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What’s The Best Military Branch For A Female To Join


Whats Coast Guard Basic Training Like

Best Military Branch to Join | Former Military Recruiter Shares How to Decide!

All Coast Guard basic training is conducted at one location in the US: Cape May, New Jersey.

Growing up in New Jersey, Ive been to Cape May several times.

I can tell you this, its not the part of New Jersey that most people think of when they think of NJ.

Its actually a very nice part of the state, and just so happens to be a popular vacation destination.

Like the other branches of the military, Coast Guard boot camp lasts 8 weeks, and the very first thing youll be tested on is your physical fitness.

Heres a handy bullet-list for whats expected for both men and women:

Before you even start boot camp, youll also have to meet the height and weight requirements, grooming standards, and tattoo policy.

While boot camp is located on the beach, its certainly no vacation!

Throughout boot camp, seaman recruits will do things like:

  • Firefighting
  • Physical training

Before you graduate boot camp, youll be required to pass the PT test as well.

After boot camp, Seaman recruits will then be assigned to one of the many bases throughout the country.

Cool Jobs In The Air Force

The obvious first choice for everyone here is easy: pilot.

However, with only 1,100 pilot slots available every year, competition can be stiff.

You should also keep in mind that 500 550 of those pilot slots are reserved for Air Force Academy graduates, and 350 450 spots are reserved for ROTC members.

As a result, your prospects of landing a pilot slot are very low.

With that said, there are a wide variety of great jobs in the Air Force that dont involve piercing through the sky at Mach 1.

Some of the best jobs in the Air Force include things like:

  • Logistics planner

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If youre 100% set on becoming a pilot, then you should consider going the Air National Guard route.

Air Force National Guard units are essentially the military reserve force, as well as the militia Air Force, of each state.

They fly all of the same aircraft that the regular full-time Air Force does F-16s, F-15s, A-10s, and even large cargo planes like the C5 Galaxy.

The upside is, theres no full-time commitment.

You still have to go to basic training, but youll only serve in a part-time role.

Whats Basic Training Like

Army Basic training is considered one of the tougher ones in the US Military, although not quite as tough as the Marines .

Officially known as Basic Combat Training , its comprised of 3 phases and lasts 10 weeks.

out how hard Army Basic training is.

Throughout basic, you will do things like:

  • Run obstacle courses
  • Conduct tactical foot marches

Oh yeah, and youll also go through a bit of an unpleasant experience: gas chamber training.

Dont worry, though

Its a heavily monitored drill that nearly every solider in the US military goes through.

Once you complete BCT, you will be official designated a US Army soldier.

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Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Technician

Another job that isnt necessarily a favorite in the Marines is Refrigeration and A/C Technician.

Again, most join the Marines to get in the fight, not fix a broken refrigerator.

Instead of doing the cool stuff like shooting off mortars or firing a 50 cal. machine gun, youll be squatting underneath an air handler in 95 degree heat.

Keep in mind that while both of these jobs are generally hated in the Marines, it can set you up for a really good career when you get out.

I cant stress how important this is enough!

What Advice Would You Have For Young Women In Particular Who Are Interested In The Uniformed Services

Can You Join the Military With a GED

JOIN! Sometimes in life you must make a decision and go for it. As long you are doing it for the right reasons, have a plan, andmost importantlythe right attitude, you will succeed in the service. I promise! The military provided me with a tremendous amount of benefits such as world travel, leadership opportunities, and covered education, just to name a few. I owe a lot of my success to the Navy, but that I went in with a plan from Day One. I would say, go in, plan on getting out after your first enlistment, and re-evaluate every year, so when it is time to separate or re-enlist, you are comfortable with your decision. This will help you stay on track towards your goals. Goals? Yes, everyone should have goals when they are in the militaryand not just goals to advance , but goals that allow you to grow personally and professionally outside of the military!

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Background Of Women In The Us Military

Today, approximately 2.5 million women serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, according to The Service Women’s Action Network. The all-volunteer force is comprised of four branches, all under the auspices of the Department of Defense . They are Army, , Navy, and Air Force .

The Defense Advisory Committee of Women in the Services is mandated to advise the U.S. Secretary of Defense on matters and policies related to women serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. This independent entity reports that, as of July 2017, 17.6 percent of all active duty officers and 15.8 percent of all active duty enlisted personnel were women . “Historically, the air force has had the highest percentage of enlisted and officer women however, by 2016, the navy had nearly caught up . CFR looked at the demographics:

Percentage of Enlisted Female Service Members By Military Branch

  • Army: 14%

Percentage of Female Officers By Military Branch

  • Army: 18%
  • Air Force: 21%

Who Should Join The Marines

If you want to see combat, join the Marines. If you dont, steer clear. The Marines work both on land and at sea to defend Navy bases and participate in Naval campaigns. Because Marines are usually on the front lines when deployed, boot camp is extremely rigorous. If you cant deal with getting yelled at, dont sign up. Marine boot camp takes place in three phases, which include everything from intense training and martial arts to rifle skills and swim training.


