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Personal Pride For All Soldiers

Where To Buy Your WW2 German Impression Part 1: Uniforms

The Army is a profession. By wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army, Soldiers follow the legacy of those who served before them. Our uniforms embody the professionalism and commitment to the Army Values – loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. The uniform is a symbol of honor and tradition, of esprit de corps and morale, and of personal excellence and pride.

Waac And Wac Uniforms

In May 1942 Congress approved the creation of the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps. Although the ANC were actual service members of the U.S. Army, the members of the WAAC were not, so they wore Army style uniforms with distinctly different insignia than U.S. Army service members. In the summer of 1943 the WAAC was converted to the Women’s Army Corps . From that point the WAC were U.S. Army service members and their insignia was changed to that of the regular army.

Female service dress went through an evolution of patterns over the course of the war years, however throughout the period the service uniforms both summer and winter generally consisted of the WAC pattern “Hobby” hat or women’s garrison cap, a women’s suit coat, shirtwaist, four-in-hand tie, skirt, russet leather women’s service shoes and hand bag. The women’s olive drab wool “Ike jacket” was also worn as were women’s service trousers. The colors essentially mirrored those of their male counterparts of corresponding rank in the equivalent service uniform although fabrics differed. There were also special off-duty dresses of summer beige and winter tan.

Uniforms Of The United States Army

The uniforms of the United States Army distinguish soldiers from other service members. U.S. Army uniform designs have historically been influenced by British and French military traditions, as well as contemporary U.S. civilian fashion trends. The two primary uniforms of the modern U.S. Army are the Army Combat Uniform, used in operational environments, and the Army Green Service Uniform worn during everyday professional wear and during formal and ceremonial occasions that do not warrant the wear of the more formal blue service uniform.

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Indian Army To Unveil Light And Climate

1 min read.Livemint

The new Army Combat Pattern Uniform has been developed with the help of NIFT after going through options of 15 patterns, eight designs, and four fabrics.

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Indian Army is set to introduce a light and more climate-friendly combat uniform for its personnel during the Army Day parade, on January 15. The camouflage uniform will will be based on a “digital disruptive” pattern and will be available in 13 sizes.

Here’s all you need to know about the new combat uniform of the Indian Army:

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Yesterday, the Indian Army dismissed the comparisons between the new combat uniform with LTTE uniform. The Army said that both are ‘distinctively different’ adding that filters have been used on the new Army pattern to distort its appearance.

Major Gaurav Arya took to Twitter and wrote, Some peopleill-informed or downright malicious are saying that the uniform resembles the LTTE uniform. Here is what the new army combat dress looks like. Prabhakaran is seen wearing LTTE uniform”.

What Does Wearing A Us Military Uniform Represent : Buy New Tactical Shooting Airsoft ...

To a member of the U.S. Military, a uniform is much more than a simple piece ofclothing. Across all branches, the US Military uniform embodies professionalism and an undying commitment to serve our country.

Those who choose to wear these garments don the legacyofhundreds of generations before them and stand as a symbol of integrity to every generation that will follow.

The evolution of the US Military Uniform

During America’s first bloody war, Continental Army soldiers took to the battlefield wearing blue uniform coats, a tradition that has continued in some form or another to this day.

Modern United States Military uniforms are branch specific and have specialized features designed to meet the unique needs of the service members who wear them. These can include fire resistance, cold weather insulation, breathability, and advanced fit.

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A Symbol Of Honor And Tradition

The US Army uniform is more than just a simple piece of clothing. Rather, it embodies the Army Values of personal courage, loyalty, respect, honor, selfless service, integrity, and duty. All those who choose to wear it don the legacy of the generations that came before and inspire those yet to come.

Army Combat Uniform

Like the Army itself, the Army Combat Uniform is designed to adapt to virtually any situation. New AR 670-1 Wear and Appearance of Uniforms and Insignia regulations have replaced Universal Camouflage Pattern with Operational Camouflage Pattern to better blend in with desert environments.

The ACU is made up of a coat and pants and is worn in garrison and combat situations. US Patriot carries a wide selectionof Army OCP tops and bottoms, including the best-selling Tru-Spec® OCP Hot Weather Coat and Tru-Spec® Army Hot Weather Uniform Pants

The New Combat Uniform Which Was Designed And Developed By The National Institute Of Fashion Technology Was Unveiled On January 15 During The Army Day Parade It Was Chosen From 15 Exclusive Camouflage Patterns Four Different Designs And Eight Fabric Options

    The Army is coming up with a plan to ensure that new combat uniforms are supplied to the troops only through fixed channels and the fabric is not available for sale in the open market to avoid the possibility of misuse, News18 has learnt.

    The new combat uniform, designed and developed by the National Institute of Fashion Technology , was unveiled on January 15 during the Army Day parade.

