Editor PicksWhat Glasses Do The Military Use

What Glasses Do The Military Use


Oakley Half Jacket 20

Revision Stingerhawk Military Eyewear System | Prescription

The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 sunglasses are another Oakley entry that utilizes Oakleys High Definition Optics, or HDO, lenses.

They come in a classic black iridium color, and the lens base color is gray.

The specially engineered Half Jacket 2.0 features lenses can be swapped out in moments with ease.

This is perfect since they can be used with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses.

Standard Issue Since 1978

Today, were still proudly providing the aviator sunglasses to the U.S. Military. And were still building each pair of Randolphs with the same sense of style strength, spirit and quality as when we started.When other eyewear manufactureres went overseas, we never left the US. Three generations in and 45 years later, were still handcrafting our eyewear to military standard specifications in our factory, just outside of Boston, MA. Unlike many other sunglasses brands, our American family values have kept us right where we belong.

Ugly For A Most Practical Reason

The result was a P3 lens shape made to be used with gas masks. P3 refers to the tilt or angle of the bottom of the frame rims towards the eye that helps in providing more precise vision correction. After the war, cellulose acetate was used in place of the nickel alloy wire. These were thicker than the normal eyeglasses to protect the wearers eyes at the same time, enabling them to see the world clearly. They were originally color gray but were replaced with black after all stocks were exhausted. Black remained the color and design of the GI glasses from 1968 to the 1970s until the redesign with the S9 frames.

For a short time, these s9 frames were black until they were changed to brown cellulose acetate frames and remained just so until it was discontinued in 2012. These glasses had thick frames that could rival the strict librarian stereotypes in movies. A new, smaller unisex lens shape called the 5A with a black frame followed, exclusively manufactured by Rochester Optical. Thankfully, these are a bit more stylish and modern-looking.

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Air Force Basic Training Glasses

You cannot wear contact lenses during basic training. You also cannot wear your civilian glasses, once you have received your official government-issue glasses.

In the past, government-issue glasses had thick, hard plastic frames and lenses which were difficult to break. However, the Air Force realized that a majority of recruits were throwing these glasses away after basic training because they were uncomfortable and unappealing-looking. The Air Force now offers a variety of eyeglass frame choices.

Once you receive your government-issue glasses , they are the only glasses you are allowed to wear while at basic training. If you don’t really need glasses to see, you won’t be required to wear them.

Interchangeable Component Eyeshield Series

What Sunglasses Does The Military Use?

The ESS ICE 2.4 is the most complete eyeshield system on the planet. It includes three optically correct 2.4mm thick polycarbonate lenses for use in any light conditions. The field of view is virtually unlimited with the frameless design, and it will fit anybody, thanks to telescoping temples with bendable inner wire ear tabs. The system also includes a rugged pouch with lens pockets, a neck leash, and an anti-fog cloth. The corrective lens carrier can also be used with the Profile NVG goggle. The system is ANSI Z87.1 compliant and has 100% UVA/UVB protection. The V50 rating is an astonishing 823fps with a .17 caliber projectile far exceeding all military standards.

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Det Cord Industrial Safety Glasses

The Standard Issue Det Cord sunglasses feature a similar design to the popular Fuel Cell. But this military frame is ANSI Z87.1 stamped and meets MIL-Spec standards. Plus despite Det Cords larger earstems, theyre still comms compatible, making this one of our top military Oakley glasses!

  • ANSI Z87.1 stamped safety glasses frame that also meets MIL-Spec standards
  • Full frame design made of lightweight O Matter material
  • Available with clear lenses perfect for low light and night time operations

Wiley X Prescription Glasses For Military

And youd be right. Wiley X has fashioned a name for themselves with quality products that apply to all the situations mentioned above. But do you know that Wiley X also supplies the military with state-of-the-art tactical eyewear?

Wiley X produces several lines of both goggles and glasses designed for military use. Every model they produce exceeds military specifications for ballistic impact protection, and low profile designs make them NVG compatible. They all exceed ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity impact safety and optical standards, and most frames are prescription ready to accept corrective lenses.

