FactsWhat Age Can You Go To Army

What Age Can You Go To Army


Enlisted: Prior Service Reenlistment Eligibility Reserve Program

Why Did You Join the Army?

If you are a recently separated or discharged Navy veteran or Other Service Veteran who is in a closed rating or who would otherwise be ineligible for reenlistment, this program can help you access new opportunities through a change of rating. Note: This program was formerly known as Recruiting Selected Conversion Reenlistment Reserve .

Joining At 18 Or Over

If your child waits until he/she turns 18, he/she:

  • Will have more army jobs to choose from .
  • Will be less likely to be injured or to drop out during training.
  • Will have had more of a chance to finish full-time education and get good qualifications for the future.
  • Will be more mature, better able to make the right decision, and also better able to cope with some of the downsides of army life.
  • Will get to decide for themselves to join up, as an adult, without having to ask for your permission.

If you want your child to wait until theyre older before they sign up, some of these points might help when you explain your decision.

Navy Officer Selection Board

If I am progressed to a Navy OSB , where will it occur?

For ADFA applicants the OSBs will be conducted at Canberra. For DEO applicants the OSBs will be conducted at your nearest suitable Recruiting Centre.

If I am applying for both Navy Pilot and AvWO, do I need to attend multiple NOSBs?

No, you will only attend one OSB.

If I am applying for both DEO and ADFA, do I need to attend multiple NOSBs?

No, you will only attend one OSB.

What happens after the NOSBs?

If you are recommended, you will be debriefed that your recommendation and possibility of receiving a Letter Of Offer is based on an order of merit. You will also receive a letter that will confirm your recommendation and your possibility of receiving a Letter Of Offer based on an order of merit.

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Enlisted: Direct Procurement Enlistment Program

If youve served in the military before, this program allows you to potentially re-enlist at a higher pay grade, anywhere from E-3 to E-6, depending on your background. Eligibility for DPEP takes into consideration your:

  • Prior experience as a servicemember
  • Any qualifying postsecondary vocational or technical training youve received
  • Any civilian work and supervisory experience youve attained

What Can I Do If I Am Found To Be Ineligible To Join The Army

Bretonnian Army Box : WarhammerFantasy

In many cases, ineligibility means you will not be able to join in the Army or other military branches. However, in some circumstances the Army will provide waivers to help ensure potential recruits are able to join and serve. For questions about specific Army waivers and your potential eligibility, talk to a local recruiter to learn more about available options.

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Officer: Direct Commission Officer Program

If you have previously served as an Officer in the military and would like to affiliate with the Navy Reserve, you should contact a Navy Recruiter to discuss your options. You will not need to complete any prerequisite Officer training.

If you are an Enlisted veteran who is now a college-educated professional in one of the specialty areas sought by the Navy Reserve, you may apply through the Direct Commission Officer Program and will need to complete the 12-day in Newport, RI.

The Direct Commission Officer Program is available to those who qualify in the following fields:

Under 18 Years Of Age

Im currently doing Year 12 and I cant afford to take time off school. am I able to do the Aviation Screening Program and RAAF Officer Selection board during school holidays?

Absolutely. We want you to do well at school too therefore priority is given to trainees to attend the ASP in the school holidays. However, you dont have to wait until Year 12 to start the selection process. ASP can be completed in Year 11 as long as you are at least 16 years of age.

If I am still at school is it better to do Aviation Screening Program in Year 11 or Year 12?

The choice is entirely yours but there are a few advantages of attempting the ASP in Year 11. They include:

  • Getting two bites of the cherry. If you dont achieve the ASP outcome you were after in your first attempt, you can try again 12 months later.
  • There are normally less things going on in Year 11.

Can I also do the Officer Selection Board in Year 11?

No. Maturity is one of the social skills we are looking for in the OSB activities, therefore to give you the best opportunity to impress the board members you must be in at least year 12 to attend the OSB.

We understand that Year 12 is a very busy time for trainees, therefore candidates in Year 12 will be given priority for OSBs conducted in the school holidays.

What supervision will there be during the Aviation Screening Program ?

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An Exciting And Rewarding Career In A Premier Organisation

Amidst a difficult job market, a career in the Army provides one with financial stability, a clear career progression, and the opportunity to serve and lead in one of the nations premier organisations one that has produced leaders of the highest calibre who have gone on to take on top positions in the private, public and political spheres.

If you ever considered a career in the Army, perhaps now is as good a time as any to seriously explore that possibility.

Are There Height And Weight Restrictions What If I Am Too Short Or Heavy To Join

What Army Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp

Yes, there are height and weight restrictions to join the Army, but they vary by age and gender. Reference the table below to find your minimum height and weight requirements.

