What Different Jobs Are There In The Army

What Different Jobs Are There In The Army


What Does A Soldier Do

The Top 5 Branches/Jobs In The Army

A soldier is a member of a military organization, generally tasked with aiding military defense. Within an army, a soldier may have dozens of different jobs, each of which require specialized training and aptitude. Some of the many jobs a soldier might train for include combat positions, engineering, medicine, and intelligence careers.

Combat positions are what most people think of when they imagine the life of a soldier. While most soldiers are trained for combat, many go on to join other careers that focus on different skills. Combat-based soldiers train in a variety of weapon, hand-to-hand, and defensive tactics, and may be deployed all over the world, on both combat and peacekeeping missions. Many combat soldiers are called infantrymen, and serve as the primary ground force in a mission. An infantryman must be in excellent physical shape and enjoy working as part of a team.

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Coast Guard Boatswain Mate

If there is a jack-of-all-trades in regard to seamanship, a BM isit. Individuals in this position must be able to do everything. From supervisingdeck maintenance, to small boat operations, navigation, and search and rescue, BMs are always there. They also have to know how tooperate hoists, cranes, and winches and know how much of a load a rope or cablecan safely support. A Boatswain Mate is a unique position in that they canbecome an officer-in-charge of a harbor tug, patrol boat, or cutter. Most CoastGuard personnel are stationed within the confines of the United States and itsterritorial waters.

While no post-secondary education is necessary, small boat handling experience is desirable along with an aptitude in algebra, geometry, and shop.

Should You Explore High

Finding a job that is in high demand is a good thing for people who want to pursue a career. Because in 2020, if you explore the most in-demand professions and find one inspired by your interests and hobbies, your future may have limitless possibilities.

Best paying jobs in californiaWhat is the highest paying job in California? You noticed from the table that the highest paying profession in California is an orthodontist with an average annual salary of $205,500. The second highest paying jobs are pilot, copilot and flight engineer .What are the best careers in California?These are the ten highest paying jobs in California: ane

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Media And Public Affairs

Visual information equipment operator/maintainers work with equipment such as Teleconferencing VI and are primarily responsible for supporting Army operations with visual information equipment and systems.

Combat documentation/production specialists primarily responsible for supervising, planning and operating electronic and film-based still, video and audio acquisition equipment in order to document combat and non-combat operations.

Civil affairs specialists supervise, research, coordinate, conduct and participate in the planning and production of civil affairs-related documents.

Multimedia illustrators supervise, plan and operate multimedia imaging equipment in order to produce various kinds of visual displays and documents.

Human intelligence collectors use aerial photographs, electronic monitoring and human observation in order to gather and study required information to design defense plans and tactics.

Translator/interpreters convert written or spoken foreign languages into English and other languages. They usually specialize in a particular foreign language.

Cryptologic linguists detect, acquire, locate and identify foreign communications using signals equipment.

Journalists write and photograph the Army’s activities for use in internal and external news media.

Broadcast journalists operate radio or television broadcast teams or the Armed Forces Radio Television Service.

  • Cornet or trumpet player
  • Guitar player
  • Electric bass guitar player

What Is The Navy Job Description

The Army: The Army Job Roles

A short description of the maritime vacancies. The Navy’s mission is to maintain, train and equip a naval force capable of winning wars, repelling aggression and keeping the seas clear. This mission requires experienced sailors to maintain and operate state-of-the-art technology in the service of the best navy in the world.

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What Are The Requirements To Become An Us Army

Basic supplies. The draft rules state that you must be between 17 and 34 years old and have at least a secondary school education. However, memberships under the age of 18 require the consent of a parent or legal guardian. You have to be in good physical shape and pass a series of tests to prove it.

Army Or Civilian Career

Whether you choose to remain in the Army after your five-year commitment is a decision you do not need to make now.

West Point graduates are highly sought after. Those choosing a civilian career have attained great success in different professionsas doctors, CEOs of major companies, and engineers the possibilities are endless.

Graduates who pursue an Army career do so because they feel the commitment and satisfaction of serving their country. The Army family takes care of its own during active duty and upon retirement after 20 years of service, you receive a generous guaranteed pension and reduced medical care for life, plus many other benefits.

For more information about careers and jobs, visit the following website:

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Why Do You Want To Join The Army

If you’re interested in law, health, seminars, or any other career, there’s a place for you in the military. In the Reserve Officer Training Corps, college students take leadership courses in addition to their specialty courses. Upon graduation, students receive the rank of lieutenant in the military.

Choose The Job That Fits Your Skills

Driver – Roles in the Army – Army Jobs

When you select an Army career, youre becoming a part of an elite group of individuals dedicated to service and commitment. No matter your job, your role plays a critical part of the Armys success.

