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What Is The Navy Physical Fitness Test


Navy Pt Test Requirements

Veteran does the Navy Physical Fitness Test


The U.S. Navy’s physical training requirements are not a “one-and-done” program, where once you’re in the Navy you can ignore PT. The PT program requirements keep sailors fit throughout their service career. You’re tested regularly. The requirements vary based your age, sex and mission. While the PT requirements for most sailors are less stringent than those for a Navy SEAL, all demand a commitment to physical fitness and work.

What Is The Navy Boot Camp Fitness Test

The Navy boot camp fitness test, also known as the physical readiness test , is used to assess your ability to participate in the Navy boot camp or basic training. The test and training take place at the Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, IL. The test includes push-ups and curl-ups done in two minutes and a 1.5-mile run. You will need to meet a minimum standard set by the Navy based on age and gender as seen in the chart below. In addition to the PRT, there will be a swim test during the first week of basic training. If you don’t pass the swim test, you’re not precluded from boot camp. During training, you will be placed in a special group where the instructors will train you to pass the swim test.

Navy Seal Fitness Standards

This information was verified current as of October 2017 and can be found at the website
Additional information about the Navy Basic Underwater Demolition School can be found at their website.
breaststroke or sidestroke

NOTE: You should consult your physician or other health-care professional before starting any exercise regime or other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. This is particularly true if you have a history of medical illnesses or ailments that could be made worse by a change in physical activity. Do not start a fitness program if your physician or health-care provider advises against it.

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Is The Navy Prt Test Hard

The military has never been a place that takes it easy so you can definitely expect the PRT standards to challenge you physically like you never envisioned.

The standards are low enough that you are not expected to be in peak physical condition at the time of boot camp.

However, you need to make sure you are taking steps to improve endurance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Here is a quick breakdown of the exercises you will do at PFA:

  • Curl-ups conducted with two minutes to complete exercise.
  • Push-ups conducted with two minutes to complete exercise
  • 1.5 mile run that needs to completed within certain time restraints.
  • Swim test composed of two modules. Some Navy recruits need to pass a third-class swim test. Module one includes a deep water jump, 50-yard swim, and 5-minute prone float face down. Swimmers that pass module one move on to the second module. It includes practical search and rescue drills.

What Will Be Different In 2020

Navy Physical Fitness Assesment

The PRT will change in 2020 by replacing curl-ups with a forearm plank exercise and adding a 2 kilometer indoor row as an alternate cardio option.

  • Planking requires you to hold a position similar to a push-up, lifting your torso off the ground and supporting your weight on your toes, forearms and elbows while keeping your body rigid. Planking strengthens your core muscles and is less likely to aggravate lower back injuries than curl-ups.
  • Using a rowing machine tests cardiovascular fitness and stamina. It will be offered as an option to the running portion of the test in commands that have rowing machines.

Check to see the latest updates from the Navy on how the new exercises will be used and scored in the PRT.

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Coast Guard Physical Test Requirements

Members of the Coast Guard must take physical fitness assessments as part of their training and job requirements.

The key factors determining physical fitness in Coast Guardsmen are:

  • Aerobic capacity
  • Muscular endurance

Aerobic capacity is an indicator of cardiovascular fitness.

This component is considered most related to health as well as the ability to perform vigorous and/or sustained physical activity.

The Coast Guards Physical Fitness Assessment consists of the following tests:

  • Push-ups: This is a one-minute test in which members must do as many push-ups with proper technique as possible. The minimum standard for men is 29 and for women is 15.
  • Sit-ups: This is a one-minute test in which members must do as many sit-ups with proper technique as possible. The minimum requirement for men is 38 and for women is 32.
  • 5-mile run: This is a timed run with a distance of 1.5 miles on level ground. Men must complete the run no slower than 12:51 minutes and for women no slower than 15:26 minutes.
  • Swim circuit: In this test, participants must jump from a 1.5-meter platform into water and swim 100 meters without assistance.

The Coast Guard PFA may also require members to take a treading water test and/or perform a Sit and Reach exercise.

The Sit and Reach exercise is a flexibility test in which men must meet a standard reach of 16.5 inches and women must reach 19.29 inches.

These screenings and assessments are designed to ensure health and fitness for Coast Guardsmen.

Air Force Physical Test Requirements

Like the Army and Navy, the Air Force also requires members to meet and maintain standards of physical fitness.

Beginning in early 2022, the Air Force is implementing options for its physical fitness test so members can select the exercises they prefer.

The three categories of fitness testing are:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Core strength
  • Upper body strength.

Previously, the physical test for this branch featured a maximum of 60 points for performance on a 1.5-mile run.

