JoinWhat Do You Do When You Join The Army

What Do You Do When You Join The Army


Your Job Is Up To Them

5 things you must do before you join the Army

Regardless of what your recruiter tells you, your job will depend entirely on the needs of your branch at that time. You may join up because you want to be an aircraft technician, or a radio systems operator, but if your branch doesn’t need that particular job, then you’re out of luck. And before you ask, no, not getting the specialty you signed up for does not “void your contract.”

What You Must Know Before Joining The Military

Preparing for the Military by Succeeding in the Classroom by Scott Ostrow for

If you?re a high school senior or junior and you are thinking of joining, or have decided to join, the military, it is just as important that you prepare yourself as it is for your friends who are preparing to apply for college. This short article will help you get on the right path to achieve your goals of getting into the military and to prepare you for the day you finally go off to basic training.

When I wrote the first two editions of my book, Guide to Joining the Military , I was still on active duty, and while I had a vast knowledge of recruiting my knowledge of secondary education was limited to my own four years and the high school experiences of my children. Since retiring from the military in 2005 I have spent my post-retirement days in a high school classroom. This new insight into the modern high school environment and the high school student psyche has allowed me to better understand the obstacles that stand in the way of high school students, and recent graduates, success in joining the military, getting their desired military job, and being prepared for basic training. This article is not meant to be a ?laundry list? of what to do and what not to do, but merely a guide to help you on your path to success.



Physical Fitness

How Do I Apply To The Academy

There are five steps: knowing the basic application requirements for a nomination, completing a candidate questionnaire, completing the candidate kit, securing a nomination from a congressional representative, senator or other qualifying authorities and completing testing. General qualifications include:

  • Between 17 but not yet 23 years of age by July 1 of year admitted.
  • A U.S. citizen at time of enrollment .
  • Unmarried.
  • Not pregnant or legally obligated to support a child.
  • An above-average high school or college academic record.
  • Strong performance on the standardized American College Testing assessment program exam or the Scholastic Aptitude Test .
  • Be in good physical and mental health.
  • Pass a medical exam.
  • Above-average strength, endurance and agility.
  • Adequate performance on the USMA physical aptitude exam.

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If You Want Control Over Where Youre Going To Live

Before I joined there was a rumor that I get to write down my top three preferred duty stations.

Unfortunately, thats just patently wrong.

The military places its members where it needs them, hence the term service.

It takes years of serving and moving up in rank until you get any say in where you can live.

How To Join The Army Reserve

Why Did You Join the Army?

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Joining the Army Reserves has many benefits, including being able to live anywhere you want while still serving your country. You can also attend school or pursue a career while in the Army Reserves, and will receive education, medical, and retirement benefits. If you are interested in receiving military training and benefits while living a primarily civilian lifestyle, the Army Reserves may be perfect for you!

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Women Sex And The Military

The unspoken message that the military continues to convey is that war is for men and women should stay away. Half of all women in the military are assigned to traditional roles such as cooking, nursing, and secretarial duties.

Rape and sexual harassment occur frequently in the armed forces. One report stated that 64 percent of women in the military have experienced sexual harassment. Often men use rank to try to get sexual favors. Women who refused to comply have been labeled lesbians.

Enlistment In The Armed Forces Is A Very Important Decision

Before enlisting, think carefully about what it means to be a soldier for eight years. Every member of the military, from the medic to the mechanic, is trained to fight and to kill, and the ongoing conflicts prove that fighting and killing can begin very suddenly. You may enlist to get job training or money for college, but eventually you may be faced with war. You owe it to yourself to think seriously about when you believe it is justified to kill another person.

Many of the details about enlistment are not well explained to people considering joining the military. Recruits may not understand the specifics of the enlistment agreement, the possibility of recruiter fraud, the limitations of college funding available through the military, and the problems faced by veterans when they leave the armed forces. It is important to learn all you can before you join. Remember that if you enlist, and decide you dont like it, you cannot quit.

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Recruitment Officers Are Not Your Friend

When seeking advice on Which branch of the military should you join? most people will suggest visiting your nearest recruitment office and having a chat with a recruitment officer from each branch.

This isnt the best advice. Recruitment officers are there to sell their branch to you, and they have to meet quotas. Their job is to get you to sign on the dotted line and even if you may well be better suited to a career in a different branch.

