Editor PicksWhat's The Oldest You Can Join The Army

What’s The Oldest You Can Join The Army


Not Having A High School Diploma Subjects Your Enlistment To Further Review

Whats the best age to join the military (Navy)

New recruits who have dropped out of high school, but have completed a GED may find their application for military service requires additional processing. The recruiter wants to know that the applicant is suitable for military service. Those who are eager to get into uniform as early as possible should know that not having a high school diploma could delay their entry into military service.

The Maximum Age By Branch With No Experience

If you have no prior experience in the military, the following age maximums apply to you:

  • Army You must be in basic training before your 35th birthday
  • Navy You can enlist until you are 34 years old
  • Air Force You can enlist until you are 39 years old
  • Coast Guard You can enlist until you are 27 years old

Us Coast Guard Age Limits

The United States Coast Guard has over 40,000 active-duty personnel.

There are a small reserve fraction of approximately 7,000 members.

The Coast Guard also employs a sizable civilian workforce.

Overall, the U.S. Coast Guard is the smallest of the military branches .

Here are the minimum and maximum ages required to join the U.S. Coast Guard:


Minimum Age: 17 years old Maximum Age: 31 years old


Minimum Age: 17 years old Maximum Age: 31 years old*

*Up to 32 if qualified for attending guaranteed A School.

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Will The Army Pay For Tattoo Removal

Generally speaking, visits to a tattoo removal clinic will be on your own dimethe government will not pay for you to have a tattoo removed, nor will health insurance. Fortunately, we do offer special discounts for military recruits, active duty, and veterans it’s our way of saying, thank you for your service!

Us Marine Corps Age Limits

What is the difference between the Army and the Marines ...

The United States Marine Corps has 182,000 active duty service members.

Its a competitive military branch to join and the second smallest.

Additionally, the Marine Corps utilizes 38,500 reserve personnel.

The Marine Corps has straightforward rules for their age limits:


Minimum Age: 17 years old Maximum Age: 28 years old


Minimum Age: 20 years oldMaximum Age: 28 years old

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Ged Holders Must Score Higher On The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Those who do not have a high school diploma will be required to score higher on the ASVAB test, regardless of the branch of service desired.

Some potential new military members may find that the recruiter will upon learning of the GED status of an applicant wish to have the recruit take the ASVAB first. Those who do not score high enough are often encouraged to take a specified amount of college credits before retaking the ASVAB.

The reason for this is that those who have GEDs and college credits are put in the same ASVAB scoring category as someone with a high school diploma. The high school graduates do not get more stringent ASVAB scoring requirements.

Those who have dropped out of high school in the hopes of joining the military as soon as legally permitted should know that the requirement to earn a GED and/or college credits will be necessary to meet the militarys basic education standards. Anyone wishing to enlist at age 17 with parental consent should seriously consider finishing their high school program first.

S For Joining The Military

Start by doing some research about your options for joining the military. Learn about the six active-duty branches and their part-time counterparts. Know the main differences between officers and enlisted members. And explore the career fields you can enter for each branch.

Once you know which branch youre considering, contact a recruiter. A recruiter will give you an overview and answer your questions about that service. If youre interested in more than one branch, contact a recruiter for each. If youre interested in joining as an officer, the recruiter will explain any options you may be eligible for.

If you decide to enlist, you will report to a military entrance processing station . Youll spend a day or two completing pre-enlistment steps. These include taking the ASVAB, having a physical exam, meeting with a career counselor, and if youre accepted, taking the oath of enlistment. From there youll receive orders for basic training, usually to start within a few weeks. If you enrolled in a delayed entry program, youll go home and get orders for basic training within a year.

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Serve In The Navy

The minimum age for Non-prior service applicants to the Navy Reserve is 18 years while the maximum age is 39 years. To serve as a Navy Officer, you must be at least 19 years and not more than 42 years. However, this depends on your specialty. Waivers are granted for some positions, especially those in high demand.

Can I Join The Navy At 45 Years Old

Which Military Branch Should I Join?| Pros and Cons to the US Army in 2018

Those who wish to join the Navy must be at least 20 years old and not more than 62. Additionally, they must be under age 47 at the time of commission. If youre 45 years old, you may still join the Air Force or the Navy. Both service branches offer active duty and reserve duty role for registered nurses.

