What Degrees Do The Military Look For

What Degrees Do The Military Look For


Military Service Time Sometimes Qualifies As College Credit


In many cases, active-duty military personnel who pursue higher education can use some of the military training coursework they have completed toward course credits within a degree program at a college or university.

The American Council on Education, which is made up of over 1,800 colleges and universities, suggests individuals who have served in the military should follow these steps to determine if any of their military work could help reduce their college course loads by transferring hours:

  • Do your homework. Be certain that you can make the most out of your military experience by finding a school that will offer the highest number of transfer credits.
  • Carefully review your military transcripts for an overview of what youve completed as a service member.
  • Have your school of choice review your military transcripts and records from any other schools as soon as possible.
  • Talk to an academic advisor. Find out which majors and course tracks would be best for you and which classes you may be completely exempt from taking.
  • Follow up with the school you enroll in to ensure all credits are transferred successfully in a timely manner.
  • Research the College Level Examination Program and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support to determine if there are tests you can take to cross off certain basic courses from the to-do list within your specific curriculum.

Companies Hiring Eod Veterans

We checked Indeed and did a search for different jobs that fit into these fields. We noticed that some jobs also ask for a bachelors degree, but most just want applicants to have years of experience & a security clearance.

NOTE: If youre looking to go to school to help advance your career as an EOD Tech after the military, you can use CollegeRecons School Finder to find the right college and program for you.

Here are some examples of the EOD job titles and companies we came across in our search. Its important to remember that job listings are temporary so you may want to check back frequently or set up job alerts as new positions open.

NOTE: The links will take you to the Glassdoor company pages.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Weapons Engineer Lockheed Martin

Maybe you wish to use your EOD and military experience for something other than what you did in the military. In that case, it will be important to understand the skills youve earned during your time in the military and their corresponding civilian equivalents. Youll want to incorporate these terms in your resume and civilian job search.

Why Do You Need A Masters Degree

As the above illustrates, military officers may pursue masters degrees for a variety of reasons. Accordingly, no single best masters degree for military officers exists. Rather, individual military officers need to look at their unique situation and preferences to determine the best masters degree for themselves. In other words, what makes the most sense for one military officer may not be the best degree choice for another.

To determine the best masters degree for you, you must first ask why youre pursuing a degree. The answer to this question will largely dictate what masters degree you should choose. In the following five sections, weve outlined the five broad situations for military officers seeking masters degrees and what degree makes the most sense for each situation.

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Speak With An Academic Advisor

Generally speaking, every student who is admitted to a college program will be assigned an academic advisor. This advisors duties are to help you determine your best path for earning your degree. They will help you create a degree plan, choose classes that fulfill degree requirements, and enable you to meet your overarching educational goals. Many will also do their best to put you in touch with various career development services that the university offers.

Some schools, particularly those that cater to a large number of veteran students, employ advisors who are specifically trained to aid veterans. McCarty stresses that veterans, in particular, should speak with their advisors so they can leverage their expertise and improve their chances of success.

Military And Veteran Degrees

Yes, Sergeant, Actually That West Point Cadet Does Outrank ...

Americas service members are a microcosm of the nation. Every demographic in society is represented within their ranks. For some, joining the military was the best choice for their futures. For others, it was the only choice that could get them experience and an education.

In most services, getting a college degree awards promotion points for enlisted service members. In all services, an commissioned officer must have a college degree. But why?

To obtain a college degree is no easy accomplishment. It requires countless hours of reading, study, writing, and research. Even so, the path to a college degree develops within a students mind the ability to analyze and synthesize information. It sharpens a students critical thinking abilities.

Given the inherent danger and ambiguity required of military service, Critical Thinking is most necessary for leaders at all levels of the service. From the dirt-chewing Team Leader to the Commanding General, all leaders must have the ability to take information, analyze it, and make decisions that impact the mission.

Getting a degree while in the military benefits the service member, their service, and America.

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Important Qualities For Fbi Agents

In addition to a bachelors degree, there are certain important qualities FBI agents must possess to be successful on the job. Many of these qualities are tested during the process of becoming an FBI agent or during the time spent in Quantico at the FBI Academy. Important qualities include:

Empathy: Understanding the perspectives of different cultures and people allows agents to do a better job in serving the communities in which they work.

Good communication skills: Agents must have effective communication skills in order to conduct interviews and convey information to fellow agents and police officers. They must be able to express themselves in writing and through speech.

Good judgment skills: A good FBI agent has superior judgment skills. Judgment skills enable agents to solve problems in unique ways and carry out investigations that lead to arrests.

