What Is The Military Insurance

What Is The Military Insurance


Best Term For Senior Veterans: Prudential

What Insurance Does the U.S. Military Use? : Insurance Advice


Prudential is a great choice for senior veterans looking for a quality life insurance policy. Prudential offers plans for seniors, and gives veterans the ability to convert their SGLI or VGLI policy.

  • Ability to convert SGLI or VGLI policy

  • May be able to lock in rates up to age 75

  • Limited plan options

Prudential was established in 1875 and is rated #1 in the Life and Health category of Fortunes 2020 list of The Worlds Most Admired Companies. Prudential is the third-largest seller of individual life insurance in the U.S. and has an AM Best financial stability rating of A+ . Overall, the companys complaint trends with the NAIC are slightly below average.

We chose Prudential as the best term for senior veterans because of the ability to convert your SGLI or VGLI to a policy with level premiums for up to 30 years. For example, at age 45, you could lock in a consistent monthly rate up to age 75. This gives veterans an advantage over other term life policies whose premiums increase every few years as you get older.

Prudential offers universal life and term life insurance plans. The Prudential life insurance plans have optional riders for living benefits, accidental death benefits, and waivers of premium for disability. Prudential also offers a few estate planning riders, including an estate protection rider, and over-loan protection options on the universal life policies.

Read the full review:Prudential Life Insurance

Best Overall: New York Life

New York Life

We chose New York Life for the best overall option for life insurance for veterans. New York Life offers flexible life insurance policies with plenty of options to choose from.

  • Prices may increase after term limits expire

New York Life Insurance Company was founded in 1845 and received an above average rating for customer satisfaction for both product and pricing in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Life Insurance Study.New York Life also has the highest financial strength rating of A++ by AM Best and an excellent track record of very low complaints filed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners .

Overall, New York Life offers a robust selection of coverage plans, SGLI and VGLI conversion, riders that can save you moneyand they also pay dividends. They were the top-ranked life insurer in our life insurance reviews. All of these benefits make them our best overall life insurance choice for veterans.

The company is listed as one of the participating companies for SGLI and VGLI benefits conversion by the VA and also offers civilian life insurance options in term, whole, and universal life.

New York Life offers riders to add coverage at a later time without having to take a new medical exam. Living benefits riders for chronic or terminal illnesses are also available.

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What Are The Expected Costs Of Life Insurance For Veterans

Age, health, gender, and smoking history are a few of the main factors that affect the cost of life insurance for veterans. Another element that can affect the premium is the type and length of the plan.

On the younger side, nonsmoking 35-year-old male veterans can expect to pay between about $9 to about $25 per month for $150,000 in term coverage, depending on their overall health and plan selections.

Nonsmoking 55-year-old males can expect to pay between about $39 to about $86 per month for $150,000 in term coverage, depending on their overall health and plan selections.

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Best Children’s Rider: Military Benefit Association

Military Benefit Association

Children are covered for free up to $12,500 with the military Term Insurance to Age 90 Plan. Optional add-ons even allow children to become members in their own right starting at age 25.

  • Is underwritten by MetLife Inc.

  • Has been in business since the 1950s

  • Eligible children may be covered at no additional cost

  • Offers coverage for policyholders up to age 90

  • No whole life insurance plans are available

Founded in 1957, MBA offers 10- and 20-year term life insurance for veterans as an alternative to or supplement for existing VGLI coverage. The company’s life insurance policies are underwritten by MetLife, Inc., which has received an A rating from AM Best. As an added benefit to senior veterans, MBA offers an additional term life insurance plan that provides coverage up to age 90.

Aside from the veteran, family members can obtain policies. Spouses are eligible for $1 million in coverage. All policies come with free coverage for each dependent child for up to $12,500 per dependent. And, as an optional add on, customers can apply for $10,000, $20,000, or $25,000 of additional term coverage for each unmarried child under 21 years old . Beyond that, eligible children can become MBA members starting at age 25.

Instant online quotes are available on the company’s website. Interested customers can also call the company and speak with a sales agent Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST, and Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

What Is Tricare For Life

Military Life Insurance: A Guide To Covering Your A$$

Tricare for Life is the name assigned by law for the program that provides supplemental health coverage for retirees and their spouses who are over age 65. To use Tricare for Life, retirees also must be enrolled in Medicare Part B and pay Part B monthly premiums.

Confusion sometimes is caused when those leaving the military are told they will receive Tricare for life — meaning Tricare as a lifetime benefit, as opposed to being assigned to the Tricare for Life plan.

Learn more about Tricare for Life coverage on Military.com.

