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What Laptop Does The Military Use


How Simulation Games Prepare The Military For More Than Just Combat

How To Use Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack Review

Veteran Peter Morrison, now at Bohemia Interactive Simulations, explains how simulations for military personnel can hone decision-making skills and improve combat performance.

Before signing up for active duty, today’s generation of armed forces recruits have usually played hours of branded RPGs such as Call of Duty. But while engaging in simulated battescapes improves motor skills and familiarity with military jargon, it can’t prepare them for what’s ahead. Or can it?

Peter Morrison, a veteran of the Australian Army and Chief Commercial Officer of Bohemia Interactive Simulations , says virtual exposure is vital to the success of tomorrow’s warfighters in the field. His company, which recently scored a $5 million contract from the US Marines, takes it to the next level. We spoke with Morrison from his HQ in Orlando, Florida. Here are edited and condensed excerpts from our conversation.

Peter, have you always been into RPG and SIMs? I have always loved computer games and I was a gamer well before I was an Army officer. I discovered Operation Flashpoint from Bohemia Interactive Studio back in 2001, while I was studying computer science at the Australian Defence Force Academy . I realized, as did many others at the time, that this particular computer game was especially suited to military training. It supported large, open environments and it included a mission editor that allowed a non-programmer to build very complex scenarios.

How Have Computers Helped Us In Entertainment

Computers are widely used to create special effects in Big Budget movies. They are also extensively used behind the scenes to edit film during the production process. Scanners are generally used to help create complex twisting motions. New movies are developed using computer graphics, animations etc.

Best Laptop For Military Use Of 2022

Apart from serving the country, militaries have to handle a lot of computing tasks. The best laptop for military use 2021 is what most military personnel look for when it comes to getting a device that does not only perform well but is capable of withstanding harsh environments and higher overall loads.

However, most of the options available in the market do not meet those criteria. So, when we searched for a device for a military friend, we had to go through loads of models. After testing their ruggedness and performance for days, we learned which are worth it and which are not.

In this article, we will talk specifically about them. So, if you do not want to end up with something not worthy of the money, stick till the very end!

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Toughbook Aces The Rugged Test

For over twenty years, Panasonic Toughbook computers have raised the bar for rugged mobile technology. From product design to testing and even delivery, Panasonic controls every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure that our devices hold up to the rugged standards our customers expect, even after a sale is made.

Lets take a look at the key Toughbook features that define our rugged promise:*

  • Wide variety of products to choose from with Windows and Android operating systems
  • Host of rugged, business-ready options extend functionality in the field to meet customer needs across markets
  • Whether in cars, trucks, forklifts, rail cars or even boats, there are vehicle docks with installation kits and services available for quick and secure integration
  • Optional SmartCard readers provide quick and secure log-ins
  • Optional Barcode readers can be used for inventory purposes and other applications
  • Optional Magstripe reader provides reliable ID and credit card authentication.

* The above product features may not be available on all product models.

Even When Laptops And Desktops Are Evenly Matched In Performance Desktops Tend To Be Significantly Less Expensive

Why The Military Loves Rugged Computers (And You Should Too)

Let’s compare a desktop and a laptop from Dell, both with Core i5 8400 processors that perform pretty similarly, according to benchmarks.

The Dell laptop costs $1,200. The Dell desktop with similar specs costs $440. You would need to factor the cost of a monitor for the desktop if you don’t already have one. Inexpensive 24-inch monitors that get the job done can be as cheap as $150.

For reference, here are the specs for both computers:


  • Intel Core i5 8400H
  • 8GB RAM

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Your Laptop Does More Than Powerpoint: Computational Thinking And Changing The Militarys Mindset

Our nation has given soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines access to computers that can perform millions of operations per second and store more information than a human can read in a lifetime. Most use it to create PowerPoint presentations and send emails. The obvious mismatch between capability and application screams that something has gone wrong. Integrating advanced digital technology into warfare should be about more than designing and delivering new applications and hardware. While technology changes can drive changes in warfare, we cannot expect warfighters to change the way they fight without also changing the way they think. The cliché nature of this statement is belied by military planning and decision-making processes that have changed little in decades, do not take advantage of the power of the information-processing capabilities available, and instead look like PowerPoint replications of pen-and-paper processes.

The Traditional Approach: Lessons Learned Documents

Our fictitious unit is conducting a training event centered around how likely an electronic warfare system is to work in different circumstances. Because these training events take place infrequently, most of the personnel who participate will no longer be in the unit during the next iteration. Good units try to ensure they share the benefits of their training with those who follow them.

Building Models

Skills Needed

Moving Forward

Image credit: Sergeant First Class Brent Powell, US Army

What Makes A Backpack Tactical

A Question of Purpose

Determining what, exactly, qualifies a piece of gear as being tactical is no easy feat. Thats probably because, while theres a clear definition for tactical , theres not actually any standards in place as set by a governing body or institution. That doesnt mean you cant tell whats tactical and what isnt, so long as you keep your eyes on a few specific points, as weve outlined below.

