CollegeHow To Transfer Military Education To College Credits

How To Transfer Military Education To College Credits


Research Schools And Their Transfer Credit Acceptance Policy

How can work and military experience be used for credits?

If you already know the school you want to attend, simply reach out to the Registrars office or contact an enrollment advisor. They can help you determine what credits might transfer and what documentation you will need to provide. Many schools also provide online portals with course equivalency tables so you can measure course against course. Alternatively, you can cast a wider net and look for the schools that will accept the most credits. Transferology, a nationwide network designed to answer the question Will my courses transfer? allows you to see how courses you already have or plan to take might transfer from one institution to another. Simply create an account and explore based on the colleges you have attended or would like to attend.

How To Translate Your Military Training Into College Credits

  • College credits can REALLY be earned through your military career!

    Many veterans heading to school can get college credit for their military training and experience, including leadership development courses. Coupled with classes they may have completed during active duty, this could give some student veterans a big head start on their post-military education. Well outline how you can translate your military training into college credits.

    Three organizations offer assistance to service members pursuing a degree during and after their service:

  • The American Council on Education evaluates how much and what kind of credit to award for military training and occupations.
  • Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Consortium awards credits for military training and academic testing.
  • Defense Activities for Non-traditional Education Support manages the work of the SOC and offers several special education programs.
  • ACE helps veterans and current service members by creating easily accessible web transcripts of their military training. ACE also publishes A Transfer Guide: Understanding Your Military Transcripts and ACE Credit Recommendations.

    American Council On Education Credits

    Service members and veterans often can receive college credit for training, coursework and occupational specialty earned in the military. Whether you’re earning college credits to be eligible for promotion or to achieve your goal of degree completion, it is important for you to take the time to meet with your education service officer or an academic advisor who specializes in serving military learners. If you are no longer in the Military, you should look for advice from third parties who can help offer advice independent of an institution. Your military training, even basic training, has been evaluated for college-level knowledge by the American Council on Education . The American Council on Education collaborates with the U.S. Department of Defense to review military training and experiences and recommend appropriate college credit. ACE credit recommendations appear in the ACE Military Guide, JST , and theCommunity College of the Air Force.

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    Maximize Your Military Education At Snhu

    Southern New Hampshire University has a proud history of supporting military service members, veterans and their families. From helping veterans transition into civilian life post World War II to the launch of our online programs in 1995, we have remained committed to the needs of military students.

    Today, we see the need for innovative paths that bridge the gap between military education and college credits efficiently. Through partnerships, specialized pathways and dedicated support, we help you transfer military education to college credit. By leveraging the knowledge and skills gained during your service, you may be able to save time and money on the path to your degree.

    Here are a few of the benefits of continuing your education at SNHU:

    When it comes to colleges that accept military credits, SNHU goes the extra mile. From admission to accessibility services, counseling, academic advising and career development, we have dedicated resources to help you successfully transition to college, complete your degree, and move to the next stage in your life – whether that’s with the military, in the private sector, or in higher education.

    Let Umgc Help You Earn Your Degree As Efficiently And Affordably As Possible

    Credit Score Reporting Services: Transfer Military Education To College ...

    At University of Maryland Global Campus, you can receive credit for your military experience and education, prior learning, workplace learning, professional courses and industry certifications, vocational and technical courses, exams, and more.

    Speak with an admissions advisor for a preliminary evaluation of your transfer credits before you apply. After you apply, we’ll do your official transfer credit evaluation. If you’re an active-duty servicemember or veteran, you should request your military transcripts after applying to be sure you get the credit you deserve.

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    Research Colleges And Universities To Attend

    Every college is free to set its own policies regarding the acceptance of credit for military experience. For that reason, active-duty servicemembers and veterans who want to get the most value from their experience must do their due diligence when researching schools.

    Start by reviewing the universitys military website and speaking with an admissions counselor to understand:

    • The maximum number of transfer credits that the university may accept
    • The academic programs and majors that best align with your military experience

    You should also reflect on what it would be like to attend the university as a veteran. Consider the following:

    • What kind of support does the school offer to veterans?
    • Do they employ admissions counselors and academic advisors specifically trained to manage veterans affairs?
    • Does the school have a Student Veterans Organization? If so, is it active?
    • What kinds of financial aid does the college offer veterans and active-duty members of the military, whether in the form of Yellow Ribbon Program participation or scholarships?

