DiscountWhere To Get Military Discounts

Where To Get Military Discounts


Eyewear & Vision Discounts

Military & Veteran Discounts | Veterans Benefits | Department of Veterans Affairs | theSITREP

AC Lens: Active and retired military personnel with valid proof of service can use the promo code MILITARY at to get 10% off select eyewear products. Restrictions apply .

AFEyewear: AFEyewear offers a 5% discount on select prescription eyeglasses to U.S. military members with valid proof of service. Create an account at to receive the discount .

Contacts Direct: Contacts Direct is offering a 15% military discount plus free shipping to U.S. armed forces members who can sign in using .

Coolframes: Active and retired military members including their families can get 5% off their order at when they verify through Exclusions apply .

Eyemart Express: Eyemart Express offers a 20% discount to active duty and retired military, veterans, and their dependents. Bring valid military ID or proof of service . U.S. military members can get a discount on their purchase at when they sign in and verify using a valid account at checkout .

Gatorz Eyewear: Veterans and active military personnel who can sign in and verify their eligibility through VerifyPass can get a military discount code from Gatorz Eyewear. Restrictions apply .

Kaiser Permanente Eye Care: U.S. armed forces members, veterans, and dependents can get 20% off prescription glasses at select Kaiser Permanente Eye Care optical shops when they bring their valid ID. A one-time 10% discount on contact lenses is also available. Restrictions apply .

Travel Discounts & Discounts On Hotels & flights

Traveling can be expensive. Thankfully there are a few good ways to save money. Many companies and locations offer military discounts. We have an in-depth article that discusses how and where military members and veterans can find travel discounts.

Popular Veterans Day Retail Discounts

  • Kohls — Veterans, active and former military personnel, and their immediate families get 30% off in-store purchases from November 11 through 14.
  • Target — Target is offering a 10% discount from October 31 through November 13 to active-duty military personnel, veterans and their families.
  • Food Lion — Active-duty military and veterans get a 10% discount on November 11. Valid for in-store shopping only at Food Lion locations

See All Veterans Day Retail Offerings

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What To Do If A Store Doesnt Honor A Military Discount

As mentioned above, some military discounts are seemingly misguided regarding who is eligible, and who is not. But its not our place to make that judgment. As military discounts are made out of the generosity of the store offering the discount, its in our best interest as military members and veterans to accept a discount with humble thanks when it is offered, and be understanding when it is declined.

If you believe you should be eligible for a discount, then politely ask to speak with a manager and explain the situation. But always be sure to fully understand the companys policies on military discounts before doing so .

One of the biggest complains we have heard is about are the Home Depot and Lowes discounts. These companies offer military discounts everyday, however, they have changed the eligibility a few times, so the military discounts may only be available to a segment of the military and veteran population. Be sure to review their corporate policies before arguing with management about the discount you are entitled to.

On the other hand, The Home Depots military discount is only available on a daily basis to current military members, retirees, and veterans with a service-connected disability and a VA ID card that specifies the service-connected rating. Non-retired military veterans without a VA rating are only eligible for the discount on certain days of the year, such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day.

Finding Hidden Military Discounts

Military Discount

Many stores publicize military discounts, while others dont announce them publicly. You will be surprised how often companies will offer you a military discount if you just ask for it. All it takes is a simple question while you are ordering or checking out.

Just ask, do you offer a military discount?

In some cases you will be told no, but sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised. Just ask, and always thank the person if you receive a discount. And if not, no hard feelings. Remember, this is an act of generosity on their part, not a right veterans deserve.

*Bonus tip: Your odds of success increase substantially when asking for a military discount on a military related holiday, such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day or other national holidays. In fact, many stores dont offer military discounts, except on these holidays.

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Hawaiian Airlines Military Benefits And Flight Discounts

  • Active duty US military passengers and military personnel who are retired or retiring, who have proof of official government travel orders, and their qualified dependents will be allowed four checked complimentary bags per person for coach/first/business classes of service when traveling on orders .
  • For personal travel, active duty US military personnel will only be allowed two complimentary checked bags per person for coach/ first/business classes of service
  • Military bag fee waiver will not apply to US military dependents on personal travel.
  • Up to four free checked bags of up to 70 pounds when traveling on military orders
  • Up to two free checked in bags per person on leisure travel
  • Veterans Advantage members eligible for 5 percent discount across all service classes

How The Best Buy Military Discount Works

The Best Buy discount for military members is available on a case-by-case basis only at participating store locations. There is no actual corporate military discount program.

If you want a discount, you will need to be in-store and request to speak to a manager. The manager will then decide whether to extend a discount to you for the items you are purchasing.

Because of this process, there isn’t a standard discount. You cannot be confident you will get a discount at all it’s strictly up to your local store manager.

