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How To Send Mail To Army Boot Camp


Send Bible Verses To Encourage Him

Sending/Receiving Mail at Boot Camp (And how to write to me!)

Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down ones life for ones friends.

Isaiah 40:31 But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles they will run and not grow weary they will walk and not be faint.

And so many more encouraging Scriptures.

Prohibited Items During Basic Training

1. Weapons of Any Type

This includes pocket knives, firearms, fireworks, clubs, batons, brass knuckles, etc.

2. Tobacco products and lighters

If you bring cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc., they will be confiscated.

3. Alcohol-based Products

This includes beverages or health products.

4. Food items

This includes gum, candy and chips.

5. Obscene or Pornographic Materials.

6. Nonprescription Drugs

Medications not prescribed to you by the military, including items such as foot powders, antihistamines, sleep aides, acne medication, etc., are not allowed while in basic training.

7. Narcotics, Illegal Drugs or Any Paraphernalia

All of these are prohibited from basic training and military service in general.

8. Expensive Personal Items

Such as cameras, tablets, fancy jewelry, etc. Youre allowed to bring your cell phone to use while traveling, but it may be locked away for safekeeping after you arrive.

9. Gambling Items and External Reading Materials

Don’t Draw On The Envelope

Do not write or draw on the outside of the envelope, except for the mailing address and return address. Dont call the recruiting office or RTC to find out the recruits address. Because of strict privacy laws, the recruit is the only person who can give you the proper address. However, if you know the recruits ship number and division number, you can find the correct street address for the ship on the RTC website.

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Army Basic Training: What To Expect

Basic training is the first step in preparing you to be a soldier. It starts with basic combat training or Army boot camp. Then comes specialized training in your career field or you may go to Officer Candidate School to master Army leadership skills.

In basic training, youll learn teamwork and discipline, and how to handle a weapon, rappel and march. The work is physically and mentally demanding. Youll experience stress and youll test your limits. Know what to expect and arrive prepared.

Care Packages During Boot Camp Letters Are Better

Military Boot Camp send off party

When your recruit first left for basic training, you may have noticed that they only took a few things with them. This is because the military provides everything recruits need during boot camp, from meals and housing to basics like toothbrushes or socks. Duplicates from home are stored and only retrieved after graduation.

Thats why most service branches discourage care packages for recruits in boot camp. In fact, receiving an unauthorized care package may result in a punishment from the drill instructor for their entire unit. So, its better to wait until your recruit finishes basic before you send any packages.

Ordinary mail, however, is always allowed. A letter from home can encourage your recruit during the demands of basic training.

If you do send a letter, use a plain piece of paper and an envelope. Its okay to send photos, but dont do things like decorating the envelope it could cause unwanted attention for your recruit. Plan on two weeks for letter delivery, so time letters to arrive before graduation. Think twice about texting, sending digital cards or email, as your service member will have very limited use of a cell phone, if at all. Use of cell phones is dictated by service branch and drill sergeants.

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Coast Guard Boot Camp Mailing Address

Located on the coast of the Atlantic, Coast Guard boot camp takes place in Cape May, NJ. Boot camp consists of 8 weeks of training, where recruits will learn about all that it takes to be a Coast Guardsman. To help you support and motivate your recruit during training, weve created a list of topics to write about in your letters. Below youll find the mailing address for Coast Guard boot camp.

Coast Guard Boot Camp Mailing AddressSample Address

What Spouses And Family Members Can Expect Regarding Communication During Basic Training And Boot Camp

Inside: What to expect when your service member leaves for basic training care packages, letters, phone calls we break it all down!

If someone you love is going off to Boot Camp or Basic Training, youre probably nervous about the lack of communication. Dont worry, we have answers!

My own husband went to Boot Camp in 2001, which was before social media or cell phones existed.


I wanted to get up-to-date info, so I polled veterans, spouses, and girlfriends who recently went through Boot Camp or Basic Training to ask how they stayed in touch.

Surprisingly, many of the rules havent changed.

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Sending Boot Camp Care Packages: 4 Things You Need To Know

Sending a boot camp care package to your Soldier in Training in boot camp is a fantastic way to send a little love and reminders of home.

Also, it is a fantastic way to build morale and to maintain a connection during this transitional time.

However, it is essential to remember not all units or military branches allow care packages.

In all cases, there are only a few allowed items to send in a care package, as well.

There is not a lot of spare room, so the military care packages should remain small.

Essentially, your recruit needs very little when they are at boot camp.

Most items are provided to recruits upon arrival, and drill instructors ensure recruits have access to their funds and the base exchange to purchase other items they may need.

Also, letters are always welcome, but be sure to send those letters in plain envelopes with a clear mailing address.

You will likely receive either a letter or postcard from your recruit giving you the exact address, or you will receive a phone call with that information.

