies annually promote Hire A Veteran Day by encouraging employers to seek out qualified veterans to hire and promote. Veterans bring much to the bargaining table at job application time dedication, teamwork, an emphasis on good communication, and pride in the work done.

Ofccps New Regulations To Improve Job Opportunities For Protected Veterans

CBS 17 Job Alert – Walgreens hiring military veterans

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs recently published its Final Rule on VEVRAA . The new rule, which became effective on March 24, 2014, includes new requirements for federal contractors. The good news is that WorkInTexas.com can help federal contractors meet the mandatory job listing compliance requirements.

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We are committed to hiring and retaining military veterans, veterans with disabilities, and active military personnel. We support our uniformed services team members who return to work after active duty with a variety of jobs, confidential resources, educational information, and career guidance.

Fifty percent of our veteran team members have been with the company for five or more years.

Rise Armament Honored For Veteran Hiring Focus

American Rifleman Apr. 22, 2021 – RISE Armament recently received a Gold Medallion Award from the U.S. Department of Labors HIRE Vets Medallion Program … Were very honored to receive this recognition, said Matt Torres, president of RISE Armament. But more than that, were proud and honored to employ veterans who play a major role in the success of our company.

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Learn How To Read Military Resumes

A veterans resume isnt going to read the same as a civilians resume. Typically, theyre much longer with a long list of ranks, titles, and skills that are foreign to hiring managers. Its often difficult for a transitioning veteran to parse their resume down to the typical one or two pages, explains HR consultant Lauren Buerger, and recruiters often struggle to translate military skills to civilian job skills.

In fact, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, more than half of HR professionals have little knowledge of military rank and structure. Thats why organizations that are serious about recruiting former members of the military need to train their human resources teams to read military resumes and translate those skills. Hiring managers need a basic understanding of military skills, experience, and terminology in order to connect them to those in the civilian workforce.

Tap Into A Skilled Labour Pool

This is why you should hire a military veteran

Thousands of transitioning military members and Veterans are equipped and ready to enter the civilian workforce. These highly skilled workers have received specialized training in various fields, and can bring great value to your organization.

Gain insight on how you can contribute to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce and find information that can assist you in hiring and retaining military members.

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Start Checking Your List December Will Be Here Soon

DE OFCCP Week In Review: August 2021 – The U.S. Department of Labors Veterans Employment and Training Service Agency wants to help employers prepare to win the 2022 HIRE Vets Medallion Award. The deadline to meet the criteria for an award in 2022 is December 31, 2021. Criteria vary by company size

Engage Currently Employed Veterans To Help Recruiting Efforts

Veterans who are currently working in your organization can be a great resource for attracting and recruiting others. They can advise HR as to writing job descriptions for veterans and help hiring managers translate skills on veterans resumes . They can also be used to assist veterans through the application, recruitment process, and onboarding steps since they have already been through it.

Currently employed veterans are also a great source for referrals of veterans who may be a good fit for a position in the organization. You may wish to consider starting a formal referral program for recruiting veterans that offers current employees an incentive to refer veterans for open jobs.

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What Employers Should Keep In Mind About Hiring Veterans

Although veterans can and will adapt to post-service life, employers should recognize this group is making a major change. Its important to be respectful of the extreme culture shift veterans undergo when re-entering the civilian workforce.

The first post-military job is the hardest transition, Jackson said. The civilian work world has a different culture, vocabulary and expectations, which will need to be learned. Transitioning veterans have already shown they can learn a new language and culture military jargon, dress and behavior, etc. There is a steep learning curve, but this is a talented and agile demographic.

Employers should also recognize that seemingly unrelated military skill sets can, in fact, be translated to a business environment. While veterans skill sets might not be a direct match for your open position, their technical aptitude will allow them to develop the skills quickly, said Pat Dean, recruiting manager at Caterpillar Inc.

Many military specialties are combat-related, there are many skills and experiences that every veteran possesses that translates well to the business world, Cecin added. Try to discover the specific duties veteran performed in the service they may surprise you with their versatility.

Provide A Sense Of Purpose Or Mission

Why employers should hire U.S. military veterans

Many veterans self-select into the military because they want to serve something greater than themselves. The need to support a mission doesnt end when they take the uniform off.

Provide your veteran employees with a new mission or purpose and fulfill this innate need for them. Communicate your companys mission to your employees so each employee can see their direct line of sight to fulfilling that mission. Leadership should not only communicate this vision but help each employee see how they personally drive it as leaders.

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Programs That Hire Veterans

Many organizations in the civilian world value your experience, skills, work ethic and training as a service member. Youll find that a number of military-friendly employers are committed to hiring veterans.

Explore several online programs to help connect you with employers who are looking to hire veterans. Here are some top sites:

This site offers resources from the U.S. Department of Labor for job-seekers and employers who want to hire vets. Youll find:

  • Job opportunities by category: agriculture, energy, transportation, homeland security, federal government hiring, and more

The Veteran and Military Transition Center website is a one-stop online shop for employment, training and financial help after military service. If youre transitioning out, it offers some serious tools:

  • Military-to-Civilian Job Search by military job title and/or location
  • How to request important papers that you need
  • Matching your skills to civilian careers
  • Information about going back to school or getting training
  • Also financial and unemployment assistance

The U.S. Department of Labor sponsors CareerOneStop. While the website is designed for the general public, there are plenty of tools and resources that can be useful for veterans. It partners with the American Job Center network. American Job Centers have a mandate to connect veterans to job openings.

Ask The Right Interview Questions

Learning how to hire veterans also requires a conscientious approach to interviewing. Ask about relevant military and civilian training as well as their experience and why they believe theyre qualified to do the job.

Avoid asking directly about the type of discharge they received or about specific deployments .

If youre interviewing a candidate who is a Reservist, you should also avoid asking whether they could be mobilized or whether their service could interfere with their job in any way as this cannot be a basis for denying them a position due to several legal protections.

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Us Chamber Of Commerce Foundations Hiring Our Heroes

Hiring Our Heroes is a program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Its a nationwide initiative to help transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities.

The program networks with businesses through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and it partners with public, private and nonprofit organizations across the country.

Youve got skills, training and discipline. Employers are looking for you. For more ways you can connect with a great job, check the Employment Resources and Services page.

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