  • The Marines are considered the best of the best. Theyre highly respected, and jokingly say theyre actually a department of the Navy: the mens department.
  • The uniforms are amazing.
  • After being in the Marines, youll be in amazing shape.


  • There isnt as much variety when it comes to job opportunities
  • Promotions take longer than in other branches
  • The standards for uniform and appearance are stringent.
  • The quality of life tends to be lower than that of some other branches.

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Why Is A Marine Not A Soldier

Marines also differ from the traditional soldier, or grunt, in that they are much more technical and proficient in the manner in which they conduct themselves in any kind of battle, as they know they are typically the ones leading the charge, so making mistakes is not an option that ever crosses their mind.

Challenges To Women In The Military

Whats the best age to join the military (Navy)

Although women have been serving in the military for a very long time, it wasn’t until 2016 that the DOD lifted all restrictions against women being in combat roles. Female members of the military still face significant challenges that contribute to relatively few joining to begin with and not many staying long enough to become officers.

Female soldiers and sailors still face gender discrimination, and an alarming number are victims of sexual harassment and assault. There are also other severe problems that keep recruitment and retention of women in the military low. For example, equipment such as body armor is made to fit men and must be customized to women’s bodies. Mothers face criticism for leaving their families to serve.

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    Whats Something That A Lot Of People Tend To Get Wrong About Uniformed Service Or The People Who Serve

    We are our individual selves first, and we wear the uniform second. At the end of the day, we all take the uniform off, but you will forever be your race, gender, etc. We do not all think the same or come from the same background. When there are controversial issues going on toward our country, you should not reference the military as a whole and say how we feel or think.

    What Should You Not Ask Veterans

    Below are five things to not ask a veteran.

    • Have you ever shot or killed anyone? From my experience, this is a veterans least favorite question, but is asked by strangers and friends all the time.
    • Did you get shot?
    • Cant you just get over it?
    • You dont look disabled.
    • Do you have friends who died?

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    Which Military Branch Has The Best Pay And Benefits

    by MilitaryBenefits

    If youre considering a military career, you might wonder which military service Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or Space Force has the best pay and benefits.

    At a basic pay level, the answer is simple. The military pays the same regardless of branch, according to your pay grade and years of service. Your rank determines your pay grade. Ranks vary across military services, but pay grades do not.

    There is also no fundamental advantage in joining one service over the other in terms of which benefits youll receive.

    Our military pay calculator shows how much you would make in any branch of the military according to your pay grade and years of service. You can also view your basic allowance for housing by entering a ZIP code.

    While basic pay and allowances are the same across military services, some incentive pays and bonuses might vary. However, this is primarily due to your career field, not your branch of service. Your career field is also a major determining factor in promotion rates.

    Here is an explanation of how allowances and incentive pay affect your military compensation.

    Cool Jobs In The Coast Guard

    Can You Join The Military With A Misdemeanor

    As with most other branches of the military, choosing which job in the Coast Guard to pursue will be unique to every individuals interests.

    Whats interesting to note is that most of the jobs in the Coast Guard are the same ones you would find in the Navy.

    Of course, there will be some major differences between jobs for enlisted personnel and jobs for officers.

    With that said, some of the coolest jobs for enlistees in the Coast Guard include:

    • Gunners mate

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    Is It Safe To Be A Woman In The Navy

    For Navy women, ships were particularly dangerous, according to the report. Our model estimates that more than 10 percent of all women experienced a sexual assault at each of these high-risk installations over a one-year period, and more than 15 percent of all women were assaulted at two of them, the report found.

    Which Branch Of Service Is Right For You

    Boot Camp is a lot tougher than one can imagine. For most people, deciding which branch of service to join isnt difficult. Perhaps you come from a family with a long tradition of joining the Marines, or you would like to follow in your brothers footsteps and join the Navy. Military family tradition is certainly well acknowledged in American society. However, each person is different. Based on your particular interests and qualifications, you may be better suited for a particular branch of service that no one in your family has considered before. Remember, joining the military isnt like applying for a job you cant just quit if you dont like it. You are signing a contract and taking an oath to your country. So, make a decision based on your interests and do what will make you happy, otherwise, you wont be.

