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What Is The Age Limit To Become A Navy Seal


Navy Seal Officer Requirements

Navy SEALs Explained – What is a Sea Air Land?

These positions must be filled with honorable and visionary men who can represent the nation well overseas.

Applicants should be committed to the Navy Special Warfare Community, its mission and its people.

To become a Navy SEAL Officer, you must be an American citizen no older than 42 years old with at least an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution and must be physically fit enough to pass the specialized medical exam and the Physical Screening Test.

To succeed as a leader in the SEAL teams, one must possess the following qualities: leadership, integrity, courage, teamwork, drive, and an unwavering commitment to excellence despite all obstacles.

Do You Have What It Takes Soldier

Most importantly, if youre not sure whether you have what it takes, we highly recommend reading Hell Week and Beyond: The Making of a Navy SEAL and The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday: Making Navy SEALs, or how about the Damn Few: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior, or The Way of the SEAL: Think like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed and First, Fast, Fearless: How to Lead Like a Navy SEAL all available online in 2022.

Can You Handle The Navy Seal Training Program

So, you think you can handle being a SEAL?

Theres only one way to find out, but youll want to spend a lot of time mentally and physically preparing to do so.

While you can certainly train on your own schedule, its important to not fit all workouts in cardio, calisthenics, running, swimming, etc. into one day.

The key is a progression as your body gets stronger and learns to adapt to heavy training periods. Keeping a record of your training progress will also help keep you motivated. Its also useful for tracking weak points to further train with your mentor or coach.

Above all, keep a positive mindset. It will get you through the toughest parts of training. Most SEAL trainers will tell you its 90% mental.

Think you can survive a Navy SEAL workout and training program? Let us know in the comments below how youre preparing if you plan to be a Navy SEAL!

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Task Group Level Training

Phase three of a work-up is Task Group Level Training. Task Group Level Training is the last 6-month block wherein a troop conducts advanced training with the supporting attachments/enablers of a SEAL Squadron: Special Boat Teams , IntelligenceTeams, Cryptological Support Teams, Communications Medical Teams, EOD, Interpreters/Linguist, etc. A final Certification Exercise is conducted with the entire SEAL Squadron to synchronize Troop operations under the Joint Special Operations Task Force umbrella. Following CERTEX, a SEAL Team becomes a SEAL Squadron and is certified for deployment.

Once certified, a SEAL Team/Squadron will deploy to a Joint Special Operations Task Force or Area of Responsibility to become a Special Operations Task Force , combine with a Joint Task Force or Task Force in support of other National Objectives. Once assigned, the Troops will be given an Area of Operations where they will either work as a centralized/intact Troop or task organize into decentralized elements to conduct operations. NSW Troops have ranged in size from 60 personnel to over 200 and can consist of SEAL’s and any USSOCOM operational element and enablers. A SEAL Team/Squadron deployment currently is approximately 6 months, keeping the entire cycle at 12 to 24 months.

  • US Navy SEALs demonstrate VBSS techniques for the 2004 Joint Civilian Orientation Conference.

Stage : Second Phase Combat Diving

bj010design: Requirements To Become A Navy Seal

Most SEAL missions were intended to be aquatic operations, which is why this part of the training is a must.

During these seven weeks, Navy SEALs acquire unique underwater skills. This training teaches you how to become a basic combat swimmer in both open and closed-circuit diving.

Performed in physically uncomfortable and stressful environments, those squeamish in water environments will struggle to complete this phase.

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Navy Seal Officer Career Progression

As a SEAL officer, you will typically go straight to a SEAL team or SEAL Delivery Vehicle team for your first operational tour.

After that, you will also go overseas for two years, to train and workup, and for overseas deployments. Your second assignment will probably be with a SEAL team if your first assignment was with an SDV team.

You will be the assistant platoon commander for a platoon whose leader is the Assistant Officer-in-Charge . You will be an officer-in-charge on your second two-year tour of duty.

Specialized training available to SEAL Officers includes Sniper, Freefall Jumpmaster, Dive Supervisor, Recall Master, Fast Rope Master, etc. Demolition, cleaning, loadmaster, rigger, hazardous cargo certifier, and outboard motor maintenance are only available to enlisted personnel.

Your third tour of duty will be Shore Duty on a Staff assignment, in language school, or at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.

As an alternative, you may qualify for a billet to complete the Phase I requirements of the Joint Professional Military Education by attending one of the four U.S. Military War Colleges in the junior courses.

Next, you will go back to an operational command for a tour, then alternate staff and operational tours.

In the majority of cases, the career path for SEAL Officer looks like this:

Lieutenant or Junior Lieutenant Commander

  • Operations Officer at a SEAL or SDV Team or equivalent

Senior Lieutenant Commander Executive Officer

But remember:

A Quick Word About Age Waivers

Age waivers are available on a case-by-case basis. An applicant has to stand out in many areas in order to even begin the process of moving age waivers up the chain of command from the recruiters office. Here is a short list of ways to stand out among the crowd.