The Wiley X Tactical Goggles series consists of models like the Spear, The SG-1, The SG-1 V-Cut, the CQC, and the Nerve. All meet or exceed military-quality standards and feature venting systems designed to keep you cool and keep the lenses free of moisture. They also come with useful accessories like a zippered case, leash cord, and elastic straps, so you dont have to spend a fortune outfitting your goggles with options that are sold separately.

Here are just a few excerpts of the many reports sent to Wiley X by soldiers in the field:

Visit Rx Safety today to explore the entire range of Wiley X military-grade prescription safety glasses and goggles. Serve those serve us by securing Wiley X eyewear to protect their precious eyesight.

  • Beau Lunt
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    Mcepp Provides Freedom Of Choice

    The Military Combat Eye Protection Program was established to validate and authorize protective eyewear for use by military personnel, and it works to improve soldier acceptance of authorized protective eyewear thus reducing the likelihood of eye injury to soldiers. MCEPP comes under the umbrella of Program Executive Officer Soldier . PEO Soldierdesigns, develops, procures, fields and sustains virtually everything the Soldier wears or carries.

    The Armys MCEPP program offers protection to soldiers eyes from ballistic fragments by allowing soldiers to choose their own approved eyewear. As more options are provided to soldiers, MCEPP hopes to increase the number of soldiers who wear protective eyewear thus reducing the number of eye injuries sustained by soldiers in training as well as in combat.

    MCEPPs goal is to increase the number of soldiers who wear protective eyewear thus reducing the number of eye injuries sustained in training and combat.

    Standard Issue Flak 20 Xl Desert Collection

    Watch how the Army is using augmented reality with night-vision goggles

    The Flak 2.0 XL is a half-rimmed design with enhanced lens coverage. Plus the desert tan colorway and Unobtainium grips make this one of our top Oakley military sunglasses. If you prefer a dual-lens design , the Flak 2.0 XL is definitely worth a look.

    Flak 2.0 XL Highlights

    • O Matter frame with a dual-lens design and enhanced coverage
    • Available with contrast-enhancing Prizm lenses and Polarized/Iridium options
    • Unobtainium earsocks and nose pads for enhanced grip

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    Are The Glasses Issued By The Army Considered Ballistic

    Glasses issued by the army are definitely considered to be ballistic. This means that the lenses and frames have been designed in a way to reduce damage caused by sudden impacts or possible gunfire. Since members of the military enter some intense environments, ballistic military glasses aim to protect on all relevant fronts and keep soldiers safe.

    Our Top Mil Spec Safety Glasses

    All protective eyewear is not the same. Our lineup of heavy-duty ballistic eyewear is known for offering the highest level imaginable for safety glasses in overall durability, looks, and performance.

    Weve selected the best military-grade styles in our lineup and broken them up into specific categories. All of the safety glasses listed below meet the military-required velocity standards, which means they also pass the ANSI Z87+ eyewear standard.

    Here are some highlights of each one.

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    Tactical Sunglass Comfort Head Shapes & Helmet Compatibility

    Most sunglasses will fit most people, otherwise, those companies would be out of business.

    With that being said, if you have a smaller or bigger head, you should go for adjustable sunglasses. Or a brand that comes in multiple sizes.

    Also, some frames run smaller and others run bigger. I’ve noted this down in the individual reviews.

    If you’re going to wear anything over your tactical goggles make sure you get a pair that is built with that in mind. Yes, there are tactical sunglasses out there that are made to be used with helmets and hearing protection. Take advantage of that .

    The Best Military Sunglasses Review

    What sunglasses does the active military use?

