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Is It Easy To Join The Army


Russia Not Bothered By Sweden And Finland Joining Nato Putin Says


From CNNs Masha Angelova

Russias President Vladimir Putin says Russia is not bothered if Sweden and Finland join NATO but warns they will respond in kind to any threats.

There is nothing that could bother us about Sweden and Finland joining NATO. If they want to join, please. Only we must clearly and precisely understand while there was no threat before, in the case of military contingents and military infrastructure being deployed there, we will have to respond symmetrically and raise the same threats in those territories from where threats have arisen for us, Putin said at a news conference following the Caspian Summit in Turkmenistan on Wednesday.

Sweden and Finland are set formally to end decades of neutrality and join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization , in a historic breakthrough for the alliance that deals a blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The last major hurdle to the two nations’ entry to the bloc was removed when Turkey dropped its opposition on Tuesday.

That breakthrough came during a NATO summit in Madrid that has already become one of the most consequential meetings in the history of the military alliance.

See a map of NATO countries:

CNN’s Rob Picheta and Josh Berlinger contributed to this report.

What You Need To Know About Joining The Russian Army

Tried to join the French Foreign Legion and didn’t make the cut? Don’t fret the Russian military has created its own force of foreign citizens to fight Moscow’s wars.

The Russian Defense Ministry last month announced that foreigners could enlist in the Russian military, a move ostensibly aimed at legalizing the status of citizens of former Soviet republics already serving, but its ranks are open to all foreigners provided they speak good Russian and have clean criminal records.

President Vladimir Putin signed the new policy into force on Jan. 2, five years after the proposal had originally been made.

Now “foreign servicemen can participate in operations during martial law, as well as in armed conflicts, in accordance with generally accepted principles of international law, international agreements and Russian legislation,” said the order, published on the Kremlin website.

Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for the Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, a Moscow-based defense think tank, explained to The Moscow Times that the change was finally implemented to provide legal status to locals already serving on Russian bases in Armenia and Tajikistan.

Furthermore, as salaries for Russian civilians continue to outpace those offered by military service contracts, the new law is seen as a way to fill the military with migrant workers, Pukhov said. The reported salary for a contract soldier in the Russian army is 30,000 rubles a month.

To Join As Anofficer Officers In The Caf Hold Positions Of Authority And Respect They Are Responsible For The Safety Well

You are between 16 and 57 years old.

If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

You are between 16 and 57 years old.

If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

You are a Canadian citizen.

You are a Canadian citizen.

You have completed Grade 10 or Secondary IV .

You have completed Grade 10 or Secondary IV .

You have, or are working towards, a Bachelor’s Degree.

If you do not meet this requirement, you may be eligible for one of our Paid Education programs.

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Myth One: All Army Roles Are Physical And On The Front Line

The truth : the Army offers so much more than you think.

Most people think being in the Army means serving on the front line. This is an option, but itâs not the only one.

Nurse. Engineer. Musician. Vet. Electrician. These are just some of the roles you can pursue a career in with the Army. Whether you want to be a radiographer or fancy yourself a chef, after passing initial training you can learn the skills and earn the qualifications needed to thrive in a role you choose. There are over 100 diverse roles available to pursue, while still getting to experience the same adventures as an infantry soldier.

So You Want To Join The Military Eh

Join The Army only £10.00

Maybe you’ve always wanted to join the armed forces, and be a soldier, sailor, marine, or airman. Then again, maybe you are looking for direction in your life, and you feel like the military is the perfect place to achieve that. Either way, you’ve decided that becoming a member of the US Armed Forces is the right job for you. Sounds simple enough, right? You go to the recruiting station, pick the job you want, complete boot camp and your technical school, and head out with your weapon to some far away land. If only everything were as cut and dry as it seems in the movies, or in those armed forces recruitment ads.

As a veteran of the US Navy, I found out firsthand that not everything they tell you at the recruiting station 100% true. Will they outright lie to you? No, generally not, but they have a way of wording things that make the military process sound… different. Here are some things I wish someone had told me before I signed up.

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Visit A Recruiting Office

The first thing to do is locate your local recruiting station.

Recruiters cover territories that encompass the surrounding communities.

Depending on your home of record, which is your current address, there will be a specific recruiting station assigned to you.

You can find a recruiter near you via this link, or by a simple search.

Once you have been able to establish a meeting with a recruiter, he/she will begin to discuss your interests in joining the Army, what the Army can offer you for joining, and begin a preliminary diagnostic of your recruitment eligibility.

There are a number of questions youll want to ask them , including things like:

What happens after boot camp?

I want to be a . What MOS should I choose?

Where will I be based?

These questions, and more, are crucial to helping you determine whether or not the Army is right for you.

Depending on the needs of the Army at varying times, different MOSs offer enlistment bonuses for recruits that decide to commit to said MOS for their time in service.