Twenty points was the maximum awarded for body composition.

Ten points was the maximum score for muscular fitness, consisting of one-minute tests each for push-ups and sit-ups.

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Get Fit Enough To Serve

Attaining the fitness required to join the Navy is well within most people’s capability. The new ADF Active mobile app is the smarter, more efficient way to reach that level.

Initial Assessment

Take the Pre-Entry Fitness Assessment to see how close you are to Navy requirements. You can also check out your Body Mass Index.

Personalised Program

From your results, ADF Active creates a personalised program designed to get you to the required fitness level in time for your interview.

Technique training

You’ll be shown the correct way to do push-ups and sit-ups, and complete a shuttle run , with step-by-step instructional videos.

Tracking & Guidance

Check how you’re travelling with stats, graphs and badges, and along the way receive in-app advice and motivation from ADF PT Instructors.

How Fit Do I Really Need To Be

Navy Physical Readiness Test How-To // Navy Fitness Exam // PRT Requirements
  • The fitter you are the better, as there are a number of activities that require you to demonstrate both strength and cardiovascular endurance.
  • The Navy’s Physical Fitness Test for under 35’s requires men to reach a standard of 25 push-ups, 25 sit-ups and a maximum of 13 minutes for a 2.4km run. For women it is 10 push-ups, 25 sit-ups and a maximum of 15 minutes for a 2.4km run.
  • The Navy has a standard swim test which comprises of a 50m swim in overalls, 15 minute tread water and 10m underwater swim followed by a 3m safety jump.
  • You should aim to be able to easily exceed these minimum fitness requirements prior to joining. You should also develop a fast recovery time, as this is a true indicator of fitness.

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Initial Fitness Assessment Standards

The number of push-ups and a timed plank varies with your age and sex, as does the time allowed for the run. Each push-up or forearm plank, each minute or part of a minute in the run translates to a point or part of a point. Men between 17 and 19 years old, for example, must perform no fewer than 46 push-ups and hold in forearm plank position for 1:30 minutes. Satisfactory Navy PRT standards for females the same age require the same time in plank position and no fewer than 20 push-ups.

How Should I Prepare For The Navy Prt Test

We recommend getting started on a regular, consistent fitness routine months in advance of boot camp.

to see our free guide on losing weight to help you join the military.

Physical fitness takes time to reach desired goals, especially if you consider yourself out of shape.

It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle that promotes daily exercise and proper nutrition.

Your recruiter should provide you with a Fitness and Nutrition Guide. It can outline what type of diet plans will help you lose weight if that is one of your goals.

The PRT standards of the Navy require you to be well versed. Curl-ups and push-ups will test strength and endurance.

The long-distance run is designed to test stamina and mental toughness. The swim test has similar objectives.

You should practice swimming and running if you do not already consider yourself proficient at both exercises.

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How Long Can Navy Seals Hold Their Breath

Divers such as Navy SEALs are capable of holding their breath for two to three minutes or more underwater. According to Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL and best-selling author of the book Among Heroes, breath-holding workouts are often used to condition a swimmer or diver and to create confidence when swimming or diving in high-surf conditions at night.

Other Rules For The Navy Prt

No more physical fitness assessments for 2020, Navy says ...

These two rules are designed to help sailors with the PRT:

  • If you experience unusual distress or fatigue during the test, members will be directed to seek medical attention and may subsequently be authorized a Bad Day makeup before you complete or fail the test. This keeps you safe by letting you to retake the test after being medically cleared.
  • If you pass the body composition assessment and score an overall excellent low or better on the physical readiness test, you may have the opportunity to be validated on the subsequent Physical Fitness Assessment cycle and skip the PRT, if you pass the BCA and are within the age-adjusted standards.

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Navy Male Prt Standards

Male sailors have different minimum standards for boot camp compared to females. The minimum expectations depend on your age.

In order to calculate your overall score:

  • Step 1: Determine the points you earned for each activity.
  • Step 2: Add the points for each individual event.
  • Step 3: Divide the total points by three to get an average.
  • Step 4: Assign performance category level.

Do They Drown You In The Navy Seals

Before receiving their coveted Trident, Navy SEAL applicants must through some of the most difficult military training available anywhere in the world. The BUD/s must successfully complete drown-proofing, which is a series of swim trials that must be performed without using their hands or feet which are linked together before they can graduate.

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Initial Navy Fitness Assessment

Future Sailors must be physically prepared for the rigors of boot-camp. Too much training time is lost because prospective Sailors arrive at boot-camp without the minimum level of strength and endurance. The responsibility of ensuring you meet the standards is yours. To ensure you meet the standards when you arrive at boot-camp, adopt a healthy lifestyle which promotes proper nutrition and daily exercise.