Leadership skills: As an FBI agent, one must lead teams and cases. Agents must be comfortable with being visible members of teams. Also, in some cases, agents may lead investigations that put them at the forefront in a community. They will be seen as leaders by the public.

Physical stamina and strength: Being in good physical shape, both to pass strenuous exams and to work in the field, is a requirement of an FBI agent. At times, the daily rigors of the job require physical stamina and strength.

Resources Financial Aid And Scholarships

The VA sets standards for active duty military personnel and military veterans who plan to return to school. A program must meet the VAs standards to qualify for some forms of financial assistance however, the military does offer some aid to soldiers and veterans.

The GI Bill allows active duty members of the military and qualifying veterans to obtain a degree. The costs covered by the GI Bill depend on the state and the college. It will help with the costs of your education and may pay for the majority of the expenses in some situations.

You may also qualify for the Vocational Rehabilitation and Education program if you were injured while in the military and have certain medical complications associated with your injuries. The injuries must be a 20 percent disability rating or higher to qualify for aid.

Active duty personnel and veterans can also use traditional sources of scholarships and grants to help with the costs of online education. Scholarships and grants may require you to write an essay or submit paperwork before you qualify for the aid. You may also need to maintain a set grade point average or complete other standards before you receive assistance. If you file the paperwork for FAFSA, then you may also request state and federal aid, as well as student loans.

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What Is A Foundation Degree

Higher level degrees are taught in the UK and are equivalent to two years at a college or obtaining A-levels, to set you on track for a Bachelors degree. If continuing your education to a more thorough course is not for you, theres no need to fret a foundation degree can lead straight into full-time employment.

What Jobs Can You Get With A Military Science Degree

What’s Initial Training in the British Army really like?
  • Officer in the Armed Forces Military science graduates who choose to pursue a career in the military can acquire a leadership position when they start out. Officers typically manage enlisted personnel, lead troops in military activities, and manage services such as recruitment, placement, and healthcare. These are among the most common military science degree jobs today.
  • Law enforcement Police officers and detectives are responsible for upholding laws at the local, state, or federal levels. Detectives usually specialize in investigating and solving crimes.
  • Correctional officers Military experience is a requirement for correctional officers at some agencies. This job involves maintaining peace and order in jails and prisons and inspecting the conditions of prison facilities.
  • Human resource managers They manage a companys workforce, handle general administration functions, and serve as a link between management and employees. The soft skills developed in military science students make them ideal human resource professionals.
  • Museum workers Military science graduates can also find work as archivists and curators who specialize in military history. These professionals preserve documents and objects of historical value and may occasionally provide informational talks and tours.
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    What The Recruiter Never Told You

    Excerpts from Rod Powers Articles in Military.Com. What the Recruiter Never Told You

    Rod Powers has covered the US Military for About.com since 1999. He is the author of ASVAB for Dummies, Barrons Officer Candidate School Tests, Veterans Benefits for Dummies, ASVAB AFQT for Dummies, Basic Training for Dummies, and 1,001 ASVAB Practice Questions for Dummies. Rod is wholly familiar with military life, having been stationed or deployed to several bases around the world during his 22 years of service, before retiring as an E-8, First Sergeant. His military decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal with three oak-leaf clusters.

    Use of this article is not an endorsement by the US Department of Defense and its subordinate agencies. Some of the information presented can change or become obsolete without notice. The resource is used solely as a general description of processes found within the public domain dealing with the military services recruiting environment. Excerpts are provided with permission of the author.

    Should I Join the Military?

    If you like to smoke a joint once in a while, dont join. The military uses random, no-notice urinalysis, and if youre found positive, you may very well go to jail . The DOD urinalysis test can find THC in your urine for three weeks after youve smoked a joint.

    Its often a good idea to bring a parent or relative with you for your first visit.

    Common Courtesy

    Getting Down to Basics

    Job Qualifications

    Enlistment Contracts

    Department Of National Defence

    Under the National Defence Act, the CAF are an entity separate and distinct from the Department of National Defence .

    The DND, located at Ottawa in Ontario, is the federal government department whose role is twofold:

  • It has responsibility for the administration and formation of defence policy and
  • It acts as the civilian support system for the CAF.
  • The DND is headed by the Minister of National Defence, a member of the Cabinet. The Minister is aided by a variety of junior ministers, civil servants and senior military officers.

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    What Can You Do With A College Degree In The Military

    Like the civilian world, many options exist for how students use their degree within the military. Each branch of the armed forces needs qualified and educated professionals to carry out roles that require skills ranging from accounting to medicine to law. Keep reading to learn about just a few roles available in the military.

