FactsWhere To Get Military Id

Where To Get Military Id


Department Of Defense Identification Card

Veterans can get ID from clerk’s office

A Department of Defense Identification Card is used to show your military status and to get access to services at military bases. You may also use this card to get discounts offered to Veterans at many stores, businesses, and restaurants. If you have a DoD Identification Card, you dont need to request another type of photo ID card to prove youre a Veteran or to get retail or business discounts.

You may be eligible if one of the descriptions below is true for you.

One of these must describe you. Youre:

  • Retired from the military, or
  • On active duty, or
  • In the National Guard, the Reserves, the Selected Reserves, or Inactive Ready Reserve

Note: Depending on your status, the DoD issues either a Common Access Card or a Uniformed Services ID Card . For both types of DoD cards, youll need to either be a sponsor or have a sponsor.

Youll need to fill out an Application for Identification Card/DEERS Enrollment .

Whos Eligible For The Veterans Id Card

Before considering how to get your veterans ID card, it helps to understand exactly who is eligible to apply. These ID cards were created specifically for all veterans who received an honorable discharge. Theyre separate from military ID cards, providing proof that the holder served the United States military honorably regardless of whether you retired from the military or not, as noted by the Military Wallet.

Renewing Military Id Cards

The Department of Defense has extended benefits for holders of military ID cards with expiration dates between Jan. 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021. If the cardholders affiliation is unchanged, benefits will continue as follows:

  • Through Aug. 31, 2021, for all foreign affiliates and their dependents
  • Through Oct. 31, 2021, for active-duty, Guard and reserve service members and their dependents
  • Through Jan. 31, 2022, for retirees, their dependents and all others

Also, note the following:

  • ID cards that expired before Jan. 1, 2020, have not been extended and must be replaced. ID cards with expiration dates after July 31, 2021, must be replaced by their expiration date.
  • Remotely issued military ID cards are valid for their full lifecycle. Dependents ID cards are valid for four years unless eligibility ends sooner.
  • Contact your nearest RAPIDS site for assistance or to schedule an appointment to renew your ID card or get a replacement if it is lost or stolen.
  • Do not use your ID card if your eligibility has ended. The DOD will verify your eligibility electronically before taking away an expired ID card with an expiration date between Jan. 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021.

If your status is listed in the Individuals column of the following chart, take the corresponding step noted to renew your ID card that is set to expire between Jan. 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021.

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How To Get A Replacement Military Id Card Or Dependent Id Card

For more information about where to go, contact your local base personnel office, or visit the Rapids Site Locator for ID card requirements and to locate the nearest ID Card Facility/RAPIDS Station based on city, zip, state or country. Here is a RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler user guide to help navigate the site and set up your ID card appointment.

Is It Legal To Take A Picture Of A Military Id

How To Get A Military Id Card

A lot of military members, their families and Defense Department employees dont know this, but photocopying any U.S. government identification is a violation of Title 18, US Code Part I, Chapter 33, Section 701. Photocopied cards might be used for counterfeiting purposes, with no real safeguards against it.

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Are You Having Issues Submitting A Vic Request

If you received a message that your records could not be found, or your eligibility could not be determined, and believe you are eligible for the VIC. Send an email to and let the VA know what went wrong so they can investigate the problem.

Veterans who apply for a card should receive it within 60 days and can check delivery status of their cards at vets.gov. A digital version of the VIC will be available at a later date.

Former Military Member/no Longer Serving Not Retired Id Card Dd Form 2765

The tan military ID card is issued to any of the following ex-military members: permanently, 100-percent disabled veterans, Medal of Honor recipients, area executives, USO assistant directors , transitional health care members, center directors and former servicemembers receiving retired pay. Additionally, officers and crews of MSC vessels deployed to foreign countries, United Seamans Service Personnel OCONUS and Select Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve personnel are also eligible.

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Military Id Card Eligibility

Note: In general, you must be in the DEERS system to receive a new military ID card. This includes the servicemember and eligible dependents .

You are usually eligible to receive a military ID if you are currently serving in the military , or you are a military retiree. Qualified dependents are eligible for dependent ID cards as well.

Finally, certain veterans are eligible for a military ID card if they are a Medal of Honor recipient, have a 100% disability rating, or in certain other limited circumstances.

Here are some general rules regarding military ID card eligibility. Check with your local issuing base personnel office for more specific information.

Active Duty ID card.

  • You must be on Active Duty military status and be in the DEERS system.

Guard/Reserve military ID card.

  • You must be in the Guard or Reserves, which may include the Inactive Ready Reserves .

Retiree military ID card.