1. Physical test scores. PST scores have to be above average in order to be taken seriously: an eight-minute, 500-yard swim 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 20 pull-ups and a nine-minute, 1.5-mile run. Score in this area, and a recruiter likely will take you seriously and take the time to move the waiver up the chain of command.

2. Work history. What have you been doing for the last decade? What skill set/trade do you bring to the table? Are you a leader/entrepreneur? Do you have an extensive travel history or speak foreign languages?

3. Collegiate history. It may have been awhile since college or you may have advanced degrees that will help you stand out among other enlisted candidates. Most enlisted SEALs have college degrees, many played sports, and some have advanced degrees.

4. Who you know. Sometimes a letter of recommendation from current Navy SEALs or higher-ranking officials can go a long way to helping people decide whether you will receive an age waiver.

Stew Smith is a former Navy SEAL and fitness author certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Visit his Fitness eBook store

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How Many Years Do You Have To Serve In The Navy To Join The Seals


If you meet the Navy SEAL qualifications, you can join straight out of civilian life. The SEALs an acronym for Sea, Air and Land forces are a small, elite military force created in 1962. They carry out covert but effective missions that bigger forces operating from battleships, tanks or jets can’t accomplish. You don’t have to be in the Navy already to join the SEALS, but you do have to be tough. Navy SEAL training takes more than a year, and it’s brutally demanding.

Selection Process For Navy Seal Officer

How long do Navy SEALs hold their breath?

Applicants who desire to become SEAL officers must be selected by the SEAL Officer Selection Panel and provide current contact information to the SEAL Officer Community Managers office.

Active Duty applicants that do not hold the NECs O26A, O23A or O52A must attend SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection .

If they are unable to attend due to operational commitments, applicants must conduct an interview with SOAS staff members.

Active Duty applicants previously disenrolled from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training through a voluntary drop on request are not eligible to attend SOAS.

All civilian applicants must attend SOAS to be considered by the selection panel, unless specifically approved for consideration by the Naval Special Warfare Program Manager.

Complete the rest of the application as per the following application guidelines and deadlines.

Applications for SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection are typically due in February every year. Yes, there is only one selection board per year.

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So Many Dropouts In The First Phase

Since these events and exercises are timed, it increases the level of pressure. As a result, it is often during this phase that a large number of candidates voluntarily drop out of the program by putting in their Drop On Request .

If this occurs, the individual is required to drop their training helmet on the ground next to a brass pole. They then ring the bell at the top of the pole three times to signify they are quitting.

What Should The Older Candidate Do Before And During Bud/s

Recovery. It is a small difference, but the 18-year-old body will recover faster than a body a decade or more older, so recovery has to be the number one goal every day for the older BUD/S student.

But to be honest, recovery is critical for ALL BUD/S students. Actively pursuing recovery from a tough day/week of training needs to be accomplished by all students in order to be successful, no matter what the age. This means good food, hydration, healthy snacks, rest on weekends, good sleep nightly , stretching, foam rolling, compression garments, massage tools and wound/joint care will help the active student attending any selection program.

Performance. No matter your age, there is a fitness standard, tactical skills standard and a military standard you have to meet. Well, exceeding the standard should be the standard should be the mindset of any BUD/S student in preparing and attending SEAL training — young or old. There is no age performance drop at BUD/S, just one standard for all students.

Injuries. Another thing to consider is that injuries happen at BUD/S to students of all ages. Knowing how to play with pain is part of the game for all successful students. But being able to discern aches and pains from real injuries requires some maturity. Seeking medical advice before it gets so bad that you fail events is something you need to understand and be open to.

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How Many Navy Seal Candidates Complete The Required Training And Become A Seal

Navy SEAL training is a very rigorous program designed to ensure only the most elite Navy members complete the program and become SEALs. Navy SEALs account for only about one percent of all active-duty members of the Navy, and it is estimated that only about 20-25% of all SEAL candidates complete the training needed to become a member of the SEALs, with approximately 1,000 candidates entering the training program and about 250 candidates completing training each year.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Navy Seal

Navy SEAL Training Will Teach You to Be Successful in Recruitment ...

To become a Navy SEAL, you must be an active-duty member of the U.S. Navy and a U.S. citizen who can read, write and speak English fluently. You must also usually be under the age of 28, although waivers are sometimes allowed for candidates who are 29 to 30 years old. Every candidate will also need to pass a security clearance background check.

Candidates must also have good vision with at least 20/40 in your best eye, 20/70 in your worst eye, correctable to 20/25 with no color blindness, pass a stringent physical screening test and maintain a 1/8″ length hair cut.