Even if none of the above positions interests you, there are plenty of options to choose from on the very long Army jobs list.

Career or short-term, your training in the Army will offer unique hands-on training opportunities that start from your first day on the job. Joining the Army shouldnt be a light decision, so be sure youve talked to a recruiter a few times as well as active-duty members prior to committing. Take a good look at your skill set and interests, too.

Theres a career out there for everyone. Are you ready to start yours in the Army?

What career from this Army jobs list sounds most interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jobs And Employers In The Army

There is a vast range of jobs on offer in the Army, covering areas such as logistics, engineering, HR, intelligence, medicine and education. Women can apply for most jobs in the Army.

Here are some examples of jobs you could do in the Army:

  • design engineer team officer a degree is not essential to apply for this role, but if you have an accredited engineering degree you will have the opportunity to work towards chartered status
  • communication troop officer responsible for leading and directing the soldiers responsible for battlefield communications using equipment such as satellite systems
  • learning development officer you will have the opportunity to gain a PGCE qualification in service and you are also likely to gain a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language
  • aviation support officer manage soldiers responsible for keeping helicopters refuelled and fully prepared for their next task.
  • medical support officer lead and direct the medical team responsible for treating frontline casualties.

Jobs And Employers In The Royal Navy

Theres a broad range of jobs available in the six main branches of the Royal Navy: warfare, engineering, logistics, medical, chaplaincy or aviation. You could work on the surface fleet, submarine service or the Royal Navys aviation branch, the Fleet Air Arm.

The Royal Marines forms part of the Royal Navy, as does the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, which is manned by civilians and carries out functions such as supplying ships on operations with food, ammunition or fuel.

Here are some examples of roles you could do in the Royal Navy:

  • air traffic control officer lead a team responsible for maintaining the safe flow of air traffic, whether in peacetime or at times of political tension, conflict or natural disaster
  • aircrew officer pilot youll drop Royal Marines commandos into action and carry out surveillance and anti-submarine operations and search and rescue missions
  • weapon engineer officer youll lead a team of specialist engineers on a cutting-edge submarine
  • logistics officer submariner responsible for making sure your submarine has everything it needs on operations
  • hydrography and meteorology officer collect and analyse information about the environment to help with tasks such as predicting weather conditions.

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Jobs And Employers In The Royal Air Force

The key areas of employment in the RAF are: personnel support, medical, logistics, force protection , technical and engineering, communications and intelligence, aircrew and air operations support.

Here are some roles you could apply for in the Royal Air Force:

  • flight operations officer plan, coordinate and monitor flight operations
  • aerospace battle manager you could be a surveillance officer, monitoring the skies for airborne threats, or a weapons controller, directing fighters to intercept aircraft that are suspicious or identified as threats
  • radiographer use imaging equipment to help with the diagnosis of patients
  • intelligence officer gather and present intelligence, for example from images or signals, and analyse threats
  • Pilot fly fast jets for combat or ground attack missions, transport aircraft to deliver humanitarian aid or military support, and helicopters for duties such as search and rescue missions.

What Life In The Army Is Really Like

Army Jobs Explained part 3

The Army says it has over 150 different jobs, but some are not real jobs.

Here are some thoughts that I hope helps. First, Ill try to define army job. The Army advertises that it has over 150 different jobs. Thats true, but some are real jobs and some are not. When two soldiers, who have never met, and arent in uniform, strike up a conversation, one asks, What do you do? The other answers, Im an eleven bravo. The other comes back with, Im a thirteen fox, work with you guys all the time. Each now knows exactly what the other does, but neither has a real job, as in going to work at it every day. A job in the Army is an MOS . The first answer, eleven bravo, means 11B Light Weapons Infantryman, the second, thirteen fox, is 13F Joint Fire Support Specialist, which is a forward observer for artillery.Combat Arms, infantry, artillery, armor, combat engineers, and air defense artillery, dont go to their job in the morning, after physical training . They go to training. What ever that may be that day. The combat arms trains for combat. Infantrymen can study reaction to an ambush, but they cant train for it until they get ambushed, in the field , they can study company in the attack, but they cant train for it until they are in the field, facing thick under brush, trying to figure how to be quiet and get in position.

Artillery and Air Defense Artillery may be doing crew drills, to reduce their set up time, in the field.

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What Jobs Are There In The Army

Military positions are positions that support the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, and the Air National Guard and Army. The Department of Homeland Security manages the Coast Guard.

