Editor PicksWhat Happens If You Join The Military After College

What Happens If You Join The Military After College


Military Debt Repayment Programs


The Army, Navy and Air Force offer programs to help soldiers pay back their student loans. For applicants who qualify, the Army will pay up to $65,000 of student loans, as will the Navy, although the Navy earmarks payments for loans taken to fund post-secondary education. The Air Force will pay off up to $65,000 of student loans for Judge Advocate Generals after four years of active duty, provided they meet a few other qualifications. Military student loan forgiveness programs require that you not take advantage of the federal GI Bill.

Expectations Trust And Treatment

Officers are given great amounts of responsibility and trust from the start. They are expected to perform their job well immediately. They are expected to set the example. Officers are given more freedom to plan their way. They are treated like competent adults until they prove otherwise.

Enlisted arent given the pressure of huge responsibility and leadership, at least not right away. Theyre expectations arent as high at junior enlisted ranks. Unfortunately, if you enlist with a college degree, you will have to prove yourself to be competent. You will be watched and micromanaged.

If you dont like making the ultimate decisions, enlisting would be the option. However, if you cant tolerate constantly being managed , I would not enlist when you already have that college degree.

Why Join The Military With A Bachelors Degree

Having a MILITARY BACHELORS DEGREE is extremely advantageous for anyone considering signing up after completing four years of college. Some people will tell you that its a waste of a college degree to enlist in the military, but thats not necessarily true. So why should someone in possession of a bachelors degree join the military after all those years of challenging coursework? Here are four convincing reasons why it can be a great idea for any college graduate, especially those who had previous interest in serving the country.

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Best Degrees For Military Officers

Learn to lead among the ranks as a military officer or prepare for life after service.

Civilian and military careers alike reward individuals who work hard and achieve a high level of training and expertise. In competitive fields, you will be more desirable to employers if you have a proven track record of accomplishing goals and standards set by the employer. Choosing one of the 2021 best degrees for military officers will put you on the path to success and future career growth by teaching you the skills you need to advance your career and prepare you for careers outside the military. By earning a degree, it shows on paper your qualifications to rise in the ranks and your readiness for your next promotion.

Programs For Indigenous Peoples

What Happens if You Miss One Weekend a Month in the ...

Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year

A one-year educational program offered to Indigenous peoples through the Royal Military College of Canada

Summer training programs

Summer Indigenous programs provide an opportunity to discover Military culture and training.

Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program

A special three-week program for Indigenous peoples who are considering a career in the CAF.

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Prepare For The Asvab Test

Be prepared to study for the ASVAB test. Studying for the ASVAB is crucial to qualify for more military branch options and careers. Dont stress out too much though, if you take the test and wished you had scored higher, you are able to take the test again. Also, if you have a college degree, you may be able to enlist at a higher rank.

If you have children, you will need a guardian who is willing to provide care while you are away. You will attend basic training and your schooling, on a full-time basis, away from your family. Even if joining the reserves, you have to complete basic training and your tech school. Each military branch basic training length varies and tech school length depends on your career choice. Some schools are as quick as eight weeks, while others are one year long.

Questions You Should Ask The Recruiter:

  • What options for student loan repayment are there?
  • What specialties are available that match my skills and education?
  • What service time obligation does each path require?
  • What opportunities are there for further education?

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There are a lot of financial benefits for education that come with joining the military. Some are available to everyone, while others only apply in certain situations.

Make sure that you ask your recruiter BEFORE joining about available programs. Some require that you join under specific circumstances to be eligible.

Once you join, you will need to complete some version of introductory training. For enlisted members, this is most often the basic training course.

Officer candidates complete a similar course, called the Officer Candidate School.

Each service administers its own program, which your recruiter will explain in detail.

All courses are designed to help you learn what is expected of members of the military and transition from civilian to service member.

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National Guard Student Loan Repayment

The National Guard Student Loan Repayment program offers alleviation from student loan debt if you sign up to serve.

In order to qualify for this LRP as a non-prior service soldier, there are a number of criteria: You must enlist for a minimum of six years, enlist for a critical skills vacancy in the grade of E-4 or below, enlist in a qualifying position in an MTO or medical TDA unit only, score a minimum score of 50 on the Armed Forces Qualifying Test . You cannot also be enlisting as a 09R SMP cadet, RFP, or Active First Program, and you must not be enlisted as a glossary non-prior service soldier .

There are different stipulations for student loan forgiveness if you are a current National Guard member or a prior service soldier.