Material: One of the clearer indicators as to whether something qualifies as being tactical or not is the materials out of which it is made. For reference, there are a number of fabrics used in the construction of backpacks that are widely used by global militaries. In regards to backpacks, the most common material is ballistic nylon a woven fabric marked by durability, natural water-resistance, and high tensile strength. For nylon to be considered ballistic, it has to be made to a specific military standard that denotes its ability to survive hard battlefield usage. If it isnt specifically denoted as ballistic nylon, that doesnt immediately disqualify it as being worthy of a tactical designation but you should perhaps research it a bit to discover if it can stand up to similar types of punishment.

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Virtualization: What Does It Mean

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual version of an operating system, a platform, a storage device, or a network. Its advantages are that it reduces the need for physical hardware and software because the functionality is created virtually.

Traditional computer hardware is designed to run on a single operating system and a single application. Virtualization enables organizations to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine.

Software is used to virtualize the hardware resources of a computerincluding the CPU, RAM, hard disk, and network controllerto create a virtual machine that can run its own operating system and applications.

Virtualization works by inserting a thin layer of software directly on the computer hardware or on a host operating system. This contains a virtual machine monitor known as the hypervisor that allocates hardware resources dynamically and transparently.

An entire virtual infrastructure can be constructed by scaling across hundreds of interconnected physical computers and storage devices using a virtualization platform. Hardware resources are dynamically allocated when and where they are needed within a private cloud .

Through virtualization, organizations can cut their IT costs in half and consolidate scores of data centers into a handful. The advantages in an era of tight defense budgets are obvious.

Mcafee Free For Dod Servicemembers And Civilians

How to Use / deploy Airstrike, Bomber, Drone in Modern Combat 5 in Desktop Pc version.

There is also a McAfee Home Use Program, similar to the Microsoft Office military discount, that allows US servicemembers and civilian government employees of the DOD access to McAfee Anti-Virus software on their home computer for free. Contractors are not eligible.

The McAfee military home use program was reactivated in March 2020 in response to increased teleworking due to the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic.

The program offers a free, one year subscription to McAfee Internet Security, for both Macs and PCs. Here’s the 4 step process to getting your free McAfee Internet Security software:

You must go to the McAfee DOD website through the correct link for PC or MAC and enter the code as described below.


McAfee Home Use Program for Military and DOD :

  • If you have a PC, go to the McAfee DOD PC website enter the company code DIS41FBC06 and your DOD government email address. NOT your personal email address.
  • If you have a Mac, go to the McAfee DOD MAC website enter the company code DIS75F9D61 and enter your .mil email address.
  • You will receive an email from McAfee with your unique license key and a download link for the software.
  • That’s it! This is an easy way to help secure your computer from all the nasty stuff floating around on the web.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. If you successfully used either of the above McAfee military discount programs, let us know in the comments!

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    Us Military On The Move: Rugged Notebooks Lead The Way

    The US military is a military on the move. It also is a military on the computer and the network. Linking those two aspects together are notebook computers that can be taken on patrol as well as used on the flight line, at a command post, or in a field hospital.

    But US militarys notebooks are not like everyday laptops. They are built to withstand the harsh conditions of Afghanistan or the demanding conditions of flight-line maintenance. They need to be rugged and able to withstand sand, water, wind, heat, cold, jarring impacts, and various chemicals and fluids.

    This article examines the US militarys standards and criteria for rugged notebook computers, the environmental and work environments that the rugged computers must be able to endure, as well as assessments of how rugged computers respond in practice. But first, lets examine what we mean by the term rugged.

    What is rugged equipment?

    Rugged electronic equipment is equipment that needs additional protection because of the environment in which it operates.

    The military standard focuses on the design and testing of equipment, such as notebook computers, to determine that they will operate to environmental specifications. The standard specifies chamber test methods intended to replicate conditions in a range of hostile environments. The tests are identified with the standard , the method number and an explanation of the environment .

    The equipment is tested for a number of different environments, including:

      All Of The Support None Of The Hassle

      Dell Premium Support Plus experts are ready 24×7 with less time on the phone for quick and easy issue resolution.Premium Support includes:

      • Proactive automated support with Support Assist * technology
      • Hardware and software support

      Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly determine which is best for your needs.

      ReturnsOffers^DELL PREFERRED ACCOUNT :

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      What Is The Best Laptop For Military Use

      This depends on what you mean by military use. Some of the most common military laptops are hardened laptops. These are laptops that are specially built to work in harsh environments. The military or special forces usually use these laptops. They are designed to be water-tight, heatproof, and even air-tight.

      Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

      British Special Forces Team Up With US SOF

      This medium-sized tactical backpack offers multiple external pockets, including a velour-lined pocket dedicated for glasses and mobile phones. It has a sleeve for a 15-inch laptop, along with a couple of expandable side pockets meant for water containers. Its got the same low-profile, snag-free, MOLLE-compatible PALS webbing seen on CamelBaks tactical backpack and features an extremely sturdy braided top handle. It has D-rings on both the shoulder straps and the top handle.

      Intended for both military and civilian use, this durable backpack is made of 500D Cordura material. Its a water-resistant, outdoor optimized backpack with a superb ventilation system on the back panel. Unlike CamelBaks slim backpack, this one is being offered in more colors, including Olive Green and Shadow Grey.