    As reported by News18 last month, it was chosen from 15 exclusive camouflage patterns, four different designs and eight fabric options.

    Defence sources told News18 that as per the plan, the new stitched combat uniforms for junior commissioned officers and other ranks in the Army will be procured through the Master General Sustenance Branch and provided to the troops through the units of the Army Ordnance Corps.

    Currently, combat uniforms are issued to JCOs and OR based on a life cycle concept, as per which they are entitled to one such uniform every 15 months.

    For officers in the Army, the new stitched combat uniforms will be provided through the Canteen Stores Department , which will also cater to the additional uniforms the JCOs and jawans may require.


    However, till the time this plan of supplying new stitched combat uniforms through central procurement and CSD route is formalised, the fabric of the uniform manufactured by specific reputable vendors can be sold through CSD temporarily. This will start by June this year.

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    Us Patriot Tactical Is Your 1

    US Military branch can be very similar or vastly different from one another. At US Patriot Tactical, we understand how frustrating this can make the uniform buying process.

    As one of the nation’s largest military clothing stores, we’ve carefully curated a selection of top-quality military boots uniforms for you to choose from. We also offer a wide range of accoutrements, such as Name Tapes, Dog Tags, ranks and badges. Check out the US Patriot Blog for more info!

    From your cover to your socks, US Patriot has everything you need, all in one place.

    General Wear And Appearance

    The Truth About The Army Pinks And Greens Uniform (WW2 Era)

    If Soldiers use dyes, tints, or bleaches, they must choose a natural hair color. Colors that detract from a professional military appearance are prohibited. Therefore, Soldiers must avoid using colors that result in an extreme appearance. Applied hair colors that are prohibited include, but are not limited to, purple, blue, pink, green, orange, bright red, and fluorescent or neon colors. It is the responsibility of leaders to use good judgment in determining if applied colors are acceptable, based upon the overall effect on a Soldier’s appearance.

    Long length hair may be worn in a pony tail during physical training. A single pony tail centered on the back of the head is authorized in physical fitness uniforms only when within the scope of physical training, except when considered a safety hazard. The pony tail is not required to be worn above the collar. Soldiers are only authorized to wear a pony tail within the scope of physical training. Merely wearing the APFT Uniform in itself is not authorization to wear a pony tail.

    For more questions regarding uniform policy, contact

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    Army Pt Uniforms For Sale

    Army PT Uniforms. Venture Surplus carries a wide variety of genuine issue military PT gear. Showing all 11 results. Items Per Page: 12 / 24 / 48 / All. Army Physical Fitness Uniform Shorts, Black & Yellow $ 5.99 Select options. Army Physical Fitness Uniform Shorts, Black & Yellow. Features: Small Key Pocket …

    The Indian Army Has Been Planning To Change The Pattern As Well As The Material Used In The Uniform To Make It Easy And Comfortable To Be Worn By Men And Women In The Army

      The new uniform of the Indian Army was showcased at the parade ground on Saturday during the Army Day Parade.

      The new combat uniform as has been reported by Financial Express Online has been designed in collaboration with the National Institute of Fashion Technology .

      More about the NIFT Team

      It was a team of eight made up of students and professors who were working on this project of designing the new uniform for the Indian Army. The specifications were provided by the Indian Army. The Indian Army has been planning to change the pattern as well as the material used in the uniform to make it easy and comfortable to be worn by men and women in the Army.

      What is new?

      It is ergonomically designed.

      It is operationally effective.

      And it has now eliminated the need to have different uniforms for different terrains earlier there were uniforms for jungle warfare, dessert warfare.

      There will be a few changes in the new uniform besides the disruptive pattern.

      It will be a lighter fabric, and has been designed to not only protect against the harsh climatic conditions, but have been designed keeping in mind the comfort, to provide the soldiers outfit with camouflage and also increase the survivability.

      The NIFT went through four different fabrics, eight different designs and almost 15 patterns before locking it all down.

      The Fabric

      The Disruptive Pattern

      For the women officers, there are slight modifications made.

      Why the change?

      Is the new pattern based on LTTE Uniform?

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      Operation Enduring Freedom Pattern

      Beginning in late 2010 U.S. Army soldiers deployed to Afghanistan were issued an Army-developed variant of the Crye Precision “MultiCam” pattern, known as the Operation Enduring Freedom Pattern , which was far more effective for use in Afghanistan’s terrain. The flame-retardant variants of the uniforms are designed to prevent third-degree burns, along with up to thirty percent of second degree burns. Additionally, all uniforms are treated with the chemical permethrin to help protect soldiers from ticks and insects. Some U.S. Army soldiers during the latter stages of the Iraq War also wore the OEF patterned ACU some were seen wearing them as late as December 2011, when the United States withdrew its military forces from the country at the end of the war. The MultiCam-patterned ACUs were retired in 2019 with the UCP-patterned ones.

