FactsWhat Color Shoes With Navy Suit

What Color Shoes With Navy Suit


What Colour Shoes Should You Wear With Your Suit

How To Match Shoes With A Suit In 2 Minutes | Visual Guide To Matching Suits & Dress Shoe

Whether youre dressing for an upcoming wedding, a smart-casual event or a formal occasion this year, no matter the expense of your tailoring and the suaveness of your suit, choosing the right colour shoes for your outfit is crucial to achieving a sophisticated and well put-together end result. There are a number of shades you can opt for when suiting up for a smart occasion, but what colour shoes should you wear with your suit? At Cheaney Shoes, weve created a guide to help you avoid a footwear faux-pas.

What Color Tie To Wear With Navy Suit

    A navy suit is a timeless piece suitable for both formal events and business meetings. It is a must-have if you are a classy man.

    You may be wondering: What is the best color tie to wear with a navy blue suit? Thats why we are here! This guide will take you through what color tie to wear with a navy suit.

    What Color Shoes Go With A Brown Suit

    Compatible shoe colors:


    • Black

    I know you might be wondering why a brown-brown combination works. The truth is that brown suits go with most brown shoes.

    You need a visible difference between the shades of the shoe and the suit. If both browns appear identical, the whole thing will look off.

    In general it’s better for the brown shoes to be darker than the brown suit .

    But the single most important thing is a clear contrast. And that’s what oxblood or burgundy shoes provide more easily.

    And as mentioned in #3 brown is considered less formal than its darker counterparts. So if a charcoal gray suit wouldn’t go with brown shoes, neither would a brown suit go with black shoes. Those pairings clash a little too much .

    Brown suits are traditionally seen as academic or casual. While this view was partly changed by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan , it doesn’t reshape the consensus on brown suits with black leather shoes. They never match.

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    What Color Shoes Go With A Gray Suit

    Compatible shoe colors:

    • Brown
    • Oxblood/burgundy

    Gray suits are less formal than navy blue suits, but they’re equal in terms of flexibility. You can pair them effectively with all three shoe colors.

    They’re not ideal for proper business wear . But they’re actually fine in office setups where suits are worn with a relaxed dress code.

    Specifically, for medium-gray suits black would be the best choice for your shoes while wearing a white dress shirt with a tie.

    Brown and burgundy shoes turn it into a casual/social look and work best when the shirt has some pattern.

    And then we have light gray suits, which work really well for spring/summer wear. The lighter the shade, the easier it is to apply patterns into the suit since they’re more visible.

    Light gray is also the most casual shade of gray so you can use it to break up the monotony of the usual suit colors when you’re attending parties or events during the warmer months.

    What Color Tie Should You Wear With A Navy Suit

    What Color Shoes to Wear With Suit

    Many individuals wear navy suits with ties that do not blend perfectly with the outfit. You might be asking yourself: What color tie to wear with a navy suit? When youre about to leave for work? It is normal to get confused about the right color that matches a navy suit. A navy suit is a versatile piece of clothing that allows you to wear it with a range of ties. To begin with, you can wear a navy suit with a red, black, pink, navy tie, and green tie. So if you were asking yourself: What color tie to wear with a navy suit? Hope this has answered your question.

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    Can You Wear Black Heels With A Navy Suit

    Can you tell me what color shoes I should wear with a Navy suit or Grey suit? A black pair of shoes with a navy or grey suit is definitely appropriate. If you are wearing a Navy suit or grey shoes, we recommend not wearing Navy shoes. In addition, closed toe shoes with a 2, 3, or 4 inch heel are best.

    Printed And Patterned Shirts

    Even if navy suits are a great classic choice, their conventional tone can be a little underwhelming in some instances. So, if you want to make a more significant impression with your navy suit, consider combining it with a printed shirt. A printed shirt can be just what your outfit needs to add a fashionable touch.

    Pair your navy suit with a striped or patterned shirt to make a bold statement. Consider stripes, gingham, polka dots, or checks. The important thing here is that the colors dont clash with your suit. A simple way to avoid this is to wear a shirt with a white foundation.

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    Gold Shoes With Navy Blue Dress

    Shop Gold Shoes:

    Ok, so these shoes aren’t completely gold, but they look pretty good with this navy dress, right? Gold, unlike silver, is a warm metallic which creates a more contrasting effect when paired with a navy outfit.

    Gold shoes are also the perfect shoes to wear with a navy jumpsuit too! They’re also the perfect shoes to wear with a navy dress to a wedding, as they’re fun and shiny!

    I prefer paler’ golds with navy blue, but if you like a more orangey golds, then go for it! Gold shoes & accessories are the perfect solution to your what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress conundrum. And also makes a great color shoes for cocktail dresses& wedding outfit combos.

    Unfortunately the heels I’m wearing in the photo above are no longer available, but popular, wear-with-everything gold sandals, are Stuart Weitzman’s minimal Nudiscurve.

