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What Does It Mean To Enlist In The Military


College Loan Repayment Program

British Army – Why Join The Forces

All of the active services, except the Marine Corps and Coast Guard, offer a college loan repayment program . The Army Reserves, Navy Reserves, Army National Guard and Air National Guard also offer a limited college loan repayment program. In a nutshell, the service will repay all, or a part of a college loan, in exchange for your enlistment. Loans which qualify are:

  • Auxiliary Loan Assistance for Students
  • Stafford Student Loan or Guaranteed Student Loan
  • Parents Loans for Undergraduate Students
  • Federally Insured Student Loans
  • Perkins Loan or National Direct Student Loan
  • Supplemental Loans for Students

How Do I Enlist In The Military

The following are the basic requirements for enlisting:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien.
  • Be between the ages of 17-34.
  • Have a high school diploma.
  • Have no more than two dependents.
  • Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.
  • Pass a Military Entrance Processing Station medical exam.
  • Not Having A High School Diploma Subjects Your Enlistment To Further Review

    New recruits who have dropped out of high school, but have completed a GED may find their application for military service requires additional processing. The recruiter wants to know that the applicant is suitable for military service. Those who are eager to get into uniform as early as possible should know that not having a high school diploma could delay their entry into military service.

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    If You Really Cant Imagine The Idea Of Complete Structure

    If you cant imagine being told what to do, where to go, what kind of tattoos you can have, and how to dress every day, dont join.

    Additionally, the rank structure in the military is a one-way road. No exceptions.

    Your leadership should never belittle you.

    However, there will be times when you are expected to take verbal and/or physical punishment.

    On top of that, you are not allowed to give your side of the story.

    To Join As Anofficer Officers In The Caf Hold Positions Of Authority And Respect They Are Responsible For The Safety Well

    the oath of enlistment what does it mean air combat Air Combat …” alt=”The Oath of Enlistment, what does it mean? > Air Combat …”>

    You are between 16 and 57 years old.

    If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

    You are between 16 and 57 years old.

    If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

    You are a Canadian citizen.

    You are a Canadian citizen.

    You have completed Grade 10 or Secondary IV .

    You have completed Grade 10 or Secondary IV .

    You have, or are working towards, a Bachelor’s Degree.

    If you do not meet this requirement, you may be eligible for one of our Paid Education programs.

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    Enlisting In The Military

    Once you have talked to a recruiter, youâll set a date to visit a Military Entrance Processing Station to finish the enlistment process.

    The MEPS is a joint Service organization that determines an applicant’s physical qualifications, aptitude and moral standards as set by each branch of military service. There are MEPS locations all over the country.

    On This Page

    Other Procedures And Considerations

    When the military considers an applicants background, their review isnt limited to convictions. Instead, they also examine other charges and accusations, even if the court didnt rule that the defendant is guilty. Moreover, the armys recruiters will ask about attempted offenses, plea bargains, and punishments other than incarceration.

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    How Are Military Bonuses Paid

    Recruits who enlist for cash bonuses totaling more than $10,000 will receive their initial payment of $10,000 upon successful completion of initial entry training basic training and job training. The remaining bonus amount will be paid in annual increments of up to $10,000 a year until the bonus is paid in full.

    Getting Ready To Train

    Army Enlisted Rank Structure

    An excellent way to determine your fitness level is to undergo a fitness appraisal.

    Talk to your doctor before starting a fitness routine or appraisal, particularly if you have a heart condition, feel chest pain, lose your balance or consciousness, have a bone or joint problem, or take drugs for a blood pressure or heart condition. Tell your doctor about the kinds of activities you want to do and follow his or her advice.

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    Submit Your Application 5interview

    The next step is an interview with a military career counsellor it is your official job interview and a very important step. The application process is very competitive and you will be asked questions about your work history, knowledge of the Canadian Forces, and understanding of the job you selected.

    Joining the Canadian Armed Forces

    Programs For Indigenous Peoples

    Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year

    A one-year educational program offered to Indigenous peoples through the Royal Military College of Canada

    Summer training programs

    Summer Indigenous programs provide an opportunity to discover Military culture and training.

    Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program

    A special three-week program for Indigenous peoples who are considering a career in the CAF.

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    Experience For A Specific Civilian Career

    The majority of jobs in the military will directly transfer to the civilian world.

    For example, if you plan on pursuing a job in law enforcement, serve a few years in the military police.

    Not to mention, having military experience on your resume typically goes a long way with employers.

    A background in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines shows leadership ability and a strong work ethic.

    Check out some of the best jobs available in 2020 below:

    Can A Enlisted Person Become A Commissioned Officer

    the oath of enlistment what does it mean air combat Air Combat …” alt=”The Oath of Enlistment, what does it mean? > Air Combat …”>

    Any currently enlisted man or woman who has courage, work ethic, moral character and integrity, and decent grades has what it takes to become a commissioned officer in the United States Armed Forces. Enlisted members who become officers can expect to continue advancing both on and off the field throughout their military careers.

