ExclusiveWhere Is Navy Boot Camp Located

Where Is Navy Boot Camp Located


Where Will I Live During My Time At Boot Camp

U.S. Navy Boot Camp Graduation: Jan. 11, 2019

During your U.S. Navy basic training, you will stay in barracks named after important ships in naval history. Each climate-controlled “ship,” which can house up to 1,300 recruits, features classrooms, a galley and multiple berthing areas.

As the term indicates, these berthing areas are the sleeping quarters and are all single-gender, even in male-female integrated divisions. It is here where you will sleep, shower, read and write letters, iron your uniform and stand watch. You and your fellow recruits will also practice marching here and will be responsible for keeping every inch of the space clean.

Where To Stay And What To Do When Boot Camp Is Through

Naval Station Great Lakes is home to the United States Navy’s only boot camp located in North Chicago. From the moment these naval recruits step onto the base, they live by the credo “Non sibi sed patriae” or “Not for self but for country.”

Today’s Navy consists of over 400,000 active and reserve personnel. Once your new sailor graduates boot camp, he or she will be a member of an illustrious institution that faces a myriad of demands from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, to working with partners and allies, to dealing with multiple threats and potential conflicts. When does your sailor graduate?

When your Navy recruit graduates from Naval Station Great Lakes, it is not only a proud day for your family but a proud day for the nation. Make it a celebration in Lake County, Illinois and stick around for a few days.

Lake County, Illinois is located halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. The closest airports to Naval Station Great Lakes are O’Hare International Airport in Chicago and General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

Lake County has so much to offer you and your family as you celebrate your sailor’s prestigious accomplishment at Naval Station Great Lakes’ graduation.

What Is Boot Camp Like In The Navy

During this training, you become a functional Navy sailor with all the necessary skills for your role as an officer on an aircraft carrier. Exercise and seamanship, firearms training, fire safety, shipboard damage control, and teamwork as well as lessons related to our heritage and core values are expected.

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Week Five Of Navy Boot Camp

Recruit training and administrative tasks such as focusing on career selection typically take place this week. Recruits may brush up on skills they’ve learned so far, including:

  • Increasing the number of live rounds fired with the M-9, 9mm handgun from five rounds to 40 rounds
  • Firing five frangible training rounds on a Mossberg shotgun
  • Extensive anti-terrorism/force-protection briefings on threat conditions, history of terrorism and steps sailors can take to present less of a potential target
  • Taking computer classes and familiarization with Navy jobs
  • Taking eight one-hour mentoring sessions, with RTC staffers and an RDC

Do You Get Paid During Boot Camp

boot camp location map

Once you take your oath at MEPS, youre in the military which means you get paid. But there is a catch you have to go through the intake process of the first couple days of boot camp, and once the military establishes your pay records, youll see money in your checking account. Payday in the military happens on the 1st and 15th of each month.

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How The Uso Supports Navy Recruits At Chicago Ohare

Before they were newly graduated sailors saying their goodbyes inside the USO, all of these young service members were new Navy recruits on their way to bootcamp.

A majority of recruits arrive for Navy bootcamp via the Chicago OHare International Airport and when they do, many of them are welcomed by staff and volunteers at the USO centers on-site. The USO pledges to be there every step of the way through service members military journey, and that begins when they first enter service.

Were the first thing that they see, said USO Illinois Center Operations and Programs Manager Chris Miller.

USO Illinois supports all service members of all branches who travel through the USO OHare and USO Midway airport centers, as seen here with National Guard members returning home from a deployment.

USO airport centers offer weary military travelers a lounge all to themselves, where they can relax between flights with comfy chairs, television, free Wi-Fi and more. These airport lounges found at airports across the country and the world are exclusively for active-duty military, military spouses and their families.

A Schools In Coronado Ca

Special Warfare Boat Operator

Length: 22 Weeks

Summary: Special Warfare Boat Operators will actually attend 3 schools, all at the same location. They include Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman Indoc. 2 weeks , Basic Crewmember Training 5 weeks, and Crewman Qualification Training 15 Weeks. SBs are trained to support and conduct special operations and work primarily with the SEALs.

Special Warfare Operator

Length: 50 Weeks

Summary: Special Warfare Operators , or SEALS, will attend 3 primary schools in Coronado. They include BUD/S 31-35 weeks, Static Line / Free Fall Parachutist Training 4 weeks, and SEAL Qualification Training 19 weeks. Training is demanding, both physically and mentally, and only a select few make it through.

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Do You Get Leave After A School If So How Long

Yes, in most cases you do get leave after A School.

According to the Naval Technical Training Center, leave is usually 14 days.

However, the Navy provides transport from your training station to your next duty station, so any travel outside of this is at your own expense.

Also, this time may be shorter, or no leave may be permitted, depending on the needs of the Navy and your new duty station.

Outline Of Training Syllabus

U.S. Navy Boot Camp Graduation: Dec. 7, 2018

Over the past 14months, Navy leaders have made recruit training tougher. Senior leaders toldNavy Times that theyve revamped more than 60 percent of the eight-weekcurriculum to return the enlisted rite of passage to the gritty fundamentals ofphysical fitness, standing watch and waging war at sea: fighting fires, damagecontrol and force protection..