    Best Military Sunglasses

    • Everyday use

    The ESS Crossbow sunglasses are highly popular among soldiers and law enforcement officers as they provide great durability and functionality. This military sunglasses use the Tri-Tech Fit frame which ensures a good fit and comfort. The frames weight is evenly redistributed so that the sunglasses stay securely on your head. The lenses are coated there is an anti-fog coating on the inside as well as a scratch-resistant coating on the outside. For switching the lenses, the sunglasses feature the DedBolt system which means that there is a lever at the top which releases the lens when pivoted to the right. The DedBolt system allows you to easily and quickly switch the lenses. ESS offers no less than 13 different lenses for this type of sunglasses including the light adapting photochromic lens which is suitable for all light conditions .

    The ESS Crossbow sunglasses come in four different configurations:

    • Crossbow Photochromic includes: Black frame, light adapting photochromic lens
    • Crossbow 2X Kit includes: Two frame sets, clear lens, smoke grey lens
    • Crossbow 3LS Kit includes: One black frame, clear lens, smoke grey lens, yellow lens
    • Crossbow Polar One includes: Black frame, polarized mirrored gray lens

    All configurations also include a microfiber cleaning pouch, elastic retention strap and a zippered hard case.

    • Everyday use

    The Wiley X Vapor military sunglasses come in five different configurations:

    • Everyday use
    • Everyday use

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    Military Grade Vs Ansi Z87

    The American National Standards Institute is the go-to organization that oversees standards for products, services, and systems used across the U.S. ANSI Z87 is the civilian standard by which most safety glasses and goggles are measured. ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2020 sets the criteria around the physical requirements, high level of impact resistance, coverage area, and permanent markings designating safety glasses as meeting the standard.

    The main difference between military-grade ballistic eyewear and ANSI Z87 is the testing regimen the eye protection undergoes. Under the Z87 high-velocity impact test for safety glasses, a steel ball traveling at 102 mph is shot at the safety glass lens. For safety goggles, the ball travels at 250 mph. There can be no breaks or fractures on the frame or lens for the eye protection to pass. Military-grade eyewear is subject to much more rigorous testing and must withstand impact by projectiles traveling at even higher velocities.

    To receive military ratings, the two ballistic standards used for testing eye protection are the MIL-PRF-31013 and MIL-DTL-43511D . Here is a breakdown of each:

    • The MIL-PRF-31013 is built to withstand projectiles traveling at 640 to 660 feet per second.
    • MIL-DTL-43511D is built to withstand projectiles traveling at 550 to 560 feet per second.

    The Best Military Sunglasses Of 2022

    Tactical Equipment ESS military gear Revision Swiss Eye tactical gear Wiley X

    ESS Crossbow

    Sunglasses protect your eyes from overexposure to ultraviolet radiation and are thus very important if you spend a lot of time outside. However, when it comes to tactical/military sunglasses it is not all about the UV protection military sunglasses should also provide ballistic protection . Ballistic eye protection is of the utmost importance in combat situations as it is not uncommon to encounter dirt, sand, debris and even shrapnel flying towards you and your eyes. Sunglasses that provide effective ballistic protection meet the U.S. civilian standard as well as the U.S. military standard for ballistic eyewear. Both tests measure impact resistance of the lenses.

    Here we selected and reviewed the best military sunglasses. We were especially looking for products that offer good functionality and ballistic protection for a good price. All sunglasses in this review meet the U.S. military standard and the U.S. civilian standard for ballistic eyewear.

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    What Oakley Sunglasses Does The Military Use

    Oakley has been manufacturing military grade sunglasses for the US and other countries for more than a decade. Its excellence in technology and innovation along with superior material strength makes it one of the preferred sunglass manufacturers for military purposes. The US army is mostly seen wearing the collections form SI eyewear, SI polarized, cerakote, multicam, GWOT, SI M Frames, SI Radar and SI wires. All these provide superior eyesight along with excellent strength and durability. They also provide ballistic protection compliant with Ballistic DET cord standards.

    The FLAK Jacket collection is known for its hydrophobic properties that keeps sweat and other liquid away from the lenses. Is unique material also repels oils and other chemicals that are generally found in military conditions. It allows you to change the lenses in seconds thus providing additional comfort and adaptability to the surrounding environment. Each frame comes with 2 nose pads which you can interchange depending on your requirements. Oakleys famous three point fit technology diminishes the size of the specs while allowing perfect vision and position the face.

