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What Is Basic Training In The Army


Weeks Four And Five Phase 2 White Phase

Army Basic Training: ‘Typical Day in Basic Training’ (Episode 3)

Youve got the basics down, now its time to dig deeper. During these weeks, you will focus on:

  • Self-discipline.
  • Hand-to-hand combat and weapons training.
  • Basic rifle marksmanship.
  • Physical fitness.

In addition to marksmanship and physical fitness training, youll be expected to navigate obstacle courses and rappel from a 50-foot structure, known as the Warrior Tower. White Phase will also be your first introduction to Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills, such as first aid skills, navigational skills, weaponry use and much, much more.

Take this tip from the U.S. military itself: The best way to make fitness training easier is to work harder.

Directions To Fort Sill Oklahoma

Public Transportation

The nearest Amtrak stop to Fort Sill is in Oklahoma City, roughly 85 miles away. Alternatively, you could take a Greyhound bus from nearby Lawton and connect to Oklahoma City and most other major cities.

Flights to Fort Sill, AL

The closest airport to Fort Sill is Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport. Its a fairly small airport in terms of takeoffs and landings, but its only a few miles from the front gates of Fort Sill. The regional airport is served by American Eagle which connects passengers to nearby Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport via daily round trip flights.

Driving Directions to Fort Sill, Oklahoma
  • If you drive from the airport, you will drive north on Southwest 11th Street.
  • Turn left onto Southwest Lee Boulevard.
  • Turn left onto Southwest 20th Street and follow the signs for Fort Sill.
  • Your First Steps To Becoming A Soldier

    Basic Combat Training, often known as boot camp, is your introduction to Army service, and where you will learn the traditions, tactics and methods of becoming a Soldier. During Basic, youll learn how to work as a member of a team to accomplish tasks. Youll learn discipline, including proper dress, marching, and grooming standards. Most importantly, youll be instilled with the Seven Core Army Values and the Soldier Creed. Basic Combat Training comes in three phases and lasts about ten weeks, depending on your military occupational specialty . After you graduate from basic training, you will undergo two additional phases of training, known as Advanced Individual Training, where you will learn the job skills required of your MOS.

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    Boot Camp Basics You Should Know: Some Dont Go

    All branches of service have some form of boot camp or basic training. All new recruits are required to go to basic training, but not all recruits are new.

    Some may be prior-service recruits who are reentering the military after a break in service. Others may be active duty troops who decided to transition to a Guard or Reserve unit. Still others may be currently serving troops who are transferring out of Guard/Reserve status into full-time active duty.

    And then there are those who transfer from one branch of service to another with no break in service.

    In some cases, boot camp is waived for those who have already graduated from a basic training program. In others, full boot camp or a partial version of it may be required. That is true for prior service military members who want to join the Marinesin most cases full boot camp is required. The Army has a program that requires most to attend a four-week transition course for prior-service military members.

    Bottom line? There are many variables for prior service military members coming back on duty, but much will depend on your selected branch of service, how long you have had a break in service for where applicable, and other issues. Prior service troops may have no basic training commitment or may be required to attend a full-blown boot camp the way the Marine Corps does.

    Basic Fitness Test Checks Fitness

    7 Reasons Basic Training Is Easy (That Nobody Tells You ...

    Each week, the Bundeswehrs basic training focusses on a different topic. Apart from that, recruits exercise a lot to increase their physical fitness. During the pre-employment medical examination and at the end of the Bundeswehrs basic training, all the young soldiers must undergo what is known as the basic fitness test : they must pass the sprint, strength and endurance tests within 90 minutes. A swimming test is also part of the science-based examination. Even after basic training, the BFT is repeated once a year to check the personnels physical fitness.

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    Not Like A Civilian Job

    Regardless of what your recruiter told you, being a member of the United States Armed Forces is not just like having a civilian job. In the military, there will always be someone telling you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it — and you’ve got to do it. Sometimes they’ll tell you to do something that you don’t want to do, or tell you in a way that makes you angry.

    Failing to do it is not an option. The willful disobeying of a lawful order won’t just get you “fired,” as it would in a civilian occupation. It can get you sent to jail.

    In the military, you’ll work the hours you are told to work. You’ll work “overtime” with no additional pay. You’ll do the tasks you’re assigned to do . You’ll live where you’re told to live, and you’ll deploy where and when you’re told to deploy.

    If you’re not absolutely willing to make these sacrifices, then you might want to reconsider enlisting.

    Fort Benning Gate Hours

    The Main Gate, where youll find the Lindsey Creek Visitor Center, is open 24/7. Hours for the other post entrances are as follows:

    • Camp Merrill 24/7
    • Benning Boulevard 0600 to 1800
    • Custer Road/Route 27 0500-1700 Monday through Friday
    • 8th Division Road 24/7
    • 8th Division Road Truck Stop 0600 to 1400
    • Eddy Bridge 24/7

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    What Is Us Army Basic Training

    If you’ve chosen to join the U.S. Army, basic combat training will be one of your first challenges. Knowing what it is and how to properly prepare can help you succeed. In this article, we outline basic training for the U.S. Army, what activities it involves, what you’ll learn and what’s required of you.

