What Special Forces Are In The Army

What Special Forces Are In The Army


Battalion Hq Element Sf Operational Detachment

Kenyan Military show their might at the Madaraka Day Fete at Uhuru Gardens.

The SFODC, or “C-Team”, is the headquarters element of a Special Forces battalion. As such, it is a command and control unit with operations, training, signals and logistic support responsibilities to its three subordinate line companies. A lieutenant colonel commands the battalion and the C-Team and the battalion Command Sergeant Major is the senior NCO of the battalion and the C-Team. There are an additional 20â30 SF personnel who fill key positions in operations, logistics, intelligence, communications and medical. A Special Forces battalion usually consists of four companies: “A”, “B”, “C”, and Headquarters/Support.

Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Teams

An MSRT team during a May 4, 2015 demonstration.|Photo credit U.S. Coast Guard/Petty Officer 3rd Class David Weydert

While Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Teams, or MSRTs, arent technically part of USSCOM , they are elite fighters and are most certainly part of the nations best of the best fighting force.

Special Air Service Regiment Australia

Members of SASR during the 2007 ANZAC Day march in Brisbane

Active Since: 25 July 1957Nicknames: Snake eaters, chicken stranglers.

The Special Air Service Regiment, or SASR, is one of the most respected special operations forces in the world. It is a component of the Special Operations Command of the Australian Defence Force and was created on 24 July 1957 based around the principles of British SAS. It gained regimental status in 1964.

After its establishment, SASR gradually gained field experience from various special forces units of the Services Reconnaissance Department that were operational during the Second World War.

SASR operators are trained to conduct covert and surveillance missions with small teams and conducting full-scale raids in large groups. Alongside a specialist counter-terrorism capability, SASRs other responsibilities include training local forces and rescuing Australian nationals from hostage situations.

Notable Deployments and Missions

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SASR has been deployed in Borneo , Vietnam , Cambodia , Kuwait , and East Timor as part of the U.N Peacekeeping force. In Afghanistan, it played a key role in multiple military operations, including Operation Slipper and Operation Anaconda.

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The History Of The Green Beret

The first Special Forces unit was formed in 1952, under the U.S. Army Psychological Warfare Division. The initial 10th Special Forces Group was led by COL Aaron Bank, who was involved in several sensitive operations during World War II, including an operation to capture or assassinate Adolf Hitler. Bank is often referred to as the father of Special Forces.

During World War II, a group of elite U.S. Army Rangers trained at an intensive commando school in Scotland, run by British fighters who wore distinctive green berets. Upon graduation from the program, which included stringent training in mountaineering, river crossings and field survival, the soldiers were rewarded with the same berets. In 1954, Special Forces Soldiers adopted the iconic Green Beret as a means to distinguish themselves from the conventional Army. Their official and exclusive right to the beret was not recognized until 1962, when John F. Kennedy ordered that they be made a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom.

Delta Force United States

The German Army

1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta , popularly known as Delta Force, was officially approved in 1997 after numerous, well-publicized terrorist incidents in USA. Its the best and one of the most secretive forces in the US. Modeled after the British 22 Special Air Service Regiment, or SAS.

The founder/co-founder of SFOD-D was a former SAS operative who thought the US needed an elite force like the SAS. Delta Forces primary tasks are counter-terrorism, direct action, and national intervention operations, although it is an extremely versatile group capable of conducting many types of clandestine missions, including, but not limited to, hostage rescues and raids.

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The Birth Of The Special Forces

The term Special Operations is nothing new to the American warrior. Long before the Green Berets, there were men stalking the enemy using guerilla tactics in the woods and swamps of America during the French and Indian War. These elite fighting men were known as Rogers Rangers. During the Civil War, a Colonel John Singleton Mosby of Virginia formed a band of southern raiders that were extremely effective. Mosby and his hand picked volunteers cut off communications and supplies lines, destroyed railroads and raided many posts behind enemy lines. Because these warriors were so cunning and uncanny, Mosby and his cadre came to be known as the Gray Ghosts.