If you send your recruit a boot camp care package, here are some allowed items that are unlikely to get your recruit in trouble.

When in doubt, refer to the packing list for the military branch to see what items are allowed at boot camp before you shop for your boot camp care package.

The following are some common acceptable items to include in your care package:

  • Stationery

Therefore, be cautious with what you send.

Mail And Packages During Boot Camp

How Mail Works In Navy Boot Camp – Sending Pictures?

Before mail reaches recruits, Marine postal clerks work tirelessly Monday through Saturday to get it sorted and ensure it is delivered to recruits in training the same day. To ensure recruit mail arrives in a timely manner, Marine postal clerks stress the importance proper packaging and providing an address that includes the recruit’s full name, his or her full unit name, a post office box, and a return address. USMC photos by Corporal David Bessey, 2014.

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What You Will Learn During Basic

Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

During your Basic Combat Training, youll be introduced to the various tactical proficiencies youll be required to retain as a Soldier. These are called Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills, and will serve as a foundation of your Soldier skills. Warrior Tasks come in four forms, and involve mastering individual Soldier skills, while Battle Drills are team-based tactical skills.

Week Zero And Week One

This is where it all begins. Zero Week is what happens prior to the beginning of the red phase.

At this point, you will be given immunizations, physical exams, complete necessary paperwork for the enlisting process, and other in-processing tasks.

You will likely undergo a drug test to ensure that you are free of any drugs or illicit substances.

A positive test will be grounds for discharge from the United States Army.

After your processing is complete, the beginning of the Red Phase starts in week one.

Here, you will learn of the Armys Core Values, traditions, and ethics.

And youll also be issued an M16, which will be your best friend throughout the training .

You will learn how to properly disassemble, maintain, and assemble your rifle.

A good soldier is someone who knows their rifle like the back of their hand. You will also take part in the first of a handful of regular PT sessions.

These PT evaluations will see where you stand in terms of physical fitness.

Remember, you will be evaluated on a regular basis up until your final evaluation towards graduation.

On the third day of week one, youll learn basic drills and marching.

Aside from your fitness evaluations, you will often be tested on your knowledge of basic drills and marches.

For the last three days of the week, it will mostly be classroom time where youll learn everything from the Armys Core Values, ethics, and more.

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What You Can Send To Your Soldier In Basic Training

Before your son or daughter left for basic training, they should have had a list of everything they needed. If anything was missing, they are brought to the PX on post every couple of weeks to purchase needed items.

The Army has rules about care packages in basic training. The very first question to answer is Does their unit allow care packages?

Find that out first as there are units that allow care packages and some that dont.

Also keep in mind they have very limited space in their barracks so keep your care packages small. Also if you send personal items like deodorant or soap, put them in a sealed zip lock type of bag.

This list is more of a guide. Although there may be other items that can be included, be sure to ask your soldier in training about the units rules for care packages.

  • Address book
  • White calf length socks
  • Combination lock

Youve Received Basic Training Letters In The Mail

Letters In Boot Camp!

Once you receive your first basic training letter, you should now have your soldiers unit address. It will look something like this:

The RED text is what MUST BE INCLUDED in order for it to arrive to your soldier. However, including all of the elements of the address will ensure the fastest delivery to your soldier.

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Your First Steps To Becoming A Soldier

Basic Combat Training, often known as boot camp, is your introduction to Army service, and where you will learn the traditions, tactics and methods of becoming a Soldier. During Basic, youll learn how to work as a member of a team to accomplish tasks. Youll learn discipline, including proper dress, marching, and grooming standards. Most importantly, youll be instilled with the Seven Core Army Values and the Soldier Creed. Basic Combat Training comes in three phases and lasts about ten weeks, depending on your military occupational specialty . After you graduate from basic training, you will undergo two additional phases of training, known as Advanced Individual Training, where you will learn the job skills required of your MOS.

What To Wear To Basic Training Graduation

At this ceremony, your soldier will likely be in their dress blue uniform the Army equivalent to a suit and tie. As a guest, you dont need to wear a formal outfit, but youll want to look nice to show appreciation for your soldiers accomplishment. Business casual or your Sunday best clothes are more than appropriate.

Remember, graduations are usually held outdoors in some of the hotter months of the year. Take all these considerations into account when deciding your layering, your footwear and, yes, also your hydration.

Bring your pride in your soldiers achievement, a camera to capture the moments, binoculars, sunscreen and a little cash for any commemorative items you may want. Definitely leave the alcohol, tobacco, weapons, silly string or other offensive items outside the gate. Its all about respecting how the process forged a fighter from your son, daughter, brother, sister whatever they are to you. At the same time, you can enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony, such as the national anthem, remarks from leadership, etc. and telling your soldier WELL DONE afterward.

