Editor PicksIs American Military University Legit

Is American Military University Legit


Do Army Psychologists Get Deployed

AMU Intelligence Studies

To assuage those fears when he talks to students, Getka points out that psychologists deploy as part of medical teams, and they dont face the same risks as service members trained for combat. According to Getka and Yeaw, no military psychologists have been wounded or killed while deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

University & Student Honors Go Hand

A five-time recipient of the prestigious Online Learning Consortium Effective Practice Award.

Nearly 60 students and alumni honored as Presidential Management Fellows finalists, one of the nation’s most prestigious programs for leadership and public service.

Received Best for Vets Colleges distinction from Military Times since 2013.

In Summary Is American Military University Worth It

In the end, depending on what youre looking for, AMU may be a good option for you.

You can find AMU graduates represented throughout a variety of government agencies at all levels and in the private sector.

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As you decide if AMU is going to be a good fit for you or not, remember both sides.

American Military University is accredited by the same agency that accredits the Air Force Academy, but it is also sometimes less recognizable in civilian world.

It all comes down to you and what you need from a university and a degree program.

AMU may or may not meet those needs.

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What Are The Best Military

California State University-SacramentoSacramento, California

Specifically, we considered factors such as whether colleges had a dedicated point of contact for support services for military personnel, whether colleges were members of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges program, whether colleges offered credit for military training, whether colleges had a recognized student veteran organization, and whether colleges participated in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Dr. David Grantham, a former officer and special agent for the U.S. Air Force, shared his experience with choosing a military-friendly college. “I had the privilege of attending Texas Christian University and joining the history departments Ph.D. program after separating from military service. TCUs excellent veteran services and financial generosity was the main reason I chose the school. … It was also the staffs treatment of veterans and their willingness to consider my circumstances along with my academic credentials.”

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive academic resource for military veterans, active service members, reservists, and military dependents across the country.

At BestColleges, we believe a college education is one of the most important investments you will make. We want to help you navigate the college selection process by offering school rankings that are transparent, inclusive, and relevant for online students.

Ma National Security Studies

American Military University (AMU) Reputation: Worth It ...
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All-in-all, AMU provided an outstanding education. However, be advised, this is not a degree-mill where you pay money and do little work for your degree. Most AMU classes require a good amount of writing and will challenge its students. To be successful at an online institution, the student must have a decent foundation in time management and apply themselves. Although the teachers are always there to guide the class and provide feedback, at the end of the day, most research is done by the student and that is when knowledge is gained. Personally I like this format because it taught me how to effectively conduct research and the skills gained will help me when I leave the military and enter the civilian sector. I highly recommend AMU for those in the Inter-agency and military professionals trying to advance their careers. Good luck out there and hope this review helps!

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Very Pleased With My Time At Amu

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Coming from another online institution where I received my BBA, I can honestly say that AMU is far and away better than most online colleges. Yes, there are going to be professors who aren’t as good as others. But, if you read through all of the material and requirements in the syllabus, you will do just fine. I just completed my last course, and the degree will be conferred next week. Other than a few minor changes, I believe my experience couldn’t have been more positive. Be prepared to study and brush up on your APA style formatting for your papers, and you will excel.

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Does Getting An Online Degree Look Bad

Will My Employer Care if My Degree Was Earned Online? Most companies are not too concerned about online degrees, but many are wary of degrees earned from for-profit diploma mills. The reputation of the school, the degree received, and the accreditation of the program are the most important facts to most employers.

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Does This College Look Legit

< br> I want to take either international relations or intelligence studies and work for the CIA

The school you posted about, OP, is affiliated with another school which has regional accreditation. But I just plainly cannot figure out if the military version of the school is accredited in any way at all. Sorry.

Yes, American Military University is legit. It, and its sister school, is under the umbrella entity of American Public School System . APUS is regionally accredited ) and is thought very highly of, especially in the military. I, and many other military wives, attend this school as it allows us to work on our degree while we follow our men around the world. The best part of this school is that they dont nickle and dime you to death and they have a great undergrad book grant that pays for your books. =)


I am so glad that you have real world knowledge to share of that school.