During WWII, the Devils Brigade was a joint Canadian-American venture activated in July of 1942, at Fort William Henry Harrison. Darbys Rangers was activated in June of 1942, in Ireland. They fought throughout Western Europe, but achieved their greatest fame when they scaled the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc, during the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Yet, another special operations group was Merrills Marauders, a 3,000-man force, who fought the Japanese in the Burmese jungles and won 5 major battles and 17 skirmishes, causing heavy casualties to be suffered by Japanese forces.

The Green Beret Is Based In The Us And Throughout The World

The Green Berets are broken down into divisions and stationed in different parts of the United States and the world. In the United States Special Forces groups are stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington Fort Bragg, North Carolina Fort Campbell, Kentucky Elgin Air Force Base, Florida Fort Carson, Colorado Draper, Utah, and Birmingham, Alabama. Of those stationed outside of the United States, there is Okinawa, Japan and Stuttgart, Germany, which is a forward deployment of the 10th Special Forces Group located at Fort Carson, Colorado. The 7th Special Forces Group also has one forward deployment company in Puerto Rico.

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Special Service Group Pakistan

Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasis visit to SSG Headquarters | Credit: Business Recorder

Active Since: 23 March 1956

The Special Services Group or SSG Pak was formed in 1956 after combining two regiments of the Pakistani Army, namely the 17th Baloch and 19th Baloch Regiment. Previously, the 19th Baloch was raised as a special unit with the help of the United States Army to counter the Soviet Unions growing military presence in Afghanistan and surrounding regions at that time.

The units initial training methods and field tactics were influenced by the US Army Special Forces with whom they closely operated against the Soviets in the 1960s and 1970s.

Notable Deployments and Missions

The nature of missions carried out by the SSG Pak since its establishment in the 1950s is mostly geopolitical, prompted by political tensions in the region. In the early 1960s, the Special Service Group made successful incursions on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border for reconnaissance and other covert operations.

SSG Pak then carried out several missions against Indian Kashmir, including Operation Gilbraltar, which led to the Indo-Pak war in 1965. Since the turn of the century, the Special Service Group has been instrumental in counterinsurgency operations inside Pakistani borders. They were also successful in subduing armed insurgencies in the Balochistan region that has been ongoing since the 1940s.

Other Special Operations Units

TN four-star General Carl Stiner, a pillar of U.S. Special Forces, dead at 85

Whereas the Coast Guard have an actual specialist law-enforcement team, the other branches of the US military have their own units with a kind of law-enforcement or security-style remit. Some of these units have been described as military SWAT teams

The Army, for instance, has its Special Reaction Teams , which are military police units tasked with handling specific challenging situations such as shooting sprees at a base, hostage rescue, terrorism, high-risk arrests and VIP protection.

The US Air Force, meanwhile, has its Tactical Response Force Business Insider has described these units as being like Air Force SWAT teams, which are trained to patrol and recapture Air Force-controlled nuclear-missile silos. They are also tasked with protecting missiles when they are transported in a convoy.

For its part, the Marine Corps has its own response teams. One of these is the Recapture Tactics Team , which is trained to protect facilities and vessels from threats. Rather than being deployed as and when needed, they are permanently assigned to a particular site or vessel. They are on hand and prepared to recapture these sites or vessels if they ever fall under the control of an enemy. In this regard, they are similar to Air Force TRFs.

Lieutenant Colonel Stewart PR Parker makes a similar argument in Business Insider, advocating for thinking of Special Forces as merely special, as in trained for a unique and different role, rather than elite, as in better.

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Th Paratrooper Assault Regiment Italy

Active Since: 20 July 1942

The 9th Paratrooper Assault Regiment Col Moschin is the most respected and elite special forces unit of the Italian Army. It is roughly modeled after the British SAS and is reported to operate in any environment and terrain. Though the Regiment was established in its current form in 1942, its origins can be traced back to the battles of the Italian Front between Austria-Hungry and Italy during the First World War.

Then known as the 9th Assault Unit, the Regiment gained the reputation of being a fierce military unit after successfully defending crucial strategic positions on Monte Grappa. Col Moschin was one of them.

