ExclusiveWhat Is The Army National Guard Reserve

What Is The Army National Guard Reserve


The Army National Guard And Army Reserve

National Guard VS Army Reserve – What’s The Difference?

Army National Guard. The 354,200 members of the Army National Guard provide significant forces for national defense. These include:

  • Eight division headquarters
  • Six general officerlevel operational commands
  • 126 operational brigades and groups, including 28 Brigade Combat Teams
  • 48 multi-functional support brigades
  • 48 functional support brigades and groups and
  • Two Special Forces Groups.13

The U.S. Army has relied heavily on the Army National Guard to meet its requirements in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Since September 11, 2001, the Army National Guard has mobilized over 500,000 soldiers for federal missions. At one point in 2005, over half of the combat brigades deployed in Iraq came from the Army National Guard.14

Army Reserve. Unlike the Army National Guard, the Army Reserve has no combat units of its own. The Army Reserve constitutes some 20 percent of the Total Army force. Its 205,000 soldiers and 12,600 civilians provide 75 percent of key support units and capabilities such as logistics, medical, engineering, military information support, and civil affairs.15 It also includes structures such as voluntary publicprivate partnerships that amplify the total forces capabilities,16 as well as certain unique capabilities not found elsewhere in the military such as chemical companies able to detect biological weapons.17

Debunking Common National Guard And Reserves Misconceptions

I served on active duty in the Army for close to six years. During that time, I got to work with reservists from every branch, and soldiers and airmen from the National Guard. But since getting out, Ive come to realize there was a lot I didnt understand about the other components especially when I tried to explain those components to civilians.

A friend of mine has said more than once that people seem to underestimate the National Guard a client in a veterans mutual aid program I volunteer with has had benefits denied due to advocates not understanding the Active Guard Reserve time on his DD214.

It all inspired me to learn more, to clear up a couple of misconceptions so these service members get the credit theyre due.

Yes, they do deploy. Congress created the Medical Reserve Corps, the predecessor to the reserves, in 1908 in response to shortages of medical professionals and leaders during the Spanish-American War. The Navy and Marine Corps Reserves were founded to meet the demands of World War I the Army and Air Force Reserves as we know them, with authorized retirement and drill pay, came to life after World War II, and played a big part in the Korean War.

Army National Guard infantry units have been deployed to the frontlines since the Battle of Bunker Hill in Boston, he said.

And thats in addition to any state missions.

Reservists and guardsmen arent just weekend warriors. And they havent been in a long time.

I Want To Create My Own Options

Throughout active duty, Kennedy also maintained a successful professional MMA career. But the Armys tepid response to his two-pronged career and prowess in the octagon resulted in an ultimatum.

So they went the route of you kinda have to decide between the two, Kennedy said. And so I went to the National Guard to SF and then came to Texas.

The Armys dictate didnt suit the former top-ranked middleweight. He wanted to consume the whole cake, call the shots. His insistence seems more of a necessity than hollow arrogance. A need to feed a passionate and convicted machine to ensure its operating at full capacity. The Armys options werent an option.

Are those my options? I want to create my own options, he said.

When Kennedy departed U.S. Army Special Forces to pursue fighting, the Army ironically saw the benefit of sponsorship, paying him six figures to wear Go Army, he said.

This is the irony of bureaucracy, he said, and this is the irony of large organizations, and we have been the worst at this We forget about the individual, but were a collective of the individual.

Preparation for fighting and warfare has, a lot of bleed-over in the practices, according to Kennedy, such as regimentation, discipline, organization and strategizing. These characteristics certainly helped Kennedy achieve an 18-6 fight record in Strikeforce and UFC.

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State And Territory Duty

When National Guard units are not under federal control, the governor is the commander-in-chief of the units of his or her respective state or territory . The President of the United States commands the District of Columbia National Guard, though this command is routinely delegated to the Commanding General of the DC National Guard. States are free to employ their National Guard forces under state control for state purposes and at state expense as provided in the state’s constitution and statutes. In doing so, governors, as commanders-in-chief, can directly access and utilize the Guard’s federally assigned aircraft, vehicles and other equipment so long as the federal government is reimbursed for the use of fungible equipment and supplies such as fuel, food stocks, etc. This is the authority under which governors activate and deploy National Guard forces in response to natural disasters. It is also the authority under which governors deploy National Guard forces in response to man-made emergencies such as riots and civil unrest, or terrorist attacks.

What Are Their Responsibilities

Guard, Reserve Soldiers don historic

Army Reserves can be deployed as whole units and are known for quick mobilization.

Their vision is, The most capable, combat-ready, and lethal Federal Reserve force in the history of the Nation.

The Army Reserves provides the critical early entry and set the theater capabilities that are crucial to the nations defense and opening of major operations.

The Army reserve accounts for almost half of the Armys total maneuver support and ultimately saves money.

