BranchWhat Is The Best Military Branch For Nursing

What Is The Best Military Branch For Nursing


Is 45 Too Old To Go Join The Military As An Rn

Which Military Branch Is Best For Medical Jobs? Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines? 2021 Info


Ready to start a career in the military? Army nurses are in high demand. These professionals work at the best military nursing facilities and have access to the latest technology. Their role is to provide care for military service members and their loved ones. As a military RN, you must meet specific age and training requirements, so make sure you have what it takes to land a job in this field.


If you’re 45 years old, you can still work as a military nurse in the U.S. Navy or the Air Force and the Army Nurse Corps under certain conditions.

Firefighter Jobs: What Returning Vets Must Know About Their Certs

As for a job, in the Marine Corps and the Army you are always a Marine or soldier first, and your MOS second, meaning you might be trained in a job but you might not actually do that job ever. In the Air Force, your AFSC is your job. It is what you will do for the entirety of your enlistment unless you cross-train, there are overages, or you become too injured to remain in the career field. I’m sure there are a couple other exceptions but those are the big ones.

As an Air Force firefighter, you will report to work every day at the fire station and you will complete all the daily tasks that go along with operating a fire department, including training and daily details.

It is true that safety is stressed very heavily in the Air Force so you typically won’t get a ton of action. There are always opportunities for mutual aid and deployment and that can be worthwhile. Having worked for the Navy, the Marine Corps and the Air Force I can tell you they all run about the same number and type of calls. Understand that I have only worked small-based in the states and this usually means heavy emphasis on safety. Some Air Force bases overseas see a good deal of fire working with local communities and some of my DoD buddies work for bases with strong mutual aid agreements that provide plenty of fire.

Good luck to you in the future!

This article, originally published in 2017, has been updated.

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  • Do Navy Nurses See Combat

    A medic in the U.S. Navy could see combat if they are trained to fight side-by-side with combat units.

    Or, they may receive focused training that takes them away from the battlefield where you focus your work more in a traditional clinical setting.

    Medics that work alongside combat units receive additional training, especially if they serve with Special Forces.

    The United States Navy offers demanding training programs like the Special Operations Combat Medic for this purpose.

    Regardless, it is possible to see combat while serving as a Nurse though its not the norm for most medical professionals in the military.

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    Serving As A Marine Corps Nurse

    May 28, 2018 By admin

    Serving as a Marine Corps nurse you will discover new meaning for the term teamwork. You will have an opportunity to work side by side with medical professionals, in a variety of situations helping patients. You will be serving in a position of respect and honor, serving your country while you advance your professional skills. It is Marine Corps career that is rewarding and challenging, and you have the additional respect of being able to serve as a commissioned .

    Incredible Demand For Nurses In The Civilian World!

    Every Nurse in the Unites States Marine Corps is a Commissioned Navy Officer. Your opinion will be relied upon to give patients improved care, and you will work with other medical professionals using state of the Art facilities, materials and technology. You will have the ability to work with patients on a one to one basis, and connect with them. You will get to know many of your patients, the brave Marines and Sailors and their dependents serving in the War on Terror, who have responded to the call to serve and defend their country. Joining the Marine Corps Nursing program means joining a rich heritage that is designed to deal with patients one on one.

    What Are The Educational Requirements For A Military Nurse

    Army Nurse Corp: Helping Protect Americas Protectors ...

    The first step in becoming a military nurse is obtaining your Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, also known as a BSN degree. Typically, BSN degrees take around four years to complete. Although the military prefers their nurses to have BSN degrees, the Army Reserve accepts nurses with only Associate’s Degrees in Nursing, or ADN degrees. However, these RNs are expected to have a BSN degree by the time they’re ready for promotion as Captain. Once you have obtained your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you are then permitted to sit for the state board examinations.

    Once a civilian RN has undergone the primary educational processes involved in becoming a military nurse, they will then also need to undergo officer training through whichever branch of the armed forces they wish to serve in. Officer training educates newly admitted RNs on leadership skills and military life. Additionally, during officer training, RNs are also required to show their proficiency in various physical fitness exercises.

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    Nursing Practice Environment And Burnout Among Nursing Personnel

    The problem statement is However, because these studies were conducted at traditional army hospitals in the United States, the findings cannot be generalized to nursing personnel in a deployed hospital setting . The purpose statement is.The primary purpose of this study was to examine the nursing practice environment and burnout among nursing personnel assigned to a CSH deployed across two geographical locations in Iraq. A secondary aim was to compare

    How Does The Military Ranking System Apply To Military Nurses

    The military ranking system determines a military nurse’s salary potential. The system establishes base pay according to experience and ranking achievements.