    Out for a pump? Sam Edelmans Versatile Hazel Pointed Pumps is a great contender.

    Feel free to scroll through the above gold shoes styles, above, for more of my favorites available in store.

    Purse color tip: White or nude & if the gold you’ve chosen is a less saturated hue, you can also grab a small matching purse and still look stunning!

    Cream/beige Suit With Light Brown Shoes

    5 Navy Suit Outfit Ideas for Spring | Navy Blue Suit Lookbook | Outfit Inspiration

    Light brown shoes make a great footwear option for cream and beige suits. Light enough for the ideal summer look but classic enough to be worn to formal functions, light brown is a winning choice. Choose between oxfords and brogues for a polished look or loafers and suede styles for a more relaxed touch.

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    Charcoal Grey Suit With Brown Shoes

    A wedding favorite, this ensemble offers a more traditional alternative to the lighter grey suit and brown shoes. Because charcoal is a rich and intense shade of grey, the corresponding brown shoes that it is paired with should offer the same. Opt for a darker shade of brown in cap-toes or double monk straps for a more polished look.

    The deep hues of a pair of dark brown shoes perfectly complement the rich, deep hues of an elegant charcoal grey suit! Courtesy of www.styleforum.net

    And thats a wrap for this one! We hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as we did writing it!

    Leopard Print & Reptile Print Shoes

    Shop Leopard Print Shoes:

    If beiges & browns are highly considered colors that go with navy blue, then leopard print or natural colored reptile prints will be a smashing hit!

    And it doesn’t matter if the animal print is light or dark, largely printed or small. Just make sure you pair this printed shoe with a plain navy dress.

    A lace or patterned navy dress like the one I wore in the first set of pictures wouldn’t work well with leopard print shoes. But the smooth navy frocks above surely do!

    Purse color tip: Brown, beige, gold or a color-blocked combination of these would make a fab addition to your look!

    Alright, so the selection above is in my view the best shoe hues to answer your, what color shoes with navy dress, question. And I truly hope I did help you along the way to shoe styling success!

    As always, taste & style is subjective & you might, for instance, like wearing a pair of orange or yellow shoes with your navy outfit.

    Which can look good, but may look a little crayola if the navy dress steers towards cobalt blue. It’s really all about how the outfit works together & what you feel most comfortable in!

    Shop Casual Navy Dresses & Rompers:

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    Last Words On What Color Shoes To Wear With A Navy Dress

    As you can see, there are lots of shoe colors to match navy dresses and outfits! I hope your only dilemma on how to wear navy dressed with the right shoes now is picking the right pair!


    Wednesday 1st of December 2021

    I am wearing a short navy dress for a date night with my husband for our anniversary this month. Going to a upscale restaurant. What color shoes should I wear? I do love edgy stuff.


    Friday 3rd of December 2021

    That sounds so fun! If you like edgy styles, why not opt for a black satin shoe with some sparkle or dazzle, like rhinestone or metallic stud embellishments. I absolutely love these heels. If not, you can choose a pair of clear heels or hologram heels. Otherwise, any metallic shoe will do – be it gold or silver!


    Thursday 14th of October 2021

    I have a navy lace lace with soft blush pink underlay, Iam 65 and itâs a fit n flare style, I have worn once it for my sons wedding, with Boden navy stiletto shoes, but they were very uncomfortable, changed to silver for evening, should I look for blush pink shoes now


    Friday 15th of October 2021

    I love silver shoes for day or night. Blush pink also look fabulous, but no need to buy another pair, if you already have a good pair of silver ones!


    Monday 15th of March 2021


    Thursday 18th of March 2021

    Carolyn Milton Beckwith

    Thursday 16th of January 2020


    Thursday 16th of January 2020


    Saturday 18th of March 2017


    Monday 20th of March 2017

    What Color Do Shoes Go With A Navy Suit

    Brown shoes with a navy suit, yes or no?

    The most conservative and traditional of the blue suits. Pinstripe navy suits can be a way to make the navy more interesting without losing much of the seriousness.

    A navy suit can be used almost interchangeably with black except for the most formal of occasions or offices. Pair with a dark brown Oxford shoe for a classic pairing that never goes out of style.

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    Are Black Dress Shoes The Only Option

    While black dress shoes are a popular choice, theyre not the only option when it comes to wearing dress shoes with a blue suit.

    You can also wear brown, tan, or gray dress shoes with a blue suit. Just make sure that the shoe color matches the color of your suit.

    If youre not sure what color dress shoes to wear, its always best to consult with a fashion expert or take a look at some style guides.

    There are a variety of different style guides available online and in print, so you can find the perfect guide that matches your needs.

    When in doubt, its always best to choose a classic shoe style that will never go out of fashion.

    What Colour Shoes To Wear With A Navy Suit

    Knowing how to pair up navy coloured men’s clothing with accessories can be quite difficult. Navy is quite a controversial colour on the spectrum and can clash with certain hues and textures.

