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What Do I Have To Do To Join The Army


Submit Your Application 3aptitude Test

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You will take an aptitude test to determine which military occupations are the best fit for you. Preparation is key so make sure you are well rested, healthy, on time, and careful with your answers. You will be tested on verbal skills, spatial ability and problem solving. It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete a series of three Canadian Forces aptitude tests. The following practice aptitude test will provide you with an example of the style and structure of what you will experience when you write the real test at a Recruitment Centre near you.

You will also complete a personality inventory which provides information on your personal characteristics and qualities. To learn more about your personality and how it can influence job choices, check out this personality assessment.

Ten Things To Know Before Joining The Army

    As a former soldier, I have nothing but fond memories of my time in the military. That being said, it’s certainly not for everyone. With the bad economy and high unemployment, more and more people are turning to the military as a career choice. While I applaud everyone who decides to serve their country, I think that it’s important to go into this knowing full well what to expect. Recruiters are great sources of information, but never forget, their job is to get you to join. As such, there have been cases where recruiters were, what’s the phrase… “less-than-completely-candid.”

    This list covers come of the biggest things you’ll need to know before you join the military.

    Trust Your Recruiter To Guide You

    If youre considering joining the Army, your recruiter will be there to support you throughout every step of the process. Recruiters know the Army well, so theyre qualified to help you determine if its the right fit for you. They can help you define your goals, plan for key steps in the process, and guide you in the right direction.

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    The Length Of Your Commitment Is Longer Than You Think

    When you enlist, in general, you enlist for a period of 7-10 years, with a certain number of them being on active duty , and the remainder on what’s known as inactive reserve . When on IR, you don’t really have much of an obligation. You don’t have to report in or show up for anything. IR comes into play in the event of another major deployment . You would then be subject to recall.

    What Is The Us Military Academy

    Requirements To Join The Army: Do You Have What It Takes?

    The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York trains Army officers. Its mission is to educate, train and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of duty, honor, country professional growth throughout a career as an officer in the United States Army and a lifetime of selfless service to the nation.

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    What Army Offers You


    1. Dear candidates, all of you have aspirations and dreams, of what your education will finally yield. If you are looking for a fat pay packet, a corporate job is the answer. But above and beyond this should be the question of what the job offer in totality. Let us see what attributes go into making an excellent career. The attributes that one expects from a satisfying profession are:- Professional Advancement Quality of Life Variety and Adventure

    2. If these are what you too are looking forward to, then Army is the profession for you, as these in the Army, compare far more than favourably with any other service.

    3. All of us are aware that, professions are competitive, in so far as promotions are concerned. Army is no different. However, as said earlier the competition in the Army is clean and devoid of any other factor but competence.


    4. The promotional avenues available to an Army officer are:-


    JOB SATISFACTION 5. Lack of job satisfaction leads to tremendous frustration and results in job-hopping. Jobs in the civil world whether with the government or the corporate leave one with no alternate avenues if stuck with a frustrating portfolio or set up. On the contrary, the sheer variety, sense of purpose, responsibility and pride, negate any job dissatisfaction in the Army.

  • STARTING PAY RS 15600/- to 39100/-PM
  • GRADE PAY RS 5400/-
  • SIACHEN RS 14000/- PM
  • What Are The Requirements To Join The Us Army

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    So, youve decided to join the United States Army and are ready to serve your country in a time of need. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to join the military will qualify to enlist.

    Below we explain the minimum requirements to join the Army.

    Youll need to meet age, weight, physical fitness, citizenship, education and background check requirements before you can enlist. These restrictions are designed to weed out anyone who may not be physically or emotionally capable of serving in extreme conditions.

    Afterall, we didnt become the worlds strongest military force by accepting mediocre recruits. The Army only wants the best men and women to serve our country. Find out if you have what it takes

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    You Are Government Property

    No, this is not a joke or clever euphemism. As a member of the US Armed Forces, give your heart to whatever God you believe in, because your ass belongs to Uncle Sam. You will be required to stay in shape, wear your hair according to policy, and obey all standing orders relating to your personal health.

    When I was in the Army, I processed more than a few sets of disciplinary papers charging soldiers with destruction of government property for getting a tattoo, getting sunburned, or breaking a leg on a ski trip. Basically, if you’re screwing around and hurt yourself so bad that it interferes with you being fit for duty, you can expect to catch some manner of hell for it.

    Honor A Family Tradition

    After 13 Years Of Military Service…What I Wish I Would Have Known?!

