What Jobs Can You Get After The Military

What Jobs Can You Get After The Military


Your Career Path: Finding The Right Job

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MOS AFTER YOU JOIN : Can I switch jobs in the military?

What kind of job are you looking for when you leave the military? Many people look for jobs in certain locations, or jobs that offer a certain salary or stability, but there is so much more to finding a great job as a veteran! Finding a career that matches your skills and interests is key to job satisfaction.

How Do I Get It Experience Before A Career Switch

If you’re thinking of a career switch to IT, you do need to have an affinity for working with computers and other forms of technology. Thankfully, you should have plenty of chances in the real world to build practical IT experience. Mess around with fixing an old printer or offer to help an older relative set up their new computer. You can even try to build your own PC.

The Marine Corps will help them obtain and pay for certification. Get these certifications now, because they will benefit you when you enter the civilian sector later.

Database Application SpecialistMichael Bays

If you’re looking for something that will really make your resume stand out from the crowd, you could volunteer to help a local nonprofit with the technology side of their work. Perhaps the most useful thing though, is to start taking classes to prepare for an IT certification. This may even be something you could do before your active duty is up. The best time to look for a new job is while you’ve still got your old one!

Why Veterans With Active Or Current Security Clearances Are In High Demand

Background checks for a security can take anywhere between a couple months to over a year to complete and can cost thousands of dollars. At any given time there are hundreds of thousands of back logged background investigations pending security clearance. Employers cant wait this long or afford the cost therefore HR managers are seeking out qualified veterans with active or current security clearances. Also, an individual cannot get a security clearance for themselves. A current or prospective employer has to sponsor this clearance.

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Companies That Hire Veterans

The United States is home to hundreds of large companiesâin nearly every industryâthat are committed to hiring military vets. And plenty of small businesses also regularly promote job opportunities to America’s veterans. Thanks to major initiatives by the private sector, that continues to be the case.

For example, the Veteran Jobs Mission is a coalition of over 200 U.S. companies that have a goal of collectively hiring one million American veterans by 2020. And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation runs the Hiring Our Heroes initiative, which helps current and transitioning veterans, as well as military spouses, find good employment opportunities through hiring events around the country.

A full list of employers that welcome veterans into their companies would probably consist of thousands of different organizations. But here is a small sample of military-friendly companies. Hiring veterans has been a goal for well-known employers such as:

  • Amazon.com
  • Xerox

Are There Any Other Benefits To A Security Clearance

Should I Join the Military After High School?

Yes! In addition to increased job prospects typically these positions can earn thousands of dollars more than counterpart positions that do not require a security clearance. Finding qualified employees with clearance can be expensive for employers who put a premium as it relates to compensation in order to fill these positions.

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Should You Get Your Bachelors Degree

Many military-friendly universities have support staff for veterans with program selection and tuition assistance. Northeastern University staff is available to help active duty servicemembers and veterans with career selection through its sponsorship with Patriots Path. Support services include career assessment, career transition workshops, and marketing and networking opportunities. Additional resources to help transition military students to civilian life are also available through the institutions Dolce Center for the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers .

If youre worried about funding your education, there are many resources for veterans. The Post-9/11 GI Bill® and other VA educational benefits, as well as institution-specific military benefits, can be used to pay for educational expenses related to your bachelors degree completion. Student eligibility and programs vary, but financial assistance may also include a textbook stipend and housing allowance. Northeastern Universitys Student Financial Services office can show you how to use your educational benefits so you can complete your degree without taking on debt.

Special Military And Veteran Issues

In addition to veterans preference, there are a few more topics you may find useful.

VRA : VRA allows any honorably discharged veteran to be hired noncompetitively into any position, GS-11 and below, so long as the hiring takes place within three years of separation from the military. If you see a job that is a GS-11 or below and you would like to apply, fill out the forms and write VRA across the top or include a statement about invoking VRA in the transmittal letter or email.

DD 214: If you are on active duty at the time you apply for a job, you wont be able to provide a DD 214 even if the announcement indicates that veterans must provide one with the application. Obtain a statement from your commander that you are on active duty and will provide the DD 214 on your first day at work. Be sure you have your DD 214 when you out-process no DD 214 on your first day likely means no job!

Double Dipping: You can be on terminal leave drawing military pay while working as a civil servant. There is no pay offset.

Disabled Veterans: Be sure you have a copy of your military service disability rating or your VA rating available ideally, a copy of both. These documents are as important as your DD 214. You will have to provide a rating decision to invoke a non-competitive hiring authority .

Follow the guidance in this article and you will maximize your chances of landing your ideal federal job.

