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Is The Army A Good Career

The Players annual Military Job Fair provides path to next chapter for veterans


The Army is a good career for certain personality types. There is more structure and protocol than you’ll find in many civilian jobs. You’ll move around as assigned, and you and your family may not have a choice where you go. There is the risk of being deployed in times of war. However, for the right person, a career in the Army can be exciting, full of interesting challenges and opportunities.

What Do Intelligence Analysts Do

It is the responsibility of Intelligence Analysts to use sophisticated equipment to identify and analyze foreign activity and communication acquired through electromagnetic emissions.

Intelligence Analysts will then interpret this raw datasometimes in combat situationsto understand its significance, producing combat, strategic, and tactical intelligence reports.

Intelligence Analysts evaluate enemy positions, including any unusual activities or situations that could become critical, and alerts the appropriate officers of their findings, allowing the commanders to respond quickly and powerfully.

What Do Eod Technicians Do

If it goes boom, EOD technicians take care of it.

In other words, EOD technicians are responsible for locating, accessing, neutralizing, and rendering safe ordnance, improvised explosive devices , and other explosives.

Often deployed to combat, EOD technicians also take care of domestic hazards.

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What Are The Different Jobs In The Military

The U.S. military divides its employees into two categories: enlisted personnel and military officers. Enlisted service members represent the vast majority of the military workforce and carry out day-to-day tasks like operating equipment and participating in combat operations. They may also build airfields and bridges or repair buildings and water purification systems.

Military officers occupy leadership positions within their branches. They manage enlisted personnel, organize operations, and provide advanced medical, legal, and technical services. With the right training and experience, you may become a combat specialty officer. These leaders direct military operations, which can include overseeing artillery systems, infantry units, and armored assault vehicles.

Not all military careers involve combat or its collaterals. You can find a variety of noncombat occupations, including administrative jobs in accounting and human resources. Support services are another popular field of work those in positions such as military chaplain and dining hall chef play crucial roles in each branch or unit. Other in-demand military careers include:

Should I Join The Military 11 Reasons The Military Is A Good Career Option

Can You Make a Living Working for a Nonprofit?

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  • What else do I need to know?
  • Have you ever thought about joining the U.S. Military? If the answer is yes, then read on. These benefits of joining the military may be enough to persuade you to take the leap. If you havent considered joining the military, then treat this article as a primer for some of the benefits which may be available to you if you decide to take that next step. And the benefits can last a lifetime!

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    What Is The High Year Of Tenure In The Us Military

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    How Do You Become An Aviation Survival Technician

    Becoming an AST is not for the faint of heart.

    Its by far one of the most difficult jobs in the military, not only to qualify for but also to pass their rigorous testing requirements.

    In addition to the basic requirements of simply getting into the Coast Guard, you also need to meet the following qualifications:

    • Be in superior physical share with no chronic orthopedic problems
    • Have a high level of mental acuity and military bearing
    • A high degree of confidence in, around, and below water
    • An aptitude for mechanics, with a focus on school courses like algebra, geometry, and machinery being helpful
    • Be able to pass a physical
    • Qualify for a secret security clearance

    In addition to the above requirements, the Coast Guard has minimum physical fitness test requirements that you need to meet.

    They include:

    • 25 Yard Underwater swim: Completed 4 times
    • Buddy Tow: 200 yards
    • 500 Yard Swim: Under 12 minutes

    Remember, these are the minimum requirements you need just to get into Rescue Swimmer A School.

    If you actually want to make it as an AST, expect to perform way better.

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    Meet With A Recruiter

    After deciding what service branch best suits your interests and goals, speak with a recruiter at a nearby recruitment center. These professionals work for one specific branch and can answer questions about eligibility, benefits, and special circumstances — such as whether or not having children or a physical condition affects enlistment. It is a good idea to prepare a list of questions for your recruiter in advance.

    What Does Marine Force Recon Do

    How to get the BEST Job in the Military

    Recon Marines hold a variety of skills.

    They have expert scouting and patrolling skills, including swimming, small boat operations, close combat skills, demolitions, surface, and sub-surface insertion and extraction techniques, and assault climbing.

    Recon Marines must also specialize in communications, photography, and threat weapons and equipment recognition.

    If a Recon Marine is assigned to an assault team, he or she must possess advanced skills in assault weaponry, close quarter battle skills, and raid techniques.

    Other Recon Marines may be free-fall parachutists, combatant divers, and dive supervisors.

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    How Do You Become An Aircraft Mechanic

    At the very minimum, you need a high school diploma or GED, and you also will need a basic knowledge of principles that apply to aircraft construction and systems.

    Related ArticleAir Force Aircraft Loadmaster: Career Details

    This includes application of maintenance directives and an understanding of technical data and reports.

