ExclusiveWhat Jobs Can You Do In The Military

What Jobs Can You Do In The Military


Navy Special Warfare Teams Aka Seal Ratings

Picking your job in the Army. How does that work?

Special Warfare Operators

Perform maritime and land-based Special Operations in urban, desert, jungle, arctic, and mountain environments. Duties include combat diving, paradrop operations, small boat operations, tactical ground mobility, small arms and crew-served weapons, fast roping, rappelling, explosives, communications, trauma care, intelligence gathering and interpretation, and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Explosive defense measures.

Special Warfare Boat Operators

Support and perform maritime Special Operations in open ocean, littoral, and riverine environments provide maritime insertion and extraction of Special Operations Forces and others possess unique skills in the operation, maintenance, and repair of specially configured combatant craft operate small arms and crew-served weapons, operate, maintain and repair tactical communications equipment, and use paradrop techniques to insert combatant craft. Other skills include small boat tactics, tactical ground mobility, trauma care, intelligence gathering and interpretation, and chemical/biological/radiological/nuclear defense measures.

Why Are Military Skills Important

Military skills are important because they can help service members develop abilities that boost their career prospects. People who join the military learn valuable soft and hard skills that help them work both independently and as part of a team. Most of the skills learned during your military service appeal to employers who are looking for applicants with a strong work ethic. Former military candidates returning to civilian life can have many career opportunities for this reason.


  • Dedication

  • Unique Jobs In The Military

    There are hundreds of job types in various fields within the military. Some jobs are available to service members only, while others are open to civilians as well. By reviewing different military careers, you can better find the path that best suits your needs and aspirations. In this article, we explain the benefits of working a military job, list 25 unique career paths you can choose from and include salary information for each.

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    Military Skills To Put On A Resume For Any Job

    Lori Norris has been educating and supporting military service members to see their career options and market their military skills during their military transition since 2005. Lori considers herself bilingual she speaks military and civilian language. She is the host of the Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast, the owner of Next for Vets education services and Get Results Career Services company.

    During your military service, you receive extensive training and the diversity of your experience ensures that your skill set is very strong and well-rounded. This article will highlight the top 12 skills that can add value to your resume, no matter what job you are targeting in your post-military career. These skills can help you stand out from the competition during the job search process.

    In this article, we discuss why military skills are important and how you can use those skills to demonstrate your value on a resume when seeking a career in the private sector.

    The Healthcare And Medical Fields

    Does The Army Accept Felons?

    The Air Force Special Warfare teams include Pararescue specialists who are uniquely qualified medics that have been trained for special warfare rescue work.

    The medical field can be perfect for special forces service members with medical training as well as those who want to go into that for the first time. There are indeed a lot of options from becoming a nurse to a Physician Assistant, a medical doctor, or even a surgeon.

    During your time in the special forces, you might have learned about how to treat battlefield injuries, how to do minor surgery, how to deliver babies, how to treat infants and children, how to bandage wounds, and set broken bones. You might have had to do some of this is a stressful situation under a lot of pressure, and those skills will help you in a civilian medical field.

    You can use your GI Bill to go to nursing school, work towards becoming a doctor by going to medical school, or even do a certificate program to become a medical assistant. There are plenty of options depending on what you want to do as a career and what experience and education you already have.

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    Best Jobs In The Us Army

    Whether you are considering enlisting, re-enlistment or making a job change in the U.S. Army, there are many careers available that allow you to earn a great income while pursuing your interests. Many of these jobs also carry large bonuses, promotional opportunities and skills that transfer into civilian jobs when you are no longer part of the military. Exploring some of the best jobs available is a great first step towards finding a U.S. Army job that you love. In this article, we explore 10 of the best jobs in the U.S. Army, including salary information and primary responsibilities.

    How To Get A Good Military Job With No College

  • How to get a good military job with no college
  • Do you want to start a career in the US armed forces, but dont have a degree? Want to know how to get a good military job with no college? Luckily, you have the opportunity to explore your talents within the forces. As a recruit in the service of the Armed Forces, you have the opportunity to acquire a valuable job that you can even practice later on as a veteran in civilian life. In todays article, well cover some of the basic info you need to know to get your dream job in the military, even without a previous college education.

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    More Military Career Information

    Each of the military services publishes handbooks, fact sheets, and pamphlets describing its entrance requirements, its training opportunities, and other aspects of military careers. These publications are available at all recruiting stations at most state employment service offices and in high schools, colleges, and public libraries.

    For more information on the individual services, visit

    Who Qualifies For These Military Hacker Jobs

    HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MOS AFTER YOU JOIN : Can I switch jobs in the military?

