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What To Do After The Military


What Are The Types Of Security Clearances

What To Do After The Military
  • Confidential Information that reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security if disclosed to unauthorized sources. Most military personnel are given this basic level of clearance. Reinvestigated every 15 years.
  • Secret Information that reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to national security if disclosed to unauthorized sources. Reinvestigated every 10 years.
  • Top Secret Information that reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security if disclosed to unauthorized sources. Reinvestigated every 5 years. These clearances may sometimes be enhanced by other designations including:

Leaving The Armed Forces

Even if being in the armed forces was all you ever dreamt of doing, there will come a time for you to return to civilian life. It might be the end of your formal engagement, a change in family circumstances or even a health-related issue, but an end to service will eventually come for everyone. There are many options of jobs for ex forces personnel.

According to the Forces in Mind Trust, around 17,000 people leave the UK armed forces each year, with the Royal British Legion estimating the size of the British veteran population to be around 2.8 million.

Many of these people will have spent their formative years and perhaps even much of their adult lives serving the country – but after years of living a structured lifestyle, re-entering the civilian world may seem like a daunting prospect.

The Forces in Mind Trust recently carried out research that found the complex transition to ‘civvy street’ must cover six key areas if it is to be successful: housing health wellbeing education and family finances and employment.

Employment was considered particularly important because it could help to provide structure and a sense of purpose after a life in the military. For that reason, let’s take a closer look at starting a new job for ex military personnel after service and how you might go about finding it.

The support available to ex-servicemen and women

Showcasing your skills

  • Active listening

Learn At Your Own Pace

MilLife Learning offers free, personal and professional development courses for service members, their families, survivors and those who support them.

A satisfying job gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes good use of your skills. If youre not sure about your career path after the military, CareerOneStop is a great way to get started.

CareerOneStop is a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. Its a rich resource with lots of tools for job searching, training, and information about careers and industries. At CareerOneStop, you can:

  • Take self-assessments at no charge including an interest assessment, a skills assessment and more
  • Learn about careers view career profiles and videos, compare occupations and research industries
  • Find training including information on basic adult education, apprenticeships, certifications, scholarships and much more
  • Plan your career set career goals, learn about salary expectations, occupation licenses and professional development

CareerOneStop also offers resources specifically for transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses. Visit their Veteran and Military Transition Center website for more information.

  • What appeals to me most about the change is:
  • What I would gain most from the change is:
  • What is frightening about the change is:
  • What keeps me from making the change is:
  • The worst thing that could happen if I make the change is:
  • If the worst thing happened, then I could do:
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    Apply For Jobs & Attend Job Fairs

    If your plan is to move into another career when you get out, you should be hitting the networking hard at this point. Attend career fairs, join social media groups.

    There are groups and companies that specialize in helping veterans get employment after separation like Hiring Our Heroes for the military member or VirtForce for spouses.

    You can also sign up to attend workshops or meetups to help network like the ones that American Dream U hosts. You never know which one of these events will help you land a job, so step up and try them all.

    Transfer Your Tsp Account Balance To A Qualified Annuity

    Should I Join the Military After High School?

    Pros: Predictable, guaranteed income stream for life.

    Cons: It is a permanent decision. There may be high fees involved. You may not get anywhere near the full value of your contribution. If it isnt indexed for inflation, the purchasing power of your monthly benefit will decrease each year.

    This is a relatively short overview and cant possibly cover every possible situation. As with everything, there are exceptions and nuances for many different scenarios. If you are considering moving your TSP to another investment, you may find value in consulting a financial advisor to figure out which choice is right for you and your specific situation.

    Lacey Langford, AFC ®, The Military Money Expert ®, suggests several reasons why you might want to consider using a fee-only financial planner vs. the advisor offered through a bank, insurance company or investment company.

    Fee-only allows you to have a clear picture of what youre paying for and how the advisor is being compensated for the advice and recommendations theyre giving you, Langford added.

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    Information Technology Jobs Utilize Skills Potentially Learned In The Military And Offer Competitive Compensation

    Information technology jobs are expanding year after year, so veterans may want to consider joining this career. IT jobs provide competitive salaries and a clear path toward career advancement. Popular career paths in the IT field among veterans include project management, systems engineering, cybersecurity, data analysis, and information security analysis.

    Average annual salary: $54,495/year

    Gather Medical Records For The Whole Family

    Oh boy. Dealing with medical records can be a pain with the military. Set yourself up for success and request this documentation early.

