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How To Support The Military


Op Courage: The Veterans Health And Wellbeing Service

How to Support Military Members or Veterans at Work (Part 2)

Op COURAGE provides a range of different mental health support to family members of serving personnel with a discharge date, reservists and veterans.

They can help you in many ways, including:

  • offering you an assessment for your mental health
  • supporting you in a mental health crisis
  • providing you the right treatment for early or advanced mental health problems
  • helping you to access other local services that can help

Easy Ways To Support Our Troops And Their Families Around Memorial Day

As we plan our Memorial Day holiday, consider a few simple and inexpensive ways that you and your family can serve the military and their families. Taking a few minutes from a hectic schedule to show appreciation and kindness to someone serving our country will not only bless you, it will also pay tribute to those who have gone before us and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We could all use an extra dose of kindness and appreciation these days, wouldn’t you agree?

Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. Jump in and try one or more of these suggestions or come up with your own plan!

Volunteering to place flags on grave sites

Growing up, my Dad brought me and my siblings along before Memorial Day to place flags on the graves of servicemen and women. We were instructed that this was a solemn task and no complaining was tolerated. I can remember hot days, cold days, rainy days and bug-infested days. It didn’t matter to Dad. He would explain that our servicemen and women endured these conditions and much worse to keep us safe and free. It was a regular family project that left a deep impression on all of us. Contact your local American Legion or VFW organization to volunteer your time.

Reach out to a military family in your community

Invite a service member over for a holiday meal or celebration.

Visit an older veteran or wounded vet

Foster a pet

Put it in writing

During Christmas, you can send a holiday card through the Red Cross here .

Send expired coupons

Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework

The Center for the Study of Social Policy has developed the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework. Originally designed as a framework to prevent child abuse and neglect, the Protective Factors can be a useful way to approach all of your work with families. It is important to understand this framework because it can help you see that the high-quality, family-centered work that you do every day in your program makes a difference in the lives of children and families. Your job is not only to care for each infant and toddler, but also to provide care and support for the whole family. The Strengthening Families Protective Factors framework gives us tools and ideas to support families.

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Why Letters Are So Important

In basic, if one person messes up, they mess it up for everyone. Privileges like phone time can be taken away and even though your SO didnt do anything wrong, it still affects him and you!

While phone time is a precious commodity at basic, letter writing is important because it will allow you tell him everything you want him to know and everything you may not have time to say on the phone.

While phone time may be out of your SOs control, sending letters is not! Once you get that address, you can send as many letters as you would like. I wrote one letter every single day. I would tell my fiance about my thoughts, the good and the bad about my day, how the wedding planning was going, what his family wanted him to know, and more.

My advice is to not overthink the letter writing too much! If youre still not sure where to get started, here are 20 letter writing prompts to get you started.

  • What Im Not Taking for Granted During This Time.
  • I Cant Wait to _X_ When I see You Again.
  • Your Family Wants You to Know _X_.
  • Everything I Love About You.
  • Everything I Miss About You.
  • _X_ Quotes to Encourage You.
  • I Think of You Everytime I _X_.
  • These are My Dreams for Our Future.
  • How My Life Changed When I Met You.
  • _X_ Things You May Not Know About me.
  • Remember When we Did _X_?
  • _X_ Things We Can Do When You Get Back.
  • If I Were There, Heres What I Would Tell You.
  • If Our Lives Were a Movie, Heres How it Would Go.
  • _X_ Songs That Remind me Of You.
  • Best Ways To Support Your Service Member At Basic Training

    Priefert Supervisors Awarded for Military Support ...

    When my fiance left for basic training, the days afterward were incredibly hard. But as I learned how to cope and take better care of myself, I realized that the hardest part wasnt him being gone, the hardest part was learning how to support my service member through basic.

    I knew that his physical, as well as his mental strength, would be tested beyond anything he had gone through before and I knew it would take lots of encouragement from me to help keep him focused.

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    New: Joining Forces And Hidden Helpers Coalition Pledge Support To Military And Veteran Children In Caregiving Families

    We have an all-volunteer forceand it continues only because generations of Americans see the honor, dignity, and patriotism of military service. How can we hope to keep our military strong if we dont give our families, survivors, and caregivers what they need to thrive? Thats what Joining Forces is about.


    What Civilians Can Do To Support Military Members

    Tips for welcoming back returning veterans

    Jamie Howard, PhD

    To many Americans, Memorial Day is the symbolic kickoff to the summer seasona welcome three-day weekend and time for a family trip. So it can be easy to miss the intention of this holiday, which is actually to honor the American military members who died while serving our country.