    Therefore, we completely understand if youre struggling to find the right colour and style of shoe to wear with your navy suit.

    But either way, knowing what to wear in an office environment can be quite stressful, so you may even be asking yourself more general questions.

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    Blue Suit With Brown Oxford Shoes

    The perfect matching. Oxford shoes are the most classic dress shoe choice, the same happens with blue suits, especially when it comes to navy blue suits. So, just take a look at the shades and wear them together in any business or event environment. Feel the confidence of the most classic blue suit and brown shoes couple.

    Blue Suit With Black Shoes


    Different, but not dramatically so, these two colours paired makes a safe bet for guys that want to stand out without going full Pitti peacock. As for the suit, a punchy, vibrant shade such as cobalt works best, while the shoes should be in a saturated black leather that looks almost patent but, you know, isnt.

    Tommy Hilfiger

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    What Shoes To Wear With A Grey Suit

    When deciding what colour shoes to wear with a grey suit, you must first decipher what shade of grey your suit is. Whether its light or dark will affect which shoes pair well with it, so you must establish this first. While light grey suits are undoubtedly easier to match, there are multiple choices for both shades, some of which cross over and can be used for both.

    What Colour Shoes Should You Wear With A Grey Suit

    Grey suits are another popular and versatile option when it comes to formal wear and can be easily paired with a choice of shoe colour. If you opt for a lighter shade of grey, both darker brown and tan shoes are, again, another well-suited option that bring warmth to the cool, steeliness of the shade. Or, if you want to try injecting a little colour into the look, try oxblood or burgundy leather for achieving the same stylish effect.

    If your suit is charcoal grey, stick to darker shades of these same colours to complement the darker tone of your suit. Whichever shade of grey you opt for, black shoes are always a failsafe look particularly at a more formal event.

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    What Colour Shoes To Wear With A Charcoal Suit

    Like a light, slate or mid-grey number, a charcoal suit looks sharp with shoes in black, burgundy and oxblood. Unlike suits in lighter shades of grey, however, a charcoal one wont play well with navy or light brown footwear.

    While there may be exceptions for the suit colours mentioned thus far, there arent any when it comes to charcoal. So, veer away from this advice at your peril.

    Navy Dress With Brown Shoes

    How to Match Your Shoes Color &  Type With A Suit

    Shop Brown/Tan/Caramel Shoes:

    I’ll be the first to admit that I do neglect this shoe color, but it sneakily works so well combined with different outfit colors. And of course, brown shoes look great with a navy dress!

    This color shoe matches a more loose-fitting, casual dress & isn’t ideal to wear with a formal or navy cocktail dress. I love brown shoes with a navy office look myself!

    Purse color tip: A matching brown, orange, or even baby blue purse would look great.

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    Shoes That Create A Casual Summertime Look With Your Navy Suit

    Matching a pair of plain white trainers is the perfect way to get your navy suit looking fresh in the summertime.

    To create an even more casual element to your look, you could style it with a white t-shirt. This will nicely help tie in your casual summertime look and hopefully cool you down in the warmer months.

    What Shoes To Wear With A Cream Or Beige Suit

    Cream and beige suits are a popular choice for summer because of their light colour and fresh appearance. To maintain this clean and bright aesthetic its essential to pair them with light shoes. While black, burgundy, and dark brown will all look much too heavy, shoes in light brown or white will create the perfect pair.

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    Perfect Harmony: How To Match Your Shoes With Your Suit

    Finding the right shoes to match your suit is a seemingly simple task. But as any man who has tried and failed to combine brown footwear with black tailoring will testify, this is not always the case.

    In reality, there are a huge number of colours, styles and dress codes to be taken into consideration. And only when all of these factors are in alignment will your shoes and suit be in perfect harmony.

    It can be tricky, but in order to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction, weve broken down everything you need to know when matching your footwear to your suit, starting with the fundamentals.

    Beige Or Brown Shoes With Navy Dress

    What Color Leather Accessories Go With A Navy Blue Suit ? [ COMPLEMENTS GUARANTEED ]

    Beige or brown shoes are also a good option to wear with navy dress in any season. They give you an earthy, natural look that is perfect for all seasons. Like silver and golden Brown or Tan color shoes also make a contrasting pair with navy suit.

    Beige adds simplicity and elegance to your style, so these are best for formal look. Brown heels and pumps in any shade can be picked up. Moreover for more formal look just go with flat sandals of brown color. Dont forget to have a hand bag of brown color that will match your shoes.

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    How To Rock A Blue Suit And Brown Shoes At A Wedding

    As I mentioned earlier, just because you most often see the blue suit/brown shoe combo in business settings doesnt mean it has to be limited to boardrooms.

    It can look just as sharp at social and other celebratory events, and there are few events as celebratory as weddings.

    But suiting up for a wedding brings a whole host of considerations that dont come up in other settings.

    So before you rock blue and brown to celebrate a conscious coupling, here are a few things you need to consider.

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