    Each branch of military service has its own requirements for cyber security jobs like the one weve been reviewing above. For the particular Army job seen here, there is a minimum ASVAB score requirement in the following areas:

    • General Technical : 110
    • Skilled Technical : 112

    Again, each branch of military service has its own unique requirements. For example, the Air Forces Cyber Systems Operations job for enlisted troops has only a general ASVAB requirement compared to the Army job above. The minimum qualifications for this Air Force hacker-type military career includes:

    • High school diploma, GED with 15 college credits, or GED
    • Knowledge of cyber system elements
    • Completion of an Initial Skills course
    • Completion of a current Single Scope Background Investigation
    • Completion of 8.5 weeks of Basic Military Training
    • Must be between the ages of 17 and 39

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    Military Police & Corrections

    The military police and corrections occupational field provides commander support by enforcing the law, preventing crime, preserving military control, investigating offenses, and apprehending offenders. Marines in this field may also be involved in antiterrorism or the handling and safeguarding of prisoners of war, refugees, or evacuees. Jobs in this MOS include military police, working dog handler, military police investigator, criminal investigator CID agent, and correctional specialist.

    How Much Does The Military Pay Salary Requirements And Job Description

    How Much Do Active Duty Soldiers Make?. U.S. military pay does not consist of a flat salary or a simple hourly rate. Soldiers earn basic pay, supplemented with any allowances or specialty payment to which they might be entitled. Just as a civilian might earn a salary plus commission or bonuses, it is necessary to

    Job Growth Trend or Outlook A career in the U. S. Army has a lot to offer. If you have a vocation you want to pursue, the Army probably has a training program for it, and you dont have to pay for it. When you complete the training courses, you will have a job for life, with no chance of ever becoming laid off. Job Description The U. S. Army has approximately 190 Military Occupation Specialties for enlisted soldiers. These 190 positions fall into two categories: combat missions and support for soldiers engaged in combat. Specialties range from the classic infantry foot soldier to roles such as cryptologists, linguists, engineers, signal corps, military police and financial management. Education Requirements An applicant for the U. S. Army must have either a high school diploma, a GED or be currently attending high school. In the absence of meeting these education requirements, the Army has recommended programs to assist applicants in securing a high school diploma or the equivalent. After an applicant is accepted, he or she will be assigned to one of the MOS fields for further training.

    Video advice: TOP 5 BEST JOBS in the MILITARY!

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    Ok I’m Interested But How Do I Actually Make The Switch

    When you break it down, getting into IT can be as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Take our free career quiz to help you find the right IT career for someone with your skills and interests.
  • If you find you’ve got an aptitude and interest for the field, you should talk to your local VA office about getting help paying for training. The cost of certification is much less than that of a college degree, and a lot quicker, too.
  • Leverage that certification to find a job look for jobs that seek out certified IT pros, include it on your resume and talk about it with employers. Having an IT certification could open up job opportunities you might not have been eligible for before. There’s a reason IT pros with a CompTIA A+ certification earn an average of $70,554.
  • While switching careers can be tough, switching to an IT career can be relatively painless! Remember that the skills you learned in the military and the traits that helped you succeed can apply to an information technology career as well. Don’t sell yourself short you have what it takes to get into IT.

    Can You Have A Good Military Job Without A College Degree

    What Jobs Can You Do In The Army Reserves

    Yes. In fact, you can follow certified training in the Military Occupational Specialty of your choice. This training is a way to learn and develop abilities in one of more than 150 different occupations. Because you dont need a college degree to go through certified training, many applicants get into the military to follow that educational path.

    One fact you should know is that trained veterans usually earn better salaries than civilians who perform the same job. On top of that, many employers take into account the responsible management, level of care, and discipline that military service brings to their staff. After training, you could be in a great position to find an amazing civilian job!

    The best thing about certified training in the military is that you wont have to pay for a college degree but still get a good education in the field of your choice

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    Asvab Scores And Army Jobs

    There is basically a Military Occupation Specialty for everyone considering the Army as it currently offers over 150 specialties.

    The Army uses the aforementioned nine subtest categories to create line categories relevant to the type of MOS:

    • Clerical MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, MK, VE*.
    • Combat MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, AS, CS, and MC.
    • Electronics MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, EI, GS, and MK.
    • Field Artillery MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, CS, MC, and MK.
    • General Maintenance MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AS, EI, GS, and MK.
    • General Technical MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR and VE.
    • Mechanical Maintenance MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AS, EI, and MC.
    • Operators & Food MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AS, MC, and VE.
    • Surveillance & Communications MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, AS, MC, and VE.
    • Skilled Technical MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of GS, MC, MK, and VE.

    *VE, or Verbal Expression, is the sum of PC and WK.