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Free Or Cheap Wedding Reception Venues

  • Military bases also offer a variety of options for hosting wedding receptions at a significantly lower cost than non-military venues, hotels or resorts. Depending on the location of the military base and the available venues, your choices can range from the joint-rank clubs, chapels, meeting halls, beaches, lakes, mountains and much more.

Food & Restaurant Discounts

Home Depot 10% Military Discount UPDATE

Davids Tea: Canadian Armed Forces members can present their service ID at participating Davids Tea shops to get a 10% discount. Contact your local store for availability of this promotion .

Buffalo Wild Wings: Buffalo Wild Wings offers a 10% discount to Canadian military personnel with CFOne membership card. Available only in Oshawa, Ontario .

Harveys: Canadian military personnel with valid ID can get a 15% off their order at participating Harveys restaurants. Contact your nearest store for more information .

KFC: KFC restaurants in Edmonton, Alberta offer a 20% discount to CAF members who have a valid CFOne card. Restrictions apply .

Legends Sports Bar & Tap House: Active duty Canadian Armed Forces personnel with CFOne membership can get a 15% discount at Legends Sports Bar & Tap House in Edmonton .

CAF members with valid military ID can get 15% off select meals at participating Mary Browns Chicken & Taters restaurants. Contact or visit your nearest franchise .

McDonalds: McDonalds branches in Edmonton, Alberta are offering a 15% discount to Canadian military personnel. A valid CFOne card is required .

Pizza Hut: CAF personnel can save up to 20% at Pizza Hut when they bring a valid CFOne card. Available at participating branches in Canada only .

Popeyes: Popeyes restaurants in Pickering, Ontario offer a 15% military discount to CAF members. A valid CFOne card is required .

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Military Discounts At Parks & Entertainment

Popular amusement parks such as Disney World, Sea World, Knotts Farm, Universal Studios, and Anheuser-Busch offer discounts or even free admission to eligible military members. Find more info on the parks websites or in the following links:

Wedding & Party Discounts

Wedding Wire: Canadian military members with a valid CFOne card can get $30 off marriage ceremony fees and $15 off vow renewal fees at Wedding Wire. Available only for marriages held at the Province of Manitoba .

Go to:Discount Programs, Retail, Vacation & Travel, Transportation, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Financial, Pet & Animal Care, Food & Restaurant, Technology, Wedding & Party.

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Southwest Airlines Military Discount

Note: to read our full article on the Southwest Airlines military discount.

Southwest Airlines is another major American airline that is based out of Dallas, Texas.

The airline represents the largest low-cost carrier in the world.

It was established in 1967. Southwest operates approximately 4,000 departures per day.

Also as of this year it has carried the most domestic passengers of any U.S. airline.

What discount do they offer?

Southwest Airlines does provide a military discount yet the amount of savings varies.

The only way you can receive an exact figure is by contacting Southwest directly which is unfortunate.

The discount is available to active duty military personnel and their families.

How to redeem your discount:

In order to get a quote on a specific flight call Southwest at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.

The discount is not featured through the online platform or via a travel booking website.

Apparel Shoes And Accessories

Military Discount

Adidas: Military members, as well as first responders, medical professionals, and teachers, get 30 percent off online and in store, as well as 20 percent off at factory outlet stores.

Armed Forces Gear: Active-duty service members, inactive Reserves, National Guard, veterans, retirees, spouses, and dependents qualify for 10 percent off all purchases.

Asics: Military, first responders, and medical professionals save 60 percent on all full-price products purchased online.

Bonobos: Active-duty services members and veterans can get 20 percent off up to five purchases a year.

Carhartt: Military, first responders, and nurses can save 25 percent on apparel and accessories both in stores and online.

Champs Sports: Active duty, veterans, National Guard, reservists, and registered dependents qualify for 15 percent off most purchases, with a maximum of $100 per verification.

Cole Haan: Active duty, reservists, National Guard, retirees, and veterans can get 20 percent off all purchases.

Columbia Sportswear:Military, first responders, and teachers can save 10 percent on all purchases.

Eddie Bauer: Military service members, veterans, and their families, as well as first responders and medical responders, can save 10 percent on all in-store purchases. This excludes online purchases.

Express: Military members, front-line workers, teachers, and healthcare workers can save 5 percent on full-price purchases made in stores.

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Y & Occasion Discounts

1-800-Flowers: is offering a 20% discount to active and retired U.S. military service members, including their families. Sign in and verify through .

1st In Flowers: Active duty military members and their families receive a 15% discount from when they use the promo code USMilitary at checkout .

Braselton Event Center: Active and retired military personnel can get 10% off wedding packages plus free limousine service from Braselton Event Center in North Georgia. Call 706-654-5405 .

Brides Across America: Brides Across America gives free wedding dresses to military brides every year. Check the schedule for the next event near your location .

From You Flowers: U.S. armed forces members can redeem a 20% military discount or free shipping coupon at Restrictions apply .