Having part-time members who are fully skilled, capable and ready to deploy, cuts back on the need for active full-time employees and provides the ability to fill in gaps when needed, without being over-staffed.

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The Marine Corps Reserve

The Marine Corps has a division, air wing, logistics group, and senior force headquartersalmost a quarter of its force structurein its 39,200-member Marine Corps Forces Reserve component.40 The Marine Corps Forces Reserve is geographically dispersed throughout 47 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

The Marine Corps has relied heavily on its Reserve component to support combat operations since September 2001. More than 23,000 Marine Reservesunits and individual augmenteeswere mobilized for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom . At the peak of mobilization in May 2003, 21,316 Reserves52 percent of the entire Selected Marine Corps Reserveswere on active duty, primarily supporting operations in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.41

The Marine Corps Reserve includes the 4th Marine Division, the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, the 4th Marine Logistics Group, the Force Headquarters Group, and a Headquarters Battalion.42 The 4th Marine Division includes one assault amphibian battalion, one combat engineer battalion, one light armored reconnaissance battalion, one reconnaissance battalion, one tank battalion, three regiments, two reconnaissance companies, and one training company.43 The 4th Marine Aircraft Wing includes two Marine Aircraft Groups:

    Army Reserve Vs National Guard

    To a casual observer or to someone who is not aware of the structure of the army in United States, there might not be any difference between Army Reserve and National Guard. However, this is not true and, despite similarities, the two forces have quite a few differences. In fact, though they share the same army uniform, they are two different organizations and do different duties. This article intends to clarify the differences between the two once and for all.

    It is true that superficially, they look alike because of the uniform and rank structure, which is same as the US army. They have the same number of soldiers in a squad and a particular number of squads make up a platoon in both, just like the US army. However, the biggest difference between them and the US army lies in the fact that they are reserve type units, which means that they are not full time or active army units. The soldiers in these units train at least one weekend in a month and also take part in an annual training lasting two weeks. But this is where similarities between the two units end.

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    Commissioned And Warrant Officers

    If you are an Officer or Warrant Officer applying for the Active Guard Reserve program:

    • You must be pending discharge from your component of the Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.
    • You must be in ranks 2LT through MAJ or W01 through CW4.
    • You must have completed the Officer Basic Course, if you have served less than five years in rank .
    • You must have completed the Captains Career Course, if you have served more than five years in rank .
    • You must have accrued less than 15 years of active federal service .
    • You must meet medical fitness standards for retention prior to entry.
    • You must pass a Defense Central Investigative Index.
    • You must NOT have received a referred Officer Evaluation Report in the 12-month period prior to the date of application or entry.

    What Is The Army National Guard

    National Guard vs. Army Reserves – whats the difference?

    The Army National Guard is part of the US Army and comprised of mostly part-time soldiers who serve both the state and the country.

    When most people think of the National Guard they think of assistance during natural disasters.

    While this is true, the National Guard also serves their country and can be called into active duty to serve in their state or abroad.

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    Us Navy Reserves Pros And Cons


    • Ability to serve full or part time
    • Available bonuses and special pay
    • Follow same promotion and pay raise scale as active duty


    • No guarantee that individuals will get their same rating
    • Joining as an Individual Augment has a high chance of being moved to active duty
    • May require personal time to keep in shape

    How Do I Become A Pilot In The Reserve Or National Guard

    The Air National Guard also offers flight training. Candidates first undergo the pilot candidate selection method . You will take the Basic Attributes Test with the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test . Any private flying time is taken into consideration. As of January 2000, all candidates are required to have a private pilot’s license. If you do not have one, the good news is that, if you qualify, the Air Force will fund flying training in your local area, with an Air Force-approved flying training instructor.

    The next step would be to attend the Air National Guard Academy of Military Science at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base in Knoxville, Tennessee, for a six-week commissioning program. As a new second lieutenant, all pilot candidates attend specialized undergraduate pilot training for 52 weeks. After graduation, pilots attend training for the aircraft they will be flying in their Air National Guard unit this lasts from 8-20 weeks.

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    Reserve Components: The National Guard And Reserve

    The phrase reserve components can include both the Reserve and the Guard. The DoD has a group of reserve components including:

    The Guard and Reserve both have their origins in early American militia groups formed at the beginning of American colonizationmore than one National Guard unit has its origins in such militias.

    A Critical Component Of National Security


    Our armed forces must be prepared to support an effective national military strategy across the full range of potential threats that the nation faces in the current and uncertain future threat environment. This calls for Guard and Reserve component forces to be postured for action in ways that best suit their organizational nature, their access to resources, and the demands of evolving operational and strategic requirements. In general, the Reserve component, composed of Guard and Reserve forces, best supports the country by serving as the nations insurance policy in the event that the Active component finds itself in major combat operations rather than by substituting for the Active component in smaller contingencies due to an undersized Active force.