    When you combine an Army line score with an Army MOS you can determine what the minimum qualification score is to work the MOS.


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    Best Jobs After The Military

    Employers need skilled workers who can meet the challenges of todays work environment and are increasingly turning to military veterans to make it happen. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for veterans fell to 3.5 percent in 2019, and research shows that two in five employers planned to hire a U.S. veteran in 2018. Clearly, more companies are recognizing the unique traits that U.S. veterans can bring to the civilian workforce.

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    Learn At Your Own Pace

    MilLife Learning offers free, personal and professional development courses for service members, their families, survivors and those who support them.

    Here are some things to consider for your future military career. And, if youve got any questions, Military OneSource can find you the answers to advance your career and live your best military life.

    How To Become An Army Engineer

    Getting A Job While In the Army Reserves

    To become an engineer with the Army you must complete a series of steps. The exact steps vary depending on whether you are enlisting in the Army, becoming an officer, or joining the Army Civilian Service. For example, if you want to pursue a specific role such as a Special Forces engineer sergeant, you may need to complete additional training to qualify. If want to enlist, you must complete the following five steps.

    While specific steps for becoming a U.S. Army engineer officer are not outlined below, individuals interested in this path should consider enrolling in one of several U.S. military academies, participating in ROTC at a U.S. college, or earning a bachelor’s degree and completing the Army’s Basic Officer Leadership Course.

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    Detection / Computer Systems Repairer

    This job involves fixing computer systems and making sure all digital systems are working properly. As a repairer, youll repair microcomputers, telecommunications equipment, field artillery, receivers, and even laser systems. The annual salary for this position ranges from 20k to 25k. check here for more info.

    How Do Employers Feel About Hiring Veterans

    In addition to assisting local police forces and public detectives in criminal cases, private detectives and investigators are also found in the private sector. They might conduct surveillance, perform background checks, and collect evidence related to workers compensation claims or divorce cases. The BLS predicts these professionals will be in greater demand over the coming years due to security concerns and the need to protect confidential information.

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    Business Degrees For Veterans

    When its time to transition into a civilian lifestyle and explore your career options, its essential to know what kinds of careers could be a good fit for you. Once you have made that decision, youll want to explore the pathways to a degree program that will make that career goal a reality. A college degree post-military is the best step in making your dream of a great paying job possible. Many colleges will turn your military experience and training into college credits that you can apply towards your degree.

    Marine Corps Aircraft Mechanic

    25 Confessions Only People In The Military Will Understand

    Aircraft maintainers in the Marines Corps take care of the fleet of helicopters, fixed wing planes, and tilt-rotor aircraft that carry them and other Marines around the globe. They get a lot of first-hand knowledge of aircraft and are, for the most part, safely tucked away from the worst of the fighting.

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    What Degree Is Best For A Military Officer

    Obtaining your Bachelor in Business Administration degree has many benefits for current and future military officers. Whether you are in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or the Coast Guard, a business administration degree prepares you with the skills to lead and operate various departments.

    Law Enforcement Degrees Post Military Career Option

    If youre a veteran looking for a rewarding civilian job, the transition to a law enforcement career is a very natural fit.

    Other Tuition Help: There are also many federal and state scholarships out there to help you with financial assistance to help you pursue your career in law enforcement. There are also other forms of Veterans Affairs benefits and military discounts offered by colleges and universities to help you on your way to earning your degree in law enforcement.

    • Find GI Bill®-Approved Colleges For Military and Veterans
    • Where can I go to get help in getting my Law Enforcement degree?
    • How do I know if a school is veteran friendly?
    • Criminal Justice
    • Crime Scene Analyst

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    Army Corps Of Engineers Civilian Sample Jobs

    An architect’s primary duties include overseeing the design, development, review, and implementation of building projects. Architects may also ensure projects meet specifications and adhere to strict safety criteria. The Army typically constructs facilities such as housing, hospitals, or schools.

    Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

    A civil engineer is responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining water sources, Army installations, and a variety of other federal or local government projects. A few common civil engineer projects include developing roadways, airfields, hospitals, dams, levees, or laboratories.

    Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

    An environmental engineer’s primary focus is on preserving and maintaining natural resources. Common projects may include restoring degraded ecosystems, constructing sustainable facilities, regulating waterways, and cleaning contaminated sites. Their primary tasks are to assess facilities, infrastructure, and environmental habitats to determine their state and develop strategies to minimize or prevent damage.

    Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

    A mechanical engineer’s primary duties include designing and constructing mechanical systems for industrial, environmental, or architectural structures. Typical projects may involve building, maintaining, and repairing machinery, gas lines, heating and cooling systems, hydraulic systems, piping, or water treatment facilities.

    Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

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