CollegeWhat Colleges Accept Military Credits

What Colleges Accept Military Credits


Request A Copy Of Your Joint Services Transcript

Turning soldiers into scholars by turning military experience into college credit

Before you begin, request a copy of your military Joint Services Transcript. This will include information such as:

  • Your military course completions
  • College-level test scores
  • Other learning experiences

For Air Force, you will need to obtain your CCAF Transcript instead. This is your version of the JST.

To request a copy:

  • Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard: Go here.
  • Air Force: Go here.

NOTE: Its important to also do some research. Some colleges and universities might technically accept your JST, but will award those credits as general elective credits.

Basically, these credits dont help you complete your degree any earlier. Make sure to ask admissions personnel exactly how those credits will transfer and help you check off required courses for your desired degree program.

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Together, those could account for half the credits required for an associate degree.

Still have more questions? Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What do I need in addition to my military credits for an associate degree in general studies?

Most colleges require 60 to 65 credit hours for an associate degree and 120 to 130 credit hours for a bachelors degree. In most cases, the following college credit hours must be added to the average service member’s military experience to complete an associate degree in general studies :

  • 8 semester hours in natural science
  • 6 semester hours in English
  • 6 semester hours in social science
  • 6 semester hours in humanities
  • 3 semester hours in mathematics

Note that you may be able to test out of having to take some of these classes as well, through CLEP/DANTES exams.

Where can I find out how many credits Ive earned through training and education?

All training and education is documented on the Joint Services Transcript , which is available online. That document explains how many and what kind of credit hours have been earned. Service members can obtain a copy of their JST by visiting the JST website at . Common Access cards are needed to log in.

Where can I find education help at my installation?

What is the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Degree Network System ?

Obtain A Degree Audit/credit Mapping From The University

As a part of the application process, a member of the universitys admissions team will review your military transcript to determine:

  • If and how your military experience maps to courses offered by the university
  • Which, if any, of those courses apply to the degree program you are applying to
  • The remaining number of credits and the specific courses which would be required for you to finish your degree

It is important to note that, while your military experience might translate into credits, they may not all apply to your chosen field of study. Just because you are eligible to receive 60 credits, for example, does not mean that you will automatically reduce your curriculums required credit load by 60 credits.

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How Many College Credits Do You Get For Military Service

Military experience alone could be worth up to 20 college credits! Most colleges grant 4 semester hours in physical fitness for recruit training. In addition, colleges usually give credit for other service schools attended, as long as those courses are longer than two weeks and are not of a classified nature.

Receiving College Credit For Military Service Is A Great Benefit But The Amount Of Credit Received Can Often Fall Below Expectations There Are Many Factors That Can Contribute To This But Here Are The Most Common:

college credit for military experience
  • The desired area of study or program is different than their MOC .
  • Military experience or training is determined to be duplicate and applied to the same transfer credit recommendation.
  • Most ACE credits typically only apply to lower level, free elective coursework such as associates degree level classes.
  • Typically very few credits apply toward core requirement, upper level course work.
  • The institutions transfer credit policies are not transparent.
  • Ultimately colleges determine the military college credits they will accept and how they will be applied to a specific degree.
  • Colleges dont always follow the ACE recommendations or they may interpret them differently from one school to the next.

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Put Your Training And Experience To Work

Earning a college degree is a more attainable goal than you might think. In addition to the education benefits that help veterans pay for college, taking advantage of your military training and experience can give you a head start on your education while lessening your financial and time commitments.

Enrolling in a military-friendly program is the first step toward making a smooth transition from a military to a civilian career. Northeastern University is committed to helping veterans on this journey.

Northeasterns bachelors degree completion programs allow servicemembers to put their prior military training to work so that they can complete their degrees, build impressive resumés, and kickstart their careers.

To learn more, explore Northeasterns military-friendly programs or , military admissions officer at Northeastern, for personalized enrollment advice.

Send Your Joint Services Transcript Transcript To Your School Of Choice

The Joint Services Transcript is an academically accepted document approved by the American Council on Education . It validates your military occupational experience and training along with the corresponding ACE college credit recommendations.

Simply log on to the JST website to create your free account and access your records. You dont have to be active duty in order to access the JST website and your transcript is free.

Once youve created an account, click the Transcripts link to view your transcript and sections for Military Course Completions, Military Experience, and College Level Test Scores. To send your transcripts to a school, select Official Transcript Request from the Transcripts menu. On the next page, select a school from the list. Finally, acknowledge the consent statement by clicking Yes.

Note: Air Force personnel should contact the Community College of the Air Force to send and receive their transcripts.

