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What Type Of Jobs Are In The Army


Licenses Certifications And Registrations

Driver – Roles in the Army – Army Jobs

Depending on the occupational specialty, members of the military may need to have and maintain civilian licenses or certifications. For example, officers serving as lawyers, also known as judge advocates, may need to have and maintain their state bar licenses to enter and remain in the U.S. military.

Army Corps Of Engineer Jobs

Jobs in the military take a variety of forms. Each position focuses on a specific task and requires specialized knowledge and training in addition to basic Army training. In general, the Army trains prospective engineers to analyze data, design and develop project plans, study and test equipment or environments, and use construction equipment to complete projects.

A few examples of engineering careers available to officers include architect, civil engineer, environmental engineer, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer. The skills gained through these careers may prepare Army engineers to pursue civilian careers once their obligation to the Army is complete.

Types Of Jobs And Employers In The Armed Forces

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The armed forces offer a wealth of opportunities to people who want to start work and gain qualifications and experience along the way, whether you have a degree, A levels or equivalent, or no qualifications at all. There is a broad range of specialisms you can apply for, including technical, engineering, medical, logistics and personnel support roles.

There are special arrangements for prospective graduates who wish to join the armed forces to practise medicine or as engineers, so if this is a career path that appeals to you, you could be eligible for support with the costs of study. There are also undergraduate bursaries available for students on other courses. You can find out more from our advice on the university route into a career with the armed forces.

The armed forces are structured in a different way from civilian organisations and have a different approach to recruitment they dont run graduate programmes and school leaver programmes in the same way as big commercial companies. On joining the armed forces youll be assigned a rank and will then be able to progress to higher ranks. If you have a certain level of achievement at GCSE and A level, or equivalent, you are eligible to apply to join as an officer and to take on leadership and management responsibilities.

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Jobs And Employers In The Royal Navy

Theres a broad range of jobs available in the six main branches of the Royal Navy: warfare, engineering, logistics, medical, chaplaincy or aviation. You could work on the surface fleet, submarine service or the Royal Navys aviation branch, the Fleet Air Arm.

The Royal Marines forms part of the Royal Navy, as does the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, which is manned by civilians and carries out functions such as supplying ships on operations with food, ammunition or fuel.

Here are some examples of roles you could do in the Royal Navy:

  • air traffic control officer lead a team responsible for maintaining the safe flow of air traffic, whether in peacetime or at times of political tension, conflict or natural disaster
  • aircrew officer pilot youll drop Royal Marines commandos into action and carry out surveillance and anti-submarine operations and search and rescue missions
  • weapon engineer officer youll lead a team of specialist engineers on a cutting-edge submarine
  • logistics officer submariner responsible for making sure your submarine has everything it needs on operations
  • hydrography and meteorology officer collect and analyse information about the environment to help with tasks such as predicting weather conditions.

Becoming An Enlisted Us Army Engineer

Best Army Jobs

Step 1: Meet With a Recruiter

The process of meeting with a recruiter is similar to a job interview. You should prepare to answer basic questions regarding your education, criminal history, marital status, age, and your physical fitness. You must also complete a mini-ASVAB exam. You may access practice exams on the Army’s website.

Step 2: Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test

The ASVAB test measures current abilities and aims to predict your future academic and occupational success in the military. It is required for all enlistees, and scores are valid for two years. It covers basic subject areas such as science, arithmetic reasoning, English, reading comprehension, and assembling objects. Your score determines which jobs you qualify for.

Step 3: Do a Physical Fitness Evaluation

The physical exam must be taken at your nearest Military Entrance Processing Station . You will undergo a thorough medical evaluation and your body composition will be measured to determine your physical fitness. Many roles in the Army require officers to be physically fit to traverse difficult terrain or handle harsh conditions. To pass, you must meet the height and weight measurements for your age group.

Step 4: Explore Engineering Careers and Review Enlistment Agreement With a CounselorStep 5: Prepare for Basic Training

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When You Join The Military Your Family Joins With You

I was born into a military family. Later, when my mother was pregnant with my brother, my father decided not to re-enlist. By then, he had saved enough to start his own business. He did so and never looked back. Decisions like this are terrifying to make. Who do you turn your back onâyour family or your country? Of course, it’s not always black and white, but it does make life tough for everyoneâeven for the parents of soldiers.

Although military marriages are no more likely to end in divorce than civilian marriages, they are faced with unique challenges that not every couple is prepared for. For example, a military spouse is not as likely to find a career. A potential employer has to face the possibility that the employee might leave with only a few day’s notice if their spouse is suddenly stationed elsewhere. An article called How Military Marriage Screws Up Your Career sheds light on many of the ways that military spouses can struggle professionally.

An Army wife understands that her soldier can be deployed at any time. During this time, she holds down the fort. I hate to say this, but it’s a lot like being a single mom. It takes a very special woman to be an Army wife.