Aspart of this revamp, training became less computer-based and more hands on. Therevamp has also affected the attrition profile. Previously, most recruits whofailed dropped out around week six, dropping from 7% to 2% . However, the vast majority of thoserecruits who get sent home is due to a pre-existing medical condition that wentundetected prior to starting at NAVSTA Great Lakes .

Duringtraining recruits are expected to man watch stations on their ship and protect their vessel around the clock, including patrols andduty on the quarterdeck . Thereare fake gauges that recruits are expected to monitor and log, and they can befined real money if they mess things up. This no longer any guarantee for eighthours of sleep per night, especially when RDCs shout man overboard in theship. At the start of training recruits have 10 minutes to account for allpersonnel, and 5 minutes prior to graduation.

Accordingto the October 2016 version of the Basic Military Training Core Competencies Manual, there are six major competency areas for recruits :

  • Week 01:
  • Alsoknown as In-processing days or P-Days.
  • Administrationscreening:
  • Haircuts!

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Guard Duty: Learning The Orders Of The Sentry

In the Navy, guard duty is called “Standing Watch.” It means that sailors get to spend significant amounts of time guarding the ship, conducting a fire watch, snow, and security watches.

After observing the recruits for a few days, the RDCs will select “recruit leaders,” known as “Recruit Petty Officers” in various areas of responsibility. The RDC will select those recruits who, during the first few days showed that they were “squared away.”

Recruit Petty Officers are charged with preserving good order, discipline, and security within their respective division. Any violation of good order, discipline and security will be reported by the Recruit Petty Officer to the chain of command for disposition.

During the remainder of this first week, known as P week, recruits learn the correct way to make beds and fold underwear and receive medical and dental exams. Classroom time is spent learning the basics of grooming and uniform wear, the Uniform Code of Military Justice , standards of conduct, discrimination, and a few hours with the chaplain about values. Additionally, the RDC will introduce the division to a couple of sessions of physical training.

Before You Go To Navy Boot Camp

First things first, there are some things you should learn and memorize while in DEP. Have an idea of what the Navy core values are and what they mean to you Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

You will be required to quote any one of the Eleven General Orders of a Sentry towards the end of your first week.

The Sailors Creed and the Chain of Command will follow you throughout your entire Naval career so ensure these are engraved into memory.

This information, along with what items are necessary to bring to RTC, is located online and at your local recruiters office.

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What Is Navy A School

Navy A School is the first stage of technical training for your specific rating.

Individuals will attend Navy A School after they have completed boot camp.

The length and location of training depends on the specific rating.

Navy A School does not have as many restrictions as boot camp, but does not have as many freedoms as a sailor will once they complete training.

As sailors gradually move through A School and complete different phases, their restrictions are slowly lifted and liberties are increased.

Navy A School will teach functions related to rating job duties, but also ensure that sailors meet satisfactory physical requirements, appearance requirements and academic standards.

In Navy A School individuals will learn skills, complete physical training, complete watch standing and complete daily routine requirements.

How Long Is Navy Boot Camp Graduation

Navy A School, What Happens After Navy Boot Camp

After youve completed the eight-week boot camp, your graduation occurs at the end of the camp. Once you graduate, you must meet the required physical training requirements, for example, the minimum number of push ups and sit-ups, as well as the maximum amount of time permitted for running three miles.

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I’m Not In Great Physical Shape Can I Still Get Into Boot Camp

You do not *have* to be in peak physical condition when you head off to boot camp. In fact, part of the reason boot camp is so physically demanding is because it is whipping you into shape so you fall in line with the Navy’s fitness guidelines. The more fit you become prior to shipping off to boot camp, the better you’ll perform while you are there – so if you’re thinking about joining the Navy, start getting ready for it early. Take swimming lessons, join a gym program.

When Is My Loved One Going To Graduate From Boot Camp

That depends on your loved one’s performance in each week. Any change in their graduation date after they’ve sent you their graduation information will cause them to be able to call you and let you know. You won’t receive graduation information until several weeks in, so sit tight and wait for their word. It may be difficult, but my best advice is that you begin preparing for their graduation, financially and otherwise, as soon as they leave for boot camp.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the authorâs knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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How Much Time Will I Get To Relax

You will receive “time off” on Sunday mornings for four hours. However, within the context of boot camp, time off involves writing letters, studying for an upcoming exam or attending church. To this end, it is best to prepare yourself for an eight-week period in which you will completely focus on developing as a person and existing outside of your comfort zone.

A Schools At Pensacola Fl

U.S. Navy Boot Camp Graduation: Nov. 16, 2018

Air Traffic Controller

Length: 15 Weeks

Summary: Air Traffic Controllers will learn the fundamentals related to radio communication, Air Traffic Control and radar.

Aircrew Survival Equipmentman

Length: 12 Weeks

Summary: Individuals in this course will learn basic skills that are required for Aircrew Survival Equipmentman job functions and aviation basic theory.

