BranchWhat Is The Hardest Military Branch To Get Into

What Is The Hardest Military Branch To Get Into


The Navy Isnt For You If:

Which Military branch should I join? | What is the best branch of the military to join?

However, if you tend to get seasick or being in the water scares the living daylights out of you, then you may want to reconsider the Navy. If youre a home-body, the Navy might not be the best fit for you as a majority of a Sailors time is spent out at sea. Being away from home and your family for long periods of time should be expected.

Best Ways To Get Private Military Training

The best way to get private military training is to join a course that follows a strict plan.

Army basic combat training is 10 weeks. However, if you fail to meet established goals for any given week, your stay will be longer.

You should look for a course that has a similar duration. Alternatively, you can also consider joining a program that only teaches you specific skills that you care about.

Thats the beauty of private military training you dont have any of the stress that recruits go through. Youll pick up various skills like discipline, leadership, and perseverance by joining a private military program, and you can also look for an option that is tailored to your preferences.

Lets look at a few great alternatives to boot camps.

The Military Branch With The Hardest Training

If you have done a bit of research, you should know that you will have to complete basic training in all the branches upon enlisting. For novices who are yet to be familiar with the military environment and high expectations, it is a challenging feat.

Usually, training lasts from 8 to 12 weeks. Each branch will have different training programs, schedules, and requirements, as follows:

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Which Military Branch Has The Best Pay And Benefits

by MilitaryBenefits

If youre considering a military career, you might wonder which military service Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or Space Force has the best pay and benefits.

At a basic pay level, the answer is simple. The military pays the same regardless of branch, according to your pay grade and years of service. Your rank determines your pay grade. Ranks vary across military services, but pay grades do not.

There is also no fundamental advantage in joining one service over the other in terms of which benefits youll receive.

Our military pay calculator shows how much you would make in any branch of the military according to your pay grade and years of service. You can also view your basic allowance for housing by entering a ZIP code.

While basic pay and allowances are the same across military services, some incentive pays and bonuses might vary. However, this is primarily due to your career field, not your branch of service. Your career field is also a major determining factor in promotion rates.

Here is an explanation of how allowances and incentive pay affect your military compensation.

What Is The Hardest Military Branch Boot Camp

What is the Hardest Branch of the Military? Army, Nave or Air Force?

The Marine Corps has the hardest military branch boot camp. The Marine Corps boot camp lasts for 12-13 weeks, longer than any other recruit basic training. So, marines have longer, more extensive drill training where they learn advanced combat techniques.

Becoming the worlds deadliest ground combatant wont be easy. You must take extensive care of your bed, uniform, and equipment.

The first phase in both army and marine boot camp is pretty similar youre taught the basics, whats expected of you, and how to behave.

Its really the extensive hand-to-hand and close-quarter combat combined with challenging endurance training that makes all the difference.

Another important difference is that instructors simply get to spend more time on each individual in the Marines. They give you specific, useful feedback that helps you become a marine.

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The Air Force Isnt For You If:

If youre looking to be in the infantry, a combat related role or more enlistment incentives for when you join, you may want to look elsewhere as the Air Force is one of the most competitive branches in the U.S. military.

Still want to join? Then make sure you have a really high ASVAB score especially a technical score. That will help you increase your chances of being accepted into the Air Force and getting the MOS you want.

Can I Join The Military Without Doing Basic Training

You cant join the military without doing basic training. The only exception is if youve completed basic training recently and have been honorably discharged. Otherwise, everyone has to go through basic training before moving to the job they applied for.

Its basically impossible to skip basic training if its your first time joining the military even reclassification and reenlistment require you to go through basic training again in most cases.

Trying to skip basic training is generally frowned upon, so be careful.

If youre a civilian who wants to join the army, prepare for basic training. You must be healthy and reasonably fit to succeed. I recommend hitting the gym at least 6 months in advance.

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Phase Three: Weeks 10

For the third phase, recruits move back to the depot, where they undergo swim qualifications, a defensive driving course, testing of Marine Corps history, first aid, physical training, drill, inspections and finally family/graduation.

Special note: During basic training, trainees can receive mail but nothing else — so please ask friends and family not to send gifts or supplies. Also make sure your mail is not addressed to “Marine” or “Private.” This is a title recruits earn after successfully completing training.

The following are descriptions and details about some events listed above.

What Is The Easiest Military Branch Training

What Military Branch Should You Join? | Boot Camp

The Air Force has the easiest military branch training. The Air Force boot camp lasts for about 8 weeks, which is the shortest. Additionally, Air Force personnel dont have to be as physically fit as marines and navy personnel. That said, the Air Force boot camp is still fairly challenging.

