DiscountWhat Airlines Offer Retired Military Discounts

What Airlines Offer Retired Military Discounts


Other Ways Delta Supports The Us Military

Military Discount Flights – How to Find Military Flight Discounts

Delta has a pretty cool program for war-injured soldiers.

If you are a domestic partner or immediately family member of a war-injured person in the military you fall under the Delta Medical Emergency policy.

In order to book a discount military medical emergency flight you will need to provide Delta with:

  • Your full name.
  • Relationship to the injured family member or domestic partner.
  • Name and phone number of the military hospital providing the care.

Delta explains that they define immediate family members as spouses, domestic partners, children, parents, siblings, step-siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, stepchildren, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and in-laws.

You can reach Delta for last minute, medical emergency reservations at 800-221-1212, or 800-325-1771.

Please keep in mind the second number is only available M-F during normal business hours.

Free Bags For Military

Many airlines now offer free bags to you and your dependents. If you have small kids, you know that babies and toddlers dont travel light. Some spouses like to bring outfits for every occasion and you may even need your military gear, so this is a real cost saver.

  • Alaska: Active duty and dependents get the first five bags free.
  • Allegiant Airlines: Active duty military get the first three checked bags free.
  • American: Those traveling on orders and their dependents check five bags for free.
  • Delta: You get five bags free if traveling on orders and 2 to 3 for leisure travel.
  • Frontier: Free checked bags for military.
  • Hawaiian: Those traveling on orders and their dependents get four bags free. For personal travel, its two free bags.
  • JetBlue: Call 1-800-JETBLUE to receive baggage waivers.
  • Southwest: Military personnel enjoy two free bags allowance.
  • Spirit: Active duty members receive two bags and one carry-on free. Dependents arent included.
  • United: Military and dependents can check in bags for free .
  • Virgin America: As an active duty military service member, you check five to 10 bags free for yourself and five for dependents.

We’re Here To Help You Fly

If you’re serving and have a trip on the horizon, we’ve come up with a few ways to make it simpler and more affordable.

Book military fares.

We offer special military fares to active duty military and their dependents in some markets. These fares apply to service members traveling on an official excused absence, and those discharged from active duty military service in any one of the US military agencies.

Receive a Veterans Advantage discount.

Visit an Alaska Lounge.

Effective May 27, 2019, Alaska Lounge day passes are complimentary for active duty US military personnel who are traveling on orders. You must be able to verify your active status, provide orders, and be ticketed to fly on an Alaska flight departing within 3 hours.

Save on snack attacks.

Did you know that all members of the military and their families get a 15% discount on food purchased during a flight with us? Just show your military ID to our flight attendant, and then prepare to snack.

Check 5 bags for free.

For active duty US military personnel, and military dependents with travel orders, weâll check your first 5 bags for free.

Fly with four-legged friends.

Get onboard early.

Thank you, heroes.

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Hawaiian Islands Military Discount

  • What is the discount? They do not have a specific military discount, however, if you are a member of Veterans Advantage you can receive 5% off coach flights from the US Mainland to the Hawaiian islands and from Honolulu to select international locations.
  • What non-discount benefits do they offer?
  • For active duty, and those who are retired or retiring, who have proof of official government travel orders, and their qualified dependents: Will be allowed 4 checked complimentary bags per person for all coach/first/business classes of travel when traveling on orders, with a limit of 70 lbs per bag.
  • For active duty military personnel: They are allowed 2 complimentary checked bags per person for coach/first/business classes of travel when traveling for personal reasons, with a limit of 50 lbs per bag. This does not apply to dependents.
  • Whos eligible? Active duty, those who are retired or are retiring, and qualified dependents depending on the benefit.
  • How do you get the discount? Service members need to make sure they check in at the Hawaiian Airlines airport counters. Those who do so at the Kiosks and use web check-in will only be able to have 2 complimentary bags.

Identify The Terms To Qualify For Military Discounts On American Airlines

Full List of Military Discounts on Flights [Sorted by Airline]

Do you know what American Airlines military discount is? Well, American Airlines shows its gratitude towards the services rendered by the military personnel to the nation by offering them up to 10% discount on flight bookings. This military discount is given by American Airlines on domestic as well as on the international flight booking amount. American Airlines has named the scheme as VetRewards where it provides the conditions to qualify for receiving the military discounts. For knowing about the definite conditions to qualifying for receiving American Airlines military discounts read the details below.

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Retail Gas And Camping Discounts For Military Families

With the Good Sam Club membership, which is more than half off its normal cost of $29 for active-duty military, people can access discounts on fuel at Pilot Flying J gas stations, Camping World SuperCenters, Good Sam parks and campgrounds, and other retail locations.

