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When Should I Talk To A Military Recruiter


Ten Things Never Ever To Tell Your Recruiter



    Job-seekers are fragile, and they don’t always realize it. They can seek moral support from the wrong sources — including recruiters who are representing them to employers.

    I was an HR leader for a long time. I was always surprised at how readily and quickly job applicants would go “into the vault” with me.

    They would tell me a lot about themselves, unprompted — even sharing information that would lower their negotiating leverage with my company, like the fact that they were desperate for a new job and would be very flexible on salary.

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    Of course, my colleagues and I did not use the information job-seekers shared with us to improve our negotiation posture, but lots of companies would.

    Job-seekers have to remember that whether a recruiter works for an employer, for an agency or for themselves, they are still on the other side of the negotiation table from you. Whether they are internal or external recruiters, they still get paid by the employer.

    Every recruiter works for an employer. They don’t work for you. That’s why there are certain things you cannot tell them!

    Here are 10 things never to tell your recruiter, no matter how friendly they are. Why should you keep these information tidbits to yourself? You should keep them to yourself because if you share them, they will weaken your negotiation stance.

    5. Don’t tell your recruiter that you are desperate to leave your current job or desperate to get hired .

    Think About Your Service

    Image via Unsplash

    What branch of the military do you want to join? What tasks do you want to perform to serve your country? Think about your skills beforehand, as well as your passions. There’s a place for nearly every skill set in the military, and the rumors are true: the service you choose may well pay for schooling. Although most active-duty soldiers have to do their fair share of grunt work, you can look into specialization, whether you want to be a pilot, a medic, or a wartime reporter. However, you also need to consider which branch of the armed services you wish to join. Are you interested in air, land, or sea? Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corpswhat will it be?

    Talk to the recruiter about the service, too. In some branches, new recruits are in bureaucratic limbo. They move nowhere, they have no active-duty assignments, and they aren’t sure what’s coming next. Prospective recruits who have questions before joining the Air Force might want to reconsider and turn their attention to the Navy instead, or vice versa.

    Talking To An Air Force Recruiter

    Contacting an Air Force recruiter for the first time will likely be the first interaction some people have ever had with the military directly and can be a scary thing to do when you dont know what to expect.

    First of all, you should know that simply calling a recruiter or walking into their office isnt obligating you to military service. There are no secret vans waiting outside with blacked-out windows just waiting for someone to walk in so they can whisk them off to basic training. Enlisting in the Air Force can actually be a long process and many people will be turned away for not meeting the Air Forces standards.

    What is a recruiter

    A recruiter is a US Air Force member whose sole job is to recruit and enlist civilians into the Air Force. Recruiting is a Special Duty and is done by people with other regular jobs in the Air Force who have volunteered to be a recruiter. When your recruiter went to basic training they did not come straight out of tech school and start recruiting people. They could have been a plumber or a dental technician or F-16 maintenance expert before they became a recruiter, so they all have experience with the real Air Force and are not just repeating rehearsed lines to you that they learned in tech school.

    The first call


    Finally youll likely be asked why you want to join the Air Force, what you expect to get out of it, if you were referred by someone, etc.

    The first meeting


    Lying to a Recruiter

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    Can I Become A Pilot By Joining The Air Force

    Not all Air Force members are pilots. However, those meeting the strict vision requirements may enter into the undergraduate pilot training program. Most pilots are officers and compete for pilot training slots.

    The Air Force is one of the branches of the U.S. military you may be considering for the next step in your life. Whether youre still in high school or ready to join one of the branches of military immediately, its important to gather all the necessary information first. Asking these questions, along with any others you might have, will help your Air Force recruiter give you the information you need to make the right decision for your career in the military.

    Show Your Zeal And Energy:

    What should I expect during recruiting duty? How can I ...

    While you talk, your voice should reflect the energy you have in you. You must not talk in a lazy and slowly manner. Just be audible enough and also show your zeal. This matters a lot while you are getting hired as if you will have no energy in talking, then you may have to face the rejection. So in order to get selected, just give your best and show that you do have some potential.

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    How To Talk To A Recruiter For The First Time: 18 Useful Tips

    Whether the recruiter approaches you himself or herself or you have to talk through call or email, just make sure you are well prepared before. One needs to talk little professionally to the recruiter. One has to know the technical jargon used, the process should be known and many others things should be taken into the consideration. So to talk to the recruiters, one must follow the following points:

    What Can I Expect From Air Force Boot Camp

    While this may not be on your mind yet, it should be a question you ask. Boot Camp will introduce you to military life and a basic understanding of what to expect will help you decide if the Air Force is right for you.

