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How To Support Military Families


Healthcare For Armed Forces Families Overseas

Joining Together to Support Military Families

If you are moving overseas due to the posting of a family member, you will be pre-screened before leaving to make sure any health and education needs can be supported.

While overseas, Defence Primary Healthcare medical centres run by DMS will support you with:

  • on site GP services including regular check-ups, treatment and dental care
  • online GP support if you do not live near a DPHC medical centre

There may also be times when you will need to use healthcare services provided by the country you are in, such as in a medical emergency.

When you return to the UK, it is important to register your family with a GP as soon as possible.

Military Service School Liaisons

School Liaisons serve as the primary DoD point of contact for school-related matters for military families and provide parents with information on available schooling options and support for transitions, deployment, homeschooling, special education, and other Pre-K through 12 education matters. They serve as the primary liaison between school districts, commanders, community stakeholders, and parents. Access educational resources to support military children.

Ways Americans Can Support Military Families

Service members and military spouses sometimes complain that America is not grateful for their service.

Other times, the military community questions the way Americans show their gratitude through things like sale gimmicks, advertising or a plethora of sappy homecoming videos on the news or otherwise.

But it could be that poorly expressed thanks, thanks that doesn’t resonate with the military community or a lack of thanks is just the result of Americans not knowing the best way to go about showing their support. Much like being invited to a party with no idea what to bring the birthday boy, they buy the best thing they can think of. And sometimes it just isn’t right.

If you’re looking for a way to show your gratitude to the military community, here are a few tips.

1. Skip the sympathy — give gratitude. Military members don’t want you to feel sorry for them. We chose this life and we are happy to serve. So instead of saying “I’m sorry,” say “Thank you!” Encouraging words make us beam with pride.

3. Hey Hollywood! How about a good story once in a while? Instead of making movies and producing shows that make us look pitiful, why not produce more movies like “Act of Valor” that make our jobs look really, really cool?

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Understanding And Supporting Military Families & Children

Families affected by the military and deployment are all around us find simple ways to help support military families by understanding what they go through.

For over a decade weve been engaged in significant military conflict. Our national attention toward these conflicts has ebbed and flowed as we have gotten used to this as a new normal. But, for military families, the new reality is never far from their mind. For these families, talking to children about war and other military conflicts is not a one-time thing and they have more than their fair share of stress. Despite everything military families go through, often with less than adequate resources, they often rise to the occasion and show tremendous resilience. There is a lot the larger community can do to support military families and children and also a lot to learn from them.

How You Can Provide Holiday Help To Military Families

Financial Help for Military Families As Government ...

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Holiday stockings sewn by South Florida Volunteers, to be filled and mailed to deployed soldiers overseas.

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A volunteer helps safely sew stocking for service members while wearing her mask and protective face shield.

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The Ventura family loaded up their new Christmas presents from the Red Cross.

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A service member at Fort Knox, KY receives a bag of Christmas presents through the Santas Village program.

This year while families are celebrating the special season with their loved ones, many military families across the globe will be separated. The holidays can magnify this separation and be especially hard on our deployed service members, their families, injured veterans and their caregivers. That is why the American Red Cross provides local holiday programs to meet the specific needs of military and veteran communities.


The American Red Cross has annually supported deployed U.S. service members through the previously titled, “Holiday Mail for Heroes” program. People across the country can write letters and send them to the Red Cross for mailing to deployed troops. The Red Cross found that there were also soldiers and veterans in local communities that had immediate needs for the holidays. That is why the program was expanded to “Holidays for Heroes.” Now, in addition to letters, the American public can support these communities in a variety of ways. This enables people to give local support to someone in their own region.

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Manage Your Benefits And Records With Milconnect

If you’re a military member or a veteran, you can manage many of your benefits and records in one place. MilConnect, a self-service portal, lets you:

  • Get copies of your Official Military Personnel File

  • Update your family members in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System

  • Transfer your GI Bill education benefits to family members

  • View your health care coverage

  • Update your work and personal contact information

  • Find all the latest information and resources to manage your benefits

Finance: Overseas Investment And Scam

The Covenant team has worked in collaboration with UK Finance, the collective voice of the banking and finance industry, and the Service Families Federations, to provide an Overseas Investment and Scam-avoidance advice note for those service personnel and their families serving, or due to be assigned, overseas.

The MOD works closely with three credit unions under the banner of Joining Forces and has facilitated direct salary sacrifice via JPA to encourage Service personnel to save, and to make loan repayment simpler. The Department also provides up to date information in respect of pay, pensions and allowances to MoneyForce, the Royal British Legions money advice service.