Walt Disney World offers special military pricing on four- and five-day tickets that include the Park Hopper option so families can come and go from resorts as they see fit.

Southwest Airlines Military Discount

Note: to read our full article on the Southwest Airlines military discount.

Southwest Airlines is another major American airline that is based out of Dallas, Texas.

The airline represents the largest low-cost carrier in the world.

It was established in 1967. Southwest operates approximately 4,000 departures per day.

Also as of this year it has carried the most domestic passengers of any U.S. airline.

What discount do they offer?

Southwest Airlines does provide a military discount yet the amount of savings varies.

The only way you can receive an exact figure is by contacting Southwest directly which is unfortunate.

The discount is available to active duty military personnel and their families.

How to redeem your discount:

In order to get a quote on a specific flight call Southwest at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.

The discount is not featured through the online platform or via a travel booking website.

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Travel Perks Through American Express Platinum

American Express now waives its annual fees on its credit cards, including its Platinum credit card. The card provides concierge booking services, five times the points for flights, worldwide airport lounge access, a $200 airline fee allowance, monthly Uber credits, and reimbursement for the TSA Precheck fee. Apply for the credit card and be sure to request its service member benefits.

Travel Perks Through Chase

Military wife says United Airlines won’t honor military discount

Chase now waives its credit card fee for the elite card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve, for military members. The card comes with a variety of travel perks, including a $300 travel credit, Global Entry or TSA Precheck fee credit, car rental privileges, and complimentary airport lounge access. Apply for the credit card and be sure to request its service member benefits.

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation offers a free membership program to military families. These condominium-style timeshares are located around the world for prices as low as $349 per week. Applications are required.

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Can Veterans Still Wear Their Uniforms

Uniform Rules for Veterans and Retirees For non-formal events, veterans are allowed to wear other working uniforms as deemed appropriate for the occasion. All veterans and retired members will conform with the same standards of appearance, military customs, practices, and conduct in uniform prescribed for active-duty.

Other Military Travel Benefits When Flying

Some airlines go beyond just offering free checked bags to military members. Here are the airlines that offer perks like priority boarding and lounge access:

  • Alaska Airlines: Alaska Airlines offers U.S. military members early boarding, complimentary lounge access when traveling on orders and a 15% discount on food purchased in-flight.

  • American Airlines: American Airlines offers Group 1 boarding to active-duty military members with ID.

  • Southwest Airlines: Southwest Airlines allows military members to board between the A and B groups, allowing them better access to seats.

  • United Airlines: United Airlines offers United Club lounge access to active duty military members in uniform or with leave orders and their families. You must be traveling on a United-operated flight and present your boarding pass and papers to the lounge agent.

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How To Get Delta Vacations Military Discount

In order to book with Delta Vacations you will need to become a SkyMiles member. The enrollment process is fairly straightforward.

  • Step 1: Submit your military email address using the Before You Book form on the upper right side of the webpage. You must submit a request in order to receive the Delta military discount.
  • Step 2: Delta will send you a personal eCertificate number via the email address provided in the Before You Book submission.
  • Step 3: The instructions on how to redeem the Delta military discount with the eCertificate number will also get included in the email.

NOTE: Delta Vacations has no blackout dates! So you get the most travel flexibility by considering the all-inclusive offer.

Delta Military Discount On Baggage

14 Airlines That Offer A Military Discount (and 12 that ...

Do you remember the good old days when you could basically bring anything onto an airplane?

Furthermore, you could do so without having to take out a small mortgage alone on baggage fees.

Thankfully, Delta also recognizes that U.S. Military deserves special offers on baggage in addition to airfare.

Active duty service members receive exclusive savings on baggage.

The amount of free bags depends if you are traveling on military orders or for personal leisure:

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Active Duty Military Traveling On Orders

Active duty personnel traveling on orders are allowed to check-in up to five free bags. Each bag can weigh up to 100 lbs.

The baggage discount is good for Delta Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, First Class, Delta Premium Select, and Delta One tickets.

Additionally, your bags are allowed to be longer than typical allowances.

Those traveling on orders can check-in bags that are 80 inches .

Buyer Beware Of Shady Websites

While searching for Military fares have you ever noticed the abundance of generic Military themed sites? Well for your sake be extremely careful when buying tickets online, no matter how great of a deal you appear to be getting.

Heres an example:

Website: Seeking a discounted flight from San Antonio to Detroit. They quoted $210.71, including all taxes and fees.

Next, I checked to find the price for the same flight and it costs a whopping $668.10

Now, Im interested and I want to learn more about Military Fares.

So like any internet savvy shopper, I want to learn more about the site. In the footer theres links to their Terms & Conditions and cancellation policies, both of which return dead pages.