    Army:The Army carries its own unique sense of pride and loyalty. The Army has the second most intense basic training regimen . Three of the nine weeks of basic training are devoted to marksmanship. Soldiers in the Army have the ability to lead or defend against an assault. In the Army, a soldier can pick from hundreds of MOSs. The training you receive from your MOS can transfer well into civilian jobs.

    SGT Michael Volkin is the author of The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook, available in both paperback and e-book format at www.ultimatebasictrainingguidebook.com.

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    What Is The Hardest Branch Of The Military

    In terms of educational requirements, the Air Force is the most demanding. Do not expect to get into this military branch without a high school diploma. In addition, it is most difficult to get a satisfactory score in the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery. Thus, in this regard, the Air Force is the hardest military branch out of all five primary branches to get into.

    What Are The Downsides To Joining The Military

    Join Army as Captain after Fsc in 2020 !! Female and Male Both Induction 2020

    It is important to remember that the military is a way of life. Before joining the military, you need to be sure that you are able to handle the military lifestyle and all of the moving, work, stress, and danger that comes with the job you cannot be solely interested in the educational or monetary benefits, as that is a recipe for failure. The following lists, made in consultation with current members of the armed forces, may help you get a better idea of what youre signing up for and what you can expect.

    Page last updated: 04/2019

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    The Best Military Branch To Join For A Mother

    Every branch of the military has strict rules regarding eligibility for those with families, particularly for single parents or people with dependents. Although waivers may be granted as needed, its rare for a parent with more than two dependents to enter the military. For example, the Marine Corps requires waivers for candidates with any dependents, while the Army only requests waivers for more than one dependent. While women fit right into any branch, mothers may be most comfortable in the National Guard or Reserves.

    Which Military Branch Has The Most Females

    Its no secret that women are a minority in the military. In fact, only 17.8% of all active-duty members are female. But its not all doom and gloom there are currently over 350,000 active servicewomen and 2 million female veterans in the United States, the highest number ever in history. When signing up, there are a few branches to choose from Army, Navy, Marines, and the Air Force.

    So, which military branch has the most females?The Army has the most females in terms of numbers, but women are most likely to join the Air Force. The Council of Foreign Relations took a deep dive into gender representation in the US military. Here are their findings compiled. Percentage of Enlisted Female Service Members By Military Branch

    • Army officers – 18% female
    • Air Force officers – 21% female

    The above findings show that women are most likely to join the Air Force and least likely to join the Marines. In fact, women are far more likely than men to join the Air Force.

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    Special And Incentive Pays

    Each military service uses special and incentive pays to meet recruiting and retention goals, especially in critical or understaffed career fields. While services have flexibility in setting the incentives, the DOD sets statutory limits on the maximum they can pay for each category.

    S& I pay includes bonuses for enlistment and re-enlistment, as well as some officer programs. The services pay the highest bonuses for career fields that are hard to fill and retain people in.

    DOD allows an enlistment career field bonus of $40,000. The maximum re-enlistment career field bonus is $90,000 for a three-year re-enlistment.

    The branches have the discretion to pay other bonuses associated with enlistment on top of the enlistment bonus itself, like offering an incentive to ship out early or granting a bonus to recruits who know a foreign language.

    You can learn about different S& I pays, including bonuses, from the official S& I index.

    Note that S& I pay and enlistment bonuses are taxable.

    Army Special Forces: Rangers Night Stalkers And Green Berets

    HRC Best Warrior Competition: first female winner ...

    Do you have what it takes to join the elite Army Rangers of the 75th Ranger Regiment? Maybe youd rather be a Night Stalker in the Special Operations Aviation Regiment, SOAR, or possibly a Green Beret.

    Generally, soldiers in any of these units:

    • Are U.S. citizens
    • Have a high school diploma or GED
    • Qualify for secret security clearances
    • Hold General Technical Scores of about 110 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB
    • Meet or exceed fitness requirements. Expect pull-ups, push-ups, timed runs and 10-mile marches carrying a 45-pound rucksack. And, lots of swimming.

    You can request assignment to an Army special forces unit when you first enlist. A recommendation to attend the Special Operations Preparation Course depends on your ASVAB results and how you perform during basic and advanced individual training.

    You can also join after you enlist or become an officer. Youll generally need three years of honorable service before qualifying.

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    Can You Join The Military Instead Of Going To Jail

    72B, Chapter 3, Section 2, Part H, Paragraph 12 states: « Applicants may not enlist as an alternative to criminal prosecution, indictment, incarceration, parole, probation, or another punitive sentence. They are ineligible for enlistment until the original assigned sentence would have been completed. »

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