    Since 9/11, weve deployed over 2.5 million military members to Iraq and Afghanistan for Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn. Currently there are just under 2 million active duty men and women in the US military, and approximately 850,000 in the reserves. Given that these conflicts are fought by an all-volunteer service of about 1% of the U.S. population, its understandable that some Americans may not be attuned to the experience of the men and women who serve. But we are talking about millions of families, many of whom have made great sacrifices. One of the most important things we can do for them on Memorial Day is to take the time to pause and acknowledge their hard work and bravery.

    I worked with active duty military members and retired veterans at a VA hospital for 3 years, where I helped to develop and conduct research on ways to help returning veterans and their families. The research that Ive reviewed over the years, along with some candid advice veterans have shared with me, can provide helpful guidelines for how civilians can support our military members and their families this Memorial Day.

    What we know

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    Veterans Of Foreign Wars

    The Veterans of Foreign Wars does a tremendous amount of work supporting veterans.

    The VFW offers several military volunteer opportunities to assist veterans in connecting to educational opportunities, navigating their VA benefits, emergency financial relief, and so much more.

    One unique aspect of the VFW is that they advocate for veterans by speaking on significant issues to Congress. One goal of the VFW is to ensure veterans needs are met.

    Since 1899, the VFW leads as an organization that directly supports veterans from all generations, and the organization has over 1.5 million members.

    Support For Pregnancy In The Armed Forces

    Schools strive to support the unique needs of military children

    If you become pregnant while serving in the armed forces, it is important to inform your medical officer as soon as possible. This means you and your baby can receive protective treatment and support.

    During and after pregnancy, you are entitled to up to 52 weeks of maternity leave. If you need paternity leave, you can claim different amounts of time but it cannot start until the baby is born and must be taken within 56 days of the birth.

    If both parents are serving after the birth of your baby, it is important to inform your chain of command so that the services can try not to deploy both parents at the same time.

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    Register Your Child At A Gp

    Parents must usually register their child at a GP surgery where at least one parent or carer is registered.

    This is different for the armed forces community as you are allowed to register your child at a GP surgery if both parents are registered with Defence Medical Services instead.

    You may also be able to register your child with a DMS practice instead of an NHS GP if you are registered there too.

    Holiday Stockings For Heroes

    Lets spread some holiday cheer to deployed service members and veterans of all generations! Donate a stuffed holiday stocking to Soldiers Angels Holiday Stockings for Heroes and well ship them to a service member or veteran. Were hoping to meet our largest goal ever and collect 35,000 stuffed holiday stockings.

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    How You Can Help The Uso

    There are several military volunteer opportunities to support the USO.

    Many volunteers contribute to the organization financially by individual contributions through their website.

    Others give financial gifts through estate planning or a stock transfer or IRA charitable rollover.

    Fundraisers are another fantastic way to contribute. Consider participating or hosting a fundraiser benefiting the USO.

    How To Support Our Troops Through Giving

    Support For Our Brave Military Personnel: Thank You For ...

    When service defines your family, finding new ways to serve and give back is almost second nature. For many military families, that means after the house is paid off, the car and insurance are taken care of, gas is in the car, and the kids are all set, finding a way to give to charity from whatever is leftover is important. In fact, the average American household donates just over $2.900 to charities every year, according to the National Philanthropic Trust. Thats a lot of money!

    Whatever amount you are looking to donate, you need to be smart about it. With these three easy steps, you can make sure your contribution really makes a difference.

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    Life As A Military Spouse

    The life of a military spouse may be filled with exciting new adventures along with periods of separation and loneliness. Spouses are generally flexible and strong, and often required to be independent while their partner is working towards their mission. Many have children and jobs to balance along with the demanding aspects of their partners military career.

    While individual experiences may differ, life as a military spouse generally involves:

    Understanding The Process For Afghan Evacuees Entering America

    Soldiers Angels has received overwhelming support from our staff, board, donors, volunteers, and supporters for the part we are playing in the Afghan resettlement. However, there have also been many negative comments, questions, and concerns voiced on our social channels. With help from points provided by The Evacuate Our Allies Coalition, of which Soldiers Angels is a member, we hope to address those items and provide more insight into the steps and processes behind this historic resettlement.

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    Healthcare For Armed Forces Families Overseas

    If you are moving overseas due to the posting of a family member, you will be pre-screened before leaving to make sure any health and education needs can be supported.

    While overseas, Defence Primary Healthcare medical centres run by DMS will support you with:

    • on site GP services including regular check-ups, treatment and dental care
    • online GP support if you do not live near a DPHC medical centre

    There may also be times when you will need to use healthcare services provided by the country you are in, such as in a medical emergency.

