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I Am A Soldier How Do I Get A Vendor On The List Of Approved Vendors

Federal Tuition Assistance Transition From GoArmyEd to ArmyIgnitED

If you do not see your vendor of choice in ArmyIgnitED, select “Don’t See a Related Vendor?”. The ArmyIgnitED system will route you to SNOW so you may submit a ticket requesting the vendor be added. Provide specific information to ACCESS, ArmyU such as the full name of the vendor, the vendor URL, the point of contact for that vendor, vendor phone number and email so ACCESS ArmyU can contact the vendor and request they participate in the CA Program.

What You Should Know

  • We have processed the bulk of Tuition Assistance for 2021 semesters and Spring 2022. If you are missing Tuition Assistance for one of these semesters and you are showing you have approved TA , please contact our office.
  • For many students, the approved TA amount that you see in ArmyIgnitED will not be the amount that we are actually allowed to apply to your account balance. Students in fully-online programs can receive $250 per credit, but full-time students in campus-based programs can only receive up to $2,766 per semester per the Armys policy. Please refer to the how is tuition calculated? section below for more information.
  • Currently, ArmyIgnited has relaxed their TA deadlines and is still using the Exception to Policy tool to automatically request TA for some students. In future semesters, you will be responsible for finalizing your course schedule with Boise State and manually requesting TA in ArmyIgnited before the semester begins. You can request TA between 60 and 5 business days before the start date of classes.

How Does Ta Actually Work

Getting your TA approved and applied to education costs is pretty simple if youre attending a school that participates in the program and you dont end up having to drop or withdraw from a course. If you do, then it gets complicated. Heres the actual process laid out in step-by-step fashion:

  • You request TA through www.GoArmyEd.com before your course date start or before the schools late registration period. Dont screw this part up or your TA form request will be denied
  • Request TA on a course by course basis. For most Soldiers, this is the most obnoxious part of the applications process. Since you have to request TA for each specific course you want to take, you might have to do the whole thing a few times per semester. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete this for each TA request you want to make, or you could end up screwed
  • GoArmyEd will let you know whether your TA request is approved or not. If its not approved, GoArmyEd will let you know why and tell you what you need to do next to try and get it approved if thats even possible
  • Every year, youll need to submit a signed TA Statement of Understanding . If youre rank E7 or above you dont need your commanders signature, but if youre below E7 then youll need to get that on this form before you can submit it. GoArmyEd will send you a notice that they require this form 90 days before its due date, so pay attention to that notification or youll ruin your chance of getting TA benefits
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    What Is An Education And Training Plan

    Prior to requesting MyCAA Financial Assistance , military spouses are required to work with their school to develop an Education and Training Plan. Before any funding can be approved by MyCAA, this plan must be uploaded by the spouse to their MyCAA Account for review and acceptance.

    Your Education and Training Plan will include the following information:

    • Students Name
    • Detail of all required education
    • Program Duration
    • Any transfer credit applied to the degree
    • Estimated cost of program

    Please email to request a personalized Education and Training plan. Liberty University is unable to create official degree plan documentation until after you are officially accepted to your program. If you have any questions about what is next in the admissions process, you may call a:

    • Online Admissions Counselor: 424-9595
    • Resident Admissions Counselor: 543-5317

    We are required to verify the cost of your attendance on your MyCAA Education and Training Plan. Because of this, if you are planning to utilize the discounted military tuition rate and other military benefits available for online military spouses , you will want to ensure your military documentation has been submitted and approved prior to requesting your Education and Training Plan. If you have any questions about what is needed, you may contact us for more information.

    What Do I Need To Know About Tuition Assistance Eligibility In The Army

    How to use Army Ignited: The best thing since AF COOL!!!

    As of August 5th, 2018, there is a new tiered eligibility system. This will depend on your current level of post-secondary education. There are two tiers that you can fall under:

    • Tier one is for those who have not gotten a Bachelors degree and would like to get an undergraduate certificate or diploma, an associates or a bachelors degree. Or for those who have already gotten a bachelors degree without using TA in the past and who would like to pursue a graduate or masters degree. Enlisted soldiers will need to have graduated AIT, warrant officers will need to have graduated WOBC, and officers will need to have graduated from BOLC.
    • Tier two is for those who previously used Tuition Assistance for any part of their undergraduate degree, have already gotten their bachelors degree, and want to work on a graduate or masters degree. Enlisted soldiers will need to have completed ALC, warrant officers will need to have graduated from WOAC, and officers will need to have graduated from CCC or equivalent.

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    How Much Does Tuition Assistance Cover

    The Army will pay 100% of tuition costs up to the DOD semester hour cap of $250, $166 per quarter.

    This is up to 16 semester hours per fiscal year. School fees are no longer eligible for Tuition Assistance. There will be an annual ceiling of $4,500 for the fiscal year.

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    Four: View Courses And Student Degree Plan

    1-2 Days after registration

    On the Education Path tab, click the My Courses sub tab to display your courses.

