Is The Navy Federal Credit Union Good

Is The Navy Federal Credit Union Good


Navy Federal Credit Union Loan Specifics

Navy Federal Credit Union mortgage rates are a reflection of the institutions identity. As a devoted to working with military families, it is able to offer relatively low rates and provide a variety of mortgage options that require either zero or small minimum down payments.

Because Navy Federal is a you must pass through its entry requirements to become a member. In simplest terms, individuals who are members of the armed forces, veterans, civilian employees of the U.S. Department of Defense , or family members of those in any of these groups are eligible. If youre unsure if you qualify, Navy Federal provides an eligibility wizard to help you get started.

People who qualify for joining Navy Federal Credit Union gain access to a variety of consumer-friendly loan types, including:

Navy Federal Credit Union Faqs

Here are a few of the questions that people ask most frequently about NFCU:

Is Navy Federal Credit Union better than USAA?

It depends on what kind of banking product you’re looking for. Currently, NFCU’s interest rates are slightly better, but only USAA offers a checking account that earn rewards on debit card transactions.

Can you use Zelle with Navy Federal?

Yes, NFCU customers can send and receive money for free using Zelle from right inside the Navy Federal mobile app.

Do you need to maintain a minimum balance to earn dividends with NFCU?

It depends on the account that you’ve opened. Some accounts will pay dividends on all balances. However, Flagship Checking requires that you keep a daily ending balance of $1,500 to earn dividends and you’ll need a balance of at least $2,500 to earn dividends with the NFCU money market account.

Is Navy Federal running any promotions?

NFCU isn’t currently running any bonus offers on its deposit accounts. But it does have a Mortgage Rate Match that will pay you $1,000 if it can’t match another lender’s rate for a home purchase or refinance loan.

Free Active Duty Checking

Free Active Duty Checking comes with a decent APY and dividend rate, offering you advanced access to your military pay, rebates on ATM fees, and free customizable checks.

This checking account is an excellent choice for active-duty military in comparison with competitors, and the account comes with no monthly fees. It also comes with all the standard benefits of a Navy Federal checking account, like ATM access, a debit card, online banking, direct deposit, and mobile banking.

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Navy Federal Personal Loan Rates Fees & Other Terms

Category Rating: 100%

Navy Federal personal loan interest rates range from 7.49% to 18.00%, but the longer the loan is, the more expensive the APR is likely to be. Loans can last for up to 60 months, except for home improvement loans, which can last up to 180 months. Since NFCU is a federal credit union, they are required to cap their interest rates at 18%. These interest rates are fixed, too, and so will not go up or down over time after youre approved.

Navy Federal does not charge origination fees or early payoff fees. However, they do have a $29 late fee. You may be able to get the fee waived if you make your payment within 7 to 10 business days after your due date, according to representatives.

NFCU scores well in this category because of their low rates and lack of origination fees, combined with their large loan amounts and long payoff periods.

Navy Federal Credit Union: Rates And Fees

Navy Federal Credit Union , Png Download

Navy Federal Credit Union advertises daily refinance and purchase rates for each type of loan it offers in 15-year and 30-year terms, though you wont find customized rates based on credit score or other factors before you apply. These rates can change every day and may include discount points, which is an optional fee you can pay in exchange for a lower interest rate.

And while the website doesnt list a minimum credit score for borrowers, a representative said the lender reviews the applicants entire financial profile when underwriting the loan.

Navy Federal doesnt charge prepayment penalties, and borrowers may be able to skip paying a down payment and private mortgage insurance. But the lender may charge origination fees and funding fees that can be wrapped into the loan principal. Be careful here. While rolling fees into the mortgage can minimize your upfront costs, it could be more expensive over the long term since youll wind up paying interest on these fees.

According to a representative, borrowers will pay closing costs that vary by location and typically amount to 2% to 4% of the homes purchase price. Some of these may include appraisal fees, property taxes, mortgage insurance, and title fees.

Borrowers can lock in an interest rate for free, then relock twice if rates improveas long as your loan closes within 60 days of the initial lock.

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At Navy Federal Credit Union We Have The Largest Network Of Branches And Atms And We’re Expanding Every Day To Ensure That We

We love having a big family. Here are a few good reasons for you to love the Navy Federal family, too.

In good times or in hard times, family is there for you when you need them. We love our family of members at Navy Federal and want you to #JointheFamily, too. Here are our top five reasons why its great to be part of the Navy Federal family:

  • You can always stay connected. With millions of members worldwide, Navy Federal is the worlds largest credit union. We offer a large worldwide network of branches and ATMs, with 24/7 support and access to mobile,* online and social media resources. Plus, were expanding every day to make sure that were offering the best service to our members.
  • Your funds are safe and sound. Your savings are federally insured for up to $250,000. The National Credit Union Administration is an independent agency that regulates, charters and supervises credit unions, ensuring the deposits of Navy Federal shareholders are safe and sound.
  • Your voice matters. As a not-for-profit credit union, our members are our owners, and each member has an equal say in the future of the credit union, including during our annual meeting at our headquarters in Vienna, Virginia, where members are always welcome to attend and share their thoughts. Navy Federal always has, and always will, put members first.
  • How Navy Federal Credit Union Works

    You can get a mortgage through Navy Federal if you are an active military member, veteran, family member of someone affiliated with the military, or Department of Defense civilian. You may also qualify if you live with a Navy Federal member.