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    Revision Military Hellfly Tactical Shooting Glasses

    New Army Night Vision Goggles ENVG Device Corner Shooting


    Revision Military Hellfly tactical shooting glasses have a plastic frame, MIL-PRF compliant. These are real ballistic sunglasses that will protect you. The frame is constructed in a way that you get a really good seal between your sunglasses and your face.


    Hellflys are comfortable to wear. Almost nobody complains about the fit. They’re not adjustable.

    You get rubberized arms and an adjustable rubberized nose piece. The glasses wrap around the face, giving you side protection as well. You won’t have a lot of side vision, though.

    Lightweight – a little bit more than one pound in weight. You won’t feel these on your face.

    They come in a hard storage case with a cleaning cloth.


    The lens is 2.2mm thick. The glasses are scratch-resistant and you get an anti-fog cloth with them. The cloth has about 20-30 uses. Plenty lens colors available on these, the most from all tac glasses I’ve seen.

    • One pair of lenses included
    • Prescription lens compatible
    • Polarized lenses available

    One major complaint people had was about photochromic transition lenses. AVOID THESE. They don’t work well – they don’t get dark enough to block direct sunlight. So get yourself two pairs of lenses if you need clears and shades. Don’t go for photochromic lenses.

    Bottom Line

    Revision Military Hellfly glasses are stylish. I like the look. They don’t look like shooting glasses, and you wouldn’t look out of place wearing them on the street.

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    Air Force Vision Requirements

    When you arrive at Air Force Basic Military Training as a recruit, you undergo a complete eye examination. This is different and more involved than the eye examination you undergo at the Military Entrance Processing Station , which is to determine if you meet the basic vision requirements to join the military.

    The eye examination at Air Force basic training is to determine whether you need glasses, andif you doto order government-issue glasses and eyeglass inserts for a gas mask.

    Can You Wear Oakleys In The Military

    Yes, but not every pair of Oakley sunglasses can be worn by all US military branches. This is because every US military branch has sunglasses regulations limiting what you can wear. In general, sunglasses need to be conservative and not be bright colors.

    For service line specific guidance, check out the useful table below:

    Military Branch

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    Recruiting Men With Poor Eyesight

    The ancestors of these rather unsightly glasses could be traced back to World War II when the Army recruited tons of people with bad eyesight for the Allied campaigns in Europe and the Pacific. Lt. Col. F. C. Tyng, commanding Fort McClellan in Alabama, wrote a letter informing that 75 of his men had broken their eyeglasses and couldnt afford to have them replaced. According to The Medical Department of the United States Army in World War II:

    In less than a month, on recommendation of The Surgeon General, the Medical Department was directed to provide spectacles repairs and replacements to all military personnel needing them. In the meantime, a plan had been developed to obtain spectacles by letting contracts with optical suppliers in each of the nine corps areas. Since this would have involved nine separate contracts with widely separated contractors some of whom were unable to fill the requirements, this plan was abandoned and a strongly centralized procurement program was adopted.

    What To Look For In Military Sunglasses & Tactical Glasses

    What sunglasses does the active military use?

    When shopping for military sunglasses online, it is important to consider their intended use. In the field, ballistic sunglasses will provide the highest level of military-grade protection. All of these frames will have a MIL-PRF-31013 safety rating. For more casual usage, an ANSI Z87.1 rating will protect you from general hazards and potential impacts. To learn the main differences between these two categories of safety ratings, visit our blog on ballistic vs ANSI.

    Another feature to consider is their versatility. Many of our military glasses include optional accessories that elevate the level of protection. For example, the Wiley X Gravity includes a removable foam eyecup for extra wind protection, and a detachable strap for frame security. Some frames also feature an interchangeable lens system, like the Tifosi Veloce Tactical. With a simple swap of the lens, you can convert your military sunglasses to clear military glasses.

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