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    Racism In The Military

    The military has policies to overcome racism in its ranks. Despite its authoritarian structure it has not succeeded.

    During the current wars, Arabs have been labeled towel-heads or sand-niggers, while there were reports of cross burnings and KKK gatherings on military grounds. During the Persian Gulf War, for example, half of the troops deployed were black while white soldiers were more likely to remain in the U.S. or be stationed elsewhere.

    The few opportunities that exist in the military benefit primarily educated, white soldiers. While one-third of the enlistees are people of color, only 11 percent of the officers are. Non-white enlistees tend to get low skill, combat-related jobs. Disproportionate numbers of African-Americans and Latinos face courts martial and receive bad discharges. One out of three black GIs will get a bad discharge.

    Learn Structure And Discipline

    No matter what your specialty in the military is, your time in the service will instill in you a strong work ethic.

    The military does not believe in quitting, and laziness on the job is never tolerated. It can be hard at times, but always worth it.

    When you get out of the military, employers will see someone who works hard and can be trusted to get the job done.

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    Can You Join The Coast Guard If You Have Autism

    Its not surprising that the recruitment process for Coast Guard officers is extremely competitive and selective, given its the smallest military branch.

    You have to go through a rigorous assessment process before your application can even be considered in the first place.

    The process gets even harder if you have a developmental disorder like autism.

    However, like any other branch of the military, your eligibility to join the coast guard depends on the severity of the condition.

    Apparently, if your autism is mild, then you can successfully apply for a waiver.

    Nonetheless, a medical clearance is required to gain a chance of obtaining a waiver request.

    Studies Tackle Who Joins The Military And Why But Their Findings Arent What Many Assume

    3 Traits You Need to Be Successful in the Military | Do Not Join the Military Unlessâ¦

    Ever since the U.S. military became an all-volunteer force, a preconception has existed among many Americans that those who choose to join the armed services do so because they have no other options.

    That is the hypothethis of two studies released this year. Both debunk that stereotype, finding that the military is much more diverse and troops have much more varied reasons for signing up than some have assumed.

    …our analysis suggests that, despite the increasing economic inequality and the erosion of many low-skill occupational opportunities, the U.S. military has not become a refuge for the less fortunate, write authors Andrea Asoni, Andrea Gilli, Mauro Gilli and Tino Sandanaji in A mercenary army of the poor? Technological change and the demographic composition of the post-9/11 U.S. military, a report published January in the Journal of Strategic Studies.

    Another study, based on a 2018 survey of Americans, sought to analyze not only why Americans join the military, but why others think they join.

    We find that, despite the reality of market-based recruitment, many Americans continue to subscribe to an idealized image of service members as moved by self-sacrificing patriotism, wrote Ronald Krebs and Robert Ralston in Patriotism or Paychecks: Who Believes What About Why Soldiers Serve, published in Armed Forces and Society.

    The findings dovetail somewhat with public statements by some of the militarys most senior leaders.

    Who serves, and why?

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    Enlistment In The Armed Forces Is A Very Important Decision

    Before enlisting, think carefully about what it means to be a soldier for eight years. Every member of the military, from the medic to the mechanic, is trained to fight and to kill, and the ongoing conflicts prove that fighting and killing can begin very suddenly. You may enlist to get job training or money for college, but eventually you may be faced with war. You owe it to yourself to think seriously about when you believe it is justified to kill another person.

    Many of the details about enlistment are not well explained to people considering joining the military. Recruits may not understand the specifics of the enlistment agreement, the possibility of recruiter fraud, the limitations of college funding available through the military, and the problems faced by veterans when they leave the armed forces. It is important to learn all you can before you join. Remember that if you enlist, and decide you dont like it, you cannot quit.

    Are Military Bonuses Taxed

    Service members pay federal income tax on basic pay, bonuses and most special pays, and they also pay state income taxes. Military allowances, including housing and food allowances, are tax-exempt. When members receive taxable pay, the military generally withholds the proper amount automatically from their paychecks.

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    Can You Join The Air Force If You Have Autism

    Joining the Air Force might be a little bit tougher for applicants who have autism. The main reason behind this is that the Air Force requires higher entry test scores than most of the other branches.

    In addition, you must have excellent social and communication skills to join the Air Force. The cold truth is that these skills are often rare in people with autism.

    Nevertheless, the Air Force may allow you in if you can prove that you have outlived the condition over the years and that autism is not a hindrance in your daily life.

    In addition, you must not be under any medications for at least one year before submitting your application.

    However, that is not all the Air Force may only enlist you if you have a special skill set that is urgently required.

    It will also depend on whether they need more personnel or not. If the former is true, then you are likely to get a waiver if your condition does not display significant symptoms that may hamper operations.