  • You must qualify as a military retiree, which generally means 20 years of active military service, or 20 years in the Guard or Reserves . Medically retired servicemembers may also be eligible.
  • Gray Area retirees will receive a different military ID card until they reach age 60.

Former military / no longer serving, not retired.

Military dependent ID card.

Veterans ID card.

More types of Uniformed Services ID Cards.

Iii: Complete Your Vic Request

The New Military Retiree ID Card | When you can get one

1. Validate your personal information, upload a copy of your federal or state issued identification, and a personal photo that will appear on the card.

You cannot edit your Character of Discharge. If there is a need to update your Character of Discharge, upload a copy of your DD-214 to the application.

2. Once you have confirmed that your information is accurate and uploaded all required documents, click Preview Card, and then click Submit Request.

You will need to complete steps one and two by selecting your images before clicking Preview Card

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Rapids Appointment Scheduler User Guide Schedule Your Military Id Card Appointment Online

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Cant Access the RAPIDS Website? Contact the DMDC Support Center User Help Desk at 1-800-477-8227. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Getting a new military ID card can be a simple process if youre on active duty. You can usually just go to your base personnel office or Pass & ID center during office hours, sign up on the waiting list, and get a new card issued within the hour. But you may need to schedule an appointment with the local military ID card issuing office if you arent at your base, or if you are no longer serving on active duty. In that case, its best to use the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler to find the closest ID card office and to schedule an appointment.

Unfortunately, the RAPIDS website and RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler arent the most user-friendly websites for first-time visitors to navigate. Thats why we created this guide, complete with instructions and screenshots.

I: Sign In/set Up Your Account

1. Visit and sign into your Vets.gov account.

2. Sign in with an existing account by selecting Sign in with DS Logon or Sign in with ID.me. If you dont have an existing account, you can create a DS logon account by clicking here.

You will be required to verify your identity if you have a basic or advanced DS Logon account. Please proceed to Part II to verify your identity.

3. After you are logged into your account click Request a Veteran ID Card and proceed to Part III to complete your VIC request.

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Request Military Records And Service Files

Library and Archives Canada is responsible for holding the service records of Regular Force members who released before January 1998 and Reserve Force members who released before January 2007. Theyre also responsible for the medical and dental records of Canadian Armed Forces members released more than 5 years ago or who died in service more than 5 years ago.

To obtain these records, please contact LAC directly by:


The Department of National Defence is responsible for holding the following service records:

  • Regular Force members who are currently serving, were released from service, or who died in service as of January 1, 1998
  • Reserve Force members who are currently serving, were released from service, or who died in service as of March 1, 2008

To obtain these records, please submit an Access to Information request online or by mail to:

Director Access to Information and PrivacyNational Defence HeadquartersMajor-general George R. Pearkes Bldg101 Colonel By DrOttawa ON K1A 0K2

What Do You Say To A Military Wife

How To Get A Military Id Card

Here are 10 thoughtful ways to thank a military spouse : Saying a simple Thank you for serving, too goes a long way. Listen. Offer to help with yard work. Send them a note in the mail. Saying thank you with food is always a nice gesture. Invite them over for coffee. Go for a walk. Introduce them to a new friend.

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Can I Get On Base Without A Military Id

A Department of Defense I.D is required when entering a base . Some bases may require every person in the vehicle to present an I.D. If you are a passenger and do not have a DoD I.D. you can present a valid drivers license in most cases.

The Next Generation Uniformed Services Id Card

The Department of Defense began transitioning out of its previous ID card system into a new type of identification known as the Next Generation Uniformed Services ID card. This card updates security features to prevent counterfeiting and identity theft. The Next-Gen USID, as it is commonly referred to, was introduced in July 2020 and Dod plans included a gradual phased-in approach.

Those who hold ID cards under the old legacy system should know they cannot renew their cards simply to upgrade to the Next Gen USID all current cards remain valid until they expire when they will be replaced by the Next Generation USID.

Aside from active duty military members, the following groups are authorized for Next Generation USIDs when the current ID expires:

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Guard And Reserve Family Member Id Card Dd Form 1173

This type of military ID card is issued to dependents of former service members who are not on retired pay, as well as reserve members who are not on active duty or retired pay. It is also issued to dependents of reserve service members who passed away after receiving NOE. Family member cardholders have access to federal privileges, but they are not eligible for medical benefits. In order for service to be provided to the cardholder, he or she must also submit the servicemembers orders to active duty or a commissary privilege card.