    Meet With An Admissions Counselor

    Once you receive an offer of admission, schedule time with an Admissions Counselor. Be sure to bring with you your transfer information package. If you received a C or lower in any course you previously took, you probably will not be able to transfer those credits. The counselor should be able to tell exactly which credits will transfer. If the college counselor says certain credits will not be accepted, be sure to ask Why? You might be able to prove a course you previously took covers the same content as the class at the new college. Show the description in your previous colleges course catalogue and you might be able to convince them. If the Admissions Counselor cannot approve the transfer credits, it might be worth it to contact the head of your department at the new college to ask if certain credits can be accepted.

    If you already have some work experience or credits from another college, you may be able to transfer those credits to a program at National American University so you can finish your degree faster and save money. We have a generous transfer policy where you may be eligible to transfers up to 75 percent of your credits toward an NAU undergraduate degree program. Call 800-209-0182 to speak to a counselor or click learn more now.

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    College Placement Testing And Life Experience Credits

    Another option that can be beneficial for military service members is to complete the placement examinations offered by most colleges and universities. These tests enable students to place out of prerequisite coursework, such as composition and math.

    In addition to the placement testing, some colleges and universities offer credits to students for life experiences. In many cases, these institutions offer additional credits beyond those that are transferred in from military transcripts.

    Resource: Best Colleges for Veterans, Ranked by Return on Investment

    Put Your Training And Experience To Work

    How can work and military experience be used for credits? (15 sec)

    Earning a college degree is a more attainable goal than you might think. In addition to the education benefits that help veterans pay for college, taking advantage of your military training and experience can give you a head start on your education while lessening your financial and time commitments.

    Enrolling in a military-friendly program is the first step toward making a smooth transition from a military to a civilian career. Northeastern University is committed to helping veterans on this journey.

    Northeasterns bachelors degree completion programs allow servicemembers to put their prior military training to work so that they can complete their degrees, build impressive resumés, and kickstart their careers.

    To learn more, explore Northeasterns military-friendly programs or , military admissions officer at Northeastern, for personalized enrollment advice.

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    Earning Credits For Military Training

    Thomas Edison State University is a leader in recognizing your military service and awards maximum credit for your training and experience. We are committed to evaluating and granting college credit for your military experience, prior education, certifications, training and other work and life-learning experiences.

    Obtain A Degree Audit/credit Mapping From The University

    As a part of the application process, a member of the universitys admissions team will review your military transcript to determine:

    • If and how your military experience maps to courses offered by the university
    • Which, if any, of those courses apply to the degree program you are applying to
    • The remaining number of credits and the specific courses which would be required for you to finish your degree

    It is important to note that, while your military experience might translate into credits, they may not all apply to your chosen field of study. Just because you are eligible to receive 60 credits, for example, does not mean that you will automatically reduce your curriculums required credit load by 60 credits.

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    Earn Credit For Your Military Occupation With Our Pme2degree Program

    Finish your degree faster. Turn your professional military education and training into college credit with Purdue Globals innovative PME2Degree® program. We award members of the military credits for college based on the level of your occupational training and your PME transcripts.

    Hundreds of occupations across each branch of the armed forces have already been evaluated for credit toward a Purdue Global online degree, including all occupations in the U.S. Army and Coast Guard.

    Free Evaluation Of Military Training

    Get College Transfer Credit For Military Training

    Liberty University offers a free evaluation of your military training and experience for college credit. All credit granted for military training is given based on the American Council on Education guide recommendations. To request an official evaluation of your military experience and training for college credit, please request an official transcript using the links below.

    Please note: DoD websites often have security certificates that are not automatically recognized by browsers on civilian computers. The links provided below may prompt you to check that the certificate is one you trust before proceeding to the website. Learn more about military security certificate issues.

    *Coast Guard Institute and Marine Corps Institute credit will now be included on the Joint Services Transcript.

    Your request will result in an official transcript being automatically submitted to Liberty University for evaluation. This is all that is needed to complete your military evaluation. Please do not send in any medal certificates, letters of appreciation, or any other awards & certificates, as these cannot be evaluated.

    If you served in the military prior to the year 1981 then you may submit a copy of your DD214, 2-1, 2A, or DD295 for evaluation.

