RecruitHow To Talk To A Navy Recruiter

How To Talk To A Navy Recruiter


Getting Down To Basics

Talking To A Navy Recruiter

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to stop shopping, and decide on which military service you want to join. You may have met a recruiter who impressed you, or you may have met a recruiter that left you cold. It’s important that you not choose your military service based upon your perception of the recruiter’s quality. Choose your service based on your interests, not whether or not the recruiter was kind enough to buy you lunch at McDonald’s.

Once you make your decision, make an appointment with the recruiter for the service you want to join. The first thing the recruiter is going to do is to pre-qualify you. The recruiter will ask you a bunch of questions to see if you qualify for military service. These will be questions about age, citizenship or immigration status, education level, criminal history, drug abuse history, and medical conditions. The recruiter may weigh you, and ask to see personal paperwork .

How Should You Prepare For That First Meeting

In many ways, a first meeting with a military recruiter bears similarities to any other job interview. Its crucial to present yourself in a professional manner, to arrive on time and to come prepared with questions for your interviewer. Before your initial sit-down with a recruiter, use these steps to get yourself ready.

How To Become A Navy Officer: Step

A Navy officer is employed by the United States government to assist with defending and protecting the country from threats. They may carry out a variety of responsibilities such as directing the engineering of improved submarine, ship or aviation fleet technology, processing signal intelligence, leading platoons in combat missions, directing ship crews or overseeing the care of injured patients as a director in the nurse corps.

Navy officers are educated and intelligent military personnel who must be morally sound and ready to lead their units. In this article, we discuss what Navy officers do and how you can become one and discover if this career path is right for you.

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What Should I Bring With Me

If youre just going to the recruiters office to ask him or her questions, then you really dont need to bring too much.

One thing I would recommend is bringing a notepad and a couple of pens so you can take some notes.

You could also possibly bring your phone so you can record the conversation, but make sure you 100% clear it with the recruiter first,.

If they catch you trying to clandestinely tape record your conversation, they may simply show you the door.

Am I Qualified To Join The Navy

Watch This BEFORE You Talk To An Army Recruiter

This is one of the first details to discuss with your recruiter. If you are not eligible there is no point in considering this career any further.

There are requirements for age, citizenship, and health among others.

Since every potential enlistee is different, this is something that must be discussed.

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Taking The First Step Toward Talking To A Recruiter

The first step may be to take matters into your own hands and talk to the recruiter yourself before there is a sit-down with your high-school age student. Remember that recruiters vary as much as any other professional there are honest recruiters and there are those who dont always play by the rules. In order to protect your child, youll want to know exactly who they will be talking to and what their methods are like.

Listen to your instincts when dealing with a recruiter. One that seems honest and eager to help can take you a long way toward getting realistic expectations about signing up, serving, and training.

But if a recruiter gives you bad vibes, seems willing to cut corners, or does not play by the rules in some way, you should move on and seek a different recruiter or possibly even a different branch of service, depending on individual circumstances.

Its not that the branch of service is suspect here, but if there is only one recruiter for that branch in your area and that person doesnt seem trustworthy, you may need to explore a wider range of options. That is not ideal, but it IS realistic.

What Benefits Can I Receive As A Member Of The Armed Forces

When interviewing for most professional positions, applicants are discouraged from asking detailed questions about salary and benefits prior to the offer stage. However, the nature of military work often brings these questions to bear far earlier, and its acceptable for prospective recruits to find out exactly what military service can provide for them in terms of medical benefits, educational stipends and scholarships and job-placement programs for after their term ends.

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How To Locate A Navy Recruiter In Your Area

Have you been considering joining the U.S. Navy? This is a huge decision, and it can be intimidating and overwhelming at first. Having an expert guide to inform you is the first step on this new path. Recruiters are armed with the knowledge you need to begin your journey into the Navy, and they are there to ease all of your worries and concerns.

Questions to ask your Navy recruiter:

What are the qualifications for joining the Navy?How much time will I spend at sea?Can I request specific areas or jobs?What is the first year of service like?How many times will I have to move?Can my spouse move with me?

If you would like to visit a recruiter, you can find the nearest Navy recruiting office by entering your zip code on the Navys website. If you would just like to talk with a Navy Cyber Recruiter, you can fill out the Navy contact form, and they will send you an e-mail regarding any questions you may have about joining.

Your Navy recruiter will do his or her best to assist and encourage you. Joining any branch of the military comes with worries, but your recruiter can help immensely. If joining the Navy is something youre serious about, or if you just want to find out more, find a recruiter today!