Us Department Of Defense / Uniformed Services Sponsor Identification And Privilege Card

How do I get a Military Dependent I.D. Card?
  • Medal of Honor recipients
  • Former members in receipt of retired pay
  • Retired members entitled to retired pay
  • Members of the Temporary Disability Retired List
  • Members of the Permanent Disability Retired List
  • Retired members of the Reserves and National Guard
  • Transitional Health Care Member
  • Full-time paid United Service Organizations personnel when serving OCONUS
  • United Seaman√Ęs Service Personnel OCONUS
  • Officers and Crews of MSC vessels deployed to foreign countries
  • Select Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve personnel

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Born Elsewhere In Ontario Or Without A Registered Midwife

If your baby was born in an Ontario hospital without birthing facilities or without a registered midwife, you must apply in person at the nearest ServiceOntario centre:

  • if you go within 90 days of the birthdate, bring proof of where your baby was born
  • if you go more than 90 days after the birthdate, bring proof of your childs Canadian citizenship

If your baby was born at home without a registered midwife, you will require the babys Ontario birth certificate or an Ontario Statement of Live Birth for OHIP registration. You must also bring all of the following documents with you to the ServiceOntario centre:

Why Get The New Veterans Id Card

The purpose of having the veterans ID card is to prove your status. It wont entitle you to any new benefits, but it will make it easier to score special perks, including retail discounts, premium parking spots and free meals on Veterans Day, according to Military.com. Having the card could come in handy whenever you need to prove your military service record. It wont give you access to any new benefits, but if youre looking to get special benefits, free meals, primo parking spots or score discounts, having the veterans ID card might be exactly what you need.

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How Can I Support My Military Spouse

1. Send a military spouse care package. First, distract any kids. A pound of ground coffee, a box of tea or even some tasty hot chocolate can go a long way. Bath supplies salts, bath bombs, bubbles and more. A fun new mug can provide just the smile someone needs. Chocolate. A fun read or good comfort movie.

Dependents Only: Getting Your Military Id

How To Get A Military Id Card

Spouses, this topic is for you! Please refer here for information/questions regarding your military ID-Your Military ID card also known as DoD card also known as MIL ID

Before you get your Military ID card, you have to know what its for. For most, the MIL ID is used for:-Getting onto any Military Installation -Setting up your Tricare Prime health insurance-Your New name-

You will receive your Spouse Packet in the mail around WOT 3-4 This means it will have been around a month since your AB left home.

}==> If you just got married before your spouse left, this is a good time to get your name change things sorted out. If you have been married over 1-2 months, you should have been getting these things processed already.Assuming you are taking his last name after getting married, here are some common things to make sure are changed:-Drivers license* *When you get married and change your name on your drivers license, it does not RENEW your drivers license. Keep expiration dates in mind. -Social Security Card-Credit/Debit cards-Etc.In California, it takes about 10 days to get your official Marriage License. Keep this in mind if you plan to get married and send off a copy of your marriage license with him to BMT. If he ships out on Jan 10, and you get married on Jan 5, most likely you will not be able to send a copy of your marriage license with him.

When does my new MIL ID expire?If you flip the card over, itll say. Most likely it is 5 years from the day you got it.

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How To Use The Rapids Appointment Scheduler

The biggest issue most first-time visitors have is getting to the website. Many government websites have issues with their security certificates which cause browsers to give an error informing the visitor the site is not secure. Here is an example:

As you can see from the above image, the browser sends a message to the user that the site is insecure. You will need to click the Advanced link to see an additional message:

Im not sure why many military websites have these errors, but they can be common. Clicking the link should take you to the RAPIDS website and the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler. The message states that clicking the link is unsafe, but I havent experienced that to be the case. Of course, make sure you are using safe computing practices.

Further troubleshooting tips: You may find it easier to access the site by using a different browser, such as FireFox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. You may also need to make adjustments to your software. Some anti-virus, firewall programs or other software programs may prevent you from visiting this site. Use your own judgment regarding whether or not you wish to temporarily disable the software.

Once you click the link to proceed, you should be able to find information for the military ID card issuing office closest to you. The image should look similar to the following:

From here, you simply need to choose your location and click Go.

Keep Your Data Current

DoD reports continuing significant problems with maintaining accurate and current addresses in the DEERS database, particularly for retired servicemembers and their families and survivors.

Members with e-mail access can keep their address data current by e-mailing any updates directly to the DEERS management office: . E-mail updates should contain the following information: sponsor’s name and Social Security number address change names of other family members affected by the address change effective date of the new address information and your telephone number and area code. DEERS address changes also may be made online.

Alternatively, members may fax the data to 655-8317 or call 538-9552. You also can update your address by writing:

DEERS Support Office Seaside, CA 93955-6671

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