Just to be nice to OP, I looked and stuff and I just could not figure it out through google.

Great representing, JStrick525!

Thank you all. Actually, when I posted the qeation, I already believed it to be legitimate. Their webpage provides the information and links you would need to verify their acceditation. I was accepted there yesterday, although it might be awhile before i can take classes.

Then I can get a BS in GIS from American Sentinel university.

Ive tried to research American Sentenel University. Motly I find great review on it, but it is not a participant in Title IV

Hard Work But Worth It

How AMU Makes Education Affordable
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As a teacher, I had always told my students to recognize their talents and take them as far as they can go. When it was pointed out to me that my talent was scholastic ability and I had only a bachelors degree, I investigated several schools that offered Masters programs. I chose AMU because of my interest in the Civil War and because of the online program. I had always been an excellent student without ever studying. This changed quite a bit at AMU. I was challenged by each professor and in each course. There were many times that I wanted to give up, but I earned my Masters Degree in Military Studies in 2000. I found about 90% of my professors extremely helpful and they gave great feedback. I feel that my work at AMU enabled me to be a better writer, a better thinker, a harder worker, and a better leader.The proudest day of my life was the day I walked across that stage to receive my diploma. If you are looking for an easy ride, this is not it. If you are looking to work and learn and if you are willing and able to dedicate ample amounts of time, AMU should work for you.

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Will I Lose Credits If I Transfer

If youre transferring institutions, its possible that you may not lose any credits. However, two-thirds of students do. No matter the accreditation of your former institution, its important to speak to a colleges transfer credit evaluator to know where you stand and how many of your credits will transfer. Students transferring for the first time lost an average of 13 semester credit hours nearly 1/10th of the total amount of semester credits required to graduate with a bachelors degree. Thats the equivalent of having to complete an additional semester in order to graduate.

The Right Choice For Me

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Simply put, this is a great University for the price and accreditation. You can choose another school that has the same regional accreditation but it won’t have the business accreditation. And if it does it is probably more expensive. This school has everything a student could ask for. The right accreditation, both business and regional, plus it is affordable.As far as the coursework goes I can honestly say I have learned a lot. More than I expected to. If you plan on finding an easy degree online mill then this isn’t the right University for you. You actually have to research, read, study, and apply yourself. However I worked full time and took two classes at a time and so far have made only one B and all A’s otherwise to date. And I only have two classes left.To summarize, I am one who researches thoroughly before making a decision. AMU was the right choice for me, and it will give me the tools I need for career advancement.

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Outstanding And Rigorous Academic Program

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American Military University is showing the way for how college education will work in the 21st century. The Master of Science in Space Studies program is a well-run, rigorous, and yet flexible curriculum. The faculty is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and I thoroughly enjoyed and learned much from my studies with them. As with all graduate programs, you get out of it what you put in to it. Some courses were harder than others , but all of them demanded extensive writing and reasoning that surpassed what I have typically experienced in traditional brick and mortar universities. The Space Studies program was directly relevant to my work at a national laboratory. I have contacted AMU to convince them that they MUST do a PhD program…this would be well received, and it is much needed given that everyone is realizing that space is critical to our nation’s future. Keep up the great work, AMU! I’ll be ready to apply when the PhD program is available!

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Bs Criminal Justice/ Ba Criminal Justice

ripoff report american military universit review American Military Universit Review …” alt=”Ripoff Report > American Military Universit Review …”>
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The instructors in the Criminal Justice programs are amazing. They have a great educational background and a wealth of professional experience that they apply to their courses. They are supportive and make the online distance learning experience interesting so that you desire to go above and beyond while researching your weekly forum discussions. I have attended another online university, but it could NEVER compare when you are given the opportunity to learn from the best of the best! I highly recommend this University over any other ditance learning university any day!

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A Good School And A Good Program

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I am about to submit my final thesis within the next 4 weeks. The school has been excellent and has exceeded my expectations. The courses were challenging. I never felt as though I was getting a grade for nothing. The professors were knowledgeable and helpful. I have always found the university staff to be helpful when I needed them. I have never had trouble getting through to any of the offices I needed. For the thesis class there were last minutes changes that needed to be made and the university handled it within a 24 hour time period. The school is a good, solid school The faculty are very good. The coursework advanced my knowledge in my field. All is in all, I have nothing negative to add here.