Heartland Meadows: Heartland Meadows in Knoxville, TN offers a 10% wedding discount to military grooms, brides, or their parents. Call 865-622-4121 .

Kendalls View: Military couples can get a 10% discount on wedding packages at Kendalls View when they call 580-560-9148 for reservations. Exclusions apply .

Magnolia Grace Ranch: Military brides and grooms can get 5% off wedding day bookings at the Magnolia Grace Ranch in Texas. Call 560-4222 .

ProFlowers: offers a 15% military discount on select purchases by U.S. armed forces members and veterans. Sign in and verify with .

Military Discount Car Insurance


GEICOs military discount reaches up to 15% off of your total premium. Emergency Deployment Discounts are also available through GEICO.

17. USAA

Not only do military members qualify for discount car insurance through USAA, but your spouses and children can also qualify for special discounts. Get a quote to see how much you might save.

18. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers a discount for all active-duty service members. You can start by getting a quote to see how much of a discount you qualify for.

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Southwest Airlines Military Benefits And Flight Discounts

  • Active duty and dependents are eligible for Southwest military discounts. Call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA for more information.
  • Special rates cannot be booked online.
  • Southwest waives ALL baggage fees for active duty travel or permanent change of station orders.
  • A third checked bag is free for military members, whereas civilians pay a $75 fee. Same for the oversize and overweight bag: Southwest waives the $75 fee for military traveling on active duty or permanent change of station orders.

Delta Airlines Military Discount

Valley stores offering military discounts

Note: to read our full article on the American Airlines military discount.

Delta Airlines is one of the major American carriers.

The airline operates over 5,400 flights daily and serves an international network that includes over 300 worldwide destinations in 52 different countries.

It represents the sixth oldest airline still in operation, and oldest airline still operating that was established in the United States.

It has a high quality reputation and track record.

What discount do they offer?

Delta is proud to support active members of the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. Special flight price discounts are reserved exclusively for active duty members.

Active duty military personnel also gets a better deal on baggage. In short, members are allowed more free bags compared to civilian customers.

The Delta Baggage and Travel Fees page can get you an exact quote after the discount is applied.

Lastly, Delta has a program where it supports war-injured immediate family members, or a domestic partner, if the individual falls under the Delta Medical Emergency policy.

How to redeem your discount:

In order to redeem one of these discounts please contact the Delta Military and Government department: 800-325-1771.

The desk has business hours of M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm EST.

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Hawaiian Islands Military Discount

  • What is the discount? They do not have a specific military discount, however, if you are a member of Veterans Advantage you can receive 5% off coach flights from the US Mainland to the Hawaiian islands and from Honolulu to select international locations.
  • What non-discount benefits do they offer?
  • For active duty, and those who are retired or retiring, who have proof of official government travel orders, and their qualified dependents: Will be allowed 4 checked complimentary bags per person for all coach/first/business classes of travel when traveling on orders, with a limit of 70 lbs per bag.
  • For active duty military personnel: They are allowed 2 complimentary checked bags per person for coach/first/business classes of travel when traveling for personal reasons, with a limit of 50 lbs per bag. This does not apply to dependents.
  • Whos eligible? Active duty, those who are retired or are retiring, and qualified dependents depending on the benefit.
  • How do you get the discount? Service members need to make sure they check in at the Hawaiian Airlines airport counters. Those who do so at the Kiosks and use web check-in will only be able to have 2 complimentary bags.

The Big List Of Military Discounts For Military Veterans Spouses And Families

Many businesses around the country understand the sacrifices the military community makes to keep our country safe, so as a token of their appreciation they offer discounts and deals. Make sure to take advantage of these amazing offers. The discounts that are listed below are for active duty military, veterans, guard, reserve, retirees, and military spouses unless otherwise stated.

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Who Can Claim Military Coupons And Discounts

As an active member of the military, you qualify for military discounts. Keep in mind that military discounts arenât only for active-duty officers. Depending on where you shop, the military discount will likely extend to veterans and first responders, such as policemen, sheriffs, correctional officers, and state troopers, too.

Online Travel Agencies Offering Military Discounts

RallySport Direct Military Discount

If you prefer to use an OTA , you may still enjoy some military fare and baggage benefits.

OTAs will only ever give you a discount on your actual reservation not your baggage or airline lounge access. You are, however, still entitled to these. Youll simply need to ask for them at the airport as you otherwise would booking via an OTA does not change this benefit.

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What Are The Best Military Discounts

Weve rounded up a list of the best deals and discounts currently offered to active-duty military, veterans, reservists, and retirees, and even military families. Many of these offers are only available online, so youll want to bookmark this list as we keep it updated. Note: you may need to provide verification of your work through or SheerID, or register for a specific program, as each offer varies. Some discounts also require membership to Veterans Advantage, USAA, and Veterans of Foreign Wars too, so keep that in mind.

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