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Us Armed Forces Strength By Branch

Military Branch
Could go down to 175,000, if sequestered

* Note: Numbers do not include 335,000 National Guard or 195,000 Reserve members.

As shown above, the branch with the most overall opportunity for growth is the Navy. The other branches are projected to shrink as a whole. Within the Army, the Special Forces is projected to grow as they have shown they are best suited for the type of combat actions encountered now and currently projected for the near-term.

Civilian Jobs After Serving In Military Intelligence

Want to get a civilian job after the military? Find out how from this successful graduate of ACAP

Working in military intelligence while in the service can help you with your after military career.

There are many different paths you can take after military life is over based on your skills and what you have learned during your time in the military. Here are 4 options for after military careers if you worked in military intelligence.

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Best Paying Military Jobs

When considering a military career, you naturally want to know what is the highest paying job in the military? No single answer works for everyone. Your assessment scores and interests direct your career. Additionally, military priorities determine which specialties get incentive bonuses or special pay. As with civilian careers, the top paying military jobs go to those with higher education or specialized skills. According to the data taken from Indeed, as of October 2021, military physicians and surgeons earn salaries over $230,144 a year plus benefits. Military dentists bring in over $148,144 a year plus benefits. US Navy captains make about $87,130 a year on average plus benefits.

Keep Track Of Everything

As you get further into your job or career search, you might benefit from keeping a journal. By maintaining all of your appointments, activities, contact numbers, people you’ve talked to, and other information in one place, you can gain the advantage of being more organized than many other job seekers.

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Law Enforcement / Security Guard

Salary expectation: $36,000

Self-defense and conflict resolution are staples of any service members trainingand so is proficiency with weapons and disarmament. These skills would transfer easily into a law enforcement career or as a security guard, with only minimal additional training.

Although salaries vary across U.S. regions, states, counties and cities, both police officers and security officers often have the opportunity to add to their base compensation with overtime. The benefits are usually good, too!

The 10 Best Jobs For Ex

EOD Tech Jobs After The Military

Hundreds of thousands of troops leave the service every year in search of a post-military career that fits their life goals, whatever they may be.

But a lot of veterans leave the military after their first enlistment and aren’t quite sure what their long-term career goals might be. It’s a sentiment echoed by many post-9/11 vets, a full 50% of whom feel unprepared for civilian life, according to the Pew Research Center.

Even if veterans don’t know what career or industry fits them best, they can still look to industries that fit veterans. Navy Federal Credit Union and Hire Heroes USA compiled a list of the best careers for veterans, based on polling vets about what they liked best about their jobs, including compensation, location or working at purpose-driven organizations.

Any veteran unsure about where they belong might want to choose one of these fields.

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Attention How To Change Careers From Military To It

Communication, teamwork and project management can take you far in the military, but now youre ready for a civilian job. IT jobs may be a perfect fit, and many of the skills you picked up in the military are transferable to IT, making changing careers from the military to IT easier than you think.

Skilled Trade Jobs For Veterans

Veterans who worked in skilled trade jobs for the military find themselves in a unique position-their military careers qualify them for skilled trade jobs in the civilian sector, but these job seekers may be required to add certifications or continuing education in order to be hire-worthy as civilian employees.

Military duty may not require the same certifications and it may be difficult to determine whats expected until one begins filling out job applications and taking interviews.

But military skilled trade occupations such as airframe maintenance, civil engineering, construction, long-haul communications, even plumbing and HVAC have plenty of demand in the private sector and depending on a veterans experiences and career, the opportunities for consulting and advising work may be as worthy of consideration as the actual jobs themselves. The following are a few examples of skilled trade employment options to consider:

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Learn At Your Own Pace

MilLife Learning offers free, personal and professional development courses for service members, their families, survivors and those who support them.

A satisfying job gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes good use of your skills. If youre not sure about your career path after the military, CareerOneStop is a great way to get started.

CareerOneStop is a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. Its a rich resource with lots of tools for job searching, training, and information about careers and industries. At CareerOneStop, you can:

  • Take self-assessments at no charge including an interest assessment, a skills assessment and more
  • Learn about careers view career profiles and videos, compare occupations and research industries
  • Find training including information on basic adult education, apprenticeships, certifications, scholarships and much more
  • Plan your career set career goals, learn about salary expectations, occupation licenses and professional development

CareerOneStop also offers resources specifically for transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses. Visit their Veteran and Military Transition Center website for more information.