Money Force is a joint venture between Royal British Legion, Ministry of Defence and the Governments The Money Advice Service. Both Joining Forces and MoneyForce are proactively providing impartial financial advice through visits to units and bases across the country and most importantly strive to offer the most appropriate product to service personnel. Credit Unions are not there to make a profit and have a proven track record of ethical lending and better in many instances levels of interest for savings.

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Community Support For Military Families: Lending A Helping Hand This Fourth Of July

Learn how you can express gratitude and show support to military spouses and children, as well as struggles of military families.

Community support for military families: Lending a helping hand this Fourth of July.

Holidays throughout the year are times for families to gather together and celebrate. Independence Day in particular is one that emphasizes the importance of community and country. With all the parades, barbeques, and parties during the holiday weekend, it can be easy to overlook the many military families that may be struggling with the loss of loved ones or missing relatives assigned to active duty abroad.

The Fourth of July holiday is an opportunity to extend gratitude and show support to our troops and their families and acknowledge their important contribution to the well-being and safety of our country. A simple thank you to a service member or a military family helps show gratitude for their sacrifice. All people, not just those involved in the military, benefit from community support, and an emotional show of support is important to everyones health and well-being.

Understanding The Process For Afghan Evacuees Entering America

Gary Sinise Discusses ‘Snowball Express’ Initiative To Help Military Families

Soldiers Angels has received overwhelming support from our staff, board, donors, volunteers, and supporters for the part we are playing in the Afghan resettlement. However, there have also been many negative comments, questions, and concerns voiced on our social channels. With help from points provided by The Evacuate Our Allies Coalition, of which Soldiers Angels is a member, we hope to address those items and provide more insight into the steps and processes behind this historic resettlement.

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Theyre Always The New Kid

An inevitable part of military life is moving often. Most military families move every 2 to 3 years, and some even more frequently. For a military child, its possible to have moved 10 times by the time theyre 12, and to change schools 6 to 9 times between kindergarten and high school graduation its just what happens in the military. Although the military community has programs in place to support military families when they move, it can still be disorienting and challenging to move that often, both for the military spouse whos making sure all the boxes are packed, and for the military kids who have to say goodbye to close friends.

Being a part of a military family means always starting over and being the new kids on the block. Military families understand that mailing addresses are never permanent, and they must be ready to move anywhere in the world. Although challenging, moving so often also means that military spouses and military kids live all over the country and the world. They are adaptable to new situations and often skilled at making new friends.

How To Support & Help Military Families

All of us know a military-connected child or family who has connections to the military through a parent, sibling, or relatives. Its important to note that children and families can be impacted by the military without being in a traditional “military family.” Whether its through relatives, friends, someone in the community, or a neighbor, there are a few things we can all do to support and help the military families and children around us.

What We Can Learn from Military Families

Military families are required to be more versatile than most other families. Think about it – many people feel stress when their spouse is out of town for a week, let alone a year. For most, it seems unthinkable to have to miss your childs birthday or even birth, but military families cope with these challenges on a regular basis. There is a lot to learn about resilience and how to handle change and challenge from the many military families around us.

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Supporting Spouse/partner Careers And Education

Supporting spouses and partners aspirations is also part of the covenant, as we recognise the importance of family within the armed forces community.

Organisations who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant have made their own commitments to supporting reservists, spouses and veterans. Find Forces friendly employers in your area.

There are various initiatives under DWPs enhanced access to Jobcentre Plus services that may benefit you.

You may be able to claim National Insurance credits for time spent accompanying your partner abroad.

As a spouse / partner of serving personnel, you can be considered for early access to the Work Programme which provides support, work experience and training for up to 2 years to help people find and stay in work. Those who have been claiming Jobseekers Allowance for at least 3 month are eligible.

You can nominate your employer or an organisation for a silver or gold award under the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme which encourages employers to support defence and inspire others to do the same.

The College of Policing have published so spouses and dependants of service personnel will no longer fail the residency requirements due to time spent overseas when applying to work for the Police Service.

Supporting the Unsung Hero course is an Award winning, business start-up programme delivered by the Black Country Chamber of Commerce a Defence Gold Employer Recognition Scheme Award Holder.

Joining Forces And Hidden Helpers Coalition Pledge Support To Military And Veteran Children In Caregiving Families

How to Support Military Families in your Community

In April 2021, Joining Forces partnered with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project® to launch Hidden Helpers, a new initiative designed to create supportive programming for and bring awareness to the 2.3 million children of wounded, ill or injured service members or veterans.