These bonuses change on a monthly basis so be aware that if you find a good bonus deal to act quickly because the bonus may be pulled in the coming months.

See a full list of Army MOS and the required ASVAB scores here.

Furthermore, despite the notion that Army recruiters get a commission to get you to sign up, its a complete and utter myth.

Becoming An Enlisted Soldier Or Army Officer

Enlisted Soldiers are the backbone of the Army, responsible for carrying out orders and ensuring the success of each mission. Army Officers are important leaders in the Army, tasked with making critical decisions and being responsible for the safety of Soldiers. Depending on the path you take, there are a few things you must do to get started.

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What We Covered Here

  • NATO formally invited Finland and Sweden to join the military alliance. Turkey agreed on Tuesday to drop its objections to their membership bids, removing a major hurdle to them joining NATO.
  • Leaders of the alliance are expected to announce significant strengthening of forces along its eastern edge, with US President Biden unveiling an enhanced US force posture in Europe.
  • Russian forces are making some progress in their efforts to encircle the city of Lysychansk, and could succeed in trapping some Ukrainian forces.
  • Russian-backed authorities in the occupied region of Kherson in southern Ukraine say they are preparing for a referendum to join the Russian Federation.
  • Having connection issues? Bookmark CNN’s lite site for fast connectivity.

Meet People From All Over The Us

trending easy come to pakiztan and join army

The United States is a huge country, and the people that encompass it differ greatly depending on where theyre from.

When you join the military, youll meet people from big cities and towns of a few hundred.

People from the country, people from the suburbs. Some people that grew up poor and others that grew up rich.

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If You Dont Like Exercise

It should go without saying that the military is going to demand that you run, push, pull, sit-up, and climb on a regular basis.

While some jobs demand more than others, every soldier, , Seaman and Airman is expected to pass physical fitness tests.

You dont need to be a stud to succeed in the military, but if you really hated P.E. in high school, I dont suggest joining up.

How To Join Indian Army After 10th

Generally, a candidate can also join the army right after completing their 10th std and securing an aggregate mark of at least 40 % to 45%. However, they can only apply for two posts:

  • Soldier Tradesman
  • General Dutys

The selection will be based on the physical fitness test, a written exam and a medical test which will be conducted by the Indian Army.

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When You Visit The Recruitment Office:

  • Take along a parent or friend as a witness.
  • Read over the entire enlistment agreement very carefully.
  • Get all promises in writing. Spoken promises do not have to be honored.
  • Before you sign anything, take it home and discuss it with your parents, friends, and a trained counselor who understands how recruiters operate. Your recruiter must give you a copy of the agreement if you request it.
  • Get copies of everything you sign.

Biden Thanks Erdogan For Supporting Finnish And Swedish Nato Membership Bids

3 Easy Ways to Join the Australian Army

From CNN’s Kevin Liptak and Arnaud Siad

US President Joe Biden thanked his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoan at the start of a meeting Wednesday for agreeing to allow Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

“I want to particularly thank you for what you did, putting together the situation with regard to Finland and Sweden, and all the incredible work you’re going to try to get the grain out of … Ukraine,” Biden told Erdoan during the NATO summit in Madrid.

“You’re doing a great job,” Biden added.

Turkey has been in discussionswith Russia about exporting grain from Ukraine. Erdoan said he hopes diplomacy will help to get grain out of Ukraine.

I pray that well be able to re-establish the balance through diplomacy in order to cultivate positive results, especially with regards to the grain, Erdoan told Biden.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the negative developments with regards to taking grain out of Ukrainian ports, as well as the developments involving oil and natural gas, require all of us to work together in order to settle the disputes once and for all, he added.

There are countries that are deprived of the grain and we will open corridors and we will allow them access to the grain that they so need, he said.

Erdoan said it gave him great pleasure to meet with Biden after a long interval.

Erdogan said that the two leader’s joint efforts mean that “we will be able to go back to our countries with our hands full.”

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Be Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Most of us go through our daily lives working towards something that is going to benefit us.

As a member of the military, youll have the opportunity to serve a cause that affects the whole world.

When people back home talk about the war overseas, youll have a firsthand perspective to add to the conversation.

Is It Too Easy To Join The Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of the UK have been under some criticism lately, for the perceived ease of their recruitment tests. Many people see the Armed Forces as far too easy to get into, and have claimed that this damages the efficiency and integrity of the organisation as a whole. In this blog, well investigate whether these claims have factual basis, and what it actually takes to join the Armed Forces.

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And After You Leave The Armed Forces

Soldiers are often discharged with no money to continue in the civilian world and no transferable job skills. Unemployment lines are filled with veterans who are poorly qualified and lack the useful skills for civilian employment. Many veterans remain jobless for long periods and are a large part of the homeless and prison populations. Even those who are gainfully employed will remain behind their civilian counterparts in income and advancement for the rest of their careers. Once you have been in the military, you cant catch up with the rest of the world.