Height In Inches


For the most up-to-date information on these restrictions, talk to a recruiter or calculate your BMI requirements. If you do not meet the specific requirements, you can talk to a recruiter about next steps and possibly submit a height or weight waiver.

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But If You Join At 1:

  • You get two more years in school to get good grades that will help you for the rest of your life.
  • At 18, and with better qualifications, you get more army jobs to choose from .
  • Youre more likely to be promoted through the ranks, with more pay each time.
  • Youll be stronger inside and out and better able to deal with whatever the army throws at you.
  • Youll have two more years to make your mind up, then you can decide as an adult, without needing your parents permission.

And if you do wait until youre 18, the army will still be there and will still want you.

University Officers’ Training Corps

Sandhurst also offers a part-time leadership programme for those studying at university. Gain insight into Army life, from military exercises to skiing expeditions. By joining a University Officer Training Corps which are located across the UK it can help develop you, give you access to training, sport and travel opportunities.

It can give you a real insight into being part of the British Army.

Plus you get paid for your time and it does not commit you to join the Army after university.

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Getting Fit With Fitt

As a rule of thumb, ease into your activities, gradually increase each element of FITT, and end each session with a cool-down. For example:

  • Begin with a 5- to 10-minute warm-up. Walking, biking or a slow jog will increase blood flow to the muscles and lightly increase your heart rate. Follow up with some light stretching of the muscles you will be using in your workout.
  • Improving your overall fitness is most effectively done through a combination of 20 to 60 minutes of aerobic and strength exercises. The two sample fitness sessions below are based on Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology guidelines.
  • A 5- to 10-minute cool-down helps return your body to its normal, pre-exercise condition. Suddenly stopping an intense workout can make you dizzy, nauseated or even faint. Walking, biking or a slow jog will gradually bring down your heart rate and relieve muscle soreness.

Military Age Restrictions: How Old Is Too Old To Serve


    In 2012, U.S. Rep. Paul Broun Jr. , tried to push through legislation that would allow people of any age to join the military as long as they could meet the minimum health and fitness requirements. The House voted 256-164 against the military age restrictions measure.

    Broun introduced the bill after speaking with an unnamed ultra-marathon runner who was denied enlistment in the Army for being a few months over the maximum age. He was also petitioning on behalf of his Congressional colleague and fellow Georgia Rep. Phil Gingrey, who tried to volunteer as a military doctor and was rejected despite his experience as an obstetrician. Gingrey will turn 70 in July.

    Those still serving in the military are not exempt from their VA Loan benefits. Learn more: How to Get a VA Home Loan While Still Serving

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    Programs For Indigenous Peoples

    Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year

    A one-year educational program offered to Indigenous peoples through the Royal Military College of Canada

    Summer training programs

    Summer Indigenous programs provide an opportunity to discover Military culture and training.

    Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program

    A special three-week program for Indigenous peoples who are considering a career in the CAF.

    Age Range For Recruitment

    To apply for a job in the Army you must be at least 16 years and 6 months old, though you can start thinking about a career in the ADF much earlier .

    The maximum age for recruitment varies greatly by role, and you’ll find details in each job description on this website. As a general rule you can join the Army if you are between three and six years away from the Compulsory Retiring Age for a specific role.

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    Disposition For Military Service By Educational Background And Physical Grade

    According to Article 14 of the Military Service Act, grades I to IV are based on qualifications and are subject to active service, supplementary, wartime workers, Grade V exemptions, Grade VI exemptions, and Grade VII medical examinations. The criteria for disposing of active duty or supplementary officers in grades I to IV are determined by the Military Manpower Administration’s announcement . According to the announcement, the criteria for military service are as follows.

    • : Active duty
    • : Supplementary service

    I Have Adhd Can I Join The Army

    The 59-Year-Old Army Boot Camp Graduate

    Yes. Previously ADD or ADHD was automatically disqualifying, but today it is only disqualifying if the applicant has been treated with ADD/ADHD medicine within the previous year or if they display obvious signs of the condition. If you are concerned about ADHD medical prescriptions, talk to your recruiter about potential options.

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    Becoming An Officer In The Military After College

    While its common knowledge that basic training sets recruits on the pathway toward becoming an enlisted service member, those with a desire for leadership opportunities and a bachelors degree can take another route into a military career as a commissioned officer.

    The Reserve Officers Training Corps program for college students and Officer Candidate School or Officer Training School for graduates are great options for those who want to earn a four-year college degree before joining the military. Each service branch offers both ROTC and officer schools as entry points to an officer commission.

    Lowering Standards Of Acceptance

    In recent years, the South Korean government is preparing a policy to lower conscription standards for mental and physical conditions that would previously be considered exempt, as it fears that the nation’s low birthrate will lead to fewer conscripts. South Korea in 2021 has the lowest fertility rate in the world, a title also bestowed on the country the previous year. However, experts warn that such actions will lead to wider problems already present in the military, by recruiting personnel who would not be able to adapt to the closed military.