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After Boot Camp Is The Time To Send Military Care Packages

Service members who have finished basic training or are on deployment generally have more freedom to receive care packages. Sending a military care package is a great way to show your appreciation and love for your service member and all they do for our country.

If you are a parent or other relative, consider sending the music, toiletries, foods and treats your service member likes best. If you are in a relationship with a service member, think about sending notes, cards and small items that remind them how much you care. And, of course, photos from home are always welcome.

Here are some military care package ideas that are appreciated by service members:

  • Necessities, such as sunblock, socks, underwear, flip-flops, lip balm and powder
  • Snacks, including chips, salsa, nuts, cookies, beef jerky, non-melting candy and trail mix in packaging that isnt easily crushed. Drink mixes in single-serving packets are also a good addition.
  • Homemade foods: The most popular items are cookies and cake in a jar, which is a cake baked in a canning jar. Again, the key is sturdy packaging to prevent crushing.
  • Games, such as playing cards/poker chips, crosswords or puzzle books.
  • Stationery is a must if you want to receive any letters from your service member. Send paper, envelopes, address labels and pens, but skip the stamps. They wont need them.
  • that show your support and affection. Maybe get a daily tear-off calendar and write an encouraging note on each page.

Army Basic Training Requirements


You wouldnt show up for your drivers license test without being able to parallel park, right? Then hopefully you figured out that building up your physical strength before you step into formation for the first time is probably a wise move. You can expect those standards to be tested during Week Zero, also known as Reception Battalion. If you dont pass this initial test, youll be placed in the fitness training company for additional instruction. Youll have two chances per week to pass the test.

The official Army website offers a guide to help recruits and soldiers train for the physical fitness tests theyll face in basic and throughout their careers. You can also download the Armys Pocket Physical Training Guide online for tips on clothing, how to avoid injuries, conditioning drills and more.

Youll be tested in other physical ways during your reception week too, but there isnt a lot of studying you can do for vision, hearing and blood exams, among others. However, being in the best physical shape you can before basic even starts will be an advantage youll appreciate from Day 1.

So you think you have what it takes to pass? Put your endurance to the test and explore the Armys fitness requirements in our latest blog!

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Weeks Six Through Nine Phase 3 Blue Phase

In the final phase of basic combat training, youll build on everything youve learned before. These weeks will serve as your final transformation from a civilian into a soldier.

Expect to develop these skills:

  • Building advanced marksmanship and maneuvering techniques.
  • Engaging targets as part of a team.
  • Completing convoy operations.
  • Identifying and disabling improvised explosive devices.
  • Training on advanced weapons, such as machine guns.
  • Learning how to throw live grenades.

All of your training will be put to the test on a multiple-day land navigation course. Here you will prove your survival, fitness and soldier skills.

After you make it through this phase and pass all 212 tasks of the end-of-cycle test, then you will be qualified to wear the Army Black Beret as a fully qualified Army soldier.

* * * New Guidance For Pass

Recruit Training Command will re-open boot camp graduation, or the Pass-In-Review ceremony, for a limited number of family members and guests beginning with graduation ceremonies August 13. Each recruit can invite two guests to attend in person. Guests 12 or older need to provide proof of immunization in the form of a COVID-19 vaccination record card, to attend. In accordance with DOD and local policy and in order to ensure the health and safety of all, every person attending is required to wear face masks and observe social distancing protocols. If you are unable to provide proof of vaccination, you will not be able to attend, and will not be issued tickets to attend. If you are unable to wear a mask, you will not be able to attend, and will not be allowed into the facility. This policy is subject to change as leadership continues to monitor the spread and impact of the Coronavirus. Please continue to follow RTC social media accounts for updates and check www.bootcamp.navy.mil for the most up-to-date information. For specific questions and inquiries, contact the RTC Public Affairs Office.

Q. How many guests per recruit are allowed to attend the graduation ceremony?A. ALL GUESTS, including Active Duty/Retired Military Personnel and those ages 3 and older must be on the access list.Each recruit may invite two guests to attend in person. Please follow the instructions on the Guest Security Access form you received in the mail from your recruit.

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Basic Combat Training Locations

The Army has five basic combat training locations:

  • Fort Benning, Georgia
  • Fort Knox, Kentucky

How your training location is determined:

  • Enlisted members: Your initial training will be followed with more specialized training at the same installation. This will determine your basic training location. For example, infantry and armor specialties complete basic and advanced training at Fort Benning. Military police and combat engineers complete both trainings at Fort Leonard Wood.
  • Female recruits: Your basic combat training location will be Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Sill or Fort Jackson. These installations have gender-integrated training.
  • Plan to become an officer? Youll complete your basic training at Fort Benning, then go straight into Officer Candidate School.

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