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Discounts To Look For:

If youre a military member looking for discounts on your home insurance, the following information may be valuable.

Home insurance discounts by company:

  • Liberty Mutual: Liberty Mutuals exact discounts vary by state, but the company offers discounts to military members and veterans.
  • Farmers: If youre a military member, veteran or in reserve, you may qualify for a home insurance discount between 4% and 8%.
  • Kemper Insurance: In addition to offering discounts to military members, Kemper Insurance offers home insurance discounts to junior and senior military academy cadets.

General home insurance discounts to look for:

  • Bundling: If you bundle your home and car insurance, you could qualify for a discount.
  • Smart home: If you have a smart home, you could save between 5% and 20% on your home insurance premium.
  • Claims-free: If youve never filed a claim or havent filed one within the last several years, you may qualify for a discounted rate on your homeowners insurance.
  • Loyalty: If youve been with your home insurance company for a certain amount of time, you may be able to get a discount on your premium.
  • Upgrades: If you add upgrades such as a new roof, you may be able to get a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Best For Disabled Veterans: United Services Automobile Association


The company offers life insurance plans that cater to disabled veterans. It also has high ratings and online quotes.

  • Has been in business since the 1920s

  • Customers can add their children to their policies

  • Policies for disabled veterans

  • Medical checkup is required to rate the policy

With the highest rating available from AM Best of A++ , USAA has been in business since 1922 and offers a variety of life insurance policies for active military and veterans, including term, whole, and universal life.

Online quotes are available but you must create an account first. Otherwise, interested customers can reach out to the company over the phone Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST, and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

You can also apply to get a policy in the company’s mobile app, with the process taking about 20 minutes. At that point, a free medical exam is required and will be scheduled at a time that works for you. This appointment can be done at your home or wherever you choose. Within a couple of weeks, USAA will review your eligibility and determine your premium.

Read the full USAA Life Insurance review.

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Arbella: Best Deployment Discount From A Small Company

NerdWallet rating: Not rated.

Discount details: Arbellas 10% discount is available to Massachusetts customers deployed on active duty at least 100 miles from their car.

Although Arbella is too small to be rated by NerdWallet at this time, it ranked No. 6 out of 13 among other New England insurers in J.D. Powers 2020 Auto Insurance Study for customer satisfaction. It had fewer than the expected number of complaints to state regulators relative to its size, according to three years worth of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

What Are The Healthcare Options For Veterans

Term Life Insurance for Military Families

There are several different health insurance options for veterans that meet the minimum essential coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act. Anyone who served and was discharged from the military in a way that was not dishonorable may be eligible for the Veterans Health Care Program.

There are some additional minimum duty requirements that veterans must meet. However, the VA recommends that all veterans apply so that they can specifically determine your eligibility.

Additionally, there is the VA Civilian Health and Medical Program and the Spina bifida health care benefits program. Those who are eligible for TRICARE cannot enroll in the CHAMPVA program.

It is typically for the spouses and children of those who died in the line of duty or because of a service-connected disability in Vietnam. The Spina bifida health care benefits program is specifically for those with Spina bifida, as the name suggests.

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Get Options With Aig Direct

If you serve in the military or are about to serve in the military and have you questions about life insurance, AIG Direct is here to help. We can provide you with life insurance options and help you compare SGLI to plans that may make more sense for you and your family. Contact AIG Direct to speak with a representative.

Geico Car Insurance: Best For Military Discounts

Family and cargo insurance from Geico is the best car insurance in the country for military members, the corporation said. Members who have additional coverage for personal vehicles are eligible to receive an additional 20 percent savings on their comprehensive or collision insurance premiums.

U.S. Army National Guard Airman 1st Class Jon Lemke got his chance to see just how affordable the car insurance from Geico really is. He took a trip to a Geico location, where he talked to a Geico saleswoman about his car insurance needs. After meeting the criteria, the saleswoman made an offer for a $36 savings. Lemke said he was happy with the result. The Geico sales agent was very polite and informative.

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Is Usaa For The Military Only

There are two groups of people eligible for insurance from USAA. The first is people currently or formerly affiliated with the U.S. Armed Forces. The second is people who are either married to or the children of people who have had USAA insurance in the past. So if your dad was in the Army and had USAA insurance, you can have it too. But if he never had USAA, you aren’t eligible.

What Is Tricare Standard

Veterans First LTD

With TRICARE Standard, you can see just about any provider that has been authorized by TRICARE. You have more options in choosing your provider with TRICARE Standard. However, there may be more out-of-pocket costs associated with this plan.