    While all nurses are officers, specific rank and base pay depends on their prior military experience. Without military experience, nurses begin at the bottom of the rank structure, earning less each month than those with four or more years of experience as an enlisted officer.

    In addition to military experience, special incentives may increase pay. These incentives depend on commission type, work setting, and commitment length.

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    One What Is Military Nursing

    Military nursing shares many similarities to civilian nursing, in which the common goal is to treat patients and promote their well-being.

    However, military nursing is a career under starkly different circumstances.

    Military nurses might work either at home or in foreign countries. The most common settings for military nurses to work include military bases, military hospitals, and clinics.

    These nurses may also work in hospitals or global response centers alongside deployed military personnel during natural disasters or times of war. Military nurses can work in potentially dangerous environments, like foreign war zones, and work under extremely stressful conditions.

    Military nurses also have to be prepared to deal with the emotional demands of working in war conditions. As a reward for the extreme sacrifice and dedication of military nurses, the career also comes with amazing access to healthcare benefits, education, and the opportunity to rise in rank.

    The Navy Isnt For You If:

    Which Military Branch Is The Best? | Which Military Branch Should I Join?

    However, if you tend to get seasick or being in the water scares the living daylights out of you, then you may want to reconsider the Navy. If youre a home-body, the Navy might not be the best fit for you as a majority of a Sailors time is spent out at sea. Being away from home and your family for long periods of time should be expected.

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    Are There Any Nursing Jobs In The Military

    Combining a nursing career with a military career makes sense for many people. The military experience often increases a nurses employment opportunities. Prospective employers recognize that nurses who perform their duties under the pressure of military service make good employees.

    Every branch of the United States military needs qualified medical personnel, including licensed practical nurses and registered nurses. Generally, the military offers schooling for those who want to enhance their nursing careers. Another advantage for military nurses is the excellent benefits, such as a retirement pension.

    Army NursesEntry-level nurses in the Army must have at least a Bachelor Degree and complete basic training sessions to become an Army Nurse Corps Officer. Army nurses work in active and reserve duty. The Army needs a wide variety of nurses, ranging from public health to psychiatric nurse practitioners. Workers in the Army Nurse Corps practice medicine in field hospitals, in base clinics, in veteran administration hospitals and many other facilities.

    The United States Marines Corps is under the Department of the Navy. They use the Navys facilities and staff for their medical needs. Some medical career opportunities are available in the United States Coast Guard, although they do not have a strong medical force. The National Guard recruits nurses, such as clinical nurses, flight nurses, surgical nurses and others.

    What Does A Civilian Nurse At A Military Medical Hospital Do

    A civilian nurse at a military hospital does exactly what a registered nurse would at a private practice at a physicians office or public, community, or private hospital.

    Most of a civilian nurses work revolves around basic patient care for service members, their families, and military retirees.

    Military medical facilities range from outpatient family practice clinics to specialties clinics such as orthopedics. Military medical hospitals include the renowned Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland to Level 1 Trauma Centers.

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    Three Certifications For Military Nurses

    The main certifications you will need are a Bachelors degree and an active RN license from a non-compact state. You will also need to be certified in Basic Life Support .

    If Acute Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support certifications are required for a particular nursing specialty, you should also have these completed as well. Any other specific certifications relative to your nursing specialty are helpful but not required .

    What Is The Difference Between Hospital Corpsmen And Military Nurses


    The primary difference is that Hospital Corpsmen are enlisted military personnel and military nurses are officers. Hospital Corpsmen perform various roles within the militarys medical field. Some Corpsmen operate biomedical equipment, some serve as operating room techs, some are trained to perform dental repairs, some deliver emergency care in the field, and some are assigned clerical duties.

    As a Corpsman, you are required to enlist for five years in the military. You must have a high school diploma or equivalent and a score of 146 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

    Upon enlisting as a Corpsman, you must complete an initial 7-9 week Boot Camp and then technical training in medical education based on specific curriculum set by the military. As an enlisted member of the military, pay grade starts lower than military nurses with similar opportunities to move up in rank and pay grade based on years of service.

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    Joining The Army Nurse Corps

    The best way to join the Army Nurse Corps is to contact your local Army healthcare recruiter. He or she can tell you more about the program, help you figure out what requirements you need to meet and walk you through the process of signing up. If you’re not sure who you should contact, visit to find your local recruiting office.