    The credit union has over 200 branches around the US, plus nine overseas branches and locations on US military bases. It provides mortgages for residents all around the US.

    Navy Federal specializes in mortgages for people affiliated with the military. You can get a regular VA loan. If you’ve already used up all your VA loan benefits, you may qualify for a Military Choice Loan, a 30-year mortgage with no minimum down payment.

    It’s possible to qualify to become a Navy Federal member without having all the requirements for a VA loan, so you can also get a conventional mortgage . You may qualify for a Homeowners Choice Loan, which is similar to Military Choice, but for people who aren’t eligible for VA loans.

    You can also refinance your VA, conventional, Military Choice, Or Homeowners Choice mortgage.

    Navy Federal doesn’t offer FHA or USDA mortgages, or home equity loans or HELOCs. It also doesn’t have construction loans or reverse mortgages.

    The credit union’s website has an intuitive interface with an online preapproval application. The site says that you may even get preapproved immediately. Or you can apply in person at a branch.

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    Navy Federal Credit Union Vs Usaa

    USAA is another credit union that caters to veterans and military members. However, its loan amounts dont stack up well compared to NFCU. For example, USAA only offers personal loan amounts between $2,500 and $20,000, whereas NFCU offers loans between $250 and $50,000.

    If your focus is loan terms, however, the right credit union for you depends on your loan purpose. If you plan on using the funds for home improvement projects, NFCU offers terms up to 180 monthsor 15 years. But if youre using your funds for personal expenses or debt consolidation, USAA offers terms up to seven years compared to NFCUs five years.

    Is Navy Federal Credit Union Trustworthy

    Navy Federal Credit Union’s Better Business Bureau profile is currently not rated as the credit union is in the process of responding to previously closed complaints. Previously, the business had an A+ trustworthiness rating from the BBB. The BBB measures its trustworthiness score by looking at how a company’s responds to customer complaints, its honesty in advertising, and its transparency about business practices.

    There is one recent controversy related to the credit union. A Navy Federal employee alleged that the lender pressured mortgage underwriters to approve loans even without proper reason to believe applicants could pay back the loans. She then filed a lawsuit and said Navy Federal retaliated against her whistleblowing by changing her job duties. She dropped the case in late 2020.

    You might prefer a different lender if you’re bothered by Navy Federal’s recent controversy and lack of trustworthiness rating.

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    Membership Share Savings Account

    The Membership Share Savings Account is required to become an NFCU member. Not only does the account have competitive rates, but it also includes digital banking and 24/7 customer service. Plus, as long as you meet membership qualifications, all you need is a small $5 deposit to get this account up and running.

    How To Bank With Navy Federal Credit Union

    Unlike some other banks and credit unions, Navy Federal Credit Union isn’t open to everybody. As the name implies, it’s specifically designed for military service members, though membership extends beyond the Navy. All branches of the military are welcome, including ROTC members, reservists, veterans, annuitants, and members of the Delayed Entry Program.

    Certain civilians can join, as well, including Department of Defense contractors, U.S. government employees assigned to DoD installations, and retired DoD civilian employees.

    Those who are eligible to join extend membership eligibility to their family, including siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, and other members of the household. Once you know you’re eligible, opening a bank account with Navy Federal Credit Union is similar to any other banking institution. Just visit or call 1-888-842-6328. Make sure to have personal information like your Social Security Number and a valid ID on hand.


    NFCU truly lives up to people’s expectations for credit unionsthey can beat traditional banks’ rates any day. The special accounts, rates, and discounts for military personnel that cater to their specific needs make it a no-brainer for those who qualify.


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    Navy Federal Business Checking Accounts

    Business owners and entrepreneurs are likely to want a dedicated business account to handle their everyday cash flow and company finance needs. Taking out a Navy Federal small business checking account will help you keep your personal finances separate from your business income and expenses. This makes accounting and record-keeping a whole lot easier. Navy Federal offers several different checking accounts, so you can easily find the one that may fit your needs best.

    The accounts you can choose from are:

    • Business Checking
    • Business Plus Checking
    • Premium Business Checking

    Well give you more information on these checking accounts, including the features they offer and the fees and charges you need to know about, in just a moment.

    Navy Federal Personal Loan Amounts And Interest Rates

    Navy Federal Credit Union

    Navy Federal Credit Union has personal loan amounts that range from $250 to $50,000. Navy Federal has one of the lowest minimums around, and comparable maximums to other . For example, PenFed’s loan amount range is $600 to $50,000, and the range for Alliant’s personal loans is $1,000 to $50,000. Most online lenders have higher minimum loan amounts.

    Navy Federal offers term repayment lengths from six months to five years. There are no prepayment penalties on your loan.