So, they are the last people who you should be listening to. Thats not to say they are bad people, just that your best interests are not top of their priority list.

Enlisting In The Military

How to join the US Army

Once you have talked to a recruiter, youâll set a date to visit a Military Entrance Processing Station to finish the enlistment process.

The MEPS is a joint Service organization that determines an applicant’s physical qualifications, aptitude and moral standards as set by each branch of military service. There are MEPS locations all over the country.

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To Earn Military Perks

With military service comes other perks outside military benefits. Each service branch has a Morale, Welfare and Recreation office dedicated to helping military families connect with these opportunities. Perks may include free space-available flights on military aircraft and vacation and leisure discounts.

When You Visit The Recruitment Office:

  • Take along a parent or friend as a witness.
  • Read over the entire enlistment agreement very carefully.
  • Get all promises in writing. Spoken promises do not have to be honored.
  • Before you sign anything, take it home and discuss it with your parents, friends, and a trained counselor who understands how recruiters operate. Your recruiter must give you a copy of the agreement if you request it.
  • Get copies of everything you sign.

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What Is Army Basic Training Like

Red Phase : In this phase you’ll start your transformation from volunteer to soldier. You’ll learn the Army values and fundamentals of soldiering. You’ll also take the Army Physical Fitness Test .

White Phase : White Phase, also known as the Rifleman or Gunfighter Phase. This phase focuses heavily on combat skills and is all about marksmanship.

Blue Phase : These weeks include a lot of testing. During them you’ll also learn leadership skills and self-discipline, and improve your understanding of teamwork.

Basic training graduation : The final week is all about capping your training, followed by sharing your accomplishments with your friends and family.

Things To Consider When Deciding To Join The Army


There are many things to consider prior to meeting with a recruiter and even more once you have that first meeting. From literally hundreds of jobs, places you could live, career/education goals, and training you will endure should be part of the decision-making process compared to your experiences, skill levels, and interests and desires.

But first and foremost, the consideration to serve your country should be something that you feel a strong desire to do a calling to serve if you will – along with receiving paid education, experience, and leadership/teamwork skills that are highly marketable in the civilian world.

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What Is The High Year Of Tenure In The Us Military

About Ryan Guina

Ryan Guina is The Military Wallet’s founder. He is a writer, small business owner, and entrepreneur. He served over six years on active duty in the USAF and is a current member of the Illinois Air National Guard.

Ryan started The Military Wallet in 2007 after separating from active duty military service and has been writing about financial, small business, and military benefits topics since then. He also writes about personal finance and investing at Cash Money Life.

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How Do I Become An Army Officer

You can become an officer through the U.S. Military Academy, Army ROTC, OCS or Direct Commissioning programs. If you have or soon will have a four-year college degree, you may consider enlisting in the U.S. Army with the intention of becoming an officer. Graduates of the Army Officer Candidate School are commissioned as second lieutenants and earn sergeant pay while in the school. This program is available to qualified applicants, with or without any previous military service, who enlist for a period of three years.

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And After You Leave The Armed Forces

Soldiers are often discharged with no money to continue in the civilian world and no transferable job skills. Unemployment lines are filled with veterans who are poorly qualified and lack the useful skills for civilian employment. Many veterans remain jobless for long periods and are a large part of the homeless and prison populations. Even those who are gainfully employed will remain behind their civilian counterparts in income and advancement for the rest of their careers. Once you have been in the military, you cant catch up with the rest of the world.

The military stays with you in other ways as well. Much of the appeal is the idea of proving yourself, developing discipline, being all you can be. Perhaps you want to carry army pride with you all your life. Remember, however, that this is only part of the picture. No one can participate in violence and remain either unscarred or indifferent. You will always be part of the destruction you supported. And if the United States does fight a war, you may never be able to forget the people you killed. For some people the weight of these memories is too heavy to bear. The suicide rate among Vietnam veterans is many times the national average.

Enlisting in the military is a serious commitment. Before you join, know what is in the fine print. Learn all the details and choose whats best for you. Think about it.

Soldiers of Conscience film trailer

Center on Conscience & War


Answers To The Top Army Questions

5 Mistakes People Make When Joining The Military

Looking to join the U.S. Army? You probably have many questions about what Army life and training are like. What are the benefits? What is training like? What does it pay? How can you get ready?