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    How To Turn Military Skills Into College Credits

    Veteran, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force

    The path to a college degree for many military members is often unorthodox. I collected no less than 70 credits from various sources throughout my ten years in the military. During my time serving, I accumulated a multitude of community college classes from all over the country and overseas CLEP exam credits, and nearly a decade of accumulated active duty military skills and training.

    Start a degree at American Public University.

    When it was time to choose a school for my sprint to the finish line, I was on the hunt for a university that would make the transfer process easy and have a time-tested method to turn military training into college credits.

    How To Choose The Best College

    The best college for you may not be the same one as for the guy or gal sitting next to you in the mess hall. Perhaps you want the quickest route to a degree so you can qualify for a particular job, in which case you should look for programs that give you the maximum transfer credit and where you already know much of the material. On the other hand, you might want to learn a new field in depth, in which case you want the best program for that profession, with a schedule and pace that allows you to get a great education.

    Most of the are very flexible and allow you to change your schedule or take a leave of absence if you are deployed or have other needs. These schools work with veterans, active-duty, reserve, and family members to find the best assistance and the best way through their particular schools programs. Some allow you to accelerate your learning when you have time, and slow it down when you are busy. Because these programs are online, you can often work on courses while deployed overseas if you want. Some schools also let you take some courses face-to-face, with other classes taken online, turning your program into a hybrid learning environment.

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    How To Earn College Credit For Military Training

    Did you know that you may be able to earn college credit for your military training and experiences? Both active-duty members of the military and veterans can use their time in the military to earn college credits that can be applied to a degree.

    Successfully transferring your military experience to college credit comes with a host of benefits and can make completing a bachelors degree a more attainable goal than you might have thought possible.

    If youre wondering how to translate your military experience to college credit, read on to find out.

    How To Transfer Credits From One College To Another


    Whether or not credits that youve earned at one school will transfer to another depends mostly on the accepting school. If the school you hope to attend feels that the material covered in a course is similar to what it offers, the new school will likely accept the credits. Thats also true for credit you may have earned through military training. So, the first step in transferring credits is to look for schools that will accept what you already have. After all, the more credits you are able to transfer, the less youll have to spend on new courses and the more quickly you will be able to use those credits to finish your degree.

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    Using Jst To Send Your Army Transcripts

  • Go to the Joint Services Transcripts site.
  • Log in with your CAC card on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Enter American Public University System into the school search phrase and click the result with an address of 10110 Battleview Parkway.
  • Check the box on the next screen to agree to the consent statement and click yes.
  • Print your confirmation page. Since Army transcripts are delivered to American Military University online, they should arrive the day after you have them sent.
  • How Credit Is Earned

    • Service members and veterans of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Coast Guard receive the Joint Services Transcript as record of their military training. The JST provides credit recommendations for military training through the American Council on Education evaluation process. TESU recognizes the ACE recommendations from the JST and awards transfer credit for military training into college credit that can be used toward your degree requirements.
    • Service members and veterans of the U.S. Air Force receive a transcript from the Community College of the Air Force with community college credits awarded for military training. TESU awards transfer credit from the CCAF transcript as community college credits that can be used toward your degree requirements.

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    How To Turn Military Training Into College Credit

      Having a college degree can make or break your future paycheck so working toward a degree early is a smart move. Thanks to the American Council on Education and its military programs, military personnel can actually receive college credit for their training outside the normal college setting.

      It all began with the founding of ACE in 1942. The organization’s primary goal was recognizing the educational value of military training and experience. Since then the council has evaluated military schools, experience in the field, and experience in training to accurately award academic credit. This means that soldiers can receive credit for the majority of their training, including even basic training.

      Learn To Cope With Your Classmates

      Military Transfer Credits

      Many service members develop feelings of frustration and anger toward classmates who neither understand their experiences nor share their priorities. In particular some veterans resent younger classmates who lack the maturity and discipline developed through military service.

      Your classmates may ask you inappropriate questions about your service. Your professors may lean on youwhether you like it or notfor your uniquely informed opinions on subjects like politics and foreign policy. You may even find yourself in disagreements with fellow students who you feel have a limited grasp on life beyond the college campus.

      The reality is that you can’t prevent these experiences or control how others choose to behave, but you can prepare yourself emotionally for when it happens.

      The reality is that many students can’t relate to what you’ve been through. Remind yourself that most of these encounters, while frustrating or even emotionally taxing, are not intended with disrespect. Do your best to contain your feelings of anger and resentment when interacting with your fellow students and professors, and seek peers to talk to about it afterward.

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