    Navy Federal’s interest rates vary from 7.49% to 18.00% APR. Navy Federal has a higher minimum interest rate than PenFed and Alliant, which starts at 6.24% APR. You may consider a different lender with lower minimum rates if your credit is in excellent shape.

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    Navy Federal Mortgage Rates And Fees

    One of the most important considerations when choosing a mortgage lender is understanding what the loan will cost. In order to provide consumers with a general sense of what a lender might charge, NerdWallet scores lenders on two factors regarding fees and mortgage rates, according to the most recently available Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data:

    • Navy Federal earns 2 of 5 stars for average origination fee.

    • Navy Federal earns 4 of 5 stars for offered mortgage rates compared with the best available rates on comparable loans.

    Borrowers should consider the balance between lender fees and mortgage rates. While it’s not always the case, paying upfront fees can lower your mortgage interest rate. Some lenders will charge higher upfront fees to lower their advertised interest rate and make it more attractive. Some lenders just charge higher upfront fees.

    You can decide to buy discount points a fee paid with your closing costs to reduce your mortgage rate.

    Deciding whether to pay higher upfront fees is a matter of considering how long you plan to live in your home and how much cash you have to apply toward closing costs when you sign the loan paperwork.

    » MORE:’Should I buy points?’ calculator

    Nfcu Checking & Savings

    Navy Federal account services include the following options:

    • Checking & Debit Card
    • Education Savings
    • Prepaid and Gift Cards

    All members have some form of free checking offered. There is an active duty free checking program, and similar options for students and for everyday checking uses.

    Those with Active Duty checking accounts are eligible to receive their direct deposit payment from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service a day early. The savings account options include retirement and education savings whatever your future financial needs might be in these areas, there are options.

    The retirement savings account features include Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, SEP accounts, and more. For education savings accounts, there are multiple choices including the Coverdell Education Savings Account and the 529 Plan.

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    Navy Federal Personal Loan Requirements & Application Info

    Category Rating: 76%

    The biggest thing you need to do to become eligible for a Navy Federal personal loan is join Navy Federal Credit Union. Membership is open to people who have served in the U.S. armed forces or the Department of Defense, or who are relatives of people who have.

    There are no openly disclosed Navy Federal credit score requirements or income requirements, either officially or from third-party sources. Of course, Navy Federal will look at your credit and income during the application process. But according to representatives, they will also look at other factors such as your standing within NFCU.

    To get a personal loan from Navy Federal, you will have to be at least 18 years old. You can apply using either a Social Security number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification number. You can be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or immigration visa holder, as long as youre otherwise eligible for membership with Navy Federal.

    Unlike many lenders, Navy Federal does not offer pre-qualification to let you estimate your approval odds and rates before you apply, which is the biggest reason why NFCU loses points in this category. To find out your rates, you will need to submit an application, which will result in a hard pull of your credit. You can apply for a Navy Federal personal loan online, by phone 1-888-842-6328 or at one of NFCUs 300+ branches.

    Navy Federal Credit Union Review Vs Usaa Review

    USAA normally provides conforming and jumbo mortgages, but at the time of writing this review, the lender has halted these products. It’s only originating VA mortgages right now, but it has plans to reintroduce conforming and jumbo mortgages in the future. So if you want a conventional loan, you’ll want to go with Navy Federal.

    Navy Federal is probably the better choice if you have a low or no credit score. It accepts alternative credit data, like utility bills, whereas USAA does not.

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    Navy Federal Mortgage Rate Transparency

    Navy Federals website displays sample interest rates for most of the mortgages it offers, along with annual percentage rates. You can also see monthly payment examples for certain products. The website does not offer personalized rate information based on location or credit score.

    You can lock in rates on purchase loans for up to 60 days after preapproval. If you find a better rate with another lender, Navy Federal says it will match that rate or give you $1,000 at closing.

    Nfcu Loans And Credit Cards

    • Home Equity Loans
    • Motorcycle, Boat & Leisure Vehicles

    Navy Federal credit card options are typical of what you might expect from any credit card program rewards, cash back options, and variable APRs. What makes these cards different than some commercial cards?

    No annual fees. There are three levels of credit card service with the lowest interest rates reserved for those who qualify for the NFCU Platinum card.

    Auto loans are offered for both new and used vehicles, and there is also a refinance option. What some military members may be interested in here? Motorcycle, boat, and leisure vehicle loans.

    Why are these NFCU loans particularly helpful? Because some military members and veterans find out the hard way that VA mortgage loans are not available for houseboats, Recreation Vehicles , campers, and other vehicles that can technically act as a dwelling but have no permanent foundation.

    A VA loan cannot be used to buy a house boat or RV because they cannot be classified or taxed as real estate. Thats where the NFCU Motorcycle, Boat & Leisure Vehicles loan comes in.

    And while were discussing VA mortgages, Navy Federal offers them in addition to some other home loan programs with similar features in some case . Home loan options include:

    Home loans arent the only lending choices you have. Navy Federal offers student loans with the following basic terms:

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