Military engineeringWhat do Army engineers do? Military engineers design and implement structures that facilitate the daily activities necessary to build a successful society. A military engineer may be responsible for the construction of roads, bridges and highways.What do you need to know about military engineering?Military engineering is broadly defined as the art, science, and practice of the design and construction of

List Of United States Army Careers

The United States Army uses various personnel management systems to classify soldiers in different specialties which they receive specialized and formal training on once they have successfully completed Basic Combat Training .

Enlisted soldiers are categorized by their assigned job called a Military Occupational Specialty . MOS are labeled with a short alphanumerical code called a military occupational core specialty code , which consists of a two-digit number appended by a Latin letter. Related MOSs are grouped together by Career Management Fields . For example, an enlisted soldier with MOSC 11B works as an infantryman , and is part of CMF 11 .

Commissioned officers are classified by their area of concentration, or AOC. Just like enlisted MOSCs, AOCs are two digits plus a letter. Related AOCs are grouped together by specific branch of the Army or by broader in scope functional areas . Typically, an officer will start in an AOC of a specific branch and move up to an FA AOC.

Warrant officers are classified by warrant officer military occupational specialty, or WOMOS. Codes consists of three digits plus a letter. Related WOMOS are grouped together by Army branch.

The Army is currently restructuring its personnel management systems, as of 2019. Changes took place in 2004 and continued into 2013. Changes include deleting obsolete jobs, merging redundant jobs, and using common numbers for both enlisted CMFs and officer AOCs .

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Engineering Science And Technical

Radio operator/maintainers handle all maintenance checks and services on assigned radio communication equipment.

Network-switching systems operators perform maintenance on electronic switches, control centers, combat radios and other equipment associated with networks. They also use computers to troubleshoot the system when errors occur.

Cable systems installer/maintainers install, operate and perform maintenance on cable and wire communications systems, communication security devices and associated equipment.

Microwave system installers install, operate and maintain microwave communications systems. They also work with associated antennas, multiplexing and communications security equipment.

Multi-channel transmission systems operators work directly on communication devices and equipment that communicate through more than one channel. They handle installation, repair, operation and maintenance check of these devices, antenna and associated equipment.

Satellite communications systems operator/maintainers install, operate, maintain and repair strategic and tactical multi-channel satellite communications.

Satellite/microwave systems chiefs plan and supervise the configuration, operation and maintenance of microwave communications.

Signal support systems specialists work with battlefield signal support systems and terminal devices.

Information systems operators/analysts are responsible for maintaining, processing and troubleshooting military computer systems and operations.

Army Careers In Demand

Royal Engineer Officer – Roles in the Army – Army jobs

Currently, the military believes that repair of radars and computers is in high demand. These positions require a high school diploma and provide extensive training for new hires. Survival Equipment Specialist Survival Equipment specialists can work in workshops or even in the field if required.

Future vertical liftWhat is the future of vertical lift helicopters? The Future Vertical Lift is a plan to develop a family of military helicopters for the United States military. The plan is to develop aircraft in five different sizes with common equipment such as sensors, avionics, engines and countermeasures. The military has been assessing the program since 2004.What is the purpose of the Vertical Lift program?T

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What Jobs Are There In The Army In The United States

Members of the military service are responsible for national defence. While some members of the armed forces hold specific positions in the military, such as fighter pilots or infantry, many of them work in occupations that also exist in the civilian sector, such as nurses, doctors, and lawyers.

How Long Is Army Recruiter SchoolIs it difficult to recruit Scol Army? 3I am going to Recruiter School and I want to know what the challenge is. I have attended other military schools, such as Airborne, Airault, Instructor Course, Small Group Instructor Course, Equal Opportunities Representative Course and others. Personal advice will be required.small.To become a recruiter, you must have the following qualifications and SS:Can read englishYou can talk to strangers.Meets size

What Are The Advantages Of Joining The Navy

Benefits of joining the Navy. Education. You can follow higher education independently in the navy. While you are being recruited into the fleet, you can also take courses aboard the ships. The Navy takes care of most of your college education. One of the main benefits of joining the Navy is getting an education.

Future workplaceWhat skills will you need for the future workplace?Solve difficult problems. Problem solving is an essential skill in any environment.Critical Mind While they rely heavily on automated technology in some areas of their work, they wouldn’t rely on them to make leadership decisions for us.Creativity.Active learning.Programming.Emotional intelligenceAnalysis of technological systems.Service orientation.Negot

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What Are The Most Common Interview Questions For An Army Officer

In this article you will find some of the most common interview questions for army officers, as well as examples of suitable answers. If you need additional material for the interview, you will find it at the end of this article. 1. Tell them about your ability to work under pressure. You may find that you thrive under certain pressures.

Benefits Of Being An Army Recruiter

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