JoinShould I Join The Army At 30

Should I Join The Army At 30


Programs For Indigenous Peoples

Joining the Army in your 30s | Watch BEFORE You Enlist

Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year

A one-year educational program offered to Indigenous peoples through the Royal Military College of Canada

Summer training programs

Summer training programs for Indigenous youth on military lifestyle and cultural awareness. Apply online.

Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program

A special three-week program for Indigenous peoples who are considering a career in the CAF.

Getting Ready To Train

An excellent way to determine your fitness level is to undergo a fitness appraisal.

Talk to your doctor before starting a fitness routine or appraisal, particularly if you have a heart condition, feel chest pain, lose your balance or consciousness, have a bone or joint problem, or take drugs for a blood pressure or heart condition. Tell your doctor about the kinds of activities you want to do and follow his or her advice.

What Does The Marine Corps Do

The United States Marine Corps has multiple objectives.

The military force generally carries out operations abroad and gets trained in land and water operations.

USMC operates installations on land and with sea-going amphibious warfare ships.

The selective branch has elite Marines prepared and ready for combat on a variety of terrains and situations.

A focus on infantry in the USMC enforces the doctrine of every Marine is a rifleman, regardless of Military Occupational Specialty .

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What Does The Army Do To Prevent Identity Theft

Apart from warning service members about the risks and instructing them to be careful about their documentation, there isn’t much that can be done to protect a person’s information or identity. Prevention and swift action in the event of identity theft are typically the only ways of addressing this issue. The Military Consumer has a lot of information available to specifically help servicemen and veterans navigate identity theft issues because this kind of violation is an unfortunate possibility for people in the military.

Enlisted Members Versus Commissioned Officers

Why You Should NOT Join the Military

In addition to deciding on a military service, if you have a four-year college bachelors degree , you should decide whether you want to join that service as a commissioned officer, or whether you wish to join as an enlisted member. Commissioned officers make a lot more money than enlisted members. Additionally, their “quality of life” is generally better . However, they have a much greater degree of responsibility.

The competition for commissioned slots is tough, and merely having a college degree is not enough. Factors such as college grade point average and officer accession test scores are given much weight. It’s also much harder to get approved for waivers for commissioned applicants than it is for enlisted applicants.

If you decide you wish to apply for a commission, ask the recruiter to refer you to an “Officer Accessions Recruiter.”

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Who Signs Up To Fight Makeup Of Us Recruits Shows Glaring Disparity

More and more, new recruits come from the same small number of counties and are the children of old recruits.

Sgt. First Class Dustin Comes, who leads a recruiting station in Colorado Springs, said the high schools with the most military families are the biggest producers of recruits.Credit…Theo Stroomer for The New York Times

Supported by

By Dave Philipps and Tim Arango

    COLORADO SPRINGS The sergeant in charge of one of the busiest Army recruiting centers in Colorado, Sgt. First Class Dustin Comes, joined the Army, in part, because his father served. Now two of his four children say they want to serve, too. And he will not be surprised if the other two make the same decision once they are a little older.

    Hey, if thats what your calling is, I encourage it, absolutely, said Sergeant Comes, who wore a dagger-shaped patch on his camouflage uniform, signifying that he had been in combat.

    Enlisting, he said, enabled him to build a good life where, despite yearlong deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, he felt proud of his work, got generous benefits, never worried about being laid off, and earned enough that his wife could stay home to raise their children.

    Show me a better deal for the common person, he said.

    Submit Your Application 4medical Exam

    You will then take a two part medical exam: First there is a questionnaire on your medical history including specific information on your medication. Then the medical staff will conduct a physical exam to measure your height, weight, evaluate your vision, colour perception and hearing. The second step is a medical file review to determine any limitations that will affect your training and career.

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    How Old Is Too Old To Join The Military

    Here are a few of the questions I have received recently about basic training. Even if you aren’t over 30, read the answers carefully. I always like to say every five minutes of reading you do on basic training before you leave will reduce your amount of push-ups by 5%. If you have any questions you would like me to address, please go to and email me.

    Question from Cheryl:

    SGT Volkin, I am joining the military at 34 years old. I used to run a lot but after having a couple kids and taking a few years off of exercising, I am not sure I can keep up with the 18-23 age group anymore. What can I do?

    Answer: Actually, basic training isn’t about competing with other recruits it’s about meeting military standards and exceeding your expectations. In my book, there is an eight-week fitness guide that walks you through, day by day, specific basic training workouts. Follow that guide, and you will far exceed any military standard.

