ExclusiveWhat Is The Height Requirement For The Army

What Is The Height Requirement For The Army


Can I Join The Army If I Am Older Than The Maximum Age For Enlistment

What To Expect in the ARMY: ARMY HEIGHT & WEIGHT STANDARDS (AR 600-9)

The maximum age to join the Army as an enlisted Soldier is 35, and you must enter active duty prior to your 36th birthday. For Officers, you must accept your commission by age 32. However, restrictions can be lifted based on the need for certain roles. Recruits can receive an age waiver, so long as they can retire with 20 years of military service by age 55. Talk to a recruiter to get a better understanding of the demand for certain roles.

Indian Army Gd Salary :

Indian Army GD Monthly Salary is one of the common concerns of individuals who have applied for the recruitment. So here the details below should be able to answer those questions for our readers.

The Indian Army looks after their servicemen mostly in overall aspects of their lives by providing them with a handsome salary pay, and other allowances and perks. Hence the salary of an Indian Army Jawan ranges between :

  • Indian Army GD Salary: Rs,5,200 to Rs, 20,200
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 1,800.
  • Military Service Pay: Rs. 2,000.

What Height And Weight Do I Need For The Military

  • What height and weight do I need for the military?
  • It´s important to remember that if you want to enlist the Armed Forces, youll need to meet physical requirements on top of getting your target ASVAB test scores. Because of that, each applicant will have to take a military aptitude test. Of course, in each branch of the Armed Forces the physical tests, as well as weight and height requirements, are different.

    Whatever branch youre applying for, your weight and height requirements will depend on your age and gender. In this article, well go over the basic body requirements to qualify for military enlistment.

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    Height And Weight Requirement For Men

    The candidates can check the Height and Weight Requirement for the Indian Army of the male category in the table given below. It is important that the candidates take the years and height into consideration for getting an idea regarding the correct weight.

    Height in Cms.

    The job of an army officer is very hectic and tough, thus the authority only needs that citizen in the force who can really fulfil their expectation when it is needed the most. We hope this informative article regarding the Height and Weight Requirement for the Indian Army was helpful in clearing all the confusions that cloud the minds of the candidates. For more updates regarding the upcoming and ongoing recruitment process visit the Testbook website. You can also download the Testbook app available on the play store to get all the latest exam updates on your finger-tips.

    What Are The Height Requirements To Be An Air Force Pilot


    In a push to deal with pilot shortage and increase diversity, the Air Force changed their strict height requirements for pilots in 2020.

    Previously, anyone who wanted to become an Air Force pilot had to be 64-77 inches . A sitting height of 34-40 inches was also required.

    Under these measurements, a significant 44% of the U.S. female population would be disqualified from applying.

    Having said that, waivers could be and were issued with a very high approval rate. But when potential candidates saw that they did not meet the height requirements, they automatically disqualified themselves from applying.

    The Air Force has now decided to use an anthropometric screening process, which measures certain physical attributes to match candidates with suitable aircraft.

    The USAF is also going one step further by redesigning flight equipment to better suit shorter pilots, especially women.

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    Why Do You Need To Stay Fit In The Army

    Keeping within the weights and height standards of the army is a mandatory condition for both active duty and reserve soldiers.

    More often, the physical activities of the Army ensure their weight and body fat composition stays within limits. However, for those assigned desk duties, they have to get into a regular physical fitness routine to keep their bodies fit.

    Apparently, the army does not condone overweight individuals and soldiers with poor body composition for prolonged periods since this may lead to a deceased individuals performance thereby causing disruption to their respective units.

    Thats why everyone must be physically fit and have a low body fat composition.

    Army Height And Weight Standards

    The US Army has two forms of measure in which they get a general idea of a soldiers fitness level. The first and most well-known method of assessing a soldiers physical fitness level is the Army Physical Fitness Test. The second method is the Army Height and Weight Standards, which allows the Army to determine if you are overweight or underweight on their scale. Even though you can pass a PT test, you still need to be able to meet the height and weight standards in order to join the Army. In some cases waivers can be permitted, but you will be flagged when entering basic training.

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    Army Height And Weight Rules For New Recruits

    The same basic standards may apply to new recruits as for currently serving military members, but the process for dealing with future soldiers who dont currently meet physical standards is obviously quite different than for those who have already completed basic training.

    New recruits who are assessed as not meeting Army physical standards including height/weight issues will be given an opportunity to come up to those standards through organized fitness programs and other means.

    The biggest difference for recruits is that meeting the Armys standards here is the gateway to starting a military career for those currently serving those standards must be met in order to continue serving.

    Army Height Minimums And Maximums

    According to the United States Army official site for recruiting, the height range for new recruits starts at 50 and ends at 68 for men and 410 to 68 for women. This is the range specified on the Army official site that displays its height and weight calculator. The minimum age for these requirements is 17.