    Some offices make you wait a week or more to pick up the records and sometimes it takes a while to track down all of the records to make sure that you have everything.

    This is a good time to do that because if you get the record too early, you could miss the records for those last appointments.

    As a side note: If you are retiring with a service-related disability, you may need to provide proof to the VA to get your benefits started.

    So, dont skip this step!

    Make sure you have already seen the doctor in your separation physical to document any service-related injuries.

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    Two Years To 18 Months From Ets:

    • Find yourself a mentor who faced the same problems you will likely face.
    • Choose your civilian career and make sure youll be educated and trained with what you need to know by the time you leave the military.
    • Did you use Tuition Assistance and are you on track to graduate before you leave the military? Make sure you leave the military with an education or a certified skill.
    • What will you do with your G.I. Bill will you need it to Top-up your TA benefits? Will you need it on the outside or should you transfer it to your dependents? Are you even eligible to transfer them?
    • Make sure youll have enough money saved up in case of a tight job market when you get out. Having all the skills and training in the world wont help when no one is hiring. If you have to wait or move to get that job, be sure youre financially prepared for that with a smart and realistic budget.
    • Start meeting people in your desired career field or college this is also known as networking. Its much easier to get in to that dream school or dream job when the school or business already knows you, likes you, and believes you can get the job done.

    How To Keep The Weight Off After The 3 Days Of Strict Regimen

    THIS is What You Should Do After the Military

    Walk 5 Miles a Day

    The 3 days of the military diet are very low calorie. For that reason strenuous exercise is not recommended. We do however recommend light exercise. We are big fans of walking. Walking is great on the diet and is great when you arent on the low calories of the 3 day plan. When not on the 3 day plan try walking 5 miles a day.

    Walking 5 miles a day is much easier than it sounds and is one of the easiest ways to lose weight simply because of the fat that is burned while walking. Most fat is burned during low strenuous exercise. If you are inclined to go out and do short distance sprints or high intensity/heart rate workouts like stairs or rowing then by all means you should do it. But is isnt necessary for weight loss. Simple good ol walking will work just fine.

    Continue To Drink Lots of Water for Weight Loss

    We talk a lot about water. If you get enough sleep and only drink water instead of juice, sports drinks, or soda you are already ahead of the game. Lack of sleep and calories through beverages are the biggest obstacles to losing weight and keeping weight off.

    Water is the universal solvent and without it there would be no life on this planet. Water is what your body needs to flush out toxins. Water aids the digestive process. Lack of water in the body is even linked to brain deficiencies and memory loss. There is even some science behind only increasing your water intake to lose weight and doing nothing else.

    Get Enough Sleep for Weight Loss

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    Dont Talk To The Reserve Recruiter Without Thinking First

    As much as I hated my job, I didnt hate the Army. So when I saw the reserve component recruiter on my outprocessing checklist, I just sauntered into her office and picked a National Guard unit near my house and an occupational specialty that sounded moderately interesting.

    What I should have done was sit down and decide if I really wanted to be in the reserves or guard at all. I wound up unable to go back to school for the first year of my civilian life because I was waiting on a reclassification course for the MOS I chose in transition. In exchange for holding up progress on my life, I got education benefits that I didnt need, as I had the GI Bill, but pretty much nothing else. I was reenlisting recklessly. In retrospect, I would probably have chosen the same MOS, but probably in a less high speed unit. The infantry battalion I joined had a very heavy drill schedule, which impacted my ability to focus on schoolwork.

    There are tons of options that if you decide to stay in the reserves or guard, include switching branches all together. Just make sure that you consider the obligations that the unit will put on you, and any schools that youll need to complete in your first year with the unit, before signing on the dotted line.

    Find Out How Much The Government Pays For Veterans Death Benefits

    The VA pays various amounts for death benefits, which depend upon a variety of factors. If the veteran passes away from a service-related death, he or she is entitled to a higher amount than a veteran who dies of other causes. The date of death also affects how much is survivors are paid.

    If the veteran died on or after October 1, 2017, his or her survivors will receive up to $1,524 to help cover funeral expenses. Many extenuating circumstances can affect how much the survivor receives in death benefits. There is a deadline to apply for the benefits, and currently, survivors are asked to submit claims within two years of a loved ones death.

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    Build Your Personal Network

    Make sure to join social media platforms like LinkedIn and build up your network. Find the people that you know and start to connect with them.