    Update: This letter writer emailed me back after she completed the workout described in my book. She claims she is doing one-arm push-ups now for the first time ever! She also reported she just ran her fastest two-mile run in her life after only eight weeks of training.

    Question from Paul:

    I am 40 years old and want to serve my country with the new military age limit, I now have my chance. Will the younger recruits be looking to me for guidance simply because of my age?

    Question from Rick:

    Almost All Male Us Citizens And Male Immigrants Who Are 18 Through 25 Are Required To Register With Selective Service

    PROS and CONS OF JOINING THE MILITARY | Should YOU even join the military at all? Eps.3

    Itâs important to know that even though he is registered, a man will not automatically be inducted into the military. In a crisis requiring a draft, men would be called in a sequence determined by random lottery number and year of birth. Then, they would be examined for mental, physical, and moral fitness by the military before being deferred or exempted from military service or inducted into the Armed Forces.

    A CHART of who must register is also available in PDF.

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    Whats Basic Training Like

    Army Basic training is considered one of the tougher ones in the US Military, although not quite as tough as the Marines .

    Officially known as Basic Combat Training , its comprised of 3 phases and lasts 10 weeks.

    out how hard Army Basic training is.

    Throughout basic, you will do things like:

    • Run obstacle courses
    • Conduct tactical foot marches

    Oh yeah, and youll also go through a bit of an unpleasant experience: gas chamber training.

    Dont worry, though

    Its a heavily monitored drill that nearly every solider in the US military goes through.

    Once you complete BCT, you will be official designated a US Army soldier.

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    Join The Regular Force

    Members of the Regular Force serve full time protecting Canada and defending our sovereignty. They contribute to international peace and security, and work with the United States to defend North America. They are ready to respond at a moments notice to threats, natural disasters or humanitarian crises at home and around the world.

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    Cool Jobs In The Air Force

    The obvious first choice for everyone here is easy: pilot.

    However, with only 1,100 pilot slots available every year, competition can be stiff.

    You should also keep in mind that 500 550 of those pilot slots are reserved for Air Force Academy graduates, and 350 450 spots are reserved for ROTC members.

    As a result, your prospects of landing a pilot slot are very low.

    With that said, there are a wide variety of great jobs in the Air Force that dont involve piercing through the sky at Mach 1.

    Some of the best jobs in the Air Force include things like:

    • Logistics planner

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    If youre 100% set on becoming a pilot, then you should consider going the Air National Guard route.

    Air Force National Guard units are essentially the military reserve force, as well as the militia Air Force, of each state.

    They fly all of the same aircraft that the regular full-time Air Force does F-16s, F-15s, A-10s, and even large cargo planes like the C5 Galaxy.

    The upside is, theres no full-time commitment.

    You still have to go to basic training, but youll only serve in a part-time role.

    Joining The Air Force At An Older Age

    Should I join the Military?

    Maybe one day youll be as awesome as these bad asses.

    A question that seems to be asked more frequently these days goes like Im 30 years old with a wife and kid, should I join the Air Force? This is partly due to the economy still being poor and some people finding it hard to make ends meet, and partly due to the Air Force recently raising the maximum enlistment age from 27 to 39, opening up new possibilities for people that thought they were too old to join.

    I personally joined at 25, having had over a dozen civilian jobs in a wide range of industries and capacities before joining. I had already been married, owned a house, owned a business, had some dogs, etc. So thats where my experience is coming from as you read this.

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    Racism In The Military

    The military has policies to overcome racism in its ranks. Despite its authoritarian structure it has not succeeded.

    During the current wars, Arabs have been labeled towel-heads or sand-niggers, while there were reports of cross burnings and KKK gatherings on military grounds. During the Persian Gulf War, for example, half of the troops deployed were black while white soldiers were more likely to remain in the U.S. or be stationed elsewhere.

    The few opportunities that exist in the military benefit primarily educated, white soldiers. While one-third of the enlistees are people of color, only 11 percent of the officers are. Non-white enlistees tend to get low skill, combat-related jobs. Disproportionate numbers of African-Americans and Latinos face courts martial and receive bad discharges. One out of three black GIs will get a bad discharge.

    What Else Do I Need To Know

    Well, thats a broad question! The best recommendation I have is to speak with some current or former military members to get an idea of their experiences. Keep in mind that everyone has a unique experience, so it is your job to read between the lines. Also, understand that each branch of the military is different. So an Army veteran from 20 years ago would have an entirely different perspective than someone currently serving in the Navy.

    Once you have enough information, set up an appointment with a recruiter. They can walk you through your career options, the available benefits, and answer any questions you may have.