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    If I Enlist In Military Service With Parental Permission Am I Then Consisdered Emancipated Under State Law

    Maybe. The answer depends on the law of the State where you are living and the facts of your personal situation. Unless your State has a specific law on this issue, the answer will probably depend on whether your parents continue to provide you with financial support after you enlist.

    Check with your local legal aid provider or military service representative if you have questions about this in your State.

    Military Enlistment Age Limits

    The Minimum And Maximum Ages For Military Pilots

    by MilitaryBenefits

    The minimum and maximum enlistment age for joining the military differs by each branch of the military. The earliest is 17 with parental consent and the maximum is 39 but see below for the specific age limits by each branch of service.

    This does not mean that the age requirements are not similar, but there is no Defense Department-wide standard. Each branch of service sets their own.

    Here are things to know about military enlistment age limits and other criteria for joining the military.

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    How Old Do I Need To Be To Join The Regular Army

    To join as a soldier you must:

    • You must be at least 16 years old to join the Army as a soldier.
    • You can start your application when you’re 15 years and 7 months.
    • Be enlisted before your 36th birthday
    • If you’re under 18, you’ll also need parental consent to join

    To join as an officer you must:

    • Be between 18 and 29
    • Higher age limits apply for specialists, eg Doctors
    • Over 30s are considered only by exception, on a case by case basis. Please contact us on to discuss your options
    • Scholarship applicants must be under 18 on 1 August in the year of the award

    Violation Of Forced Labour Convention

    The Forced Labour Convention explicitly excludes “any work or service exacted in virtue of compulsory military service laws for work of a purely military character” from its scope. However, ILO defines conscription of non-military purpose as forced labour.

    According to ILO, Korean conscription violates the forced labour convention, because Korea enroll men with disabilities for non-military purposes. Majority of the “Reserve – class 4 -” works as “social service agent “, and work with wages far less than the minimum legal wage at various fields including government offices, subway stations, tax offices, post offices and sanitarium.

    In April 2021, Korea ratified the Forced Labour Convention. But the conscription of Korea did not change. Korea changed its conscription law by providing “right to decide to be enrolled” to “reserve – class 4 -. those with minor disabilities”. Korea claims that this change makes the conscription legitimate because “reserve – class 4-” now have right to decide their methods of conscription between soldiers with active duty and “social service agents”.

    However, ILO informed that enforcing “reserve – class 4-” to work as “social service agent” is a violation of the Forced Labour Convention in a number of their annual reports.

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    Will Being In The Acf Help My Child If They Want To Join The Army In Due Course

    Yes. Joining the ACF provides a good insight into life in the Army and helps young people decide whether it is the right path for them. Cadets in the ACF get some military training and spend time on military training areas during annual camp. This gives them a great advantage over those new soldiers that have not had any cadet experience.

    Why Do The British Armed Forces Still Allow 16

    Sen. Cruz Shares Far-Right Russian Propaganda Video To Attack Military

    In the UK, 16-year-olds cannot vote, drive a car or drink alcohol. But they can join the army, and this week two charities, Child Soldiers International and ForcesWatch, accused the Ministry of Defence of perpetuating the “outdated” practice of recruiting children into the forces.The charities argued that the government was wasting taxpayers’ money as much as £94m a year recruiting 16-year-olds into the army. The MoD disputed the figure, instead arguing that under-18s joining the army enjoy a wide range of benefits, training and experiences.

    But, beyond the arguments about costs, there is the fundamental issue of how children develop the desire to be soldiers? The army states that it doesn’t recruit children under the age of 16 and that soldiers must be 18 before they can be deployed to the front line. However, it does host a section on its website called The Camouflage aimed specifically at 14 to 16-year-olds “looking for more info on army life”, which offers a target-shooting game for children: “The SA80 is the standard issue rifle for all soldiers so you’ll need to become familiar with it.”

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    Make Better Use Of Your Time At University

    The University Officers Training Corps is an Army Reserve unit that recruits exclusively from university students. Its aim is to train the future generation of Officers for both the Regulars and Reserves, however, there is no commitment to join after university.

    University students who join the University Officers’ Training Corps will have the opportunity to undertake Reserve Officer training modules designed to fit around their degrees. This will teach you everything from how to wear a uniform correctly to the ability to lead others in stressful situations. The UOTC provides a standard of experience and training that is well respected within the Army, and highly sort after by numerous civilian employers.

    The UOTC also develops leadership through Sport and Adventurous Training. Each unit has teams for most major sports and in Adventurous Training, you can experience everything from kayaking to rock climbing.

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