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Transferring Between Regionally And Nationally

Over 27.2% of studentsroughly 1 in 4transfer to institutions outside of the state where they began their college journey. Some transfer while theyre still an undergraduate. Others decide to pursue a masters or doctoral degree at a different institution from where they earned their associates or bachelors degree.

If youre currently attending a regionally-accredited institution and planning to transfer, credits are easily transferred to other regionally-accredited institutions, even if your new institution is accredited by a different accrediting body than the one where you are currently enrolled. However, credits are often reviewed on a course-by-course basis or by a specific academic department to determine which credits will transfer.

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Great University / Under Appreciated

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American Military University was my choice, because I wanted a great quality school, with an opportunity to stay home and raise my children. I am a disabled veteran of the US. Army, and with my limitations, I thought that my chances of finishing school were slim to none. My wife introduced me to the university back in December 2012. I was able to receive my AS in Paralegal Studies within 1 1/2 years, and then my BS in Legal Studies almost 2 years later. That is nearly impossible for someone who attends a brick and mortar school, let alone someone who attends a university online at the average rate of classes,and without taking classes overtime the entire time. With the exception of some of the professors, My entire journey was extremely supported. I would definitely recommend this university to someone else. A lot of people would like to trash this school, but I only think it is because they are completely ignorant to how it works. FC C/O ’16

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How Are Colleges Accredited

AMU Fire Science

Educational institutions are either regionally or nationally accredited. Accreditation is a voluntary process that ensures a college, university, or degree program meets a universal standard for quality. This gives an institution and its graduates credibility with other institutions and employers. Institutional accreditation is different from programmatic accreditation which is covered below.

Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. Department of Education does not accredit educational institutions and/or programs. However, the USDOE and the non-profit Council for Higher Education Accreditation oversee the accreditation process. They review the federally-recognized agencies that set accreditation standards.

Whether or not an institution offers degree programs online, on campus, or both, is irrelevant when it comes to accreditation. They answer to the same governing organizations that ensure students receive a quality education.

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Pleased With My Experience

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I am completely pleased with my experience at AMU and the courses that I took there. At the time they had one of the more robust curriculum for my degree and I chose them largely on this fact. This was my second masters, I have pursued education in all three modalities of face-to-face, blended, and online. I have also instructed classes in all of these modalities . I largely contribute the degree I received at AMU along with my other experience in helping me enter the Emergency Management profession and transition to a second career after the military. Hopefully this will help you make your decision as you move forward in pursuit of your education.

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Is American Military University Right For You

May 4, 2016

When I first decided I needed a college degree, after my failed attempt at Baton Rouge community college because they wouldnt work with my oilfield schedule, and after much online college research and some phone calls, I enrolled in American Military University, a school started by a Marine Corps LT General who identified the lack of advanced degrees in emergency services and intelligence. Over 70% of the students are active military or veterans.

They offer many interesting classes for example, interrogation and chemistry of explosives. Variety of degrees: Fire Science Management, International Relations, Environmental Science, Space Studies, Sports and Health Sciences, Information Systems Security with a concentration in cloud computing. The average cost of one of these programs is $32, 670, and thats if you dont transfer in any credits. A cheaper option as far as online schools go.

Signing up was simple and quick. I talked with someone over the phone, filled out some papers, paid the $270 per credit fees, and was an AMU student.

But I only lasted two weeks. Again, work interfered. I was working 16 hour days, and had one 24 hour day on a drilling rig, which made it impossible for me to complete a written assignment . . . There was always writing and reading and board discussion work. I dont think people are wrong when they say the school is writing intensive. So I had to drop out.

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Great Courses At Your Pace

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Extremely pleased with nearly every aspect of the school, the professors/online classroom facilitators, and E& DM degree program. Degree/career guidance is a bit lacking – had to perform my own career guidance through site research.

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