Notable Foreign Deployments and Missions

In March 1983, amidst the Lebanese Civil war, several operators from the 9th Paratroopers Assault Regiment were deployed to Lebanon .

Throughout the 1990s, the Col Moshin Regiment was deployed to volatile regions of the world, mostly as part of the UN peacekeeping missions. In 1993, an Italian strike team comprising operators from the 9th Paratroopers Assault Regiment carried out the Battle of Checkpoint Pasta mission against local rebel forces in Mogadishu, Somalia. It was the first time an Italian army unit was engaged in an all-out foreign conflict since World War II.

In the 21st century, the Regiment has been deployed in a support role, patrol, and training missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya on multiple accounts.

The Special Forces Assessment And Selection Course

The Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course is the first step to becoming a Green Beret. To be accepted into this course, you must meet the basic physical fitness requirements, thus scoring a minimum of 260 of a possible 300 on the Army physical fitness test. The three-week S.F.A.S. course takes place at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and consists of two phases. The first phase is the physical phase, and you will be expected to perform PT skills such as running swimming sit-ups pull-ups and push-ups, as well as run obstacle courses and participate in rucksack marches. The second phase of the course measures your competency in leadership and teamwork skills and capabilities.

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The Army’s Toughest School

Members of the Army special-operations community generally agree that the Combat Diver Qualification Course is the hardest course.

All course candidates have to go through a pre-course selection, the Maritime Assessment Course, to even qualify for the Combat Diver Qualification Course. Many of the special operators who attend the course fail or drop out, and the majority of them have already been assigned to a special-operations unit.

The course’s difficulty is measured in three different ways, “the primary being adaptability in a water environment while in stressful situations â this being the one aspect which students can’t fully prepare themselves for until they are in the course,” the retired Green Beret and former instructor told Insider, speaking anonymously to avoid compromising ongoing work with their former unit.

“Physical fitness is evaluated and emphasized throughout the entire course, making it one of the most difficult courses in the military. Thirdly, students’ academic abilities are monitored and tested throughout the course,” the retired Green Beret added.

Besides the level of toughness, the Combat Diver Qualification Course is also dangerous. The course has stringent safety precautions, but deaths have happened. Two Special Forces operators died while attending the school in late 2021.

Stavros Atlamazoglou is a defense journalist specializing in special operations, a Hellenic Army veteran , and a Johns Hopkins University graduate.

Use Of The Term Special Forces

Special Forces

In countries other than the U.S., the term “special forces” or “special operations forces” is often used generically to refer to any units with elite training and special mission sets. In the U.S. military, “Special Forces” is a proper noun referring exclusively to U.S. Army Special Forces . The media and popular culture frequently misapply the term to Navy SEALs and other members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces.

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Immersive Special Forces Training And Graduation

The final step is the Special Forces Qualification Course, a 53-week course that includes advanced special operations techniques : survival, evasion, resistance, and escape exercises. A new language will also be assigned to you to learn during the course.The entire training program will lead up to a Special Forces mission during a staged invasion of the fictional country of Pineland. Here, Soldiers are tested on their ability to use their guerrilla-style skills.If you pass this training, youll graduate as a Special Forces Soldier. Only those able to withstand the difficult training and meet these incredible challenges will earn the right to wear the Green Beret.

Additional Marine Special Forces

The Marine Maritime Special Purpose Force works closely with MRF. The special operations capable force can deploy in low profile settings as well as other missions that have unique demands.

ANGLICO: The Air Naval Gunfire Liasion Company is an airborne fire support special unit of the Marine Corps. ANGLICO works closely with the Marine Air-Ground Task Force to carry out specialized missions.

USMC Special Reaction Team: Marine Special Reaction Teams respond to high-risk situations involving a military base or compound. Consequently, Marine SRT units frequently work alongside other organizations including civilian police departments.

Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team: The Marine Corps Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team lives up to its name. The rapid response unit can deploy to government installations around the globe. Marine FAST teams specialize in close quarters combat and high stakes hostage rescue.