    Body Composition Rules

    Body Mass Versus Body Fat

    U.S. Army Recruiting advises new applicants that the Army view of body composition is defined as the amount of body fat a Soldier has in comparison to their total body mass.

    Army regulations spell out height and weight requirements and if those requirements are exceeded, you can still qualify by being below the specified body fat for your age based on standards.

    On Waivers

    Other Medical Conditions For Nda Physical Test:

    Military Monday: Army Height Weight Standards || Am I To Over Weight To Join The U.S. Army #Army
    • There should be no signs of a fragile constitution or physical defects.
    • A well-developed chest is required of candidates.
    • The bones and joints should be in good working order.
    • There is no history of medical problems or fits.
    • Candidates must be able to hear normally.
    • There is no speech impediment.
    • Blood pressure is normal, and there are no symptoms of heart disease or blood vessel disease.
    • There is no enlargement of the liver or spleen.
    • There are no anomalies in the urine.
    • There are no skin disorders.
    • The USG abdomen test revealed no anomalies.
    • A sufficient number of healthy, natural teeth
    • Candidates for the Air Force must have a routine ECG that is within normal limits.


    Question- What is the chest requirement for NDA?

    Answer- Chest should be well developed. Fully expanded chest should not be less than 81 cms.The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cms. X-Ray of the chest is compulsory and will be taken to rule out any disease of the chest.

    Question- What is the height requirement for NDA?

    Answer- Under NDA Physical Requirements, the minimum acceptable height is 157.5 cms for Army and 162.5 cms for Air Force. There are a few exceptions set according to the region of the candidate.

    Question- What are the common ailments that aspirants should be careful about?

    Answer- Wax , Deviated Nasal Septum, Hydrocele/Phimosis, Overweight/Underweight, Under sized Chest, Piles, Gynaecomastia, Tonsillitis, Varicocele.

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    Indian Army Minimum Height Chest And Weight For Soldiers

    In this table you can find the minimum height, chest and weight required for Indian army bharti and recruitment for soldiers, other ranks, JCO, Havildar . State wise height, weight and chest size are given for Indian army recruitment.

    Western Himalayan Region , Garhwal and Kumaon)166 cms7748
    Eastern Himalayan Region .160 cms
    Western Plains Region170 cms
    Eastern Plains Region169 cms
    Central Region168 cms
    Southern Region166 cms

    * Chest 76 cms only for Soldier Technical category from Central Region.

    Us Army Enlistment Height & Weight Requirements

    If you want to join the Army, one area you should get familiar with as soon as possible is the U.S. Army enlistment height and weight requirements. Army height and weight requirements are a crucial part of the screening process for future soldiers and it is something all officers and enlisted personnel must contend with as a condition of entry into military service.

    Some sources cite data indicating that height/weight issues affect as many as one enlistment out of every four. The Army has published its height and weight standardswhich include both maximums AND minimums for heightin Army Regulation 6009 .

    If you search online for this regulation, you will find plenty of outdated materialthere are versions of the regulation from 1986 floating around online and those who discover such documents may mistakenly believe they are current policy. But updates to Army Regulation 600-9 have been issued knowing the most current regulations is critical for both the recruiter and the recruit.

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    Us Army Female Height And Weight Standards

    Below you will find the United States Army has height and weight maximum and minimum requirements to join the Army for female applicants. Army height and weight requirements for women vary by age, so it is important to know the category you fall under.

    Height and weight measurements are recorded at a Military Entrance Processing Station and are taken using inches and pounds. This is the height and weight chart army females:


    All US Army soldiers are weighed twice a year to ensure that they meet the weight standards set by the Army. Already enlisted Army soldiers who are above standards will be admitted into the Weight Management Program, which requires soldiers to lose a certain amount of weight in a monthly time period. Soldiers who fall below the set minimum weight standards will be sent for medical evaluation.

    Army Recruiting Advice On Preparing To Meet Physical Standards

    What is the Army Minimum Height Requirement and in what ...

    The Army has some standard advice for anyone considering a career as a soldier. Good body composition, the Army official site reminds, is best gained through proper diet and exercise. Examples of poor body composition are underdeveloped muscle groups, or excessive body fat. What should a potential recruit do to prepare for the measurements and weigh-ins they will be required to perform at the recruit level?

    The Army philosophy in this area includes the idea that poor body composition, has a negative effect on appearance, self-esteem, and negatively influences attitude and morale and Army recruiting literature encourages applicants to get involved in a fitness program that incorporates running, swimming, and cycling.

    Consult a physician before starting any new fitness regimen, especially a rigorous one. Do not rely on fad diets, exercise programs that start only weeks before your weigh-in date, etc.

    Your recruiter will have advice for you on what kinds of fitness programs will best prepare you for basic training, but you may need to use a modified version of such a program if you are struggling to meet the physical standards mentioned above.