    Serving in the military is not for everyone, but it does offer many tangible and intangible benefits.

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    Top 7 Benefits Of Joining The Us Army

    Joining military service is one of the oldest career decisions, and many people have decided to serve. The military comprises the Navy, U.S. Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and the National Guard. The U.S. Army is the No. 1 fighting force in the world with world-class capabilities and up to 150 career opportunities for people who want to join them. People who join the U.S. Army enjoy great benefits, and if they enlisted early enough can still go on to normal civilian life after serving in the U.S. Army.

    In this article, we will explain some benefits of joining the U.S. Army.

    Identity Theft Is A Threat To Soldiers And It’s Just As Bad For Veterans

    Should I join the military?! #ArmyLife | #MissDreeks

    You might think that if you work for the Army, you’d be safe from the threat of identity theft, but let’s get honest and clear about this risk. The truth is that identity theft is rampant for service members, veterans, and their families.

    If you haven’t memorized your social security number by now, you will within the first few days of in-processing. Throughout your entire military career, it will be used so often and on so much paperwork that you will get numb to it. Why? There are so many people in the military that the quickest, easiest way to identify each individual is to do so by number. You’ll notice a lot of private sector companies do this as well.

    Almost every form you fill out provides another opportunity for a criminal to get your name, SSN, and date of birth. In minutes, you can become an identity theft casualty. If you’re deployed and fighting in the latest war, you might not find out that your personal information has been stolen until months after the fact! Instead of confetti in your ticker-tape parade, you’ll have bills and more paperwork to contend with, but this time the paperwork will be for all the credit bureaus and collection agencies you’ll have to communicate with to sort out your identity theft issues. Oh, and this doesn’t end after your time serving is complete. It’s just as easy to nab a veteran’s identity as it is to steal an active soldier’s identity.

    But for now, a soldier must fight on two fronts: to protect his country and his identity.

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    What Kind Of Benefits Will I Earn

    For your commitment to the National Guard or military reserves, youll receive many benefits including:

    Joining the National Guard or military reserves can be a great way to serve your country without leaving your full-time job. Once you decide to join, you can learn more about your new community. See Military OneSources New to the Military resources. Military OneSource can answer your questions about military life. Call 800-342-9647 or connect via Live Chat 24/7/365. OCONUS/International? .

    Age Requirements Are Supplemented By Education Requirements

    In most cases, the minimum age a new recruit may enter military service is 17 . However, a high school diploma or GED is usually required. Some branches of service may, depending on recruiting issues at any given time, offer alternatives such as allowing a new recruit who has a GED with college credits. Having a GED may subject the enlistee to additional standards not applied to those who have high school diplomas.

    If the applicant does not meet the stricter standards for GED holders without college coursework, it may be possible to enroll in college to earn additional credit hours. This may be required by the branch of service applied for so you will need to try again under different standards.

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    Green Beret Requirements & Benefits

    Special Forces Soldiers receive many additional benefits for their enhanced capabilities, including special skills and advanced training. They also have the benefit of an increased operational tempo, and the ability to embark on the most varied and sensitive missions the Army has to offer.

    To become a Special Forces Soldier, you must also meet a number of strict entry requirements. On this page, youll learn about the requirements you must fulfill, and some of the benefits you will receive in the Special Forces.

    Join The Military For Your Own Reasons

    Which Branch of the Military Should I Join?

    If one of the reasons above resonates with you, talk to a recruiter to find out what skills are in high-demand. Then, do research on your own to find out what fields interest you the most. You can always visit multiple recruiting offices to see which branch seems like the best fit for you.

    Before you join, make sure its what you really want. Of course, you wont know exactly what military life is like until youre in the thick of it, but you can get a pretty good idea from talking to current service members.

    And, remember, the service life isnt for everyone. But it does offer some pretty fantastic benefits and opportunities that you cant find in any other occupation. Benefits are only a small piece of reasons to go into the military, which means its wise to look at the whole picture of what military life would do for you.

    When you join, do it for you. The long-term benefits will be far more rewarding when you make the choice to serve independently and to improve your own life.

    Why do you want to join the military? Let us know in the comments below!

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    What Do You Want To Do In The Future

    After being in the military for a while, some decide that they would like to make a career out of military life. Others decide that they would like to move on and pursue their education or a career in the civilian world with the skills they picked up while serving. Have your future in mind when selecting a job when you enlist. Make sure that you will leave the service with the proper tools to be successful in life. The Job Selection article will help you understand how the services make enlisted job selections.

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