Thanks For Reaching Out

  • You’ll receive an email confirming your request

  • We’ll provide additional information about next steps

  • You’ll work with us to decide whether the Army is right for you

  • Questions you may have right now

    Who will reach out to me?

    One of our recruiters will either call or email you to set up time to talk.

    Who will reach out to me?

    One of our ROTC recruiters will either call or email you to set up time to talk.

    What will you ask me?

    Our conversation will likely begin with some basic qualifying questions, like your age and education level. From there, the conversation will be about getting to know you and your goals for the future. Expect us to ask about your interests and skills so we can suggest Army jobs that might interest you.

    How can I prepare for the conversation?

    While we’ll ask you questions, this is your opportunity to ask some of your own. Here are a couple to get you started:

    How can the Army help me pay for college?

    Do I have to go to Basic Training?

    How can I prepare for the conversation?

    While we’ll ask you questions, this is your opportunity to ask some of your own. Here are a couple to get you started:

    What is the time commitment for part-time service?

    How can I prepare for the conversation?

    While we’ll ask you questions, this is your opportunity to ask some of your own. Here are a couple to get you started:

    Can the Army help me pay for medical school?

    Do I have to go to Basic Training?

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    Pay About This Section

    Basic pay is based on rank and time in service. Pay bands are the same for all branches. Members of the Armed Forces may receive additional pay based on their job assignment or qualifications. For example, they receive additional pay for foreign, hazardous, submarine, or flight duty, or for being medical or dental officers. Retirement pay is generally available after 20 years of service.

    Military pay tables and information are available from the U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

    In addition to receiving basic pay, members of the military are either housed free of charge on base or they receive a housing allowance.

    Members who serve for a certain number of years may receive other benefits. These benefits may include educational benefits through the Montgomery GI Bill, which pays for a portion of educational costs at accredited institutions medical care at military or the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and guaranteed home loans.

    Military personnel on active duty typically work full time. However, hours vary with the persons occupational specialty, rank, and branch of service, as well as with the needs of the military. Personnel must be prepared to work additional hours to fulfill missions.

    Finding Fulfilling Civilian Work After Leaving The Military

    Best Military Jobs: 9 great MOS options for wealth and happiness (that transfer to civilian jobs)

    Northeastern understands that for U.S. veterans, finding a job as a civilian can be one of the greatest challenges youll face after service. So for veterans coming directly from the military without any prior civilian work experiencedont worry. More than half of these top occupations do not report requiring prior work experience and the ones that do require less than five years experience in a related profession. From an educational perspective, however, many of these high-growth careers typically require a bachelors degree.

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    How To Become A Member Of The Armed Forces About This Section

    To join the military, applicants must meet age, education, aptitude, physical, and character requirements. These requirements vary by branch of service and for officers and enlisted members.

    Although entry requirements for each service vary, certain qualifications for enlistment are common to all branches:

    • Minimum of 17 years of age
    • U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status
    • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Never convicted of a felony
    • Able to pass a medical exam

    Applicants who are 17 years old must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian before entering the military.

    Age limits for entering active-duty service are as follows:

    • In the Army, the maximum age is 34.
    • In the Navy, the maximum age is 34.
    • In the Marine Corps, the maximum age is 29.
    • In the Air Force, the maximum age is 39.
    • In the Coast Guard, the maximum age is 27.

    All applicants must meet certain physical requirements for height, weight, vision, and overall health. Officers must be U.S. citizens. Officers and some enlisted members must be able to obtain a security clearance. Candidates interested in becoming officers through training in the federal service academies must be unmarried and without dependents.

    Service members are assigned an occupational specialty based on their aptitude, previous training, and the needs of their branch of service. All members must sign a contract and commit to a minimum term of service.

    Women are now eligible to enter all military specialties.

    Become an officer

    The Healthcare And Medical Fields

    The Air Force Special Warfare teams include Pararescue specialists who are uniquely qualified medics that have been trained for special warfare rescue work.

    The medical field can be perfect for special forces service members with medical training as well as those who want to go into that for the first time. There are indeed a lot of options from becoming a nurse to a Physician Assistant, a medical doctor, or even a surgeon.

    During your time in the special forces, you might have learned about how to treat battlefield injuries, how to do minor surgery, how to deliver babies, how to treat infants and children, how to bandage wounds, and set broken bones. You might have had to do some of this is a stressful situation under a lot of pressure, and those skills will help you in a civilian medical field.

    You can use your GI Bill to go to nursing school, work towards becoming a doctor by going to medical school, or even do a certificate program to become a medical assistant. There are plenty of options depending on what you want to do as a career and what experience and education you already have.

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    What Does The Army Do To Prevent Identity Theft

    Apart from warning service members about the risks and instructing them to be careful about their documentation, there isn’t much that can be done to protect a person’s information or identity. Prevention and swift action in the event of identity theft are typically the only ways of addressing this issue. The Military Consumer has a lot of information available to specifically help servicemen and veterans navigate identity theft issues because this kind of violation is an unfortunate possibility for people in the military.