If you are eligible, you can earn up to $7,500 annually, with a maximum of $50,000, toward your qualifying student loan debts.

Why Every College Student Should Consider Joining The Military

I Joined The ARMY Right After High School | Do I Regret It? | What I Learned | Should You Do It?

Students are often left in the dark when it comes to benefits college graduates are offered to join the U.S. Armed Forces.

There are many perks someone who joins the military with a bachelor’s degree under their belt can take advantage of, including, but not limited to, the ability to start out as an officer as opposed to being enlisted, which means receiving better pay and gaining access to competitive loan repayment programs.

On top of that, officers in the military receive better treatment, more privileges, and are given more opportunity to exercise their leadership abilities. They often supervise teams of 15-40 people – or even more right off the bat.

An O-1 with under two years of experience makes $3,035 per month, according to Navy Cyberspace. With fast promotion possibilities, pay increases are very likely.

For example, even if an O-1 doesnt get promoted after their first year of service , theyll automatically make $3,159 per month anyway. But with a promotion to O-2, or first lieutenant, and two years of service, that number increases to $3,982. An O-10 with over 26 years of experience, receives $17,657 per month.

Not too shabby.

ScholarshipPointsEnter Scholarship

One example of a loan repayment plan is the College Loan Repayment Program . Under the CLRP, a portion of money will be given towards paying off student loans for eligible members. However, it should be noted that only enlisted, active-duty members qualify.

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Getting Ready To Train

An excellent way to determine your fitness level is to undergo a fitness appraisal.

Talk to your doctor before starting a fitness routine or appraisal, particularly if you have a heart condition, feel chest pain, lose your balance or consciousness, have a bone or joint problem, or take drugs for a blood pressure or heart condition. Tell your doctor about the kinds of activities you want to do and follow his or her advice.

Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program

This student loan repayment program is only for fully qualified health professionals that are also on active duty.

If you qualify, youll be eligible to receive $40,000 per year toward your student loan debt for up to three years if you are in the dental, medical, allied health, nursing, or veterinary corps while serving active duty.

You can be eligible for up to $50,000 in total loan forgiveness over three years if you are in the dental, medical, allied health, nurse, or veterinary corps serving in the reserves.

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You Are On Call 24/7 Even When You’re Not

Ever wonder why service members tell time differently? For example, it’s not 11 p.m., it’s 2300 hrs. This is because war never sleeps. Those who think otherwise have another thing coming. Battle is about maneuvering units and materials at a moment’s notice to secure a tactical advantage. This can easily happen at night, and it can easily make no sense to you.

No matter what your rank or specialization, the Army can wake you up at 0200 hrs and make you guard a port-o-potty in the middle of nowhere, thousands of miles from any national security threat. The only items you might have to protect yourself will be a broom and a canteen. You’ll have no say in the matter, and nobody is required to explain anything to you.

You’re not even safe when you’re on vacation. Oh, didn’t you know that the Army considers weekends and holidays to be vacation days? That fact came as a shock to me. When you go on vacation, you are expected to fill out a lot more paperwork than you would at a typical company in the private sector. The Army wants to know every detail regarding your whereabouts when you’re on vacationâincluding the hotel you’ll be staying in.

Why? In case of a national emergency, the Army has to know where you are so it can summon you if they need you. Even if you are far from your base, you may be contacted to report to a closer one. This is highly unlikely, but it is a soldier’s responsibility.

Why Join The Army

A Dash of Love: What Happens After Navy OCS?

If you’ve done plenty of research about the Army and what service entails and you’re not dissuaded by what you have learned, then you should also consider that joining the Army will test you as a person and soldier. You will learn a lot about your country, service, the world, and yourself if you join. You will also have the opportunity to serve and sacrifice to make your nation safer or to protect the rights that Americans have.

While there are definitely unpleasant aspects of service, there are also a lot of good things about joining the Army. Understanding the potential benefits and pitfalls of joining the Army will help potential soldiers make a good decision about whether or not to enlist.

If you think you can do it, if you want the chance, or if you feel that you are ready to join the Army after reading this article, then go for it! Good luck!

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Start Out As An Officer

Individuals who have completed a bachelors degree prior to enlisting get the chance to become a military officer after completion of Officer Candidate School or Officer Training School and basic training. Officers lead and supervise platoons of 15 to 40 service members, and they are essential to the structure and function of the military. There are many benefits of being an officer including higher pay, more privileges, better treatment, being a leader, and more. Those who are on the officer track also gain more formal education, which leads to gaining more skills that can be applied to civilian jobs if they choose to leave the military.