Give Up To Date Information:

How to Talk to A Military Recruiter

Reading is must for this. If you will read more, only then you will come across the recent happenings. Your current knowledge, current skills, career goals matter a lot while you are speaking to a recruiter. While you talk to the recruiter, he or she will ask you for the updated resume. So for that too, you must be well prepared.

Keep your resume updated and also keep a copy of that with yourself. If you are talking to the recruiter on phone, then also take a picture or either keep the soft copy of the file in your mobile too, so that whenever it is needed, you are able to send it. Be smart to handle both the situations.

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Reserves And National Guard Are Different But Usually Not That Different

Often people who join the Reserves or National Guard are not put in the DEP. These people are eligible to attend paid drills usually in the Recruit Sustainment Program . Recruiters in these components sometimes try to use this difference to confuse people into thinking it is much harder for them to get out than it is for people in the DEP. Similar to the DEP, members of the reserve are also separated when they do not report to ship out for basic training. This is typically true for members of the National Guard as well, however because National Guard members are also subject to state jurisdiction, they can face penalties at the state level. While most states simply release people who don’t report, there are a few states that have punished some people for not reporting to basic or for missing drill. Anyone who has signed up for reserves or National Guard and not yet gone to boot camp can call a GI Rights counselor to discuss their situation and issues in their state: 877-447-4487.

Tell The Whole Truth To The Recruiter

It’s important that you be truthful with the recruiter. It’s also very important that you not allow the recruiter to encourage, advise, or even hint that you lie about any of this important information. It is a felony to give false information or withhold required information on any military recruiting paperwork.

Remember, there is no right to join the United States Military. The recruiter uses the information you give to determine whether or not you are qualified to join, based on Department of Defense and individual service standards. Those standards exist for reasons. It is not up to you, or the recruiter to decide which standards are valid and which ones are not. It is much better to be disqualified for enlistment in the first place and never join then it is to lie about it, go through basic training, have the lie discovered, then get thrown out of the military .

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Questions About Basic Training

Most recruits go through some form of basic training, whether they’re enlisting in the military or commissioning as an officer. These questions will help you learn what you can expect:

  • What are the physical fitness requirements for basic training?

  • How long is basic training?

  • Where is basic training?

  • What happens at basic training?

  • Do I get paid while I’m in training?

  • My friend is also interested in enlisting. Can we go to basic training together?

  • Once I sign up, how long do I have before going to basic training?

  • Is it all physical training?

  • What are the drill instructors like?

  • How many people make it through basic training?

  • What happens after basic training?

When Is It Too Late

Military Recruiter Doesnât Have To Dig Too Far Into Bag Of ...

Part of the enlistment process includes going to the MEPS for a physical and swearing in to the DEP and filling out part of the contract . People who have taken these steps can still get out of the DEP using methods described above.

Eventually a persons time in the DEP ends and the transition to active duty for training begins. On the date when a person is scheduled to report for basic training, they will normally be instructed to return to the MEPS and swear in a second time while they sign the last sheet of the military enlistment contract which states that the person wishes to be discharged from the Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program and enlisted in the Regular Component.

Up until that final point of the second swear in and signing of the last page of the contract, people have been able to get out of the DEP by simply refusing to go. Once a person has sworn in the second time as part of shipping out they may still be able to get out of the military, but it will involve much more time and energy. People who believe they are in this status can contact a GI Rights Counselor at 877 447 4487 to determine what options they have.

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Question : What Are The Reasons That Other Candidates Havent Been Selected

There are preliminary conditions set for a specific job meeting them makes a candidate eligible for the position, after which the interview process follows. Asking the recruiter about the cause of the non-selection of other candidates might reveal potential shortcomings you need to careful of. It could be related to skills, experience, or any other aspect. Being aware of the things gives you forewarning providing time to work out the inadequacies to perform better in the interview. This could set a time frame for how soon the position will be filled. The recruiter may not answer this question with complete honesty.

Which Questions Should You Ask The Recruiter

Above all else, you should prioritize questions that truly matter to you during your interview. Youll be the one undergoing strenuous training and possibly progressing to active duty, so give yourself the chance to really think about what you want to learn about this experience and what information will give you the strongest basis from which to make your ultimate choice. These questions can serve as a helpful jumping-off point:

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What Questions Should I Ask A Military Recruiter

Before you go into the recruiting office, have a list of questions youve prepared to ask. If you advance through the process, other questions will likely pop up along the way. Always keep a notebook or note app on your phone that you can access at any time to add questions as you think of them.

