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Is American Military University A Diploma Mill


Ba In Intelligence Studies

A Whole New Perspective On Life with Joseph Gray | American Military University (AMU)
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I completed my BA in Intelligence Studies at AMU. I typically dont write reviews but after reading some of the less positive reviews, I felt inclined to post my own. AMU is an amazing online university. Overall, my experience while attending AMU was excellent. I felt that every professor that I had was professional, helpful, and understanding. I was deployed twice while attending AMU and my professors completely understood my situation and worked with me to figure out a plan. About six months ago, my younger sister, who is in the Air Force, asked me about AMU and I gave her my opinion. And now she is taking courses at AMU and she loves it so far. AMU truly strives to provide an education to our military.

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Ba Security Management General Ed

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I have been attended AMU a while ago and just got back into attending full time. It has been a great experience and the school has really progressed over the past 7 years. The courses are very challenging and unlike a college where you physically attend, your grade is 100% up to you. The responsibility is all yours. You are responsible for your readings and studying and it’s challenging. I have been to both types of colleges and by far, AMU is more difficult because it all depends on you and you can’t rely on others. Along with getting an education you also learn responsibility if you graduate. As an employer, you should see a diploma from AMU, especially with a high GPA as the person is responsible.

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How Can I Determine If An Accrediting Organization May Be A Mill

If the answers to many of the following questions are “yes,” the accrediting organization under consideration may be a “mill”:

  • Does the operation allow accredited status to be purchased?
  • Does the operation publish lists of institutions or programs they claim to have accredited without those institutions and programs knowing that they are listed or have been accredited?
  • Does the operation claim that it is recognized when it is not?
  • Are few if any standards for quality published by the operation?
  • Is a very short period of time required to achieve accredited status?
  • Are accreditation reviews routinely confined to submitting documents and do not include site visits or interviews of key personnel by the accrediting organization?
  • Is “permanent” accreditation granted without any requirement for subsequent periodic review, either by an external body or by the organization itself?
  • Does the operation use organizational names similar to recognized accrediting organizations?
  • Does the operation make claims in its publications for which there is no evidence?

There are accrediting organizations that may not be recognized but are not accreditation mills. For example, the accreditor may be seeking recognition, but the process is not complete. Or the accreditor does not meet the requirements of CHEA or USDE for reasons that do not relate to quality.

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Pleased With My Experience

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I am completely pleased with my experience at AMU and the courses that I took there. At the time they had one of the more robust curriculum for my degree and I chose them largely on this fact. This was my second masters, I have pursued education in all three modalities of face-to-face, blended, and online. I have also instructed classes in all of these modalities . I largely contribute the degree I received at AMU along with my other experience in helping me enter the Emergency Management profession and transition to a second career after the military. Hopefully this will help you make your decision as you move forward in pursuit of your education.

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World War Ii And Cold War

Millersville University of Pennsylvania Dimensions Diploma Frame in ...

As World War II engulfed Europe, Congress authorized an increase to 2,496 cadets in 1942 and began graduating classes early. The class of 1943 graduated six months early in January 1943, and the next four classes graduated after only three years. To accommodate this accelerated schedule, summer training was formally moved to a recently acquired piece of land southwest of main post. The site would later become Camp Buckner. The academy had its last serious brush with abolition or major reform during the war, when some members of Congress charged that even the accelerated curriculum allowed young men to “hide out” at West Point and avoid combat duty. A proposal was put forth to convert the academy to an officer’s training school with a six-month schedule, but this was not adopted. West Point played a prominent role in WWII four of the five five-star generals were alumni and nearly 500 graduates died. Immediately following the war in 1945, Maxwell Taylor became superintendent. He expanded and modernized the academic program and abolished antiquated courses in fencing and horsemanship.

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American Public University System


American Public University System is a private, for-profit, online learninguniversity system that is composed of American Military University and American Public University . APUS is wholly owned by American Public Education, Inc., a publicly traded private-sector corporation . APUS maintains corporate and academic offices in Charles Town, West Virginia. APUS offers associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees, in addition to dual degrees, certificate programs and learning tracks.

APUS has approximately 110,000 alumni worldwide as of March 31, 2021.

Despite its name and brands, APUS is not a public university and is not a part of the government or military. In 2018, the school paid $270,000 to the state of Massachusetts following an investigation by the state’s attorney general into allegations that it misled potential students.