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How Do I Get My Military College Credits

For the Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard, go to the Joint Services Transcript website. Fill out an Official Transcript Request to share your transcript with schools online. For the Air Force, go to the Community College of the Air Force website. Submit a request to have your transcript mailed to schools.

Earning Credits For Military Training

College Credit for Military Experience, Finish Faster

Thomas Edison State University is a leader in recognizing your military service and awards maximum credit for your training and experience. We are committed to evaluating and granting college credit for your military experience, prior education, certifications, training and other work and life-learning experiences.

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How Credit Is Earned

  • Service members and veterans of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Coast Guard receive the Joint Services Transcript as record of their military training. The JST provides credit recommendations for military training through the American Council on Education evaluation process. TESU recognizes the ACE recommendations from the JST and awards transfer credit for military training into college credit that can be used toward your degree requirements.
  • Service members and veterans of the U.S. Air Force receive a transcript from the Community College of the Air Force with community college credits awarded for military training. TESU awards transfer credit from the CCAF transcript as community college credits that can be used toward your degree requirements.

How Can The Jst And Ccaf Transcripts Help My Educational Goals

Your military training, education, and occupational experiences are evaluated by the American Council on Education and documented on the Joint Services Transcript or the Community College of the Air Force Transcript.

These transcripts are official records that contain college credit recommendations that are based on military experience, academic exam scores, CLEP, DSST, ACT and any academic courses that were completed while in the military.

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How To Choose The Best College

The best college for you may not be the same one as for the guy or gal sitting next to you in the mess hall. Perhaps you want the quickest route to a degree so you can qualify for a particular job, in which case you should look for programs that give you the maximum transfer credit and where you already know much of the material. On the other hand, you might want to learn a new field in depth, in which case you want the best program for that profession, with a schedule and pace that allows you to get a great education.

Most of the are very flexible and allow you to change your schedule or take a leave of absence if you are deployed or have other needs. These schools work with veterans, active-duty, reserve, and family members to find the best assistance and the best way through their particular schools programs. Some allow you to accelerate your learning when you have time, and slow it down when you are busy. Because these programs are online, you can often work on courses while deployed overseas if you want. Some schools also let you take some courses face-to-face, with other classes taken online, turning your program into a hybrid learning environment.

Perform A Quick Check To See If A School Is Approved For Va Benefits

student veterans make connections on campus

Use the WEAMS Institution search tool on the Department of Veterans Affairs website to find out which Indiana schools are approved for VA benefits and participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program to cover costs the Post-9/11 GI Bill doesnt.


Got questions about your GI Bill benefits, transferring credits, or financial aid? You and your family can get the answers you need from Indianas public and private institutions, either from dedicated support staff for military members or from their admissions or financial aid offices.

Two-Year Institutions

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System Procedure 3353 Military Courses And Military Occupations

for Board Policy 3.35

Part 2. Authority Minn. Stat. §197.775 Higher Education Fairness requires the colleges and universities of Minnesota State to recognize military courses and award credit when they were part of a students military training or service.

Part 3. Definitions

American Council on Education ACE is a major coordinating body for colleges and universities and provides leadership and a unifying voice on key higher education issues. ACE influences public policy through advocacy, research, and program initiatives.

American Council of Education credit recommendation ACE offers a nationally recognized assessment service providing standardized reviews and credit recommendations for college-level learning achieved through third-party study/exam programs, professional and certification trainings and assessments, and military training and assessments.

Military CoursesA curriculum with measurable outcomes and learning assessments that service members are required to successfully complete based on their military occupation.

Military OccupationA service members job while in the military.

ACE does not conduct evaluations of Air Force occupations.

Colleges and universities shall offer students the opportunity to demonstrate college-level learning for military courses and military occupations that include the components listed below.

Subpart D. Record the credit awarded See System Procedure 3.29.1 College and University Transcripts, Part 5.

Part 7. Implementation

Why Do They Call Combat Medic 68 Whiskey

Per, 68 Whiskey is used to describe the job of a certain combat medic specialist. Although the position is typically listed as 68W, the Army will say 68 Whiskey because it follows the NATO phonetic alphabet. The alphabet also includes Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, which simply means A,B,C,D.

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How Do I Get My Ccaf Transcript

There are several options for ordering your official transcript. All of them are hard copies.

Option #1: Free online option from CCAF. You must access this from a .MIL network. You can have the transcript mailed to your address of choice. You will need to login to the Air Force Virtual Education Center.

Option #2: Free written request. Processed in 10-15 days after they receive it. You will need to mail in a transfer request form.