Recapture Tactics Team: Marine Recapture Tactics Teams are another working component of the USMC Security Force Regiment. The team is dedicated to security and anti-terrorism.

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Us Air Force Special Forces

The US Air Force likewise has a number of squadrons dedicated to Special Operations support roles. In fact, so many that they are assembled into a number of entire Special Operations Wings a wing being a collection of groups, and groups containing a number of squadrons, which have several of a particular type of aircraft within them.

USAF Special Operations Wings include 1st Special Operations Wing, 24th Special Operations Wing, 27th Special Operations Wing, 352nd Special Operations Wing , 919 Special Operations Wing and 193rd Special Operations Wing. These units all come under the command of AFSOC , which also has under its control the Air Force Special Operations Air Warfare Center , 353rd Special Operations Group and 427th Special Operations Squadron.

The 193rd Special Operations Wing is an Air National Guard unit , of which there are also several other Air National Guard squadrons and flights under the control of AFSOC, too numerous to list here.

AFSOC also has a number of squadrons that contain ground forces rather than air forces. These are collectively referred to as Special Tactics Teams and they contain a number of specialised troops.

Air Force Special Operations Weathermen direct artillery and bombs from the ground, while also predicting the weather very precisely over a given battlespace in order to facilitate military operations unfolding there.

The Night Stalkers 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

Ukraine forces blast Russian military vehicle in motion

Also known also as Task Force 160 are The Night Stalkers or the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. This is an elite U.S. Army special operations unit, next on the list of most elite military special forces branches in the US, trained to fly helicopters to support other troops. The scope of their mission includes insertion or extraction of special operations forces, attack missions, and reconnaissance. The 160th SOAR hones their skills regularly with SOF from U.S. Army, Air Force, and the Navy. Other exercises are conducted with other nations like the United Kingdom.

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The Armys Green Berets: Duties Qualifications And Training

The Armys Special Forces soldiers known as Green Berets are military legends for service members and civilians alike. They take on terrorists through quiet, guerilla war-style missions in foreign countries. Green Beret teams operate in any environment, from city fighting to jungle warfare to desert scouting.

  • Be able to get a secret clearance
  • Be airborne qualified or volunteer for the training
  • Have an ASVAB general technical score of at least 110
  • Serve for at least 36 months after graduating from training

Youll complete that training in six stages over 63 weeks. The first trial is a two-week Special Operations Preparation Course. SOPC prepares possible candidates for the actual Special Forces Assessment and Selection the first official phase of Green Beret training.

Selected candidates will participate in the Special Forces Qualification Course for another 61 weeks. These courses teach languages, new MOS and other skills needed to pass the Robin Sage training test. This simulation tests candidates ability to complete missions through Pineland, a huge training ground in North Carolina that mimics a hostile foreign country.

Most Elite Special Forces Around The World

These are the worlds most elite military teams. Theyre highly trained, best equipped and well-prepared fighting units specializing in surgical military operations, from ending a hostage situation swiftly to stealthily eliminating top terrorists.

Yeah, pity the fools who get on the wrong side of any of these elite fighting forces. Please keep in mind that this list is in no particular order. We just hope you enjoy this one.

1. US Navy SEAL

3. Huntsmen Corps : Danish Special Forces

4. French Special Forces

5. Shayetet 13

6. Irish army rangers

9. Canadian counter terrorist group JTF2

10. Russian Special Forces: Spetsnaz

11. Dutch Special Forces

14. Belgian Special Forces Group

15. Norwegion MJK

16. Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit

17. Marinejegerkommandoen Norwegian Navy Special Forces

18. French Commando Marine

19. Norwegian Armed Forces Special Command

20. New Zealand Special Forces

21. US Army Special Forces Sniper with Remington Modular Sniper Rifle

22. Polish GROM

24. Indonesian Special Forces Command

25. Romanian Special Forces

27. Tanzanian Special Forces In Congo

28. German KSK

29. German Army Special Forces the KSK

30. ROC Special Forces with bullet proof face masks

31. Austrian special forces: Jagdkommando

32. Kampfschwimmer from Germanys elite SEK-M special forces

33. Iraqi special forces

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