Heres a list to get you started:

What Are The Consequences If I Do Not Go To Meps On My Ship Date

5 Tips When Talking to a Military Recruiter | My Advice + My Experience | Air Force

You will get out of the military. As described above it may take some time before it is finalized, but eventually everyonewho has not reported has been released. We have never seen withdrawing from the DEP have any effect on things like employment, bank loans, school eligibility, or your legal record. This is the case for non-citizens as well as citizens. In fact the military will normally let someone who has gotten out of the DEP enlist again. Some employment applications ask about military service.Generally people do not list DEP time on employment application reasoning that they were never in an active pay status.

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What Is Navy Recruiting

A United States Navy recruiter is often the first point of contact for people interested in joining that branch of the military. He or she offers encouragement, while facilitating enrollment for service. A recruiter is knowledgeable and experienced in military policy and procedures, and has often served as a member

What Resources Can I Access For Further Information

Obviously, the decision to join the armed forces should involve plenty of research, and all of the necessary information probably cant be communicated during a single meeting with a recruiter. Ask your recruiter to provide you with literature, online forums and official websites that can offer you more nuanced information. Any good recruiter will want you to make this decision in a fully-informed way, so shell likely give you access to useful materials.

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Go Little Into The Depth Of The Matter:

Try and learn as much as you can and also give them all what can you give. Also find out the answers to all possible questions like the ideal candidate fitting for the job, you may even ask about the hardest part of the job that a person finds and so on. By asking all such questions, you will be able to know everything in detail .

Prepping For Your Visit

Army Recruiters Explain the Recruitment Process

Once you locate a Navy recruiting office near you, its time to schedule a meeting.

Its natural to feel nervous going into a visit with a Navy recruiter.

However, you shouldnt worry or stress over the experience as its an outstanding time to ask a military official all the questions you have about the process.

A military recruiter can offer you more information on the Navy, types of military jobs, enlistment process, and opportunities for promotion or special pay.

Its important to treat the visit with a Navy recruiter like a job interview.

The recruiter will ask you a list of questions to help gauge your interest and eligibility.

On the other hand, you can ask the recruiter any questions or concerns you have about serving the country.

Like a job interview, you should arrive at the appointment with formal clothes and a good attitude.

The military takes personal appearance and conduct very seriously which makes creating a good first impression very important.

If you are stuck finding some good questions to ask a military recruiter, consider these 41 questions.

While most recruiting offices allow walk-in meetings, its best to schedule an appointment.

If you have urgent questions that you would like answers to immediately, consider reaching out via the live chat.

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Recruiters Are A Source Of Accurate Information

While the recruiter is somewhat of a villainized creature in military history, recruiters are perhaps the only source available to the public where young men and women can get accurate information about joining the military. Any other source you may use runs the risk of being obsolete or completely inaccurate.

With that being said, pick up the phone, and talk to a recruiter from all the military branches. Even if you think you know what branch you want to join, make an appointment with them all. You will probably be surprised about what kinds of jobs and opportunities exist in each branch. I would be a rich woman if I had a dollar for every person I met who thought that the Marine Corps only had infantry jobs. This, of course, is not true, but an appointment with a Marine Corps recruiter would help you better understand what exactly the Marine Corps does.

Are There Scholarships Available For The Nrotc Program

There are several scholarship programs available to help you pay for school and help you focus on your coursework. There are also financial reimbursement opportunities, salary advances and sign-on bonuses you may be able to take advantage of. It may be helpful to review this information in detail with your recruiter.

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Tips For Visiting Your Recruiter

These tips for visiting your military recruiter will give you talking points and goals as you get ready to join the military. By having no fear, taking a friend or family member with you, knowing the ASVAB, understanding where you want to be stationed, asking about special pays and by knowing your contract goals, start date and commitment length — and then getting it all in writing — youll be able to get the most of out of this recruiter meeting.

1. Have no fear. Remember you are under no obligation when speaking to a recruiter. You may be asked to sign paperwork before taking the ASVAB and possibly at other steps in the process. This is standard procedure so don’t be alarmed. The enlistment process is involved and takes time you have the ability to change your mind at any time before you sign the final enlistment contract.

2. Go with someone. You may feel more at ease if you take a friend, parent or someone else you trust.

3. Know the ASVAB. You may get the job you want, but to do so, you must score well on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. But the ASVAB alone doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the job you want. Military job selection also is based on other specified criteria, such as physical fitness, eyesight, security requirements and education level.

4. Be stationed where you want. Some services have programs where they can guarantee your first duty station. Be sure to ask, but remember that after your first unit, you could serve anywhere.

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