    Ged Holders Must Score Higher On The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

    ð?£ 25+ Best Memes About Enlisted Ranks Explained

    Those who do not have a high school diploma will be required to score higher on the ASVAB test, regardless of the branch of service desired.

    Some potential new military members may find that the recruiter will upon learning of the GED status of an applicant wish to have the recruit take the ASVAB first. Those who do not score high enough are often encouraged to take a specified amount of college credits before retaking the ASVAB.

    The reason for this is that those who have GEDs and college credits are put in the same ASVAB scoring category as someone with a high school diploma. The high school graduates do not get more stringent ASVAB scoring requirements.

    Those who have dropped out of high school in the hopes of joining the military as soon as legally permitted should know that the requirement to earn a GED and/or college credits will be necessary to meet the militarys basic education standards. Anyone wishing to enlist at age 17 with parental consent should seriously consider finishing their high school program first.

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    What Does It Take To Serve

    The holidays are a great time to get together with friends and family and eat, drink, exchange gifts and talk. During one of my own holiday gatherings, one particular conversation started with a comment from a middle-aged relative who stated: “I just did not have what it took to serve in the military — much less special ops.” This was coming from a successful businessman who loves America and is about as patriotic as anyone I know. I disagreed with him and said he probably did have what it took but just did not know it and asked, “What do you think it takes to serve in the military, any branch, any job?”

    This is where the list started to grow and comes from a combination of civilians and veterans who were in the room. It is an interesting combination and helped to draw the bridge between civilian family and friends and the military members they support. Combined with some time-honored military mottos, here is what was developed on what it takes to serve:

    Honor, courage and commitment — U.S. Navy: Commitment to something other than yourself is an absolute must as you will be overworked and underpaid, just like every other public servant in our country . There are also different levels of commitment. There is a minimum level to start your military career and serve your obligation. There is a second level to make the military a career and serve 20-plus years in uniform.

    Reasons Not To Join The Military: Why It’s Foolish Illogical And Does Not Serve Your Country

    Why would anyone join the military and get killed in a war?20 Reasons Not to Join the Military: Why it’s foolish, illogical and doesn’t serve your countryNote:1. The troops serving in Iraq are risking their life and limb for corporate profits, not for freedom, democracy or protection of their country.2. Those serving in the war risk losing their body parts or incurring permanent injuries, which would disable them for life and bar them from love, dating, relationships and romance with the opposite sex.3. If troops who are married, got killed or became disabled, their spouses and loved ones would suffer greatly.4. The troops have nothing to gain in a war, and everything to lose.5. Troops often come back with post traumatic stress syndrome, which psychologically haunts them for years, or for life.6. In the military, you lose all your rights and every freedom you’ve ever known.7. In combat, you may end up killing innocent people, including women and children whom you have NO QUARREL with.8. The pay in the military is not that great unless you are an officer.9. Veterans are usually treated like shit by the government, who no longer finds them useful.10. The food in the military reportedly sucks.11. Boot camp training is strenuous, exhausting and painful.12. Troops have to spend long indeterminate lengths of time away from their families, all of which is out of their control.

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    How Long Will I Serve

    Enlisted positions typically require an initial service commitment of four years, but positions involving longer-term training may involve five- or six-year obligations.

    Officerpositions typically require an initial service commitment of three to five years, but positions involving longer-term training may involve longer service obligations.

    Submit Your Application 4medical Exam

    Requirements to join the US Army

    You will then take a two part medical exam: First there is a questionnaire on your medical history including specific information on your medication. Then the medical staff will conduct a physical exam to measure your height, weight, evaluate your vision, colour perception and hearing. The second step is a medical file review to determine any limitations that will affect your training and career.

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    Enlist In The National Guard: Follow These Simple Steps

    April 27, 2011 By admin

    Enlisting in the National Guard is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Even though this is a big step in your life, the Guard has made it simple to join. Of course, there are steps that you must take if you want to become a part of this branch of the military.

    To get moving in the right direction, on joining the National Guard.

    Before you do anything, you have to ask yourself one very important question: am I really ready to join the National Guard? This is not a decision that you should take lightly. Anybody who is joining the military needs to know what they are getting into. This is a great life that can put you on the track to long term career success. But remember, the National Guard is not the right choice for everybody.

    Steps to Enlist in the National Guard

    1. Contact a National Guard recruiter in your area. This is the first step in the process. Even if you are unsure of whether or not you want to enlist, this is something you should do. Your recruiter can provide more information on the National Guard, including benefits of joining and what to expect.

    There is no obligation. In other words, just because you meet with a National Guard recruiter does not mean you are necessarily joining. In fact, thousands of people every year explore this option and then decide to move in another direction.

    Succeeding in the National Guard starts with taking this test and choosing a career path that you will enjoy.

    Can I Enlist Today?

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