Each Branch Of The Military Has Different Fitness Standards


If you are thinking of joining the United States Military, you will have to take a military fitness test to enter, as well as every six months once you have completed your basic training and are serving in your military job.

There are five branches of the U.S. Armed Forcesthe Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guardand each have similar but different military PT tests and standards. There are also many ways to join as an officer or enlisted personnel. Below is the list of the regular military fitness tests and the basic requirements for new recruits and officers seeking entrance into the military.

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Full Navy Prt Requirements

The physical requirements to be considered fit for duty in the United States Navy cannot be met overnight. Being Navy-fit is a challenge and it requires newcomers to start a workout regimen that proceeds gradually and over time.

Pacing and deliberate fitness strategy is required. You wont be able to start out at 100%, it takes time and patience to get fit.

Currently serving sailors are expected to maintain fitness standards to be fit for any type of military duty they may be called upon to perform in their career fields. New recruits are expected to train to work up to this level of fitness by meeting certain PRT standards when tested.

No physical fitness testing happens to new recruits without the following having been completed first:

  • The recruit has successfully passed a Medical examination at a Military Entrance Processing Station
  • The recruit has signed or agreed to a Hold Harmless Agreement and Release from Liability certificate which the recruiter will provide

Once these steps have been accomplished, the Navy will eventually require the sailor to complete a PRT .

Navy Gears Up For Single Physical Fitness Assessment Cycle And Scored Planks In 2022

The Navy has announced that it will complete one physical fitness assessment cycle in 2022 a departure from the traditional two cycles conducted annually and will start scoring forearm planks.

The Navy attributed the single cycle to the COVID-19 pandemic and to delays in the rollout of the Physical Readiness Information Management System 2, which commanders will use to record physical readiness test scores.

Recognizing the foreseeable conditions to include continued pandemic, PRIMS-2 rollout and modality validation, there will be a single PFA cycle for calendar year 2022, a new naval administrative message said. All medically cleared Sailors must participate in the CY2022 Physical Fitness Assessment cycle.

The 2022 PFA cycle will be conducted from April 1 to Sept. 30.

A key change sailors can expect for the 2022 PFA cycle is that the plank scores will count for the first time. Although planks were included in the 2021 PFA cycle, that was for recording purposes only and they were not factored into the overall score, the Navy said.

That means that sailors in 2022 will receive scores for forearm planks, pushups and cardio events including a 2,000-meter row that was introduced in 2021 as an option for sailors.

The Navy previously unveiled its standards for the forearm plank and the rowing events in November 2020.


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Navy Dep Physical Training Injury

Navy Delayed Entry Program members injured while participating in supervised DEP physical exercise programs, including the initial fitness assessment , physical readiness test and physical screening test , may use naval medical and dental facilities when granted Secretary of the Navy designee status. These members may not be authorized to use civilian health care under the TRICARE program. Requests for consideration as a potential designee will be submitted to Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery via Navy Recruiting Command. Include sufficient information concerning the injury and the circumstance under which the injury occurred to show cause for approval. The Secretaryâs discretionary authority is exercised most conservatively favorable action is usually taken on requests involving instances wherein the treatment is in the best interest of the patient, the Navy, and the government. The mere need of medical care alone will not support approval of such a request.

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Physical Fitness Training Series: Navy Physical Readiness Test

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The Navy Physical Readiness Test is a test of muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory endurance. For years, the test has consisted of a 1.5-mile run, 2 minutes of push-ups, and 2 minutes of sit-ups. But changes are coming! In late 2020 the sit-ups are scheduled to be replaced by a plank for maximum time. Learn more about the types of training you can do to help you prepare for the PRT.

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General Military Fitness Test Facts You Should Know

Military fitness testing is under regular review. It is subject to change based on mission needs, current military objectives, and even recruiting goals can affect how fitness standards are measured and implemented.

The information you receive today may change in a year, five years, or may not change for a long time. It all depends on what military leadership decides as fitness tests and when standards are reviewed again.

Military fitness standards often come under review or changed based on research, experimental programs, and study of previous fitness programs with their effectiveness.

Military Fitness Tests Are Not Standardized for All Services

Military fitness standards and testing are not standardized for all services. The Army regulations may not be the same as Air Force fitness requirements, etc. Each branch of the service sets its own fitness goals, creates their own testing, and deals with the outcomes of those tests in their own way.

Body Composition Standards

Each branch of the service also factors in body fat standards. They may adjust certain requirements based on age, gender, height, or other variables. These standards will vary depending on the branch of service.

Fitness Tests and Professional Military Education

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