    Officer Candidate And Officer Training School

    40 Programs You Didn

    Officer Candidate School and Officer Training School offer opportunities for anyone with a bachelors degree. This goes for active duty, enlisted members of the military and reservists who have completed a four-year degree, as well as civilians with a bachelors degree . These schools last between 9 and 17 weeks, depending on which branch of the military you choose. The experience is intended to develop your leadership and management abilities while preparing you to deal with the mental, emotional, and physical stress that comes with being an officer. At the end of the course, you will commission as an officer and accept an active duty service commitment.

    Individuals who complete Officer Candidate or Officer Training School will commission as second lieutenants or ensigns . These are the lowest commissioned ranks in each branch of the military. Promotions are given as officers gain more experience and time in service. The initial service commitment for someone who has completed Officer Candidate or Officer Training School is at least three years.

    The requirements for Officer Candidate and Officer Training School do differ among the branches. More information is available at each of the links below.

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    What Degrees Are Good For The Military

    For those transitioning out of the service and attending college, the degree you choose should be based on your career and education goals. If youre entering a career field that requires only an Associates degree, then choosing a Bachelors degree may not be the best option, as it will take longer to complete.

    The degrees fields that most military veterans enter are:

    • Criminal Justice
    • Business
    • Teaching

    That does not mean, however, that you must follow the same path. If your dream is to become a freelance writer or published author, your educational path may be different than everyone elses.

    Can You Be An Officer With A 2 Year Degree

    Becoming an Officer

    Although an associate degree doesnt qualify you to serve as an officer in the Reserve, it means youre a step closer to a bachelors degree. When youre offered an officer commission, you must attend officer training school for 12 weeks before moving from enlisted to serving as an officer.

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    What Do Military Social Workers Do

    Military social workers can wear many hats. Services they provide may include:

    • Mental healthcare
    • Integration support for veterans
    • Veteran advocacy

    As you now know, military life can be traumatic. Social workers help veterans and active service members work through mental and emotional challenges, providing therapy, risk assessments, and counseling, as well as access to supportive resources.

    Many times, veterans need help adjusting to civilian life. Social workers may help to ease this transition. They also advocate for veterans with physical or mental disabilities, as well as those facing financial hardship. This may mean teaming up with nonprofits and coordinating with both state and federal governments. In some cases, advocacy includes leading military support programs at a community, state, or national level.

    Sometimes, social workers step in to protect family members of military personnel. In situations involving domestic violence, substance abuse, or suicidal tendencies, social workers intervene to prevent things from escalating and to get treatment for those involved. They work in tandem with medical and health care professionals.

    Work Environment Of Intelligence Analysts

    What They Don’t Tell You About Becoming An Army Officer…

    Busy days and large volumes of data are to be expected in the role of an intelligence analyst, but the work setting may vary by role. Intelligence analysts may work in government or military departments, international agencies and embassies, or private intelligence agencies. They may work with small businesses, investment companies, or large corporations. Intelligence analysts may also work in different fields, such as business, cybersecurity, engineering, finance, or telecommunications. No matter the industry or setting, analysts spend long hours analyzing collections of data and issuing security warnings. Some field work and travel may also be required.

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    What Can You Do With A Military Science Degree

    These degrees often lead to leadership positions in the military. For instance, many military science graduates start their military careers as officers. However, given the interdisciplinary nature of military science degrees, graduates of such programs will also be able to apply their skills to many civilian positions.

    These programs often prepare students for various career paths in different industries, including research, teaching, and law enforcement. For instance, the intensive research involved during the course of study also prepares students for jobs as military scientists or engineers.

    What Kinds Of Military Science Degrees Are There

    1. Associate Degree in Military Science

    Average time to complete: 2 years

    An associate degree in military science typically requires students to complete 60 credit hours. This course of study allows students to explore military-focused topics while taking core classes in mathematics and English.

    Introductory courses in political science, foreign policy, and military history are common in this degree . Students may also take courses in leadership and communications.

    An associates degree in military science may be the ideal choice for individuals who want to begin their military careers as an officer. According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, this is the most popular type of degree for this field of study.

    Entry-level jobs: human resource professionals, police officers, museum guides

    2. Bachelors Degree in Military Science

    Average time to complete: 4 years

    This is a formal four-year degree program offered by many institutions in the country. In most cases, it requires 120 credit hours, during which students gain more in-depth knowledge of military organizations and operations. This course of study also places greater importance on the development of leadership and decision-making skills.

    Aside from general education requirements, students often take courses on military leadership, peacemaking, war, and diplomacy . In many universities, the degree also requires students to take additional classes for leadership and physical training .

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