Approximately 56% of APUS students reported that they served in the military on active duty at initial enrollment. About 55,000 military service members get tuition assistance for APUS schools. Another 16,702 use their GI Bill benefits for the schools.

Amu Ba In Criminal Justice

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I really enjoyed my experience with AMU for my BA in Criminal Justice. The professors were professional in their teaching as well as providing real life examples. The course objectives were relative to the CJ field and I truly felt confident in the knowledge I gained. The on-line support, materials, and live chat were fantastic and really was the cherry on the top during the tougher classes. I especially enjoyed the independent work, the interaction with other students and the professors, and truly felt that my opinion and critical thinking based on factual information were received well and appreciated. Debates with other students were professional and encouraged me to look more in depth on topics I was passionate about, or which broadened my horizon. My favorite classes were the law based classes, i.e. criminal law, constitutional law, etc. EXCELLENT! I would definitely recommend AMU for a Bachelor Degree Program.

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Zero Support For Transfer Students

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This college appears to have gone through a customer service revamping in the past 18 months. For students attempting to enter a program with any transfer credits, the registrar office will show line-by-line which classes will transfer for what. Once you enter the program, nearly none of the original classes will transfer. The transfer department says 2-3 weeks on their website for transfer credits to be awarded. After 6 weeks the credits were still not awarded. After 6 months the credits were not awarded. No one picks up the phone or answers emails back. Even with the security verification sent with every email, customer service contractors around the country will send back an automated email saying they require verification which was in the first email, showing they don’t even read it. It’s just kicked to the next person. Although half my credits would transfer and were verified, the TCE office refused any transfer credits after I emailed them once per week for 5 months. None of the syllabus attachments were opened, none of the transcripts were opened. The rating of this “college” is going down quickly. They don’t care about military members. They care about our GI Bill or veteran’s benefits keeping their lights on. I do not recommend this college to anyone who wants a quality education or responsive department when help is needed

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The Right Choice For Me

74-year-old military veteran earns master’s degree
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Simply put, this is a great University for the price and accreditation. You can choose another school that has the same regional accreditation but it won’t have the business accreditation. And if it does it is probably more expensive. This school has everything a student could ask for. The right accreditation, both business and regional, plus it is affordable.As far as the coursework goes I can honestly say I have learned a lot. More than I expected to. If you plan on finding an easy degree online mill then this isn’t the right University for you. You actually have to research, read, study, and apply yourself. However I worked full time and took two classes at a time and so far have made only one B and all A’s otherwise to date. And I only have two classes left.To summarize, I am one who researches thoroughly before making a decision. AMU was the right choice for me, and it will give me the tools I need for career advancement.

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Western Advance Central University

This school is not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. It is not accredited to grant diplomas by any authority.

This entity claims to operate out of Belton, Texas, according to some information available in the press. More information is available to consumers through the Texas Higher Education Board.

Top 10 Instant Degree Scams

Over the past decade, diploma mills in the U.S. and around the world have allowed con artists and criminals to purchase instant degrees and transcripts fast and on-the-cheap. Armed with these fake paper pedigrees, criminals have committed felony fraudand in some cases, even .

Hundreds of allow criminals to buy fake degrees online fast and cheap. No tests required! Just submit your resume for a work experience evaluation and get an instant degree.

The only graduation requirement: a valid credit card.

Diploma mill degree . Many were caught trying to cheat their way to a better career. A few, sadly, have committed criminal acts with their fake degrees that have led to a felony indictment or the loss of innocent lives.

Below, we list the top notorious 10 degree mill scams.

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Pennsylvania State University World Campus

Corporate recruiters rank Pennsylvania State University World Campus #1 in producing the best-qualified and prepared students in the workforce. This makes the college attractive to those military members who plan to transition to civilian life after achieving their degree.

Penn State has more than 125 online courses available to choose from and an academic military support team that guides student soldiers throughout their entire education. With grants and scholarships as well as full dedication to the G.I. Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program, Penn State has earned its reputation for being one of the top online colleges for the military.

Admission And Educational Program

California State University Dominguez Hills Dimensions Diploma Frame in ...