On November 10, 2021, First Lady Jill Biden, Senator Elizabeth Dole, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, alongside the Hidden Helpers Coalition of more than 50 public and private sector organizations, will announce a series of commitments to support children in military or veteran caregiving families and enhance the support services available to them. Nearly 40 unique commitments for new and expanded resources, programs, and financial pledges mark a significant and unprecedented leap forward in how America supports its more than 2.3 million military-connected caregiver children and youth.

These commitments will support the gaps in support for these children identified by a new report, published today by Mathematica Research and commissioned by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation: Hidden Helpers at the Frontlines of Caregiving: Supporting the Healthy Development of Children from Military and Veteran Caregiving Homes. The Hidden Helpers Coalitions groundbreaking efforts to address the needs highlighted by the study serves as a call to action for all sectors to expand and build support for children in military caregiving homes.

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Improving Army Installation Facility And Land Use Deals And Partnerships

Army installation facility and land use deals and partnerships can provide substantial benefits such as include saving costs and improving installation operations. What are the most promising approaches and practices that can be used to develop and implement these deals and partnerships?

  • Report

    Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs are key to resilient and ready Airmen and families. The authors developed a resilience and readiness model and compared it with target outcomes of MWR services. Next steps are also provided.

  • Learn About Military Culture

    Challenges Faced by Military Families

    • Because of reassignments, known as PCS , military families move much more frequently than their civilian counterparts.
    • Nearly 1 million, or 43%, of military personnel are parents.
    • The average military child will attend between six and nine schools in grades K-12.
    • Wives of military personnel are less likely to be employed than wives of civilians.
    • Frequent moves and family separations pose financial difficulties.
    • More than half of enlisted personnel report financial difficulties and struggles to pay bills.
    • Families of Reserve and Guard members do not typically have the support system or resources available to Active Duty members because they are geographically dispersed and may not live near a major military installation.

    Military Organization

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    Support To Armed Forces Families And Partners

    Families offer considerable support to those serving, or those who have served in the armed forces. There are specific initiatives under the Armed Forces Covenant to support family life in the armed forces and for veteran families.

    Some policies will apply to you and others will not. This section will direct you to the right place on GOV.UK and other trusted resources so that you can see what is available.

    Resource Helps Vets And Relatives Find Service

    Intermountain Leaders Donate to Support Military Families

    The advertiser paid a fee to promote this sponsored article and may have influenced or authored the content. The views expressed in this article are those of the advertiser and do not necessarily reflect those of this site or affiliated companies.

    As the nation recognizes Veterans Day on Nov. 11, its a time to honor and pay respect to those who have fought for the United States of America.

    The nonprofit organization AARP is proud to salute the service and sacrifice of Americas veterans, military and their families. With over 4 million members nationwide who have served our country, we have a long history of providing free resources, important information, and timely programming to meet your unique needs.

    AARP is making it quick and easy to access those free resources and other tools for veterans and military families.

    Things to keep in mind for AARPs Health Benefits Navigator:

    • Never assume your eligibility until youve made a full inquiry with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or the Department of Defense .
    • This guidebook will help veterans, their families and caregivers to learn more about health benefits provided through VA and DOD.
    • Identify how to get help from representatives who have experience and knowledge of the VAs benefits process.

    Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, veterans and their families struggled with where to begin when deciding the best path for their health care needs.

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    Register Your Child At A Gp

    Parents must usually register their child at a GP surgery where at least one parent or carer is registered.

    This is different for the armed forces community as you are allowed to register your child at a GP surgery if both parents are registered with Defence Medical Services instead.

    You may also be able to register your child with a DMS practice instead of an NHS GP if you are registered there too.

    Challenges That Pose Risks For Children And Families

    There are many factors that can affect family functioning and child development, such as poverty, substance abuse, illness, exposure to violence, unemployment, marital discord, separation from parents, and trying to adapt to a new culture and learn a new language. Regardless of the situation, family life and childrens behaviors are affected when families are challenged. Keeping with the idea that families are complex systems of individuals that are interconnected, events that affect one individual in the family may affect all family members.

    Poverty puts children and families at a greater risk for stress, illness, and social isolation. Exposure to violence may have negative effects on childrens school performance, emotional stability, and social competence. Substance abuse may affect family members ability to care and provide for children and as a consequence, children may be maltreated and neglected. Separation from family members, particularly parents, causes stress and emotional instability for all family members, especially young children. Marital discord or trying to adapt to a new culture or ways of living may also increase stress for all family members.

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