    Types Of Enlisted Personnel

    Army Takes On Its Own Toxic Leaders : NPR

    The following are examples of types of occupations for enlisted personnel:

    Administrative personnel maintain information on personnel, equipment, funds, and other military-related activities. They work in support areas, such as finance, accounting, legal affairs, maintenance, supply, and transportation.

    Combat specialty personnel train and work in combat units, such as the infantry, artillery, or Special Forces. For example, infantry specialists conduct ground combat operations, armored vehicle specialists operate battle tanks, and seamanship specialists maintain ships. Combat specialty personnel may maneuver against enemy forces and fire artillery, guns, mortars, or missiles to neutralize them. They may also operate various types of combat vehicles, such as amphibious assault vehicles, tanks, or small boats. Members of elite Special Forces teams are trained to perform specialized missions anywhere in the world on a moments notice.

    Construction personnel build or repair buildings, airfields, bridges, and other structures. They also may operate heavy equipment, such as bulldozers or cranes. They work with engineers and other building specialists as part of military construction teams. Some construction personnel specialize in an area such as plumbing, electrical wiring, or water purification.

    Human resources development personnel recruit qualified people into the military, place them in suitable occupations, and provide training programs:

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    Navy Special Warfare Teams Aka Seal Ratings

    Special Warfare Operators

    Perform maritime and land-based Special Operations in urban, desert, jungle, arctic, and mountain environments. Duties include combat diving, paradrop operations, small boat operations, tactical ground mobility, small arms and crew-served weapons, fast roping, rappelling, explosives, communications, trauma care, intelligence gathering and interpretation, and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Explosive defense measures.

    Special Warfare Boat Operators

    Support and perform maritime Special Operations in open ocean, littoral, and riverine environments provide maritime insertion and extraction of Special Operations Forces and others possess unique skills in the operation, maintenance, and repair of specially configured combatant craft operate small arms and crew-served weapons, operate, maintain and repair tactical communications equipment, and use paradrop techniques to insert combatant craft. Other skills include small boat tactics, tactical ground mobility, trauma care, intelligence gathering and interpretation, and chemical/biological/radiological/nuclear defense measures.

    What Is The Highest Paying Branch Of The Military

    To seek the highest pay, you dont have to limit yourself to a certain branch of the service. Military jobs pay is consistent across the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard. Differences in pay arise from rank and time in the service. If you seek the best military career, the U.S. Army can become your one-stop-shop as thebranch that promotes the fastest.

    Two key factors can impact your rapid promotion to pass through the highest paying army jobs bar:

    • military job performance
    • certain duty assignments
    • advanced education level.

    A college degree is your stepping-stone to make the branch you are in the best paying military branch ever. But consider that some specialized military activities promote slowly.

    The military common practice is to promote higher ranked, ready to retire or to get commissioned personnel, or while engaging more people in particular fields. The highest four-star rank of general or admiral along with achieving O-10 pay grade discontinues pay increases, regardless of years in service.

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    Jobs And Employers In The Royal Air Force

    The key areas of employment in the RAF are: personnel support, medical, logistics, force protection , technical and engineering, communications and intelligence, aircrew and air operations support.

    Here are some roles you could apply for in the Royal Air Force:

    • flight operations officer plan, coordinate and monitor flight operations
    • aerospace battle manager you could be a surveillance officer, monitoring the skies for airborne threats, or a weapons controller, directing fighters to intercept aircraft that are suspicious or identified as threats
    • radiographer use imaging equipment to help with the diagnosis of patients
    • intelligence officer gather and present intelligence, for example from images or signals, and analyse threats
    • Pilot fly fast jets for combat or ground attack missions, transport aircraft to deliver humanitarian aid or military support, and helicopters for duties such as search and rescue missions.

    Army Engineer Enlisted Careers

    Types of Air Force Careers / Jobs

    A combat engineer works in combat situations. Primary tasks include strategizing combat positions, placing and detonating explosives, clearing roadways for vehicles or troops, and detecting mines visually or using specialized equipment.

    Minimum Education: 14 weeks of One Station Unit Training and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

    A geospatial engineer is primarily responsible for analyzing geographical data from satellite imagery to construct maps. The data also helps engineers prepare briefs detailing terrain to help commanders visualize battlefields.

    Minimum Education: 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training, 20 weeks of Advanced Individual Training, and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

    This role requires using bulldozers, cranes, graders, or other heavy equipment to clear, grade, or excavate earth. Other tasks may include transporting construction equipment and assisting combat engineers in their maneuvers.

    Minimum Education: 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training, nine weeks of Advanced Individual Training, and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

    A special forces engineer sergeant’s primary tasks include carrying out demolition raids to paralyze an enemy’s key infrastructure. They must be proficient in interpreting maps and teaching a wide range of tasks including explosives, field fortification, and bridging.

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