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Initial Seal Officer Training

In highly stressful and high risk situations, Navy SEALs teach enlisted men and officers an unconventional mindset that helps them work as a team, think creatively, and remain alert to threats.

SEALs are now one of the most effective weapons in the global war against terror. This has become well-known even in popular media.

The initial training is conducted in Coronado, CA at Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training. BUD/S is six months of the most difficult training that the US military offers.

BUD/S is hard really hard.

Naval Special Warfare Orientation

The Naval Special Warfare Orientation course is 3 weeks long. This is where SEAL officer candidates meet their classmates who are already in the service.

You will get a room in the barracks and get the right gear for your training. Your instructors will show you how to live and work in a special operations training environment, as well as the values of teamwork and perseverance.

In this intensive course:

  • You learn how to swim in the ocean and do underwater training in the pool.
  • You also learn how to run on the sand with your full gear on.
  • Furthermore, you will also learn about Naval Special Warfare culture and history.

In NSWO, instructors start the process of only selecting students who have the right character and are excited about achieving great things for the NSW community.

To become a NSW operator, you need to show that you are mentally and physically strong and ready for the work.

BUD/S First Phase

Combat Diving

First Female Navy Seal

    Has there ever been a female Navy SEAL? Can a female become a Navy SEAL? Are there different requirements or different tests for females vs. males attempting to pass SEAL training and selection? All of these are great questions, and well answer these along with giving some helpful information about SEAL training and selection and whether or not a female can become a Navy SEAL. The short answer Hell yeah they can!

    Jump to answers:

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    How To Become A Navy Seal Step By Step

    Navy SEALs are the most elite members of the U.S. Navy. The Navy’s standards of qualification to successfully become a SEAL requires physical and mental fortitude that is possessed by only a select few. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about becoming a Navy SEAL, including common job requirements, average salary and answers to frequently asked questions.

    How Can Felons Become Navy Seals


    Becoming a Navy SEAL is hard enough with the physical and mental requirements a candidate must meet. The political requirements make it nearly unlikely for a felon to even join the military, let alone conquer the Navy SEAL BUD/S Training phase.

    A preliminary requirement eliminates felons from the equations, which is having a clean criminal record, but there are ways for felons to become a Navy SEAL. All felonies are not treated the same and with proper political assistance, a felon can become a SEAL candidate.

    First, a felon must enlist into the Navy and apply for a felony waiver from the Navy Recruiting Command. Approved felony waivers are rare, but they give hope to those with one felony charged as an adult and one as a juvenile. Unfortunately for those with two or more adult felonies or three at any age, they can not apply for a waiver. Here is the list of felonies that require a wavier:


    Intent to defraud or deceive


    Grand larceny

    Kidnapping abduction

    Violent offenders are even less likely to be approved. Sex crimes are also deemed for automatic disqualification.



    Child Pornography

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    To Qualify For Swcc You Must Score At Least One Of The Following On The Asvab:

  • VE + AR = a minimum score of 103 + MC = a minimum score of 51
  • Some high schools administer the ASVAB test, but you can get a practice test and study guide online. Active duty candidates can find ASVAB resources at the local Navy College office. Waivers are granted on a case-by-case basis. Your PST scores and the strength of your overall application will be used to make a determination of eligibility. If you’re already in the Navy, submit your conversion package. Your package will be evaluated by the SEAL Enlisted Community Manager.

    Stage : Third Phase Land Warfare Training

    This period has the lowest drop-out rate as candidates have shown a strong commitment to making it this far in training.

    Training sessions focus on:

    • Patrolling
    • Rappelling and other combat tactics

    Youll also spend time in the classroom learning to gather and process information necessary to complete missions and become more confident in the field. The last 3.5 weeks of your training are spent on Catalina Island, actively practicing skills in an environment that aligns with real missions.

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    What Does A Navy Seal Officer Do

    The Navy SEALs are an agile, elite maritime military unit equipped for all facets of unconventional warfare, founded by President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

    In this position, you will give critical military assistance in times of crisis all throughout the world.

    As a SEAL Officer, your responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

    • Conducting clandestine Special Warfare/Special Operations insertions and extractions by sea, air, or land
    • Detecting and apprehending high-value enemy people and terrorists all across the world.
    • Special reconnaissance missions are used to gather information and intelligence.
    • Small-unit direct-action operations against military objectives
    • Prior to amphibious invasions, conducting underwater research and destruction of natural or man-made barriers.
    • In your unit, you will be in charge of training and leading enlisted SEALs.

    SEALs are not only highly skilled individuals they are also members of closely knit teams.

    They train and work in all sorts of environments. That includes deserts, urban areas, mountains, forests, jungles, and arctic conditions.

    A typical mission involves the use of many types of means to enter a combat objective: parachute, submarine, helicopter, high-speed boat, foot patrol, or combat swimmer insertion.

    But do not get it twisted, this is mostly a leadership job.

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