    You will need a composite score of 47 in the mechanical section of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery tests as well as being able to qualify for a secret security clearance, which includes a current National Agency Check, Local Agency Checks, and Credit.

    Finally, you cannot be colorblind and must be between the ages of 17 and 39.

    How Do You Become An Intelligence Analyst

    You will need a high school diploma or GED and be able to score at least 57 in the general on the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery tests.

    In addition, you cannot have a history of temporomandibular joint pain or disorder, a speech impediment, or any other communication deficiency.

    You also cannot be colorblind.

    You will have to successfully complete a polygraph, a current Single Scope Background Investigation , and the Electronic Signals Intelligence course.

    Finally, you must be between the ages of 17 and 39 and complete 7.5 weeks of Basic Military Training in addition to Airmens Week.

    If you dont mind sitting at a desk for up to 16 hours a day, then this military job is for you!

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    What Do Hospital Corpsmen Do

    The list of tasks that a hospital corpsman may be required to complete is quite extensive.

    In a couple words, they are responsible for caring for the medical needs of the sick, injured, and even sometimes healthy.

    They often maintain treatment records and reports and may supervise preventative medicine programs.

    They perform clinical laboratory tests and process X-rays.

    They may fill prescriptions and administer immunization programs.

    They may conduct preliminary physical examinations and instruct sailors and Marines in first aid, self-aid, and personal hygiene procedures.

    Finally, what they may be known best for is transporting the sick and injured on stretchers in combat.

    What Do Nuclear Engineers Do

    Army helps jobseekers towards employment

    Nuclear-trained MMs, EMs, and ETs work in alongside specialists in the nuclear, technology, and engineering fields.

    Nuclear Engineers operate reactor control, propulsion, and power generation systems and may be assigned to modern nuclear-powered aircraft carriers or volunteer for submarine service if they are men.

    The extensive nature of the Navys nuclear propulsion program is affirmed with the American Council on Education recommending up to 77 semester hours of college credit.

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    What Happens After You Receive Your Military Job Assignment

    Depending on their assigned MOS or AFSC, enlisted service members take more advanced coursework after basic training to fulfill their military job duties.

    Depending on your assignment, skills and performance on the job, you can request a transfer to a different military specialty. Youll have to discuss how to do this with your unit commander and determine whether your desired assignment is available.

    If youd like to discuss anything about your military life or even vent to someone who understands what its like knowing what you say stays completely confidential from your chain of command, peers and family you can reach out to Military OneSource anytime.

    How Do I Join The Military

    This section outlines the five steps one must take to join the military, regardless of the branch. Note that these steps pertain only to enlistment leading to basic training. For information on how to become a military officer, consult each branch’s official website. Before you commit to service, be sure to conduct online research about the branches of the military and what opportunities they have to offer. If possible, seek the guidance of a friend or family member who has spent time in the military.

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    But Wait Isnt The Military Dangerous

    One major reason many people dont consider the military is the perception of a high mortality rate. This is primarily caused by the media. The reality is many military specialties are no more dangerous than their civilian counterparts. Your branch of service and your career field will go along way toward determining the risk you will be exposed to.

    Military members may be eligible for VA service-connected disability benefits if they are injured or become ill during their military service. Receiving a VA disability rating makes the veteran eligible for lifetime disability compensation benefits.

    In the unlikely event of a service members death, the military or the VA provides a lifetime of benefits for your survivors. The surviving family is given an immediate $100,000 death gratuity benefit, a $400,000 lump sum life insurance benefit , social security and indemnity monthly payments for years, and the transferability of many VA benefits. The military members time served is not taken for granted.

    What Do Aviation Survival Technicians Do

    Infantry Jobs in the Army | GOARMY

    In short, ASTs save lives. They are the men and women that are responsible for rescuing downed airmen, as well as others in need of rescue.

    While most people think ASTs simply hop out of helicopters into treacherous waters and conduct rescues, they have many other responsibilities that are less glamorous.

    They include things like:

    • And handle aviation administrative duties

    While these duties are important, rescuing people in need is their #1 priority.

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    Learn At Your Own Pace

    MilLife Learning offers free, personal and professional development courses for service members, their families, survivors and those who support them.

    Here are some things to consider for your future military career. And, if youve got any questions, Military OneSource can find you the answers to advance your career and live your best military life.

    What Are Some Of The Highest Paid Military Jobs

    Military pay reflects rank, and each branch of the military establishes this income method. Military members often receive additional bonuses and benefits, depending on their military occupational specialty and their sign-on statuseither enlisted or commissioned.