    When you return to the UK, it is important to register your family with a GP as soon as possible.

    Support Military Spouses During Deployments

    How To Get Help With Total Cost Of Marine Military Academy

    Deployments are challenging for both deployed service members and for their military spouses. Aside from being separated from their loved ones, military spouses must also shoulder the responsibilities of the household alone. For military families with children, this can be even more difficult, as military spouses must suddenly serve as a solo parent for months at a time.

    A great way to support the troops during deployment is to help military spouses and families back home. Reach out to a military spouse whose service member is deployed and offer to cook their family dinner, or to pick up groceries. You can even simply reach out to see how they are doing sometimes even the smallest of gestures can make all the difference.

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    Challenges That Pose Risks For Children And Families

    There are many factors that can affect family functioning and child development, such as poverty, substance abuse, illness, exposure to violence, unemployment, marital discord, separation from parents, and trying to adapt to a new culture and learn a new language. Regardless of the situation, family life and childrens behaviors are affected when families are challenged. Keeping with the idea that families are complex systems of individuals that are interconnected, events that affect one individual in the family may affect all family members.

    Poverty puts children and families at a greater risk for stress, illness, and social isolation. Exposure to violence may have negative effects on childrens school performance, emotional stability, and social competence. Substance abuse may affect family members ability to care and provide for children and as a consequence, children may be maltreated and neglected. Separation from family members, particularly parents, causes stress and emotional instability for all family members, especially young children. Marital discord or trying to adapt to a new culture or ways of living may also increase stress for all family members.

    Volunteer With The Troops

    There are many organizations that you can volunteer with to support the troops. However, volunteering with the USO means that you will see the impact of your support of the military community firsthand.

    Many USO locations need volunteers who can facilitate USO programs and events virtually or safely in person in support of service members and military families. It can be challenging work, but it is rewarding to be able to connect with the military community and help ensure they have the resources they need to carry out their missions.

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    Nato Support And Procurement Agency

    Coordinates: 49°3827N05°5912E / 49.64083°N 5.98667°E / 49.64083 5.98667

    The NATO Support and Procurement Agency , abbreviated to NSPA, is the main logistics and procurement agency of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and is the executive branch of the NATO Support and Procurement Organisation ,

    On 1 April 2015, the NATO Support Agency became the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. This change marks the expansion of Agency capabilities to include all aspects of systems procurement from initial acquisition throughout sustainment.

    The mission of the NATO Support and Procurement Organisation is to provide responsive, effective and cost-efficient acquisition, including armaments procurement logistics operational and systems support and services to the Allies, NATO Military Authorities and partner nations, individually and collectively, in time of peace, crisis and war, in order to maximize the ability and flexibility of their armed forces, contingents, and other relevant organisations, within the guidance provided by the NAC, to execute their core missions.

    The headquarters of NSPA are situated in the town of Capellen, in the commune of Mamer, in south-western Luxembourg.

    How To Support Military Veterans Every Day

    US Might Halt Support to Ukraine Amid Kiev

    Frequent moves, long separations and the sense that civilians dont understand all add stress for those who serve their country

    There are over 20 million military veterans in the United States, with 650,000 in Michigan alone. How can we deepen our understanding of our service members, veterans and their families?

    Here are some insights from veterans and advice from Michigan Medicines experts:

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    Defense Support Of Civil Authorities

    Defense Support of Civil Authorities is the process by which United States military assets and personnel can be used to assist in missions normally carried out by civil authorities. These missions have included: responses to natural and man-made disasters, law enforcement support, special events, and other domestic activities. A recent example of the use of DSCA is the military response to Hurricane Katrina. DSCA is the overarching guidance of how the United States military can be requested by a federal agency and the procedures that govern the actions of the military during employment.The “Directorate of military support” for domestic operations who is the functional process manager of DSCA is located inside each state’s “Joint Operation Center” . The normal course of action is for the Office of Emergency Management within the state to request military support through the JOC. In turn, the JOC under the authority of the DOMS will initiate military support in the form of equipment that supports the Federal Emergency Management Agency Emergency Support Functions.

    How You Can Help The Volunteers Of America

    If you wish to support the Volunteers of America, you can do so in a couple of different ways.

    You might donate money directly to the organization either buy planning contributions with financial planning or by contributing directly.

    If you wish to know your financial contribution has a local impact, consider donating directly to one of their senior living facilities.

    Volunteers of America owns several senior facilities, and it is a beautiful way to contribute.

    Other options include donating vehicles or other goods.

    If you prefer to donate your time, you and reach out to the Volunteers of America to find your place as a volunteer.

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