    Boot camp or Basic Military Training will last eight weeks with four to five days for processing not included. It will test your physical and mental limits with work outs at least three times a week including plenty of running, pushups and sit-ups.

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    Don’t Be Tempted To Lie

    Any time a service member joins the military, you can rest assured that her or his background information comes to the fore. You might feel the urge to lie because you know there’s something in your past that will bar you from qualifying for military service. Don’t do it.

    The temptation is there. Now, when a service member joins the military following Trump’s confusing new policies, the desire to lie about certain aspects of yourself and your history is strong and completely understandable. You can’t keep anything from Uncle Sam, though. The problem is that the needs of recruits won’t be met when they lie to qualify for service. You may sneak past the entrance and make it all the way to basic training, but if your fib affects your performance in any way, someone will find you out eventually.

    Things You Should Know Before Meeting The Military Recruiter

    Watch This BEFORE You Talk To An Army Recruiter

    Fighting for your country is a courageous decision, but there are several things you need to know before meeting the military recruiter and making your choice.

    Are you aware of what you need to know before meeting the military recruiter? Many potential recruits have no idea. They expect their recruiter to tell them everything. It doesn’t work that way, however. More often, you need to ask explicit questions about the aspects of military service that will have the most significant effect on your life.

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    Know The Technical Know How:

    You are going to talk to the recruiter. They are the professionals in their fields and they ought to speak in all the technical jargon they know. So you must also know about all such things, technical words and so on. If you will speak in a simple manner without making use of the good words, you will be considered having lack of knowledge.

    Things To Expect When Talking To A Recruiter

    Is this your first time talking to a recruiter? What can you expect? How should you prepare? Remember, the recruiter is there to serve as your personal job search wingman. They are on your side and want to find you a great job at a place you will enjoy showing up at every day. Many times they will find that you dont fit for the particular position they are working on, but you might be great for another one they have in mind. So in order to have a smooth and impressive first encounter with a recruiter, here are the things you should be sure to do in your first talk:

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    What Documents Do I Need To Start The Recruiting Process

    Your recruiter will give you a list of documents needed for processing by the military. That list may include a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license, Social Security card, high school diploma, birth certificate, college transcripts, marriage license, medical documents, court documents, adoption documents, etc. If unable to locate the documents, you may need extra time to order the necessary replacements. An early start will make the process of joining much smoother.

    What Benefits Can I Receive As A Member Of The Armed Forces

    3 Steps For Visiting An Army Recruiter Near You

    When interviewing for most professional positions, applicants are discouraged from asking detailed questions about salary and benefits prior to the offer stage. However, the nature of military work often brings these questions to bear far earlier, and its acceptable for prospective recruits to find out exactly what military service can provide for them in terms of medical benefits, educational stipends and scholarships and job-placement programs for after their term ends.

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    What Should I Bring With Me

    If youre just going to the recruiters office to ask him or her questions, then you really dont need to bring too much.

    One thing I would recommend is bringing a notepad and a couple of pens so you can take some notes.

    You could also possibly bring your phone so you can record the conversation, but make sure you 100% clear it with the recruiter first,.

    If they catch you trying to clandestinely tape record your conversation, they may simply show you the door.

    Talking To A Recruiter

    The job of military recruiters is to find qualified candidates for their respective services and provide them with information about and reasons for joining the Army. Expect recruiters to talk about opportunities in the Army in positive but realistic terms.

    But dont be surprised if a recruiter wants to talk to both you and your parents together. You should discuss such goals with them, before they meet with a recruiter. That way everyone is on the same page. Also, for those wondering how to talk to a recruiter, developing specific questions prior to the meeting is an excellent and recommended way to prepare.

    Its a recruiters job to answer any and all questions. If you ask a question the recruiter cant answer personally, he or she will get back to you with the answer. Prepare a written list of questions before your visit. If you are unsure what to ask the recruiter, here are some questions to get you started.

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    Bringing A Friend Or Relative To Your Recruiting Meeting

    It’s a good idea to bring a parent, relative, or better yet, someone who has served in the military for your first visit. However, make sure it’s someone you’re comfortable with hearing the answers to the personal questions your recruiter will ask during that first interview. These include, “Have you ever used drugs?” The recruiter asks these questions to make sure he knows your basic qualifications and whether or not he can afford to spend valuable time with you. If you don’t want your parents to hear the truthful answer to these questions, you’re probably better off going alone.