    Maybe your Dad or Mom served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, and you want to make them proud.

    Sometimes, military legacies reach a few generations back. Following in the footsteps of a relative can instill a great sense of pride.

    Additionally, your family members will be able to advise you on how to be successful while serving.

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    What Skills Are You Bringing To The Table

    If you are already proficient with certain skills, perhaps you would like to hone these skills in the military. Whether it is working with computers, mechanics, or administrative duties, the military can provide you with the best training in a wide variety of areas. See Military Enlisted Jobsfor an overview of the 800-plus enlisted jobs available in the military. If there is an interest, it is likely the military has a job for you. You can be anything in between a weapons expert to a language expert and even a military IT guy. There is literally something for everyone.

    How To Join The Us Army

    This article was co-authored by Ted Coopersmith, MBA. Ted Coopersmith is an Academic Tutor for Manhattan Elite Prep, a test prep and academic tutoring company based in New York City. In addition to general academic advising, Ted has expertise in preparing for the ACT, SAT, SSAT, and ASVAB tests. He also has over 30 years of financial controller advising and consulting experience. He holds a BA from the City University of New York and an MBA from Pace University.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 18 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 293,135 times.

    Joining the United States Army can be a challenging and rewarding experience, granting you valuable skill sets and allowing you to serve your country. Before you visit your local recruiting office, you should become familiar with the entire process so that you can make an informed choice regarding your entrance into the U.S. Army.

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    Army Physical Fitness Test

    Army soldiers, reservists and members of the ROTC are required to pass a physical fitness test during basic training and twice per year for the duration of their career. This test is known as the Army Physical Fitness Test, APFT. It consists of push-ups, sit-ups and a two mile run. The requirements to pass the test vary depending on age and sex, and each soldier must receive a score of at least 50 points during basic training and 60 points thereafter, in each category to pass. Use the APFT Calculator at GoArmy to compute your scores while preparing for the test.

    The Army Rangers: Duties Qualifications And Training

    Requirements To Join The Army: Do You Have What It Takes?

    Do you have what it takes to join the Army Rangers of the 75th Ranger Regiment? This light infantry unit has its roots in the 1700s under the command of frontiersman Robert Rogers. His unit was known for unconventional yet effective battle tactics, outlined by his 28 Rules of Ranging, which modern Rangers keep today.

    Todays Army Rangers specialize in raids and missions deep inside enemy territory. They receive some of the best training and opportunities the Army can provide, making the Rangers a great long-term military career choice.

    To be considered for the 75th Ranger Regiment, enlisted soldiers must:

    • Be physically fit
    • Be able to get a secret clearance
    • Have a General Technical Score of at least 106 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

    For a complete list of basic qualifications for both enlisted members and officers as well as the current Ranger-supported military occupational specialties, see the Army Rangers official website.

    Qualified enlisted soldiers must also pass the Ranger Assessment and Selection. The RASP involves physical fitness and first responder tests. It also teaches new skills like combat driving and explosives. Finally, all future Rangers attend the Army Ranger School.

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    Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam

    The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is administered to all potential members of the U.S. military prior to enlistment and at the beginning of basic training. In order to qualify, potential Army candidates must score a 31 or higher. The examination consists of 10 short tests to be completed within three hours. This test is used to determine whether a candidate has the mental aptitude for military service, and it helps to identify the Army jobs for which an individual is qualified. Visit the website of Military.com for free practice tests to help you prepare for the real exam.

    Join The Regular Force

    Members of the Regular Force serve full time protecting Canada and defending our sovereignty. They contribute to international peace and security, and work with the United States to defend North America. They are ready to respond at a moments notice to threats, natural disasters or humanitarian crises at home and around the world.

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    Policy On Alcohol Cannabis And Drug Consumption

  • Upon your arrival at CFB Borden, possession and consumption of alcohol and cannabis is prohibited. Additionally, any activities linked to illegal drugs are not tolerated. Violators may face disciplinary and/or administrative measures up to release from the CAF. More details regarding the acceptable use of alcohol and cannabis will be provided during the first days of your course.
  • Education & Training For An Army Soldier

    Gamerkind’s Zombie Hunting Skills in Back 4 Blood

    To become an Army soldier you have to complete Year 10 or equivalent with passes in English and mathematics. As a part of the application process, you will need to attend a YOU Session, Assessment Day and pass your pre-entry fitness assessment. Following your appointment in the Army, you will need to undertake specific Army training. This involves a 12-week recruit course with the 1st Recruit Training Battalion at Kapooka, near Wagga Wagga in NSW. Completion of this course is followed by specialised training for particular jobs. Specialisations have different entry requirements, contact Defence Force Recruiting for specific requirements.