Fortunately has answers to the most common questions about joining the Army. Find those answers below.

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Honor A Family Tradition

Maybe your Dad or Mom served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, and you want to make them proud.

Sometimes, military legacies reach a few generations back. Following in the footsteps of a relative can instill a great sense of pride.

Additionally, your family members will be able to advise you on how to be successful while serving.

What Army Offers You


1. Dear candidates, all of you have aspirations and dreams, of what your education will finally yield. If you are looking for a fat pay packet, a corporate job is the answer. But above and beyond this should be the question of what the job offer in totality. Let us see what attributes go into making an excellent career. The attributes that one expects from a satisfying profession are:- Professional Advancement Quality of Life Variety and Adventure

2. If these are what you too are looking forward to, then Army is the profession for you, as these in the Army, compare far more than favourably with any other service.

3. All of us are aware that, professions are competitive, in so far as promotions are concerned. Army is no different. However, as said earlier the competition in the Army is clean and devoid of any other factor but competence.


4. The promotional avenues available to an Army officer are:-


JOB SATISFACTION 5. Lack of job satisfaction leads to tremendous frustration and results in job-hopping. Jobs in the civil world whether with the government or the corporate leave one with no alternate avenues if stuck with a frustrating portfolio or set up. On the contrary, the sheer variety, sense of purpose, responsibility and pride, negate any job dissatisfaction in the Army.

  • STARTING PAY RS 15600/- to 39100/-PM
  • GRADE PAY RS 5400/-
  • SIACHEN RS 14000/- PM
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    To Serve Your Country

    One of the most common reasons people join the military is because they feel drawn to serving their country. This sense of duty, or a calling to service, can arise from patriotic family values or the desire to do something meaningful. People who join the military for this reason feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work.

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    The Length Of Your Commitment Is Longer Than You Think


    When you enlist, in general, you enlist for a period of 7-10 years, with a certain number of them being on active duty , and the remainder on what’s known as inactive reserve . When on IR, you don’t really have much of an obligation. You don’t have to report in or show up for anything. IR comes into play in the event of another major deployment . You would then be subject to recall.

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    What Is The Us Army

    The U.S. Army is one of six branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. It is a strategic instrument of national policy that has served our country well in peace and war for more than two centuries. Soldiers enable America to fulfill its world leadership responsibilities of safeguarding our national interests, preventing global calamity and making the world a safer place. We do this by finding peaceful solutions to the frictions between nation states, addressing the problems of human suffering and, when required, fighting and winning our nation’s wars — our nonnegotiable contract with the American people.

    The Marine Corps Mission

    Probably the most celebrated and prestigious branch of the military is the Marine Corps. Its also the smallest branch of the lot.

    If youre looking to actively serve your country in combat, then this is the branch for you. The Marines are normally the first into battle. As a result, they are the most combat-ready branch of the military.

    Due to the nature of their work, there is an intense pride taken in what they do and a warrior-like code to life in the Corps.

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    Travel Opportunities And Vacation Time

    The military has installations all around the world and pays for you and your family to get there and back. Your off duty time is yours and you are free to travel and see the world. The military gives you 30 days of paid leave per year, not including weekends and federal holidays.

    The military also has several resorts around the world, including the Hale Koa resort in Hawaii, Shades of Green at Disney World in Florida, and resorts in Japan, Germany, and South Korea. Most major military installations also have base lodging , where you can stay on a space-available basis for less than the cost of an off-base hotel.

    To top it off, you may be able to jump on a military hop and fly for free if there are available seats. A military hop is a scheduled military flight that may take on passengers on a space-available basis . These tickets are either free, or a very minimal charge . Its an inexpensive way to see the world!

    Speak To People With Experience

    Army Fitness Tests – Joining the Army – Army Jobs

    Its all well and good speaking with recruiters. But, youll get a much better sense of reality if you can talk with people whove been there and done that. Below are some suggestions on where to find advice about joining the military.

    • Maybe your recruiter can put you in touch with a recently enlisted person. Ask them about their experience.
    • Go online and join blogs and forums that cater to the military. People are usually pretty open and honest in answering questions on these platforms.
    • If you have any current or former military members amongst your family and friends, they could be a valuable source of information and will have your best interests at heart.
    • If there is a base near you, ask if you can take a tour and, once again, use this as an opportunity to speak to people.

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