    The Reserve and National Guard elements of the U.S. military provide critical support to the common defense of the nation every day. Whether flying supply and logistics support missions, acting as the federal governments first response force at home, or supporting active-duty forces during combat engagements overseas, these components have enabled and enhanced the U.S. militarys overall capabilities and capacities.

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    What Role For The Army Reserve And National Guard

    The Quadrennial Defense Reviews recommended cuts of 45,000 Army reservists appear appropriate for the current security environment and constitute an important aspect of reducing the $20 billion or greater annual budget shortfall that the Pentagon will acutely feel starting in the next decade. Indeed, even if all of the QDRs recommendations are adopted, the Pentagon will still face a significant budget problem. The onus is therefore on those who would not make these cuts to argue for a larger defense spending topline or suggest other specific cuts in the Pentagons budget.


    In todays U.S. military, Army reservists are larger than the active force. That fact is in stark contrast to the situation in the other services, where the reserve component is in all cases less than half as big as the active component. Army Reserve and National Guard personnel represent almost two-thirds of all reservists, and elicit the most debate in current defense policy. For that reason, my testimony focuses primarily on these Army forces. They are made up of nearly 370,000 National Guard personnel and 215,000 Army Reserve personnel . Their total annual budget of about $9 billion is nearly equal to that of the Marine Corps. Most specifically, this testimony focuses on the National Guards combat units, which today include more total brigade equivalents than the active Army.

    What Do The Army Reserves Do

    The Army Reserves is comprised of mostly part-time soldiers who complete the training and requirements specified by their MOS, while still holding a civilian job or attending school.

    Reserves members work one weekend a month, completing drills, and two weeks a year for training.

    Members generally attend drill near their home and receive benefits and pay from the Army.

    They can be called upon to full-time reserves where they can be deployed or stationed in the U.S., depending on the needs of the Army.

    Personnel in the Army Reserves can work in the majority of career fields that are open to enlisted members.

    Job categories include administration, intelligence, and combat support, arts and media, legal and law enforcement, combat, mechanics, computers and technology, medical and emergency, construction and engineering, and transportation and aviation.

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    What Is National Guard

    Though members of this organization are part of the overall army structure, in a sense they are not federal troops. They belong to states and are in fact state militia. The Governor of the state is their commander in chief though it is the President of the country that is the overall commander in chief of the entire army.

    Though, in theory, National Guard can be activated and pressed to serve the army, in practice they remain troops of the state and serve the state whenever it needs them. They are mostly used to quell civil unrest or a riot, and also used commonly in times of natural disasters. Whenever a state of emergency is declared in a state, it is the National reserve that is pressed into action by the Governor. These troops help local police in their effort to maintain law and order.

    Computation Of Retired Pay

    Switched from the Army National Guard to the Army Reserves.

    To determine how much retired pay you may be eligible to receive, the first step is to calculate the number of equivalent years of service. The formula for computing equivalent years of service for Reserve retired pay at age 60 is fairly simple:

    Total number of Creditable Retirement Points, divided by 360.

    The formula computes the number of equivalent years of service the soldier has completed . For example, 3,600 points equals 10 years.

    Military Personnel will notify the Defense Finance & Accounting Service Cleveland Center of the number of years service youve earned.

    Guard and Reserve members who separate or are discharged before age 60 will be credited for basic pay purposes only with the years up until their discharge. Members who transfer to the Retired Reserve until age 60 will receive credit for the years spent in the Retired Reserve.

    Depending on the date you initially entered military service, also called your DIEMS date, your monthly Reserve retired pay will be calculated under the Final Basic Pay or High-3 formula as follows:

    DIEMS date before 8 September 1980 Final basic pay. Multiply your years of satisfactory service by 2.5%, up to a maximum of 75%. Multiply the result by the basic pay in effect on the date your retired pay starts.

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    Number Of Guardsmen By State Territory And Dc

    A member of the NG, often called a “guardsman,” is a person who has signed an Enlistment Contract and has subscribed to an Enlistment Oath, is still alive, or has not yet been discharged. The subscription to the oath and the signature must be witnessed by a person, typically a Guard officer, authorized as an official witness. The term of the enlistment, or membership, runs from the date on the contract through the date on the discharge or the death certificate.

    The “number of guardsmen” is a statistic generated by the Defense Manpower Data Center , an agency of the DoD tasked with tracking the identities of all persons in the active military, its reserves, and civilians employed by it. Membership in the Guard may be regarded as an independent variable. It changes constantly. Its value at any instant cannot be known exactly. It can, however, be estimated from the records of the DMDC. Its data and reports are for the most part inaccessible to the general public, but it does make available some reports under the category “DoD Personal, Workforce Reports & Publications.”

    Below is a sample summary of a profile of National Guard membership as of September 30, 2020. Only the non-total columns come from the source. The totals are calculated from the data.

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