Making It Work Under Difficult Circumstances

Perseverance and dedication are key characteristics of successful students. Spittler says shes helped hundreds of students, and always loves to hear their stories. A few of them still stand out in her memory.

She recalls advising an online military student who was deployed overseas. He was interested in a masters program at National. She told him itd be a great program for him, but that he needed to take the classes in sequence, without breaks in between. She also told him his options in case he needed to drop a class.

Throughout the program, the student kept in touch with Spittler and, although she knew he was deployed, she didnt know where. Spittler says when a student is on active duty, You cant really discuss where theyre at because of security reasons. I really dont ask.

Wherever he was serving, the time difference was significant, and the student would stay up late in order to call Spittler during her office hours if he needed to speak to her. His ability to focus on difficult coursework while deployed really captured her attention and she praised him for his efforts.

Finally, he arrived at his capstone project, which is the last course in a National University program. Going into the last course, he had all As, but he was upset to receive a B+ in his final class.

She told him not to be so unhappy about the B+, but rather to be proud of what he had accomplished. It was no small thing to transition from one country to another and then to transition home.

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Benefits Of Joining The Army With A Bachelor’s Degree

Youve probably heard that a few years in the military will give you the training you need to move on to college and a great career. But you dont have to join right after high school graduation. In fact, some people get their bachelors degrees and then join the military. There are several perks to doing that, including rapid advancement through the ranks.

Us Military Student Loan Forgiveness Programs


Putting yourself at risk to serve your country isnt an easy bargain, so joining the military comes with many benefits to make it more appealing one of which is help with the high cost of education.

Most of us are familiar with the basic benefits of the GI Bill how you can get a good chunk of your college education paid for in exchange for military service. But the armed forces offer many other opportunities for currently enrolled students or those thinking about college as well.

The student loan assistance programs below, though, are specifically for military student loan repayment which means you have already accrued debt from college and are seeking assistance with paying it off.

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Is There Any Benefit To Rotc In College


The Reserve Officer Training Corps — usually just called ROTC — offers training to college students preparing to become military officers. If you’re sweating your way through training, struggling to balance ROTC and classes or simply trying to navigate the extensive application process, you might find yourself wondering if the stress will ultimately pay off. ROTC can be an excellent choice if you want to enlist in the military, and offers a host of useful skills to recruits. Each branch of the military — the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force — has its own ROTC program.

Explore this article

Should I Enlist With A College Degree Pros

  • In the army, you go in as an E-4 Specialist.
  • In the army, having a college degree will help you on promotion boards going to the senior enlisted ranks.
  • Depending on the branch, you are guaranteed a specific MOS of your choice. Its not like that going the officer route.
  • Depending on the branch, many jobs have signing bonuses, retention bonuses, and loan forgiveness not offered to officers. Signing bonuses can be up to $40,000 in the Army or Navy.
  • You can become a Subject Matter Expert by going the Warrant Officer route.
  • Depending on the branch, Drill Instructors/Sergeants see that you have a degree during training and give you more responsibility. You can be a scribe or help the younger recruits, soldiers, etc. They will appreciate it.

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It Has Its Benefits But Expect A Culture Shock

This article is part of The Year After. This special Rewire initiative explores the many options available after graduation, helping you make whatever path you choose the right one for you.

When the draft was nixed in 1973, millions of young people across the country breathed a giant sigh of relief.

For the first time in centuries, young Americans were free to dream about a military-free future.

Ever since, the idea of joining the military has been increasingly off-radar for young people especially Millennials and Gen Zers, according to the Hoover Institution.

Many see military service as a death sentence for personal freedom, while others assume their career goals don’t line up with that path.

But what if joining the military could actually fuel your future plans? Here are a few reasons you might consider joining the military after college.

Health Professions Loan Repayment Program

#CareerBytes: How to get into Indian Army after Class 12?

The Health Professions Loan Repayment Program provides 4th year medical students or residents pursing a specialty to join the military and have part or all of their existing student loans paid.

To be eligible to apply, prospective military members must currently be enrolled in an approved program, agree to serve for a designated amount of time, and be pursing a health profession that is needed by the military.

If approved, participants receive up to $40,000 annually for 3 years. It is important to note that 25% of that amount is withheld for taxes, which may be given as part of a tax refund through the IRS.

There are also a number of bonuses available for those in highly-needed medical fields. These are often practitioners with highly specialized skills which require advanced training, but it is worth discussing with the recruiter to see if you are eligible.

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