It is important to remember that active duty service members cannot use TRICARE Standard, but family members can. This particular health coverage program is not limited to the United States and is available all over the world.

If you live in an area that is not serviced by TRICARE prime, TRICARE standard may be your only military coverage option.

With TRICARE standard, your doctor will not file your claims for you. You will have to pay your medical provider directly and then file a claim yourself to get reimbursed for the services. Although referrals for a specialist are not required, you may need a prior authorization.

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Military Discounts Through Group Rates

At least one company has been able to develop a discounted insurance policy. Applicable for the Canadian Military through the offering of group rates. Military personnel that opts for this kind of insurance can also have coverage included for their family members. The discounts being offered can amount to significant savings. It may even be available for those who are members of the Canadian Military. But are not currently on active duty.

Tricare For Life Benefits Overview

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TRICARE For Life is a medical benefit program designed to pay for medical expenses for active duty military personnel and their families, and also for retired military personnel and their families. Although it appears to be an insurance program, it is actually a benefit program. It is a benefit offered to persons serving in the military as they pay no premiums for the coverage.

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What Is The Best Insurance Company For Military Members

USAA is well-regarded for offering low prices and top-notch customer service. The company only offers insurance to military members, veterans and qualifying family members, so some of their coverage options are tailored for military-specific scenarios such as deployment. However, the best insurance company will vary for everyone based on what type of insurance you need and your personal characteristics and individual needs. Whether youre looking for the cheapest car insurance companies, best home insurance companies or best life insurance companies, it may be helpful to compare quotes from multiple providers and talk with an independent insurance agent about your needs.

Esurance: Best For Active Duty

Life Insurance for Military: Options for Life Insurance for Military Personnel

Esurance is a relatively young company that was founded in 2001 and sells auto and home insurance. For a military family that travels a lot and their home is in a dangerous part of the country, this car insurance could be a good choice. For active duty members and their families, the Esurance Military Discount is their way of saying thank you for their service.

From the time the discount is applied, the policyholder is eligible for a 20 percent discount on monthly premiums for a duration of three years. Geico is the other popular name in car insurance, offering discounts for those who work for the government and buy Geico vehicles. Geico also has a policy for active duty service members that offers a 10 percent discount off their policy and free roadside assistance.

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Reasons To Get Life Insurance Outside Of Sgli

There are various reasons why SGLI or may not be the best life insurance coverage for service members.

One is coverage. For some families, the $400,000 coverage amount provided by SGLI may not be enough. Those families may choose to look elsewhere to supplement their coverage needs with additional life insurance.

Another reason why SGLI insurance may not be a fit is that it’s a form of . Term life insurance does not provide coverage unless the policyholder passes on. It is only in effect for a certain term, so the policyholder’s dependents do not get life insurance coverage once the term is over.

With a policy, the policyholder gets life-long protection with the policy. As premiums are paid, cash value builds up. The cash value can be borrowed against to pay for expenses encountered while the policyholder is still alive, like sending a kid off to college or paying a medical bill. Service members may want a permanent life insurance policy in addition to or instead of the SGLI term life insurance policy.

In some cases, service members may be able to secure lower-cost life insurance than what SGLI offers, as well. For service members with lower life insurance needs but who still want protection for their loved ones, getting a policy through an independent broker may make the most sense.

What Is The Best Home Insurance Company

The best home insurance company is different for everyone. For military personnel, the best option might be USAA. But for a civilian, State Farm could be the best option. To find the best home insurance company for you, we recommend comparing providers using your personal criteria and getting quotes from several carriers to see which one is the cheapest.

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Usaa: Cheapest Car Insurance For Veterans And Military

Discount details: Members receive 15% off comprehensive coverage for a vehicle parked in a garage on a military base in most states. This discount is slightly different in California, with drivers receiving a 5% discount off comprehensive and collision insurance when they garage a car on base. If you arent driving your car and store it at least 30 consecutive days in a secure location, youll receive up to a 60% discount on auto insurance. This benefit can help military members on deployment, but its not available in Hawaii, North Carolina or Virginia.

» MORE:USAA auto insurance review

If youre looking for the cheapest car insurance for military and veterans, USAA is a good place to start. It has the cheapest rates on average among the military car insurers we have rates for .

USAA is the only major insurance company that caters exclusively to former and current service members and their families including:

  • Those currently enlisted in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Reserves.

  • Retired or honorably discharged military members.

  • Those in U.S. service academies, in advanced ROTC or on ROTC scholarship, plus officer candidates within 24 months of commissioning.

  • Family, including widows, widowers and unremarried former spouses who had USAA insurance while married also children whose parents have or had USAA insurance.

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