I click the contact link and Im provided with a number, 500 0755. Unfortunately no one ever answers the phone

Finally, I begin searching for terms like scam and reviews and the results validate what my gut felt earlier Feel free to take a look for yourself:

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Does Best Buy Offer Military Discounts

Apple Store: Discounts vary, but you can sign up here. Best Buy: discounts are available at some locations, typically 10% off. Best Buy offers half off Geek Squad services for military families. Microsoft: 10% off on select products for active, former, and retired military personnel and their families.

Discounted Fares Available At Registration

Military Discounts and Travel Tips for Military Families

Many airlines have discounted military fares. Call to make your reservations, since online booking systems usually dont include military discount options. It takes extra time but saves you serious cash. Remember, book your tickets after youve spoken with each of the airlines below with flights available to your destination.

  • American: You can get unspecified flight discounts if you call to book it.
  • Delta: You are eligible for military fares on select routes, which you must call to find out about.
  • JetBlue: They have discounted fares for active duty military if youre not traveling on orders. It basically removes advanced-purchase requirements, and this can mean lower fares for last minute travel plans.
  • Southwest: This airline has unspecified discounts you must call to get.
  • United: You get up to five percent off if youre active duty or a veteran, National Guard, or Reservist. This includes your family, but there are restrictions.

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Delta Airlines Military Discount

Note: to read our full article on the American Airlines military discount.

Delta Airlines is one of the major American carriers.

The airline operates over 5,400 flights daily and serves an international network that includes over 300 worldwide destinations in 52 different countries.

It represents the sixth oldest airline still in operation, and oldest airline still operating that was established in the United States.

It has a high quality reputation and track record.

What discount do they offer?

Delta is proud to support active members of the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. Special flight price discounts are reserved exclusively for active duty members.

Active duty military personnel also gets a better deal on baggage. In short, members are allowed more free bags compared to civilian customers.

The Delta Baggage and Travel Fees page can get you an exact quote after the discount is applied.

Lastly, Delta has a program where it supports war-injured immediate family members, or a domestic partner, if the individual falls under the Delta Medical Emergency policy.

How to redeem your discount:

In order to redeem one of these discounts please contact the Delta Military and Government department: 800-325-1771.

The desk has business hours of M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm EST.

How To Receive Cheap Airline Tickets

In order to receive discounted flights from Delta that are exclusive to active duty military and retired/veterans you must contact Delta Airlines.

You can reach the Delta Military and Government desk at 800-325-1771.

The military and government desk can assist you with airfare for a variety of reasons, including personal leisure travel as well as assignments based on military orders.

The Delta Military and Government Desk is open Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 7:30 pm EST.

It is important to keep that in mind as you cannot reach them on the weekends for last minute reservations.

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Southwest Offers No Cancellation Fees For Military

Even though you might not be able to get the military fare while booking your Southwest trip, it is good to know their cancellation policy.

As a service member, times and dates change, and you might need to change the date of your trip. Southwest will not charge you a fee for this change. However, you will need to use your ticket within a year, and it is not transferable to someone else.

This can give you some comfort when booking your tickets and think there is a chance something could change.

Free Admission To National Parks

American Airlines Military Discount

Any visitors to any one of the 400 National Parks will receive free entry on Nov. 11, not just veterans. Additionally, many of the parks host Veterans Day-related events, including in-person and virtual ceremonies, parades, concerts and service projects, a list of which can be found here.

All gave some. Some gave all. From the heroes of the American Revolution to those in uniform today, on #VeteransDay we recognize all the people who have served our nation. There are many events today on the National Mall honoring their service & sacrifice:

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Shades Of Green Military Resort At Walt Disney World Orlando Fl

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Alaska Airlines Military Discount

  • What is the discount? Alaska Airlines offers special military fares to active duty and dependents in some markets. The fares would be valid on Alaska Airlines, Horizon, Sky West, and PenAir.
  • What non-discount benefits do they offer?
  • If you have booked a military fare, the service member and dependent will be able to have 5 bags free of charge. In addition, active duty military and active duty dependents on travel orders would also receive the 5 bags free of charge. Bags can be up to 70lbs.
  • Alaska Airlines offers 15% off of food purchased on the airplane to all members of the military and their families.
  • Active duty members pay $150 plus tax for pet travel vs the normal prices of between $250-350, up to $700.
  • Active duty military can board the plane early.
  • Whos eligible? Active duty military and their dependents.
  • How do you get the discount? In order to receive the special fares, you will have to call 1-800-252-7522. You will need to have a valid military ID or separation papers for travel within 7 days of discharge from active military service. Dependents need to be a legal relation of the military members, have proper identification, and those ages 10 and up will need to have a valid ID with active on it.

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