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    Learn Structure And Discipline

    No matter what your specialty in the military is, your time in the service will instill in you a strong work ethic.

    The military does not believe in quitting, and laziness on the job is never tolerated. It can be hard at times, but always worth it.

    When you get out of the military, employers will see someone who works hard and can be trusted to get the job done.

    How Do I Qualify For Army Ocs

    In general terms, an officer must be a college or university graduate before commissioning , is trained by the Army to lead and manage, and voluntarily can leave the military if not under any officer service obligation at the time. To qualify, you must:

    • At least 19 years old and not have reached your 29th birthday before training
    • A U.S. citizen
    • A college graduate with a four-year degree or higher, or for the Army Reserve option, you must have completed 90 semester hours
    • Healthy and in good physical condition
    • In good moral standing

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    Can You Join The Armed Forces With A Criminal Record

    No one is perfect and if you want to start fresh with a new job then the Armed Forces might be the perfect path for you.

    You want to join the Armed Forces but youre worried your criminal record might prevent you from pursuing a new career?

    Have no fear, we can help.

    No one is perfect and if you want a fresh start with a new job then the Armed Forces might be the perfect path for you.

    The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 exists to “rehabilitate offenders who have not been reconvicted of any serious offence for periods of years.”

    This act applies in England and Wales but there are some differences in how it is applied in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Below is some useful advice to consider before applying…

    • Be honest and dont try to hide your convictions. If youre not honest you could face being prosecuted later.
    • You must declare if you have spent or unspent convictions upon application. There are some jobs which also require you to not be waiting to appear in court to apply.
    • A conviction becomes spent after a certain period of time has passed. For example, if you were imprisoned in England for less than six months your conviction would be considered spent after two years from the date the sentence was completed.
    • You can then apply to join the Armed Forces as though the conviction and sentence had never taken place but in the interest of national security spent and unspent convictions must be declared.

    The Constitution No Longer Applies To You

    Requirements To Join The Army: Do You Have What It Takes?

    Once you enlist, the constitution no longer applies to you. While serving, you fall under the jurisdiction of the U.C.M.J. . While for the most part you will enjoy most of the same basic rights, some big differences are:

    • No free speech/press/assembly in the military.
    • You still have freedom of religion, but the availability of religious personnel may not suit your needs.
    • You have no right to privacy .
    • You have no right to protection from unreasonable search.

    There are a few other differences, and for most part you should never really notice a difference. Just be aware that there is a difference and that some things that are not crimes for civilians are crimes for military personnel .

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    How Do I Apply To The Academy

    There are five steps: knowing the basic application requirements for a nomination, completing a candidate questionnaire, completing the candidate kit, securing a nomination from a congressional representative, senator or other qualifying authorities and completing testing. General qualifications include:

    • Between 17 but not yet 23 years of age by July 1 of year admitted.
    • A U.S. citizen at time of enrollment .
    • Unmarried.
    • Not pregnant or legally obligated to support a child.
    • An above-average high school or college academic record.
    • Strong performance on the standardized American College Testing assessment program exam or the Scholastic Aptitude Test .
    • Be in good physical and mental health.
    • Pass a medical exam.
    • Above-average strength, endurance and agility.
    • Adequate performance on the USMA physical aptitude exam.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Joining The Army Reserves

    A career in the United States Army Reserve can help you grow personally and professionally. Understanding how to join the Army Reserve, including requirements and job options, is important before deciding on a new career in the military. In this article, we explain what the Army Reserve does and the benefits of joining, plus the types of career paths that can follow with salaries.

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    Us Army Education Requirements

    Did you graduate from high school or pass the General Educational Development test? If so, you may qualify to join the Army.

    Although many young adults mistakenly believe they can drop out of high school and join the military, this is actually not the case.

    I realize it may be tempting to think that a life in the Army would be less stressful than doing math and social studies homework. However, this could not be further from the truth.

    Serving in the Army requires dedication, hard work and critical thinking. Dropping out of high school is a sure sign that you may not meet the character traits required to join the U.S. Army.

    Sure, you can enlist with only a high school diploma but what if one day you want to be an officer instead of a soldier?

    Do you dream of planning missions and giving orders? If so, youll need a four-year college degree to become an officer in the U.S. Army.

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