  • What appeals to me most about the change is:
  • What I would gain most from the change is:
  • What is frightening about the change is:
  • What keeps me from making the change is:
  • The worst thing that could happen if I make the change is:
  • If the worst thing happened, then I could do:
  • Seek Out Employers That Hire Veterans

    How To Get A Civilian Job After Military Service – 5 Tips To Help You Through The Transition

    Many companies have specific programs to take on people who have served. Often their official websites make this clear. These employers include AT& T, Bank of America, Boeing, Cisco Systems, Citibank, Comcast, CVS Caremark, Deloitte, General Electric, Google, Hewlett Packard, SAP, Walt Disney and Xerox. You can find more at the AARP Job Board. Check the filter for Veterans Wanted Jobs to find employers seeking applicants with military experience.

    Federal agencies hire under the terms of a Veterans Preference program. This doesnt, of course, guarantee you a job. Basically, it means that your military service will tip a job decision in your direction if youre qualified and other factors with competing applicants are equal.

    Other AARP Career Resources

    AARP Resume Advisor: Get a free expert résumé review of how well your skills are communicated and obtain personalized recommendations on how to make your résumé stand out. Discounted writing packages are also available to rewrite your résumé, cover letter or LinkedIn profile.

    AARP Work Reimagined Guide for Veterans & Military Families: Download this guide to help you navigate the many free resources AARP offers to aid in your job search.

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    More About Transition Planning

    During your transition planning, youll explore your employment and career goals. As part of the Transition Assistance Program, DOL provides a one day core curriculum on the fundamentals of career transition. DOL also offers two additional two-day tracks as part of TAP that do a deep dive into employment and vocational training. For more information about the military Transition Assistance Program, contact your installations TAP office, or visit the DOD TAP website.

    Don’t Forget You Are A Diverse Candidate

    As a military member in transition, a veteran or a military spouse, you might be surprised to find the interviewer often sees you as a diverse candidate. According to a 2020 industry report, 34% of companies with a diversity hiring initiative include veterans as diverse hires.

    I know you don’t want to be thought of as a diverse candidate for any reason. News flash: No one does. In all the coaching sessions I have had with hundreds of military job seekers, I never found one person who was comfortable with that designator. Like everyone else, you want to be hired on your merits — and you will be.

    Understand that the idea of hiring for diversity is a way companies are trying to overcome any biases in the hiring system. You may have already experienced some of them. Veteran hiring programs can help you get over your lack of a local network and get the interview. The rest is up to you.

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    Army Automobile Maintenance Warrant Officer

    This position is similar to a civilian Shop Foreman found in mostautomobile dealerships or large repair shops. In charge of a shop, theMaintenance Technician supervises a variety of technician specialists ensuringall aspects of equipment maintenance are performed to the military standard,including equipment recovery, repair parts ordering and stock-age, body and hullrepair, welding, electronics, armament, production control and quality control.While the position is normally located on a post in a fixed facility , it can also become mobile and provide support from a fieldenvironment. The grade of this position can be from a Warrant Officer 1 toa Chief Warrant Officer 4 .

    No post-secondary education is required, however, the candidate must be an Enlisted E-5 or above with at least 5 years on the job in one of a variety of MOS positions. Also required is a letter of recommendation from a Senior Warrant Officer in the same field.

    Don’t Avoid The Diversity Question

    10 Best Army Jobs For Civilian Life In 2021

    Some candidates think when it comes to diversity, discretion is the better part of valor. They offer a vague response like, “I’ve dealt with that a lot on the job, and I’ve never had a problem.” Or, “I get along with everyone.” This is not a neutral response it is actually an empty response. You can do better. Answer the question with a concise story from your career.

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    Before You Begin Looking For Jobs After The Military

    There is no such thing as the single best job for retired military. Just like there are different branches of the U.S. Armed Services and all kinds of ranks and roles in them, the same goes for veterans employment.

    Thats why you should take a moment to think about what you really want and need from a job. Start with these questions.

    Postal Service Mail Carriers

    The U.S. Postal Service employs around 73,000 veterans, making it one of the biggest employers of veterans in the entire country. Vets have long been drawn to mail routes. No matter the reason why, veterans earn an average of 31.3% more while walking their routes than civilians do for the same job. That comes out to $65,171 as opposed to $49,654.

    More: 10 VA Benefits Every Military Family Should Know About

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    Construction And House Building

    Transferable skills such as communication, management, teamwork and leadership learnt during your time in the military will serve you well if you follow a career in the world of construction. The ability to implement a complex plan, use advanced computer programmes and even experience using heavy equipment make veterans a good fit for careers in this sector. Veterans also make excellent site managers and ex-military engineers are particularly in demand here. Salaries in the construction sector are often high or competitive too.

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