The military stays with you in other ways as well. Much of the appeal is the idea of proving yourself, developing discipline, being all you can be. Perhaps you want to carry army pride with you all your life. Remember, however, that this is only part of the picture. No one can participate in violence and remain either unscarred or indifferent. You will always be part of the destruction you supported. And if the United States does fight a war, you may never be able to forget the people you killed. For some people the weight of these memories is too heavy to bear. The suicide rate among Vietnam veterans is many times the national average.

Enlisting in the military is a serious commitment. Before you join, know what is in the fine print. Learn all the details and choose whats best for you. Think about it.

Soldiers of Conscience film trailer

Center on Conscience & War


Myth Three: The Army Is All About Fighting Wars

Pak army jobs 2022 matric base as soldiers – join pak army

The truth : the Army is active in peace time as well as conflicts.

The Army is driven to make the world a safer, better place. Todayâs Army is a modern, highly skilled force that tackles all kinds of missions. It is actively engaged in operational duties across the globe, including peacekeeping, providing humanitarian aid, enforcing anti-terrorism measures and helping to combat the international drugs trade.

Protecting the nation and its dependent territories will always be the Armyâs first role and, if required, it will fight the nationâs enemies with absolute commitment. However, a standing Army provides depth. As well as conducting complex war fighting, it is the same highly trained solider who helps support the NHS and police, deals with floods, hurricanes and virus outbreaks worldwide, supports the fight against poaching in Africa and trains partner forces abroad.

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All You Need To Know About Joining The Army Reserves

Ever wondered whether joining the Army Reserves is for you? Here’s the answers to all your questions

How Much Time Do I Need To Commit To The Army Reserve?

Local Reserve units generally meet weekly and these contribute towards the 27 days per year training requirement. Other training takes place over weekends and an annual two-week training camp.

Those with specialist skills may consider joining a national unit, for example as a cyber expert or a medical professional. Specialist units tend to have a lower annual training camp commitment of 19 days per year and may not have weekly drill nights.

What About Pay And Benefits?

Reservists get paid monthly for all training they do and like Regular soldiers, pay goes up with promotion and increment levels.

Reservists earn an annual, tax free bounty which increases with each year of service. In order to qualify personnel will need to meet time commitment targets and complete MATTs . Part of the training time will need to be in a continuous time period .

Reservists are enrolled into the Armed Forces Pension Scheme and are eligible for food and travel subsidies whilst on duty. Reservists, their partners and children are entitled to an HM Forces Railcard .

For those leaving Regular service there are large incentive payments for joining the Reserves.

14th February 2019

What About Fitness And Adventure Training?

What Are The Age Limits For Joining The Army Reserve?

23rd May 2019

Will I Deploy On Operations?

Can I Leave The Reserves?

Joining Aged 16 Or 17

  • You can leave in the first SIX months but NOT in the first six weeks.
  • After the first six months, you can still leave if you apply in writing before you turn 18, but you might have to wait three months before the army lets you out.
  • If you have turned 18 and youve been in the army for more than six months, you have no right to leave until your 22nd birthday.

If you apply to leave the army before youre 18 then its called Discharge as of Right and the army cant call you up again.

But as soon as you turn 18 you lose your right to leave and you will have to stay in the army for the next four years. And after that the army can still call you up to train or fight at any time for the next six years. Some veterans who had left the army were called up to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan so it does happen.

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Experience For A Specific Civilian Career

The majority of jobs in the military will directly transfer to the civilian world.

For example, if you plan on pursuing a job in law enforcement, serve a few years in the military police.

Not to mention, having military experience on your resume typically goes a long way with employers.

A background in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines shows leadership ability and a strong work ethic.

Check out some of the best jobs available in 2020 below:

Around 15000 People Still Remain In Lysychansk As Russian Forces Try To Storm The City Local Official Says

Join the Army

From CNN’s Julia Presnikova

Russian forces have continued to try and storm Lysychansk, continuously shelling the eastern Ukrainian city where around 15,000 people still remain, Serhiy Hayday, the head of the Luhansk region military administration, said on Wednesday.

The fighting continues on the outskirts of the city, are trying to storm constantly, Hayday said in a televised address. Lately, our guys have been hitting warehouses, headquarters and barracks . And this makes it possible to have a pause in these attacks.

Hayday also said around 15,000 people remain in Lysychansk, despite a recommendation from officials in the past few weeks that they evacuate away from the frontline. Now, with the city under constant shelling, it has become much harder for people to leave.

Now the density of fire is so strong. So much that we can only put 30 people on a bus, he said. Therefore, we are very careful about this.

The Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway has not been used for a long time. But we have other routes, we do not name them, and we have the opportunity to pick up something sometimes, he added. Now is the peak of hostilities.

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