    Scan The Asvab Beforehand

    TALK TO THIS ARMY RECRUITER | QandA with an Army recruiter

    Image via Unsplash

    The Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery test is an exam that each prospective soldier has to pass by a specific margin. Without a qualifying score, you’re unfit to serve. At the recruitment command, you have to take a sample of the ASVAB, which scores you in Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge. The example ASVAB has questions that represent each category, so the score you receive is indicative of how you’ll do on the full exam.

    Practice beforehand. Talk to veterans and current active-duty soldiers about what to expect. Make sure you know how to effectively study. It will put your mind at ease. Besides, some recruiters won’t let you take the actual ASVAB unless you meet a minimum score on the practice test.

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    What Resources Can I Access For Further Information

    Obviously, the decision to join the armed forces should involve plenty of research, and all of the necessary information probably cant be communicated during a single meeting with a recruiter. Ask your recruiter to provide you with literature, online forums and official websites that can offer you more nuanced information. Any good recruiter will want you to make this decision in a fully-informed way, so shell likely give you access to useful materials.

    How Soon Will I Leave For Basic Training

    Joining the military and leaving for basic training are two different things. When you join the military, you are qualifying first by testing and second by taking a physical. After qualifying in both areas, you will pick your job and swear-in. You’re not leaving for basic training at this time. It is important that your recruiter and the Military Entrance Processing Station liaisons know when you are available to leave for basic training. It is always better to get your career started as soon as possible, but not everyone can do this. For instance, college students probably won’t be available until after the semester, and high school seniors must know their graduation date to find out when they can leave. Whatever the reason, discuss it with your recruiter.

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    How Can I Prepare For The Air Force

    This question will help your Air Force recruiter give you the proper advice based on your situation. If youre in high school, they will probably tell you to make sure you graduate, keep your grades up and stay away from trouble, such as drugs or breaking the law. Taking harder classes will also help including honors English, Math and Science classes.

    Ask The Right Questions

    USAREC CG Shares Vision with Recruiters

    When you talk alone with a recruiter, and when you sit in with your child, be sure to ask some very important questions:

  • Will a new recruit be able to get a secured job before shipping out to basic training? If not, why not, and what is the process for landing a military career field specialty before, during or after boot camp?
  • At what point is my child free to terminate basic training and return home? And at what point does that become no longer possible under the law?
  • What is the TOTAL number of years required for a military commitment and what does it mean to be placed in the Inactive Ready Reserve? Under what circumstances can a member of the Inactive Reserve be reactivated for military duty against their will?
  • What if my child has made a mistake in joining a branch of service and wants to transfer to a different one? How does that work and when is it possible for the first time?
  • What about choosing a career field that is wrong for the recruit? How long must they realistically wait to switch career fields and what is the procedure?
  • At what point is the recruit fully committed to military service without being able to separate without penalty?
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    When Will I Get My Job Assigned

    Each branch of the service has its own method of assigning jobs. For example, the Navy will give you a job while you are at MEPS. But while the Air Force can give you a job at MEPS, they usually put you on a qualified and waiting list for preferred vocations. Understand what job you have been assigned and when that group is leaving for basic training.

    Meet With A Marine Recruiter

    Now that you have researched, done your homework, and have chosen the Marine Corps as your branch of service, Its now time to talk with recruiters! Though it can be nerve-racking, just remember that you are under NO OBLIGATION when talking with a recruiter. He/she cannot force you to do anything: the decision is ultimately yours to make. With that being said, you do need to prepare yourself with questions you will ask.

    Talking to an Recruiter is a good opportunity to ask specific questions that relate to your situation. Only by working with a Recruiter can you tailor an marine experience to meet your goals, wants and needs. Want to take advantage of money for your education? Need certain job skills? Your Recruiter can give you the specifics on all the Marine Corps benefits to help you make the most out of your military career. Military recruiters are ready with the know-how to answer questions you have about the U.S. Marines.

    When you sit down with a Recruiter, he or she will make it easy to find out if the Marines are right for you. Whether its Active Duty or Army Reserve, or a certain length of service youre interested intogether with your Recruiter, youll find the best way to serve, and choose the job that complements your abilities and future goals.

    Some questions you will want to ask your recruiter include:

    1. Which option is best for me: Marines Active Duty, Marine Reserve or ROTC?

    2. How long will I serve?

    3. What are my options?

    5. Where will I be stationed?

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