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      Which Computers Are Used In Hospitals

      The use of industrial computer carts on wheels is common in healthcare. The modern industrial computer cart is designed for the demands of hospitals and health centers. In particular, heavy-duty medical carts have allowed for the widespread use of computers, which has improved healthcare efficiency and patient care.

      Thinkpad X1 Titanium Yoga Gen 1 Best Laptop For Military Cac Reader

      • CPU: 11th Gen Intel Core i5
      • GPU: Intel Iris Xe
      • RAM & Storage: 16GB & 1TB SSD
      • Display: 13.5 2K Touchscreen with Dolby Vision
      • Battery life: 8.9 hours

      Military men and women are paid to be tough. Theyre chosen for a reason.

      But the toughest soldiers in the armed forces arent the ones who can endure the most pain. Theyre the ones who persevere through the most discomfort. And thats exactly the type of laptop the military wants them to use.

      Its no surprise that top colleges in the country are also top military schools. These schools are known for their rigorous academic requirements, but they also want to make sure their graduates have the skills they need to succeed in life. That means preparing them to use technology like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

      So which laptop is the best one to use in the military?

      Well, here it is,

      The ThinkPad X1 is a versatile 13.5-inch laptop designed for military and government use. This rugged laptop features an Intel i5-1140G7 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB solid-state drive . The X1 also has a 10-point touch screen, a 720p HD webcam, a backlit keyboard, and an expandable microSD slot.

      The X1 Yoga weighs 3.7 pounds and measures 0.8 inches thick. Its screen is LED-backlit, with a resolution of 1366 by 768. Lenovo includes fingerprint scanner technology, which the company calls Windows Hello, on this laptop, and says it can unlock the laptop in 0.6 seconds.

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      Do You Give Up Quality For Toughness

      When many people see a rugged laptop for the first time they often assume that the laptops do not have the same processing power as top-of-the-line consumer laptops. However, that simply is not true. While the Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 wont win any awards for style, it still has plenty of power to keep up with the top laptops on the market.

      The Panasonic Toughbook line of laptops are designed to take a beating but that does not mean that modern features are not available. For example, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 features a detachable keyboard that allows user to operate the device in tablet mode and dock to a keyboard when needed. The display settings can be changed to operate with gloves on as well.

      For power, users can opt for the Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 which can be configured with a 7th gen Intel i5 processor. Batteries can also be hot swapped without the need for shutting down the computer.

      You dont have to choose between computing power or quality parts just to get a rugged laptop. The Panasonic Toughbook lineup offers both for users who need the best devices in challenging environments.

      What Are Some Examples Of Military Grade Laptops

      I Used Chinese Military Operating Systems…

      The Panasonic Toughbook line of laptops is one of the most recognizable lines of military grade laptops in the world. These devices are chosen by the military, police, fire departments, construction companies, and other businesses in tough industries.

      The first thing you will notice about these laptops is that they are built to take a beating. Even the smallest model, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-54, weighs in at 4.4 pounds. Larger models, like the Panasonic Toughbook CF-31, weigh more than seven pounds.

      These laptops are also bulkier than consumer laptops you would find at an electronics retailer due to shock protection, often in the form of rubber casing. In addition, manufacturers use larger batteries to offer a longer life as most people who require a rugged laptop are likely not sitting next to a wall outlet during the day.

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      How To Get The Lenovo Military Discount:

      Lenovo offers a generous 7% off sitewide products for not only active duty and retired military, but also first responders.

      Use the following steps to redeem your discount:

      Step 1: to visit the official Lenovo military discount page.

      Step 2: Add your PC and accessories to your cart.

      Step 3: At checkout, verify your eligibility with ID.me.

      Step 4: Done! Youll automatically save 7% off your order!

      Dell Latitude 7424 Value For Money

      • CPU: Intel Core 8th Gen i7
      • GPU: Integrated
      • RAM & Storage: 32GB & 512GB SSD
      • Display: 14-inch FHD Touchscreen

      The Latitude 7424 is Dells latest 14-inch laptop, and its military-grade. That means its meant for use in the field and is built for tough environments like military bases. Its designed for users who spend most of their time working outside the office and who need a device thats light, portable, and easy to carry. Its ideal for IT execs, mobile salespeople, field engineers, and other people in the field who need to work from wherever they can get an Internet connection.

      Its also a great laptop for anyone working in harsh environments or on sensitive missions. Plus, the durable design is built to withstand the bumps of travel and work. From its innovative carbon fiber and aluminum construction to its outstanding display and superior sound, the Dell laptop for military use is ready to conquer the day.

      The laptop has undergone military-test MIL-STD 810G standards to ensure it can stand up to dust, shock, vibration, high temperatures, extreme temperatures, humidity, icing, fungus, high altitudes, high pressure, solar radiation, sand, blowing rain, blowing dust, sea spray, salt fog, humidity, immersion, freezing, and moisture.

      The laptop has a 14-inch, full HD touchscreen display with 10-point multi-touch support. The touchscreen display means you can use the laptop without a mouse, turn pages with a swipe, or pinch to zoom on web pages.


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