    What Are The Phases Of Army Basic Training

    A Typical Day in Army Basic Training

    There are three phases of Army Basic Training. Incidentally enough, they are named phase red, white, and blue .

    Each phase is a single block of multiple weeks. Lets take a brief look at each of them:

    Red Phase: This will occur in the first three weeks of basic training.

    White Phase: Starts at week four and concludes at the end of week five.

    Blue Phase: The final phase. Begins at week six and ends at week nine.

    Well be doing in-depth with what happens during these phases.

    The reason why these phases exist is because it will allow soldiers to move onto the next one when they have successfully passed their test.

    Towards the end of each phase, trainees will be tested on what theyve learned so far in training.

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    What To Wear To Basic Training Graduation

    At this ceremony, your soldier will likely be in their dress blue uniform the Army equivalent to a suit and tie. As a guest, you dont need to wear a formal outfit, but youll want to look nice to show appreciation for your soldiers accomplishment. Business casual or your Sunday best clothes are more than appropriate.

    Remember, graduations are usually held outdoors in some of the hotter months of the year. Take all these considerations into account when deciding your layering, your footwear and, yes, also your hydration.

    Bring your pride in your soldiers achievement, a camera to capture the moments, binoculars, sunscreen and a little cash for any commemorative items you may want. Definitely leave the alcohol, tobacco, weapons, silly string or other offensive items outside the gate. Its all about respecting how the process forged a fighter from your son, daughter, brother, sister whatever they are to you. At the same time, you can enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony, such as the national anthem, remarks from leadership, etc. and telling your soldier WELL DONE afterward.

    Do You Get Paid For Basic Training

    Yes. Youll be glad to hear youre at least getting paid to struggle through challenges that will shape you into a soldier. During the in-processing of Week Zero, the Army will establish your military pay records and scale. Thereafter, youll be paid twice each month on the first and 15th. Expect to give the wheels of the government a day or so to slowly grind into action.

    Pay for BMT depends upon your rank. Every enlisted recruit starts out as an E1, and can expect an annual salary of around $20,170.80.

    BMT is 10 weeks, so the average E1 payment for basic training is around $3,800 plus meals and housing.

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    What Is Basic Training For The Us Army

    Basic training, also referred to as “initial entry training” or boot camp, refers to the highly intense recruitment training required to become a soldier. During basic training, you will learn the essentials of becoming a soldier. This includes learning how to march, shoot and survive in the U.S. Army. You’ll also participate in various drills, obstacles and ceremonies to help you prepare for life as a soldier.

    The type of training you receive will vary depending on your position in the U.S. Army. You’ll start with basic combat training and likely follow it with Advanced Individual Training , which is a customized program based on your specific career goals. Depending on your career path, you might attend

    Sport Is An Increasingly Important Part Of The Bundeswehrs Basic Training


    As of May 2019, the training concept for the Armys basic training includes more sporting elements and takes into account other factors such as motivation and nutrition. Accordingly, the military personnel are even better prepared for demanding service in the Army. In a six-week training block, they first get physically fit before they go into action duty training together.

    The other armed services, the Air Force, Navy, Joint Support and Enabling Service and Medical Service, also impart information specific to their areas during basic training. The young Navy personnel, for example, learn the first practical naval basics such as various sailors knots, as well as caulking leaks with wood, a saw and a hammer.

    Those who fail one part of basic training will be retrained by the instructors and allowed to repeat the exam no one is left behind.

    In the solemn pledge at the end of basic training, the servicemen and women swear to loyally serve the Federal Republic of Germany and bravely defend the rights and freedom of the German people.

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    Required Documents And Items

  • The following documents are required on arrival:
  • Birth Certificate and Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization if you were born outside Canada
  • Vaccination booklet
  • Void cheque
  • Your lease with a recent proof of ongoing payment or proof of mortgage and
  • It is imperative that you create a bank account prior to your arrival at CFB Borden. Your pay will be transferred directly to your account.
  • The following documents are required only if applicable:
  • medical prescriptions
  • eyeglass prescriptions
  • birth certificates for any dependents
  • affidavit respecting your common-law relationship
  • certificate of divorce
  • proof of name change
  • proof of change in medical status
  • DND 1654
  • CF-100 for post-course leave from your home unit and
  • Army Basic Training: What To Expect

    Basic training is the first step in preparing you to be a soldier. It starts with basic combat training or Army boot camp. Then comes specialized training in your career field or you may go to Officer Candidate School to master Army leadership skills.

    In basic training, youll learn teamwork and discipline, and how to handle a weapon, rappel and march. The work is physically and mentally demanding. Youll experience stress and youll test your limits. Know what to expect and arrive prepared.

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    What Can I Send Someone During Basic Training

    Speaking of mail, we cant think of a time in someones life when a written letter could mean so much to a soldier. Words of encouragement will sustain your soldier during this challenging time and make every mail call all that more exciting. Stick to simple stationery, and limit photos. Expect that mail could be delivered a few weeks after you send it.