The academy is under the immediate supervision and control of the Department of the Army, exercised through the superintendent, in whom is vested the immediate military command of the academy and the military post. The goal of the educational program is to instruct and train the corps of cadets so that each graduate will have the qualities and attributes essential to continued development through a lifetime career as an officer in the army. The four-year course of college-level education and training leads to a bachelor of science degree and a commission as second lieutenant in the army. The curriculum is balanced between mathematics and basic and engineering sciences, the humanities and social sciences, military science, and physical education.

The academic year lasts from August to May inclusive. The third class receives extensive field training at the training areas on the academy reservation. The second and first classes obtain supplementary instruction at other army training centres. The second class also takes part in joint amphibious maneuvers with the midshipmen from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. First classmen serve as instructors for the new fourth class , which enters the academy in July they also assist in training the third class.

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San Francisco School Of Architecture

This school operates out of a PO box in Alameda, California. Openly, it claims to seek accreditation from a recognized agency. However, it lists no contingent or accreditation review by an authorized agency. Bottom line, this institution has no accreditation, nor is it recognized by the US Department of Education.

Furthermore, the school offers online master degrees and certificates in what is referenced as expert-accredited green building. But note, the school is not accredited by any recognized agency to award degrees in architecture, environmentally-friendly construction or any subject for that matter!

Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University Online

Virginia Tech Online offers 356 courses and 79 programs entirely online. This allows students to take classes at any place and at any time. Virginia Tech is regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Undergraduate tuition is $400.75 per credit hour for Virginia residents and $1,032 per credit hour for nonresidents. Graduate tuition is $621.50 per credit hour for Virginia residents and $1,230.25 per credit hour for nonresidents.

For more about Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Universitys Online Programs, go here.

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San Francisco Technical University

This entity is not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. It has no accreditation.

Furthermore, this institution also abides by the name of San Francisco University. It is not accredited either.

San Francisco Technical University should not to be confused with two valid colleges in California: San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco .

American Military University Reviews:

How AMU Makes Education Affordable
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I will be retiring from the Army soon and this degree has gotten me two job offers at two hospitals in the Raleigh and Durham area paying $90,000 as a base salary with room for personal and organizational efficiency bonuses. I spent $1800 out of pocket over two years to get the degree because I didn’t start it sooner and maxed out some TA beforehand. I used this school for part of an undergrad for pre-PA studies. I was impressed by the thoroughness at the undergraduate level for an online health science class. Later on, as I turned more toward the side of hospital administration than healthcare provider, I began an MBA in Healthcare Management with AMU. Once again, their standards for thoroughness and research went far above my expectations. After getting a lower than expected grade on one of my first essays, I saw they were serious about writing ability and research. They will quickly let you know where you may be substandard or lacking. If you are great at writing and research, they will also tell you how to improve while maintaining respect for personal style considerations as long as claims are probably backed up with clear logic and peer-reviewed research. I’ve even included some of the research work on my Portfolium and attached it on my LinkedIn.

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Is American Military University A Good School

Different people have different ideas about what makes a “good” school. Admissions difficulty and admitted student statistics can give you a sense of how competitive a school is, but they don’t say much about the quality of the education or the student experience. There are a few statistics that can give you a good idea of how satisfied students are and how well a school supports its students.

Let’s take a closer look at all of these areas to get a clearer sense of what American Military University offers and if it might be the right college for you.

American Public University System Overview

American Public University System is a private school in a rural setting in Charles Town, West Virginia. American Military University was founded in 1991 and now enrolls around 50,047 students a year, including 40,362 undergrads.

Planning to play sports? American Military University has many options for athletes. See them all and learn more about life at American Military University on the Student Life page.

Learn more about life at American Military University on the Student Life page.

2021 American Military University Facts At-A-Glance
Academic Calendar
Average First-Year Financial Aid Package$0

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Ba In History Minor In Criminal Justice

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I have just completed my degree in history with a minor in criminal justice. I had attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, I have nothing against UNL except for the fact that it was not for me. I wanted more one-on-one communication with professors, which you cannot get sitting in a lecture hall with 200 other students. There were no requirements for actually attending class daily, unlike AMU which requires you to log in and be proactive in discussions. I also felt the education was better, I am able to discuss relevant events and moments in history and provide thoughtful and intelligent feedback. I recommend this institution to those who need to work full-time and want a quality education. I have no regrets and am proud to list AMU on my resume. Thank you and best of luck to those beginning their educational adventures!

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