Honestly, just looking at the duration of each boot camp will give you a good idea of what to expect. BCT is 10 weeks, marines train for 12 weeks, and the Air Force only has 8 and a half weeks of basic training.

However, this doesnt mean that the Air Force boot camp is easy to complete. All forms of recruit basic training are extremely demanding. They require a high level of fitness, mental toughness, assertiveness, and perseverance.

Youll still be swimming and crawling through mud-ridden terrain. Youll just do less of everything because you dont have to be at the same level as the ground units.

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Usmc Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company Anglico

The Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company is another group that often finds itself in the shadow of sexier special operations units like the SEALs. A single ANGLICO Marine can coordinate a hellish rain of fiery artillery and air-strafing fire on the enemy though, whereas all a SEAL can do is pull a trigger.

Typically they don’t deploy as individuals, but like any SpecOps group, in teams of four or five.

A typical ANGLICO team:

  • Team Leader : any ground MOS – typically JTAC -qualified artillery officer.
  • Team Chief , typically qualified as JFO and as a JTAC.
  • Radio Chief .
  • Fire Support Man / Scout Observer .

About The Us Marine Corps

While the U.S. Marine Corps was also founded in 1775, its a few months younger than the Army. Its motto is Semper Fidelis, which is Latin for always faithful, and its often shortened to Semper Fi.

Even though theyre their own branch of the military, the Marine Corps is technically under the Department of the Navy and usually travels on Navy ships. They are the ground force that can attack from the sea, whether they do so in the water itself, on land, or in the air, and theyre able to be anywhere in the world within days.

The Marines Corps is one of the smallest military branches, making up only 14% of the U.S. Military in 2018. Its bigger than the Coast Guard but its the smallest of the main five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, which are the Army, the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Coast Guard, and the Air Force.

The Marine Corps members are called marines, not soldiers, and they typically have to go through much more intense basic training than those in the Army do, creating a reputation for being some of the toughest and most highly trained fighters.

The Marine Corps also has special forces, including the Marines Special Operations Command called the Raiders and the Force RECON Units.

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All Us Military Training Programs Ranked By Difficulty

When you think of the military, one of the first images that probably comes to mind is boot camp. Otherwise known as “basic training,” it’s the military’s way of preparing you mentally and physically for life in the armed forces. And how hard is basic training? Well, it depends who you ask… because a lot of military training is anything but basic.

The most difficult military training programs test everything a person has… but which one is the most difficult? Everyone thinks they know what to expect from the Army after seeing a few movies, but most people don’t know just how insane some of these programs can get.

So, you might think you know what it’s like to train for the Army, but getting a taste of what Delta Force goes through will be more than enough to make you think twice. These are the hardest training programs the US Military has to offer.

Tough Jobs Within The Marines

What is the Hardest Branch of the Military? Army, Nave or Air Force?

If you can make it through Marine boot camp, you might find the challenge is not over. There are some tough Marine MOSs training to consider, as well, and we cover a couple.

USMC Combat Engineer

Combat Engineers specialize in explosives, recovery, and building and demolishing structures.

Often, Combat engineers are on the front lines with those in the infantry.

Furthermore, Combat engineers go to all the advanced training and take what they learn to the battlefield.

USMC Scout / Sniper

Scout Snipers are another Marine MOS with excellent training in shooting.

To become a sniper, you must be a part of the infantry and hope you have an opportunity for a screening where the Marines weed out potential snipers to find the best.

Then, you might go to sniper school, where the passing rate is rather low.

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The Coast Guard Is For You If:

Those wanting to pursue a career in law enforcement and security will see the Coast Guard has plenty of opportunities for it. The Coast Guard also has one of the most prestigious jobs in the military with search and rescue swimmers. If you are quite a fish in water and want to be a part of tight knit community, search and rescue swimmers are among the elite positions in the military.

What Career Fields Have The Best Bonuses

In all military branches, the career fields that pay the highest bonuses or even any bonus at all can literally change daily. Talk to your recruiter or reenlistment counselor to find out which occupations offer the best bonuses and match your interests, skills and aptitudes.

While the DOD prescribes maximums for S& I pay, individual services determine the actual rates. Some incentives, like foreign language pay, are the same across all services. Others, like enlistment bonuses, may vary by branch and component. For example, if one states National Guard is having trouble retaining service members, it may offer a higher reenlistment bonus than active duty or even other states.

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Hardest Military Training In The World

Hardest Military Training in the World Do you know that there are some military forces in the world that their training is tougher and harder than the one you know or heard of?

Yes, you might have seen your own country military training, and youd be like Oh my God, this training is hard. But what you dont know is that the one of other countries is more toxic.

So, you have to know that Military training is an intense business that has to do with courage, precision, and discipline because all these attributes will certainly be called upon in the midst of battle.