    Since the Army provides all the basics the soldier needs during BCT, care packages of treats and creature comforts are not, we repeat, not recommended. Not only will they be withheld until after graduation, but they could draw unwanted attention from a drill sergeant for the entire unit. Better to save those homemade cookies until after your soldier has gutted through all the physical and mental tests that await them.

    Best Places To Live Near Fort Benning

    What Is ARMY BASIC TRAINING Like In 2021? (What To Expect!)

    Columbus, GA

    Columbus sits along the Chattahoochee River , just 12 miles from Fort Benning. The Fountain City, as its affectionately known, has a lot to offer its 196,000 residents, from outdoor activities like the Chattahoochee RiverWalk and Dragonfly Trail or indoor delights like the Coca-Cola Space Science Center or Columbus Aquatic Center. Many military families opt to live here because the cost of living in the city is low compared to the rest of the nation, the schools are above average, theres tons to do and its a quick commute to Fort Benning.

    Phenix City, AL

    Just across the Chattahoochee from Columbus, Phenix City is a desirable and affordable Alabama suburb where many Fort Benning families choose to live. The nearly 37,000 residents of the city benefit from being connected to the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area. The area suits a variety of outdoor enthusiasts from golfers to rafters to spectators. Folks living here enjoy a variety of parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses, lakes, and more throughout the year.

    Hot Tip: Look for Fort Benning homes and apartments for rent or sale, and find BAH, PCS, TLA & ETS military housing information at

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    Restaurants Near Fort Jackson

    Southern food is famous for being smoked, fried, decadent, and delicious. Here are the top three Yelp reviewed restaurants in Columbia, near Fort Jackson.

    702 Cross Hill Rd Ste 400DColumbia, SC 29205

    Columbia, SC 29205Phone: 1 708-4495

    Looking to really explore more food and drink options? Check out the 30 of the Best Fort Jackson Restaurants.

    Hot Tip: Connect with military-trusted businesses and deals exclusively for Fort Jackson at MyBaseGuide.

    What Is Basic Training Like Prepare And Be Ready

    Feb 9, 2020 | Basic Training Questions |

    Solid Training and PreparationWhat to Expect From Basic Training

    Basic Training: Prepared for Life

    When you sign up for Army Basic Training, you can count on being prepared for life because the training will become ingrained in you. Get signed up and expect a rewarding career.

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    Week Zero And Week One

    This is where it all begins. Zero Week is what happens prior to the beginning of the red phase.

    At this point, you will be given immunizations, physical exams, complete necessary paperwork for the enlisting process, and other in-processing tasks.

    You will likely undergo a drug test to ensure that you are free of any drugs or illicit substances.

    A positive test will be grounds for discharge from the United States Army.

    After your processing is complete, the beginning of the Red Phase starts in week one.

    Here, you will learn of the Armys Core Values, traditions, and ethics.

    And youll also be issued an M16, which will be your best friend throughout the training .

    You will learn how to properly disassemble, maintain, and assemble your rifle.

    A good soldier is someone who knows their rifle like the back of their hand. You will also take part in the first of a handful of regular PT sessions.

    These PT evaluations will see where you stand in terms of physical fitness.

    Remember, you will be evaluated on a regular basis up until your final evaluation towards graduation.

    On the third day of week one, youll learn basic drills and marching.

    Aside from your fitness evaluations, you will often be tested on your knowledge of basic drills and marches.

    For the last three days of the week, it will mostly be classroom time where youll learn everything from the Armys Core Values, ethics, and more.

    To Join As Anofficer Officers In The Caf Hold Positions Of Authority And Respect They Are Responsible For The Safety Well

    Newly arrived Soldiers begin red phase at basic combat ...

    You are between 16 and 57 years old.

    If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

    You are between 16 and 57 years old.

    If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

    You are a Canadian citizen.

    You are a Canadian citizen.

    You have completed Grade 10 or Secondary IV .

    You have completed Grade 10 or Secondary IV .

    You have, or are working towards, a Bachelor’s Degree.

    If you do not meet this requirement, you may be eligible for one of our Paid Education programs.

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    Army Basic Training Blue Phase

    Finally comes the Blue Phase, which is where all your training culminates into a series of field training exercises that simulate deployment conditions and tasks.

    Operating out of forward operating bases you will training clearing rooms in prop towns, conducting land navigation lanes, moving as a platoon and squad across terrain, moving while under live fire, convoy operations, and much more.

    This is where most recruits have the most fun as you are finally doing what they do in the commercials.

    Youll also be required to complete the APFT and meet the basic standards, including height and weight standards.

    Upon completion of Blue Phase you will officially be a soldier in the US Army after the initiation ceremony conducted by your training company.

    The final days of Army basic training are spent turning in your training gear, prepping for your next training cycle at Advanced Individual Training, and spending time with family that has been invited for the graduation ceremony and a tour of the training you endured.

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