      Soldier Uniforms A Matter Of Pride


      The Army contingents will showcase the older versions of uniforms Rajput Regiment contingent wearing the uniform as it was in the 50s, Assam Regiment in the uniforms of the 60s, and my regiment, the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment , will sport our uniform of the 70s, the one that I was commissioned in. The new digital disruptive pattern combat uniform of the Army is also making its debut. Soldiers take a great deal of pride in their uniforms.

      As I said in my piece in Hindustan Times, uniforms are worn for symbolic value, recognition, or uniformity by educational institutions, workplaces, or organisations. In the armed forces, however, they denote discipline, equality, and respect. Soldiers take pride and find motivation in uniforms and badges, medals, and insignia. Why do uniforms evoke pride?

      An army uniform gives the soldiers their identity. The badges of your regiment give you a sense of belonging. A regimental lanyard bonds you with your comrades, with whom you share bonds of life and death. The medals that soldiers wear on their chests are awarded for bravery during war or other operational duties.

      A medal motivates. It is also revered. Veterans too wear the medals on ceremonial occasions. Even the next of kin are allowed to wear them on such occasions after the veteran passes away. That is the kind of love, importance, and pride attached to it.

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      Wear Of Insignia And Badges

      With the service uniform, the enlisted arm of service insignia was embossed on circular pins, while the officer’s insignia was “free work” . Officers’ arm of service pins were worn on the upper lapels and their branch of service pins were worn on their lower lapels. Enlisted men wore the U.S. disk on the right and the branch disk on the left upper lapel. The rank of officers was worn on the outer edge of the shoulder loops whereas enlisted soldiers wore rank chevrons three inches wide points-up on both upper arms. Organizational patches were worn on the left upper shoulder only.

      When the coat was worn, no insignia was worn on the shirts except sew-on patches. When the shirt was worn as an outer garment, officers wore pin on insignia on the shirt. Until 1942, the officers’ U.S. pin was worn on the right collar point and the officers’ branch insignia was worn on the left. The officers’ rank was worn on the outer ends of the shoulder loops as on the coat. After September 1942, the U.S. pin was deleted, and the rank of the wearer was displayed on the right collar point.

      Distinctive Unit Insignia pins were worn in the center of the epaulet for officers and on the lower lapels for enlisted men. These devices were relatively uncommon during the war as a metal-conservation measure.

      Army Uniforms And Combat Uniforms

      Get the perfect combat and army uniform now! Military 1st offers you a possibility to create just the right dress uniform from our impressive collection of combat shirts, tactical pants and cargo trousers, each in a variety of designs, colours and camouflage patterns. We have it all, starting from such primary colours like Black or Olive, throughout popular classic camouflages, e.g. Woodland and Flecktarn, ending on the most up-to-date camo patterns like A-TACS, Kryptek, MultiCam and PenCott. Moreover, we divided our vast range of military and combat uniforms into several categories, so choosing the style that perfectly suits your needs is going to be even easier. Move through our wide selection of various types of army combat uniforms that includes genuine BDU shirts and M65 pants, and manufacturers, just to mention brands as well-known as Helikon, Pentagon and Propper.

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      Army Nurse Corps Uniforms


      Prior to 1943, the ANC winter service uniform consisted of the ANC pattern dark blue cap or garrison cap with maroon piping, suit jacket with maroon cuff braid and gold army buttons, light blue or white shirt, black tie and light blue skirt shoes were black or white. The ANC summer service uniform consisted of a similar suit in beige with maroon shoulder strap piping and cuff braid, beige ANC cap or beige garrison cap with maroon piping, white shirt, and black four-in-hand tie. During World War II the first flight nurses uniform consisted of a blue wool battle dress jacket, blue wool trousers and a blue wool men’s style maroon piped garrison cap. The uniform was worn with either the ANC light blue or white shirt and black tie. After 1943 the ANC adopted olive drab service uniforms similar to the newly formed WAC. Nurses wore Army hospital whites on ward duty.

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      Realistic Kids Army Uniforms

      Do you know an army brat who wants to show their pride at school with a t-shirt? What about their plans for Halloween? Our army clothes for kids make the perfect costumes for the want-to-be soldier in your life. At Army Surplus World, youll find realistic and high-quality costumes for a future astronaut as well as clothing they can add to their everyday wardrobe.

      These kids military uniforms, t-shirts, pants, and more make a perfect gift that children will cherish for years to come. Plus, if you or your family members are serving in the armed services, theyll love seeing your little one in a kids army uniform or t-shirt.

      Official Us Army Navy Air Force And Marines Military

      At Armed Forces Gear, we proudly carry a tremendous selection of officially-licensed military support clothing, including patriotic shirts, Army jackets, Air Force sweatshirts, and more. Our high-quality offerings are perfect for active service members, veterans, and military family alike. We feature free shipping for qualifying orders and even …

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