However, in this post, you will see the list of some military forces with the hardest training exercise you can never imagine.

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Is Marine Boot Camp Harder Than Army

What Branch Of The Military is Best? Why I chose the U.S. Army

Crawling, swimming, running, shooting, and exercising are everyday routines in both boot camps.

When it comes to physical fitness, Marines go above and beyond here too. Pretty much any healthy, fit individual can go through Army boot camp without breaking a sweat. For the Marines, physical training is taken to a whole new level. They need to do more of everything and do it for longer.

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What Service Has The Best Bonuses

Each of the services creates its own S& I pay structure, including bonuses, according to its needs. Currently, the Army boasts enlistment bonuses of up to $50,000, as do the Navy and the Air Force.

Current Marine incentives seem to max out at $8,000, but more might be available under specific circumstances. The Coast Guard pays bonuses of $40,000 to some enlistees.

Retention bonuses for all services can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a combination of a $90,000 career field bonus plus other retention incentives. With the career field bonus and other incentives, enlisted airmen can receive up to $360,000 in total retention bonuses. The Space Force is following the Air Force structure for now.

These bonuses apply to active duty. The reserves and National Guard also offer different bonuses and other incentives such as increased education benefits for in-state tuition expenses.

The bonuses listed here are current as of publication. Keep in mind that even if a military service authorized bonuses for the current fiscal year, they will not continue filling the positions or paying the bonuses once theyve filled their quotas.

The best way to look at bonuses is to understand they are fluid and meant to address shortfalls in manning and encourage retention. They can and do change often.

If maxing out your bonus is your goal, speak to recruiters of all six services to figure out which will offer you the best deal at that time.

Something Else To Remember About Bonuses

If you are considering joining the military or reenlisting because you have a pressing financial need and envision getting that fat bonus in a few weeks, think again. Bonus payments are usually contingent on completing your entire training pipeline. In some cases, that can take two years or more.

Furthermore, once you qualify for your bonus, your military service may pay it in prorated amounts over the course of your enlistment contract.

Read your contract carefully and be sure you understand what you are signing up for and when your service will pay you.

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The Air Force Has No Enlisted Warfighters

The Air Forces enlisted troops are mostly happy with rendering a sharp salute to our officers as they taxi out on their way to the wild blue yonder, the battlefield the Air Force controls with unrelenting hostility toward would-be interlopers both on the ground and in the air.

But there are many Air Force specialties that have nothing to do with simply letting others go into combat while waiting on the flight line. The Air Forces battlefield airmen arent limited to conventional forces, like Security Forces Phoenix Ravens, the airmen who protect aircraft on the ground in a hostile environment. USAF Combat Controllers, TACPs, Weather Technicians, and Combat Rescue Officers will all deploy anywhere in the world with the best special operators from any branch. And when the sh*t hits the fan, you will be happy to know that Air Force Pararescue Jumpers are on their way to bail you out.

Fun Fact: When Air Force PJs go into action, their alarm is the Leeroy Jenkins battle cry.

The Possible Dangers Of Each Of The 5 Branches Of The Military

What is the toughest branch of the military?

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The United States has one of the strongest militaries in the world, and it is made up of five different branches: The Air Force, The Army, The Coast Guard, The Marines, and The Navy. The military is one of the most prestigious jobs that a U.S. citizen can have, but also one of the most dangerous. Theres the obvious danger of going to war, but there are other risks involved with each branch of the military.

From explosions to hostage situations, our servicemen deserve the honor theyve rightfully earned, no matter their military status. But embarking on a career in the military is no easy feat. Just as you would research a job to find out what the job entails, you need to do the same when considering joining the military, regardless of which branch you choose.

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Tough Jobs In The Air Force

The Air Force has several MOS opportunities, and some jobs are rather intense.

Cyberspace Defense Operations

For instance, a career in Cyberspace Defense Operations means you handle cyberspace capabilities for the Air Force.

Your skills include defending against cyber-attacks and handle command and control of cyberspace forces and operations.

Those in this field tend to have a lot of STEM experience, and some have some college coursework in technology.

Technical training is 66 days to become an apprentice.

The field itself has ongoing and continuous training throughout your career.

SERE Specialist

Another tough career option in the Air Force is the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Specialist.

A SERE Specialists goal is to train others to survive in all situations.

In this field, you are an expert in hostile territory and have the know-how to complete a mission when things do not go as planned.

However, there is a minimum score of 55 in the General Knowledge section of the ASVAB.

Plus, there is a stamina and physical abilities test before you are up for consideration for this field.

If you make it, you have a SERE Specialist training orientation course.

Afterward, you have a nearly six-month apprentice course in Washington, where you will become an expert in your MOS.

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