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What Is The Maximum Age To Enlist In The Military

One of the most frequently asked questions recruiters get asked is what are the maximum age limits to enlist in the military service. There is an age limit that disqualifies certain ages from joining the military. However, the age limit is higher that you may think. If you are over this age limit, you are not qualified for service. But, if you keep pushing and proving to the recruiters that your experience and physical fitness levels are acceptable, you could be eligible for an age waiver. The most frequently asked question is the following:

Logically The Branches That Are The Most Physically Demanding Have Lower Enlistment Age Limits

Special Operations branches have stricter age limits for the same reason. Still, if a 38-year-old wants to give back to his country through military service, its now well within his reach to do so. In some cases, you can be well into your 40s and still serve- if you have what the military needs, that is. Age waivers are occasionally offered if you have critical skills or experience thats in short supply, but the commanding officer or community manager will have to approve it. Medical and legal professionals, plus religious officials, are the most likely to get approval.

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Submit Your Application 4medical Exam

You will then take a two part medical exam: First there is a questionnaire on your medical history including specific information on your medication. Then the medical staff will conduct a physical exam to measure your height, weight, evaluate your vision, colour perception and hearing. The second step is a medical file review to determine any limitations that will affect your training and career.

How Can You Apply To Join Ukrainian Forces

10 Awful Things About the Army That Nobody Tells You ...

There are three ways to apply:

1) Visit the Ukrainian Embassy physically

2) Call them by phone

3) Or apply via email

Detailed instructions have been published on the site with step-by-step guidelines on how to join the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine. Prospective foreign fighters should contact Ukrainian embassy or consulate in their respective countries which will provide potential recruits with the necessary and important information regarding the equipment they should have.

For more information, .

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Can A Felon Join The Military

It’s possible to join the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard with a felony conviction. With that said, it is an uphill battle. In general, the 5 branches of the military are looking for candidates with a sound moral character. Often, a felony is looked at as a failure to meet that standard.

More People Are Joining The Air Force In Their Late 30s

Yoko Holdren wants to work.

She tried to find jobs for more than a decade but seemingly hit a roadblock at every turn. First it was the frequent moves with her husband, Master Sgt. Donovan Holdren, and the cost of child care for their three kids.

Then it was German employment and citizenship rules at Ramstein Air Base, where the family is stationed. Her green card neared expiration. And, just as she looked to get a job when her youngest son started school, the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Holdren turned to the Air Force and enlisted two weeks before her 40th birthday.

I thought, If I join the Air Force, they can train me from zero, she told Air Force Times. Whatever job is available, I will take it.

Threats to the free world must be met with mature individuals who know what is to be lost, say the authors of this commentary.

Now an airman first class in security forces technical school, Holdren is one of hundreds of people who have joined the Air Force in their late 30s since the service raised its age limit for new recruits nearly a decade ago. The career change has offered new challenges and second chances while offering the service another way to grow and diversify the force.

In 2014, the service increased the age cutoff from 27 to 39 for those without prior military service to enlist on active duty. The Air Force Reserve changed its age limit from 34 to 39 as well.


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Is It The Right Thing To Join The Military

Joining the military, for most, can be a life-altering decision. Some guys and gals know it from the start: they strive to be a part of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines from a very young age. Yes, even the Coast Guard too. Others, on the other hand, arent too sure if its the right thing for them.

Who Is The Shortest Navy Seal Ever

Best Military Branch to Join | Former Military Recruiter Shares How to Decide!

Harry Beal was the first Navy SEAL, thanks to the roster being ordered alphabetically. He also may have been the shortest, but he was capable of doing a one-armed pullup. Photo courtesy of the US Naval Institute. And although he was the first Navy SEAL, he may also have been the shortest, standing only 5 feet tall.

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Whats The Next Step In Joining The Army

Upon completion of MEPs you are officially a United States Army recruit. Your next step will be to maintain contact with your recruiter and Recruitment Battalion that you will be assigned to. You will also receive your ship-out date for Basic Combat Training, and the location of where you will conduct said training.

Is It Worth It To Join The Army

Armed service within the United States Army is a highlight in just about everyones life who decides to take on the huge commitment. Anyone who has gone through the recruitment process will agree that going through the enlistment process and becoming a regular Army soldier is not easy, yet completely worth it.

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What Age Should You Talk To A Military Recruiter

Any high-schooler who becomes serious about military service will HAVE to have a private conversation with a military representative at some point, but if your kids are NOT of legal age to enter military service it may be wise to delay such private discussions until age 17 if you have concerns.

What should I wear to talk to a recruiter? In general, it is best to go with business casual or smart casual clothes. Think blazers and office wear.

Should I take the Asvab before talking to a recruiter?