    You should have your resume developed at this point, so enter your skills and qualifications to your profile page and see if you can connect with individuals that are in the career field you are looking to break into.

    Attention How To Change Careers From Military To It

    Joining the Military After High School

    Communication, teamwork and project management can take you far in the military, but now youre ready for a civilian job. IT jobs may be a perfect fit, and many of the skills you picked up in the military are transferable to IT, making changing careers from the military to IT easier than you think.

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    Your Career Path: Finding The Right Job

    What kind of job are you looking for when you leave the military? Many people look for jobs in certain locations, or jobs that offer a certain salary or stability, but there is so much more to finding a great job as a veteran! Finding a career that matches your skills and interests is key to job satisfaction.

    Your Transition Checklist And Timeline

    But stop and think for a second. Maybe someone who already made that jump is best suited to help you prepare for it. Find yourself a mentor who can help you determine if youre actually ready to get out and if youve taken advantage of all the benefits available to you on active duty versus what might be available to you as a veteran. Theyll also warn you about common pitfalls and maybe even help you determine what career you should consider on the outside. Think of this person as a temporary supervisor in your new unit, helping you sort out everything youre about to face.

    And there are a lot of factors to consider: Are you ready for it? Will you be able to make a living? Is your spouse ready? Will he or she need to contribute to your household and are they ready? Where will you go? Are you going to school or right into the job market? Are your children ready? How much help you need will help you determine who will be a good separation mentor for you. Dont choose a single mentor who never had kids to help you when you have a wife and family to think about.

    If youre going right into the job market, have you considered what you want to do and where you want to do it, along with the training and education required? Do you have any contacts in that industry? You may want to get a second mentor for your coming career on the civilian side if your transition mentor cant help you with your new career.

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    Predicting The Ease Of Re

    This analysis employs a statistical technique known as logistic regression to measure the effect of any given variable on the likelihood that a veteran had an easy or difficult time re-entering civilian life while controlling for the effects of all other variables.

    To identify the factors that best predicted an easy re-entry, eighteen independent variables were included in the regression model. The variables were chosen based on their predictive power in previous research. The demographics were: veterans age at discharge how long the individual served the veterans education, race and ethnicity whether the veteran was married or had young children while in the service highest rank attained and era in which the veteran served. Other variables tested the impact of specific experiences on re-entry: whether the veteran had been seriously injured while serving experienced a traumatic or emotionally distressing event served in a combat or war zone or served with someone who had been killed or injured. A question that asked veterans whether they understood most or all of the missions in which they participated also was included.

    Get Smart On Requirements For New Aspirations

    Advice on Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

    If you are planning to start your own business or you are planning on changing careers from what you did in the military, you may need more schooling or a certain degree for your new desired profession. Start to understand the requirements and process now.

    If you want to use a GI Bill or apply for other types of aid, make sure that you dont leave that until the last minute or there may be a gap between your military separation and when you are qualified in your new role.

    Many schools allow you to apply in advance and set a start date in the future.

    While still in, some military members can qualify to take CLEP exams and essentially quiz out of certain general college classes. This could help speed up the process and allow you to qualify for a new career quickly.

    There are also programs like Onward to Opportunity that will allow you to retain a new skill set and certifications for free within 6 months of separating.

    These new skills could help you become an entrepreneur right out of the gates.

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    What Do Civilian Employers Look For In Veteran Applicants

    Employers are looking for the problem-solving ability, strong work ethic, leadership, and self-confidence that veterans bring to the workplace, says Casey Heaslet, a military admissions officer at Northeastern University. Furthermore, she says, veterans are highly adaptable. For servicemembers, their ability to adaptto translate military prowess into a civilian careermeans that their post-military career options are varied and plentiful. Veterans can use the expertise gained during active duty to transition into a civilian occupation that values theirunique skill set.

    Heaslet notes, however, that veterans arent necessarily looking to match their military specialty code with an equivalent civilian career. While shes witnessed veterans who worked in healthcare while on active duty pursue a health professions degree, shes also seen other veterans with similar backgrounds pursue a degree in information technology. Civilian career options arent limited by prior military training. Veterans can build upon their technical skills gained in the military or start a new career based on their passions to compete for the most in-demand jobs for former servicemembers.

    While the career options are vast, you may be wondering what the most commonand lucrativepositions are for veterans. Below weve put together the top ten jobs for servicemembers transitioning from military to civilian life.

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