    Since the Nurse Corps is a branch of the military, recruits need to meet some of the basic requirements for military service, including U.S. citizenship, the ability to pass a security clearance and passing a physical exam. You won’t attend the Basic Training camp that enlisted soldiers do. Since Army nurses are officers, you’ll instead be required to attend a Basic Officer Leader Course to acquaint you with military life. In addition, Army nurses must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited school and must be between the ages of 21 and 42. Army nurse recruits are also expected to write a motivational statement explaining why they want to join the Army Nurse Corps as part of their application.

    Even if you don’t join the Army Nurse Corps through an Army ROTC program, the Army offers loan repayment opportunities to help you pay back any loans you may have taken out in order to pay for nursing school.

    The Army offers many flexible options for military service — both full time and part time — and Army nurses can choose from several concentrations. In the next section, we’ll take a look at some of the jobs Army nurses do.

    Education In The Air Force

    Airmen enlisted in the Physical Medicine or Aerospace Medical fields may be eligible for credits for their training and experience awarded by the Community College of the Air Force . By combining that with resident and distance-learning courses, airmen can earn an associate degree in the CCAF Allied Health Sciences Program.

    While not a nursing-specific degree, this may help fulfill some of the requirements to earn a BS in nursing, since it includes a variety of liberal arts credits and electives in biology, chemistry, psychology, and pharmacology.

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    Air Force Dental Lab Technician

    Enlisted personnel need bridges and crowns too, so technically DLTs can be found in every branch, but the U.S. Air Force is renown for having excellent manuals that have helped many non-enlisted Dental Lab Technicians pass their CDT exams. Fabricating teeth in the military is no different than in any other dental lab: You continue to work closely with military dentists, and you have to have the same attention to detail. Its work that requires a passion for artistry and technology, but if you also have a desire to serve your country and enlisted soldiers, becoming a DLT in the Air Force can be a smart career choice.

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    How Can I Get My Nursing Degree In The Military

    What is the Best Military Branch??

    Each branch of the United States military offers undergraduates multiple opportunities to obtain healthcare training and degrees in less time and with less debt than traditional healthcare programs. The benefits and programs vary from department to department, so students with serious interest should contact the military branch in which they have an interest.

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    Is It Hard To Be A Military Nurse

    Being a military nurse gives a person a unique chance to help others while serving their nations people at the same time. However, its not a career path for everyone. Both psychological and physical demands, along with the extensive travel required, can make being a military nurse a challenging career.

    In Short Yes The Army Will Pay For Nursing School And So Will Several Other Branches Of The Military

    It may not be in the way you expect, and it often involves a commitment to service. But if youre hoping to become a nurse, first becoming a military nurse is a great choice.

    Almost all branches of the military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard are always looking to enlist military nurses in active duty or as reservists. The military branches often offerrepayment or reimbursement programs to military nurses to make enlisting more appealing.

    In addition to these repayment programs, some branches of the military will provide monthly stipends and bonuses. Nurses are in high demand in many military branches, so they want to make enlisting as attractive as possible in hopes to encourage more military nurses to sign up.

    To better understand what each branch of the military is willing to offer nurses for enlisting, keep reading.

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    Us Coast Guard Medical Assistant Officers

    Medical Assistants can be found in four of the five branches of military: U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy, and Army. The level of competition for Medical Assisting military positions, though, depends on the size of the branch. As the smallest, the U.S. Coast Guard recruits the fewest Medical Assistants, and the job is highly competitive. To even be considered, Coast Guard Medical Assistants must already be qualified physician assistants. Compared to Army and Navy requirements, more lax given their larger sizes, this may seem unfair, except that Medical Assistants in the Coast Guard have a key advantage: Theyre commissioned officers, a privilege no other military branch offers.

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    What Is It Like To Be A Military Nurse

    US Military Pay (All Branches) Everything You Need to Know ...

    Nurses in the military provide nursing care for wounded and ill soldiers wherever they are stationed around the world. During combat, military nurses provide care on the front line overseas.

    In peacetime, military nurses work in a variety of settings providing ambulatory, maternal/child, acute and rehabilitation nursing care.

    Military nurses sign-up for a period of service and can be assigned to any position based on ability and need. They have the opportunity to travel to different countries as well as different states to live, work, and complete assigned training.

    Your clinical skills will be kept sharp, your ability to think critically will develop quickly, and your time-management skills will be tested in such a fast-paced environment. Being a military nurse is one of the highest levels of nursing care one can achieve.

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