Also, you dont need to take your ASVAB before talking to a recruiter. If youre interested, theyll talk to you and might even have some other resources for you. Tell them about what youd like to do in the military and then get help for the sections that matter most for that job.

What Options Are Available To Me For Parental Leave

10 Pro

The NZDF is family friendly and offers generous leave policies to support working parents. If you are planning a family you can take parental leave. You may also be eligible to receive a return-to-work incentive payment, which is equivalent to six weeks salary and payable six months after you return from parental leave.

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What Is The Easiest Basic Training

At the basic training stage, the easiest military branch to join is the Air Force .

  • The background clearance check stage: Army or Navy.
  • The ASVAB stage: Army or Air Force.
  • The basic training stage: Air Force.

Which military branch goes into war first? The Marine Corps is often first on the ground in combat situations.

Which branch promotes the fastest?

The U.S. Army is generally the branch of the military that promotes the fastest. That said, your military job and the level of advanced education you have will impact your ability to be promoted.

Can you drink at 18 on military bases? The minimum drinking age on a U.S. military installation located outside the United States is 18 years of age. In those cases, its up to the commander to ensure that appropriate controls are in place to prevent endangering military service members or the surrounding community.

Maximum Age For Military Enlistment

Across the United States Armed Forces, the maximum age for enlistment for someone who has never served in the military before depends on the branch. For the Army, the maximum age is 35. For the Navy, age waivers start at 34-years-old. For the Air Force, the maximum age allowed to join is 39-years-old. The Marines have the lowest maximum age for regular military service at 28-years-old. Special Operations branches also have different maximum ages due to the physical challenges put upon the candidates compared to regular military service. These maximum ages can be waived if the recruit has the education, skills, experience that the military needs to fill its ranks. The same holds true for the Special Operations communities, where waivers are available, but only on a case by case basis and typically approved or disapproved by the commanding officer of the selection program or the community manager/detailer.

Often the age waivers that do get approved are those in the professional jobs fields .

The maximum age of non-prior service enlistment under Federal Law was 35-years-old. In 2006, the Army asked Congress to raise the age limit to 44-years-old. Congress did not approve this change, but raised the maximum enlistment age from 35 to 42.

Regardless of Federal Law, the military services are allowed to impose more strict standards, and many of them have. The maximum age for non-prior service enlistments for each service is:

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Join The Military

You cannot be older than 34 years old. Individuals must have a High School Diploma or GED. In all branches of the Military having a GED requires you to test higher on the ASVAB and there are limited spaces available for GED holders. To increase your chances of joining the Army or any other branch with a GED, take some college credits.

Maximum Age For Prior Enlisted Military Members


If you were in the military before, you may be able to extend your time in the military. The government allows you to use your years of experience to your advantage. They allow you to deduct the years of service from your current age.

For example, if you served 5 years in the Army and you are now 35 years old, you still have 5 years to enlist since your military age is 30.

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Why Are All Canadian Forces Recruiting Centres Closed

Due to the current medical situation related to COVID 19, we are synchronizing our efforts to align with Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada and the guidance they have provided while respecting applicable provincial guidelines. As a result, all Canadian Forces Recruiting Centres are restricting public activities and access.

My Medical Reconsideration Application Was Declined And I Still Disagree Is There A Process To Have This Reviewed

Request a review form from your Candidate Engagement Facilitator and send it to the address enclosed with supporting documents . A board of Senior NZDF Medical Officers will review this application at their next medical reconsideration meeting held four times per year. If this application is denied you may be unable to reapply, or be given a stand-down period before you can reapply.

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Exceptions To The Rule

Exceptions may be made for certain professionals. For example, doctors, nurses, and lawyers are often needed in the military. If the military is short of these professionals, its not unheard of for them to waive the age requirements, taking on those that are much older, but are capable of the job at hand.

Generally, its on a case-by-case basis as well. If you really want to enlist, but your age falls outside of the requirements, discuss your options with your local recruiter. You may be able to file for an exception, especially if you are in a highly sought after position that the military needs.

Do You Know if You Qualify?

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  • No employment verification required by the VA
  • No home appraisal required by the VA
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If you are a veteran with an existing VA loan or mortgage, you may qualify to save with a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, or VA IRRRL.

Also known as a VA Streamline Refinance, the IRRRL allows you to refinance your existing mortgage without having to re-qualify for your loan. The application, credit check, and appraisal portions of the loan are simplified to allow homeowners to lower their interest rate and start saving as quickly as possible.

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