    This page allows you to view all of the courses for which you have requested Tuition Assistance, as well as your Cumulative Army TA GPA. You can also take action on a withdrawal. You can review the following information on this page:

    • Course information
    • Financial assistance information
    • Rejection Information

    View the Student Degree Plan

    On the Education Path, click the Student Degree Plan sub tab.

    The Student Degree Plan sub tab displays current and previous Student Degree Plans. To view a specific Student Degree Plan, click View SDP.

    The Student Degree Plan will populate. You can scroll to review the entire page.

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    What Types Of Credentials Or Courses Are Ineligible For Ca Funding What Exclusions Apply To Ca

    CA is not authorized for:

    • Preparatory classes for college/graduate admissions testing such as the Scholastic Assessment Test, Graduate Record Examination, or Law School Aptitude Test.
    • Career Skills Programs.
    • Professional credentials, to include renewals, that are a prerequisite for appointment in the Armed Forces.
    • Credentials associated with doctoral level degrees as defined by the U.S. Department of Education. Examples include, but are not limited to, Doctor of Jurisprudence or Juris Doctor , Doctor of Medicine , Doctor of Pharmacy , and Doctor of Philosophy .
    • Apprenticeships

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    Federal Tuition Assistance/ ArmyIgnitED Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

    Active duty Army personnel must submit a Request for Tuition Assistance through the ArmyIgnitED web portal.

    Please be aware that you must always submit your Request for Tuition Assistance at least two weeks prior to your course start date to allow enough processing time for the University and your Education Center. Likewise, tuition and fees must be posted in your student account before you submit your TA request.

    To apply for tuition assistance, the student must:

    Note: You must be registered for an upcoming term to submit a TA request.

    The Walden Office of Military Services will either approve or reject the TA request according to Army guidelines.

    Upon the approval from the school, the request then goes to the Army Education Officer for approval.

    Once the request is approved by both the school and the Education Officer, you need to go back into the ArmyIgnitED Portal to save the TA Authorization Form and send the document to and CC .

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    Other Supplemental Funding Possibilities

    Aside from using the MGIB-AD or Post-9/11 GI Bill for items such as tuition and fees not covered by TA, there are other funding opportunities available to service members, including the following:

    • Federal and state financial aid. The federal government provides $150 billion per year in grants, work-study programs and federal loans to college students. The aid comes in several forms, including need-based programs such as Pell grants, subsidized Stafford Loans, Supplemental Educational Opportunity grants and federal work/study programs. You can also get low-interest loans through the federal government. Visit Federal Student Aid to find out more or complete an online application for FAFSA at no cost to you.

    Army Tuition Assistance Guidance

    Army students use ArmyIgnitED to request TA for their college courses. The system is new to students, schools, and base education centers, so we appreciate your patience as we navigate the process together.

    Please reach out to your stations Education Center for assistance with setting up your ArmyIgnitED account.

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    What Do I Do If The Vendor Cancels A Ca

    If the vendor cancels a CA funded course or exam, the Soldier must email ACCESS, ArmyU at not later than five business days from the date the Soldier was notified by the vendor of the cancellation. The Soldier will attach a cancellation notice from the vendor to the email. Upon ACCESS, ArmyUs approval, the Soldier can request CA for an appropriate replacement course or exam .

    Soldiers who wish to change the start or end date of an existing CA request, whether funded or pending funding, must submit a ServiceNow ticket and request the change. ACCESS, ArmyU will approve or deny the change based on the reason for the request. The end date of a requested course extension cannot exceed one calendar year from the start date of the course.

    Soldiers who wish to withdraw from a CA-approved course or exam must do so in ArmyIgnitED. Under no circumstances will the Soldier coordinate a withdrawal directly with the vendor. If this occurs, the Soldier will be liable for any debt incurred.

    Tuition Assistance Benefits And Restrictions

    Agonmjc Form 2171

    Tuition assistance will cover the following expenses:

    • Tuition
    • Course-specific fees such as laboratory fee or online course fee

    NOTE: All fees must directly relate to the specific course enrollment of the service member.

    Tuition assistance will not cover the following expenses:

    • Books and course materials
    • Taking the same course twice
    • Continuing education units, or CEUs

    Keep in mind that TA will not fund your college courses, and you will have to reimburse any funds already paid, if any of the following situations occur:

    • Leaving the service before the course ends
    • Quitting the course for reasons other than personal illness, military transfer or mission requirements
    • Failing the course

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    How Can I Request That A Credential Be Added To The Cool Website So I Can Use Ca For It

    Please use the “recommend a credential” feedback form located on the page here on COOL to recommend a credential be added to COOL. It helps if you provide the exact name of the credential, credentialing agency, and the URL for the website.

    Note that Army COOL only includes national certifications and licenses, and does not include state licenses, training courses, or certificate programs. Additionally, recommended credentials must be relevant to a military occupation and meet prior to being included on COOL.

    Two: View Your Education Path

    To access your Education Path, click the Education Path tab.

    The Education Path tab displays all requests and completed Education Paths, including the status of each. Scroll down to view the page.