Aircrewmen Avionics

Length: 8 Weeks

Summary: Future Aircrew Avionics will learn the skills required for specialized rating job functions and basic aviation theory.

Aircrewman Helicopter

Length: 6 Weeks

Summary: Individuals in the Aircrewman Helicopter course will learn basic aviation theory. They will also learn any skills that are required for their specialized rating.

Aircrewman Mechanical

Length: 7 Weeks

Summary: Aircrewman Mechanical will learn skills related to aircraft balance calculations, aircraft maintenance and other skills of their specialized rating.

Aircrewman Operator

Length: 13 Weeks

Summary: This course will teach Aircrewman Mechanical how to perform aircrew duties, handle ordnance and perform various operational missions. It will also teach basic aviation theory.

Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter

Length: 13 Weeks

Summary: Individuals will learns skills related to various Naval Special Warfare Missions. They will learn any skills that are required for this specialized rating.

Aviation Boatswains Mate, Aircraft Handling

Length: 4 Weeks

Aviation Boatswains Mate, Fuels

Length: 6 Weeks

Length: 5 Weeks

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Week Eight Of Navy Boot Camp

Assuming all recruits pass Battle Stations, the final week consists mostly of out-processing, practice for the final pass-in-review, and a little more classroom training. Even though the recruits at this point have passed the final physical fitness test, physical training still occurs.

Finally, on either Thursday or Friday, recruits get to put on the dress uniforms and make that final pass-in-review.

If you’ve passed all your requirements , you’ll spend most of the following weekend on “Liberty,” before continuing on to “A School” or a direct assignment.

    Navy A School: A List Of All 24 Locations + Training Summary

    Navy A School provides technical training for sailors based on their individual rating.

    Immediately following boot camp graduation, sailors will go to their Navy A school to receive instruction on job functions and duties.

    You may be wondering what Navy A School is, where they are located or what you can bring with you.

    The guide below will provide information on the topics above and more.

    Continue reading for details about all 24 Navy A School locations.

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    The Second Half Of Boot Camp

    You’ve reached the home stretch at this point, with four more weeks to go! Here’s what you’ll do during the second half of boot camp:

  • Week Five: More classes, more training, and a lot more PT. By this point, you’ve learned how to do everything the way the Navy wants you too, and though you may not feel like itâyou’ve changed. Rigorous training and a restricted diet, a fast-paced and active training style in and out of the classroom, and a behavioral structure deeply rooted in forming a team bond between you and up to 100 total strangers have all contributed to your change, and in most cases, this change is for the best.
  • Week Six: Fire fighting training, and shipboard damage control classes. This week you will learn how to put fires out, how to properly don fire safety gear in case you must fight a fire on board ship, how to open and close watertight doors, and operate fire fighting equipment. This week also finds you and your shipmates inside the gas chamber, being exposed to tear gas while you and everyone else recites name and social security number. You will also go through the confidence course again, further solidifying the concept of teamwork and camaraderie.
  • Navy Boot Camp Lengthened To 10 Weeks To Prepare Recruits For Life In The Fleet

    Navy Boot Camp â Tips before you ship

    The Navy is adding more mentorship, life skills and personal and professional development to its boot camp curriculum as it expands recruit training to 10 weeks up from eight.

    The revamped Basic Military Training at Recruit Training Command aboard Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois, first reported by Navy Times in December, kicked off Jan. 3, and includes the new Sailor for Life module that aims to better prepare recruits for life after boot camp.

    Identity transformation in eight weeks is a lot to ask, Fleet Master Chief Wes Koshoffer told reporters Friday. We know that habit change, lifestyle change, developing toughness, resilience, forging character, are processes that take time that two weeks really makes the difference.

    After completing the eight weeks of original boot camp, recruits become sailors and stay at Great Lakes for an additional two weeks to really hammer down what they learned at BMT and adjust from civilian to sailor life. The objective is to provide sailors with additional resources and fleet-centric training that will contribute to their success in the Navy.

    Our ships, submarines, aircraft and other fleet units have got a lot on their plate, Rear Adm. Jennifer Couture, the commander of Naval Service Training Command, told reporters. And they do not have the time to do basic training. Thats my job to do basic training.


    The expanded BMT aims to boost physical performance as well.

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    What To Expect At Us Navy Basic Training

    The first step in your military training involves completing basic training, also known as boot camp. Regardless of the career path you choose, completing U.S. Navy boot camp is a requirement. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of what U.S. Navy basic training entails and what you can expect during your time at boot camp.

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    Naval Education And Training Command

    The NavalEducation and Training Command is an enterprise level shore command ofthe US Navy that is responsible for the training, education and professionaldevelopment of active duty and reserve Sailors through accession, continuingeducation, and advancement training.

    The NETC isheadquartered at the Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. It is led by theCommander NETC, a Rear Admiral, Upper Half who is assisted by:

    • ExecutiveOfficer: A civilian of the Senior Executive Service.
    • Chief ofStaff: A Captain .
    • ForceMaster Chief : A Master Chief Petty Officer .

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