Option #3: First class mail and overnight through Credentials Solutions. This is a 3rd party, and the fees are not covered by the Air Force. It will then get transmitted to CCAF electronically, and their staff will print and mail out your transcript.

Option #4: View unofficial transcript. This is for active, reserve, and guard only and you can do this through the Air Force Virtual Education Center through the Air Force Portal.

If you are interested in using your time in the military for your education, you will need to use your Joint Services Transcript or your Community College of the Air Force transcript depending on your branch. By doing so, you could save yourself time, money, and be able to move ahead faster on your educational journey than you otherwise would be able to.

Next Step: Within your profile at CollegeRecons Search Tool, you can easily upload your JST or CCAF transripts to provide to schools to have your credit estimates provided for free.


    Ways To Earn Credit For Your Service

    College Credit for Military Experience, Finish Faster (:15)

    Your JST contains courses recommended by the American Council on Education . The University of Arizona uses ACE recommendations and university transferability guidelines to assess credit for U.S. military service and training for undergraduate students. The University of Arizona will accept up to 30 units of ACE-recommended military credit as transfer work toward a bachelors degree. To review our most current credit articulations, see American Council on Education in our Transfer Credit Guide. Please read the instructions for using the Transfer Credit Guide for military credit HERE. Visit the Office of Transfer Credit & Articulation for transfer credit evaluations and questions. For experiences not listed in the Transfer Credit Guide, consult with your academic advisor.

    In addition to ACE-recommended courses, credit can be received for basic training. Recruit or basic training on JST and CCAF transcripts is awarded credit based on time in service :

    • 1 year or more: 8 units
    • 9 months: 6 units

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    Research Military Friendly Schools

    Look for military friendly colleges. These institutions offer military credit, CLEP, or DANTES exams.

    Some schools have a dedicated military admissions teams or military transfer credit evaluators. These are individuals trained in reviewing Joint Service Transcripts and CCAF Transcripts.

    Other indicators are:

    • Military tuition discounts or Reduced Tuition
    • Dedicated Military Academic Advisors
    • Military resources or groups on campus such as Student Veterans of America

    Important Note: Selecting Your Ideal College

    From here, it is recommended that you reach out to numerous schools. Military training may carry more weight at a specific institution.

    Acceptance practices are not equal across the board, so please make sure to do your research and keep options open. Enroll only after the school has determined your military transfer credits.

    NOTE: You can use CollegeRecon to contact schools to learn about what college credits for military service you may be eligible to receive.

    Important Notes About Military College Credits

    The number of credits that apply toward a selected course of study will be determined by the degree requirements. In some instances a transfer course from Joint Service Transcripts or CCAF doesnt transfer in to fulfill a specific requirement. In that case it may fit into a Free Electives or General Electives category.

    If your desired area of study is different than your MOS, you may receive less credit than anticipated.

    There may be a higher likelihood that transfer credits fulfill more course requirements in the degree is similar to the military occupational specialty. Example: A Cybersecurity Specialist transferring credits into a Bachelor Science in Cybersecurity program.

    ACE credit recommendations are just that, recommendations. The final decision regarding the transfer of military college credits is ultimately determined by the college.

    But dont hesitate to appeal if an adverse decision has been made.

    For the ACE Military Guide Frequently Asked Questions, go here.

    To get started on earning educational credit for your military experience and skills,visit the American Council on Educations Military Guide for further details.

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    How To Earn College Credit For Military Training

    Did you know that you may be able to earn college credit for your military training and experiences? Both active-duty members of the military and veterans can use their time in the military to earn college credits that can be applied to a degree.

    Successfully transferring your military experience to college credit comes with a host of benefits and can make completing a bachelors degree a more attainable goal than you might have thought possible.

    If youre wondering how to translate your military experience to college credit, read on to find out.

    How Do I Get College Credits For My Military Service

    3 Ways to Get Academic Credit for Military Training

    As an active-duty service member, Veteran, or member of the Reserves, youll need to request your transcript from your branch of service and share it with schools. Each school then decides how many credits theyll accept.

    How to request your transcript:

    • For the Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard, go to the Joint Services Transcript website. Fill out an Official Transcript Request to share your transcript with schools online.
    • For the Air Force, go to the Community College of the Air Force website. Submit a request to have your transcript mailed to schools. You can pay for fast delivery if you’re trying to meet a deadline.

    Your transcript shows how many credits the American Council on Education recommends for each experience, including:

    • Military Occupational Specialty training
    • Army Advanced Individual Training
    • Military jobs

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