    • Clicking Edit allows you to revisit your Education Path request and make any changes, as needed. Once the Education Path is re-submitted, your Army Education Counselor will be notified and will need to re-review the request.
    • Clicking View Courses allows you to view all of the courses for which you have requested Tuition Assistance, as well as your Cumulative Army TA GPA.
    • Clicking View SDP allows you to view your current Student Degree Plan and any previous Student Degree Plans.

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    What Are The Limits On Army Tuition Assistance

    The current Army policy does have limits on TA. You are limited to 130 semester hours of undergraduate credit or baccalaureate degree, whichever comes first.

    You are also limited to 39 semester hours of graduate or masters degree credit. The 39 semester hour limit applies to all credits taken after completion of a baccalaureate degree.

    Ng & Reserve Service Members

    Tuition Assistance and GoArmyEd.com Overview

    Members of the National Guard and Armed Forces Reserves are eligible for Tuition Assistance dependent upon the military branch. Each branch of the Armed Forces determines how to administer their own Tuition Assistance . NG and Reserve TA funding is dependent on having money in the budget. Once the money is depleted for the fiscal year, TA funding stops until money becomes available again. In addition each state may offer its National Guard service members state funded education incentives based on state guidelines and eligibility .

    Air National Guard

    The Air National Guard offers the Montgomery G.I. Bill, which you may be eligible to receive. This will provide you with up to $333 per month depending on your course load. We also have the Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker, which means that selected career fields offer an incentive, which could provide you with an additional $350 per month. Also, some states offer up to 100% tuition assistance! Your local recruiter can provide you with more information.

    You can use FTA with other financial assistance programs , but there may be restrictions. For more information about tuition assistance in your state, click on your state to contact personnel in the State Education Office, or ask your recruiter.

    Using State Benefits

    STATE: TEXASEducation Benefits:100% tuition not to exceed $4,500.00 per semester. Maximum of 12 semester hours per semester. Not to exceed 5 academic years or 10 semesters, whichever comes first.

    Air Force Reserve

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    What Can You Use Tuition Assistance For

    • TA provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs, which includes both classroom and online options.
    • You must use Tuition Assistance for a certificate program, associates degree, bachelors degree, or a masters degree. TA is not authorized for programs beyond a masters degree.
    • You may only use TA to work on one degree or certificate at a time.
    • You may not use TA for courses working toward a degree lower than the one you already have. If you already have your Bachelors degree, you cant use TA to get a certificate. There are special programs that you can do this with if you have the approval of an Army Education Counselor.

    What If I Have Other Questions

    If you have any questions about Army TA or any other military benefits, please feel free to ask them in our comments section below. Well do our best to get you an answer within 24 hours. Otherwise, contact an Army Education Counselor, as they are the true experts on these matters.

    If youre interested in finding out about the many other education benefits available to you, please check out our Guide to Military Education Benefits.

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    How Do I Apply For Ca

    Log into ArmyIgnitED. ArmyIgnitED is using login.gov to allow you to sign into your account safely and securely. Create or Log into your account and acknowledge the Soldier Statement of Understanding .

    Select either the MOS/ASI option if you wish to pursue a credential aligned with your MOS/AOC/ASI, or the Other option if you wish to pursue a credential NOT aligned to your MOS/AOC/ASI.

    Select the credential you wish to pursue and submit.

    Once you have selected a credential, request CA funding.

    Select a vendor from the list that appears for your credential.

    Select the course/exam. Submit.

    Your CA Request will route to ACCESS ArmyU who will review your request. You will be contacted if there are any issues or questions with your request. You will be notified via email once your CA Request is approved. Most requests are processed no later than 3 days prior to your start date, so if you have not received a response prior to that, please submit a ServiceNow ticket. All books/materials that are approved for funding, will be sent directly to you.

    How Do I Qualify For Ta Benefits

    Army leave request/authorization form in Word and Pdf formats

    Its pretty simple really as long as you meet the eligibility guidelines outlined above, youll qualify for TA. If youre an enlisted service member, you get TA Army benefits without having to do anything special, but if youre an Officer, then you will have to pay back the Army with some additional service time.

    • Active Duty Officers incur an Active Duty Service Obligation of two years
    • Reserve Component Officers incur a Reserve Duty Service Obligation of four years

    The ADSO/RDSO gets calculated from the date of completion of the last course that TA was used to pay for, meaning that it can seem a whole hell of a lot longer than it actually is. Be careful about what you agree to here, as the limitation of $4,500 per fiscal year can mean youre sacrificing a lot of money if you had an opportunity to get a significant pay increase by leaving the Army.

    Unless youre sure that you want to stay in, and positive that you want to COMPLETE an education program, dont start taking TA, because even if you only use a tiny bit of it, youll get stuck with that ADSO/RDSO, and it wont be worth your time.

    Ill mention it again here just in case you missed it above ENLISTED PERSONNEL you dont have to worry about any extended service contracts or additional obligations, you can take and use TA with no strings attached.

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