    While higher ranking military members frequently earn more than lower-ranking members, critical and valuable skill sets can be an advantage when joining the military and choosing a MOS. No matter the military branch, though, you can expect to start at a base salary with opportunities to advance and increase your earning potential. That being said, the following examples include some of the highest paid jobs in the military across all branches:

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    Undergo A Physical Fitness Evaluation

    Your recruiter will explain the physical requirements as part of preliminary discussions. The subsequent fitness evaluation varies by branch but typically measures weight, height, hearing, and vision. The evaluation also tests your blood, urine, muscle groups, and joint maneuvers. Lastly, you will perform group exercises to check balance and other attributes. Depending on any medical conditions, you may be able to apply for a physical fitness waiver.

    How Do You Become A Marine Intelligence Officer

    What is the Safest Military Branch? â The Full List of Safest Military ...

    Depending on the intelligence career field that you choose, you will have to take specific training courses within Ground, Human Source, Signals, or Air Intelligence, all of which are located either at Quantico, Virginia or Dam Neck, Virginia.

    After officers receive the rank of Major, all the disciplines merge together, and officers are required to take a Marine Air Ground Task Force Intelligence Officer Course in order to be designated as a MAGTF Intelligence Officer.

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    Army Automobile Maintenance Warrant Officer

    This position is similar to a civilian Shop Foreman found in mostautomobile dealerships or large repair shops. In charge of a shop, theMaintenance Technician supervises a variety of technician specialists ensuringall aspects of equipment maintenance are performed to the military standard,including equipment recovery, repair parts ordering and stock-age, body and hullrepair, welding, electronics, armament, production control and quality control.While the position is normally located on a post in a fixed facility , it can also become mobile and provide support from a fieldenvironment. The grade of this position can be from a Warrant Officer 1 toa Chief Warrant Officer 4 .

    No post-secondary education is required, however, the candidate must be an Enlisted E-5 or above with at least 5 years on the job in one of a variety of MOS positions. Also required is a letter of recommendation from a Senior Warrant Officer in the same field.

    What Do Related Occupations Make

    While some of the jobs in the Armed Forces are unique and not found in the civilian sector, many do crossover. As the chart below illustrates, the annual salary of three sample military jobs – Pilot, Mechanical Engineer and Electrician – fall around the median salary point when compared to their related civilian equivalents. Nurse and Truck Driver are closer to the Top 10 percent.

    The above figures for the first three positions uses an officer O-3 with over 6 years as a standard for Base Pay and an average BAH. For the last two, an enlisted E-6 with over 6 years is used as the standard.

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    Most Dangerous Military Jobs

  • Most Dangerous Military Jobs
  • At all times, the military profession was considered to be truly masculine and undoubtedly dangerous. Nowadays, women can also successfully build an army career, while the danger label of this work forever remains relevant.

    In fear of war efforts, society always demands organized, competent, and physically trained fighters. However, mental abilities in this industry are no less important than physical ones. New technologies are regularly forcing soldiers to learn, adapt, and improve their skills. Within the civil service, there is quite a wide selection of military jobs. Each of them is specific and strategically important. When put together, they all make up a full-fledged defense complex.

    Check Out:

    The future soldier selects the type of forces primarily based on personal inclinations and compliance with specific criteria of professional suitability.

    But undoubtedly, many of them think about the original question of What is the most dangerous job in the military? In this article, we are trying to answer that question

      Job Outlook For Military Careers

      Driver – Roles in the Army – Army Jobs

      BLS employment projections cover the civilian workforce only.

      The goal of the Armed Forces is to maintain a force sufficient to deter, fight, and overcome various threats or conflicts in multiple regions at the same time. Emerging conflicts and global events, however, could lead to changes in the size of the military branches. Consequently, the nation is expected to maintain adequate personnel in the Reserve, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard.

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      Ways To Serve In The Army

      GO ARMY

      The Army is a key component of the U.S. Armed Forces, providing expeditionary land forces wherever and whenever they are required. Working in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense, the Army trains and equips Soldiers and creates leaders among them to rapidly respond when they are called upon to serve our Nation. Visit GOARMY.COM to learn how to go about enlisting or joining in different capacities, Army life, benefits, pay, and assignments information.


      The National Guard is an elite group of warriors who dedicate a portion of their time to serving their nation. Each state has its own Guard, as required by the Constitution in fact, it is the only branch of the military whose existence is actually required by the Constitution. Visit NATIONALGUARD.COM to learn how to go about joining in different capacities, Army life, benefits, pay, and assignments information.


      The Army Reserve is playing a critical role in the army’s transformation. With over one million Soldiers available at any time, the Army Reserve provides a highly skilled, flexible force that can support the Army when and where they are needed most – it is a multi-component unit force, training with Active and National Guard units to ensure all three components work as a fully integrated team. Visit GOARMY.COM/RESERVE to learn how to go about enlisting or joining in different capacities, Army life, benefits, pay, and assignments information.


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