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    Is It Possible For An Overweight Person Join To The Armed Forces

    Short answer: Sometimes.

    If an applicants weight exceeds the maximum limit set by the Armed Forces, MEPS officials can choose to calculate their body fat percentage. Depending on the number, that result may influence the admission of an otherwise overweight applicant.

    On the other hand, some applicants can get a weight exemption. This allows overweight individuals to enlist and lose weight during core training. In contrast, the height requirement only has exemptions for minors that could actually grow taller during training.

    Indian Army Gd Selection Process

    Following steps are required, to become a Soldier/Sepoy in Army:

    Step 1: Online Registration & Online Form Filling

    No matter if there is an upcoming Indian Army Bharti in your district or not, if you want to join the army then you need to make a one-time registration on the official army website first. After making your profile on the official website you can log in to it and check for the upcoming recruitments that you can apply for.

    Next, you will need to stay in touch with the official website and keep checking for recruitment in your state. Whenever there is an opening, the first thing you need to do is complete the online application process. After submitting the online application, you will have to wait for admit card.

    The army admit card will be sent on your registered email ID, or you can download it by signing in to your profile on the official army website. The process of sending admit card usually starts the next day after the online application process is closed.

    In the admit card all the information like reporting timing and instruction will be given. Dont forget to take the printout of admit card. Also, carry original documents as well as at least 2 photocopies of each document with you.

    Step 2: Physical Fitness Test

    # Height, weight & chest measurement

    # 1-mile run

    Army GD 1600 meter race time & marks

    Time is taken more than 5.45 min disqualify

    # Pull Ups

    Army GD Pull-ups marks distribution

    No. of pull-ups
    Less than 6 pull-ups disqualify

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    Minimum Height Required To Join Indian Army

    Gorkhas and candidates belonging to Hills of North Eastern region of India. Garhwal and Kumaon will be accepted a minimum height of 152 cm.

    Since long many candidates who are interested to join Indian army are confused with the minimum height required to join the Indian army, in this article we are simply covering whether or not you are eligible for Indian army with your current height, in simple words, what is the minimum height required to join Indian army as an officer and to join as a soldier.

    What Offenses Or Moral Behavior

    Senate OKs lowered minimum height requirement for uniformed personnel
    • Individuals under civil restraint including parole, confinement, or probation are not eligible for waivers
    • Individuals subject to civil court conviction or adverse disposition for more than one serious offense, or serious offenses with three or more other offenses will not be eligible for a waiver
    • Anyone found trafficking, selling, or distributing narcotics, including marijuana, is not eligible for a waiver
    • Anyone with three or more convictions related to driving while intoxicated, drugged, or impaired in the past five years prior to application will not be eligible
    • Anyone convicted for five or more misdemeanors is not eligible
    • Individuals who are unable to pass a drug or alcohol test or anyone with charges pending will not be eligible for a waiver

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    Weight Limit Requirement For Men

    The weight limits in the army are higher for new recruits than those already serving in the military. The chart below refers to those that are already serving in the military. If youre a new recruit, the weight limit is slightly higher. But dont let that fool you. Once youre enlisted, youll need to lose those pounds quickly, so you might as well start that way!


    Army Height Requirement For Men

    The ideal height requirement for men in the military is between 60-80 inches / 152-203 cm. Anyone above or below this requirement is likely to get rejected.

    The height limits are standard, and anyone within this height range can get accepted as long as their weight corresponds to the correct weight limit.

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    Indian Army Height Weight Chest Physical Requirements For Different Categories

    Army recruitment special physical standards for different Posts and Categories. View Height, Weight, and Chest measurement for Army relationship Bharti physical test.

    Name of Category
    What are the physical standards for Army Clerk post?

    Height 162 CM whereas Chest 77 CM for Male. Weight measurement is at least 50 KG.

    What are Height and Weight requirement in Army GD Bharti?

    Height 169 CM whereas Weight 50 KG for Male. Chest measurement is min 77 CM.

    How much is relaxation in Army Relationship bharti?

    Eligible candidates get relaxation of 2 Cms in Height, 1 Cms in Chest, and 2 Kgs in Weight measurements.

    Is there any relaxation for Sportsman in Indian Army recruitment?

    Obviously yes! Eligible sportsman may get relaxation of 2 Cms in Height, 3 Cms in Chest, and 5 Kgs in Weight.

    How do I prepare for Indian Army physical test?

    Firstly prepare yourself for physical standards so that you qualify in Height, Weight and Chest measurement. Secondly, after passing this hurdle, you have to qualify in CEE, that is written test. To do so check Army GD Syllabus if applying for Soldier General Duty rank. On the other hand check Army Clerk Exam Syllabus if applying for CLK / SKT post. Visit Indian Army PFT page for more info.

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