ExclusiveHow To Rejoin The Army

How To Rejoin The Army


Submit Your Application 4medical Exam


You will then take a two part medical exam: First there is a questionnaire on your medical history including specific information on your medication. Then the medical staff will conduct a physical exam to measure your height, weight, evaluate your vision, colour perception and hearing. The second step is a medical file review to determine any limitations that will affect your training and career.

More Reasons Than Ever To Return

When you re-enlist in todays modern ADF you’ll join an inclusive, technologically-advanced and forward-thinking organisation. Your work will be interesting and varied, your job secure, and your salary package generous.

You can apply for your previous role or choose something different either way youll benefit from world-class training and personal development. And todays ADF champions equality in everything from the jobs we offer to the pay and career opportunities youll receive.

Programs For Indigenous Peoples

Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year

A one-year educational program offered to Indigenous peoples through the Royal Military College of Canada

Summer training programs

Summer training programs for Indigenous youth on military lifestyle and cultural awareness. Apply online.

Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program

A special three-week program for Indigenous peoples who are considering a career in the CAF.

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Enlisted: Direct Procurement Enlistment Program

If youve served in the military before, this program allows you to potentially re-enlist at a higher pay grade, anywhere from E-3 to E-6, depending on your background. Eligibility for DPEP takes into consideration your:

  • Prior experience as a servicemember
  • Any qualifying postsecondary vocational or technical training youve received
  • Any civilian work and supervisory experience youve attained

Submit Your Application 1submit Your Application


You will then need to present original copies of your birth certificate, government issued photo ID, transcripts from your highest level of education, proof of trade qualifications and professional licenses, and any additional forms required for the trade or job you selected. All overseas education must be presented with a Canadian equivalency from Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada

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Is It Hard To Get A Waiver For The Army

Waivers for entrance into the military are available, but they are not easy to obtain. There is a long list of reasons why the military may disqualify a potential recruit: illegal activity, medical conditions, minimum height, and even age.

Where Does Basic Training Take Place

For all full-time regular force candidates, basic training takes place at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

All part-time candidates joining their local Primary Reserve unit will undergo similar basic training objectives. Reserve units will conduct their Basic Training either at the local reserve unit location or at a Canadian Armed Forces training centre. Locations vary depending on units. Talk to a Primary Reserve unit recruiter for more information on their Basic Training program.

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Submit Your Application 5interview

The next step is an interview with a military career counsellor it is your official job interview and a very important step. The application process is very competitive and you will be asked questions about your work history, knowledge of the Canadian Forces, and understanding of the job you selected.

Joining the Canadian Armed Forces

General And Honorable Discharges

The Infantry Course | Rejoining, Transferring & Fitness

A re-enlistment code of RE-2 indicates that you’re recommended for re-enlistment but are ineligible. This code may be used to indicate discharge due to a medical disability. If the code was issued because of a temporary disability, you may be able to obtain a waiver if you recover or if the condition no longer applies. For example, code RE-2 is commonly used during pregnancy. Codes RE-1 and RE-1A mean you’re recommended for re-enlistment.


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Transferring From Foreign Military

We currently accept Transfers from Canada, Australia and New Zealand with each case being reviewed on a case by case basis. Other Commonwealth applicants can also apply however the standard RAF residency requirements must be met. These Transfers are more bespoke cases and do require additional stages, these are managed centrally by the Rejoiner team. Please email expressing your interest to . We can in many cases conduct interviews and medicals remotely and waive the pre-joining fitness test providing you are in date with your current Military Fitness Test until you arrive on the TaRC.

Reasons Not To Join The Military

Everybodys always talking about why you should join the military, so I decided to give you five reasons not to join the military. Here they are in no particular order.

1. You want an education and have at least $100,000 just sitting around for you to use.

Education is very expensive, and $100,000 is actually a very conservative estimate for a four-year degree. If you don’t want to take advantage of the military paying 100% of your tuition while on active duty and giving you upward of $50,000 through the GI Bill to use on active duty or after you get out, then the military is not for you.

2. You absolutely do not want to have a job that gives you any kind of vacation time.

If you are one of those people who never likes being away from the workplace, then the military is not for you. The military gives you 30 days of paid vacation every year starting with your first year. It could take 20 years with some civilian companies to accrue that much time off.

3. You get a scared feeling every time you even think about leaving your hometown.

Some people like where they live and have no desire to travel the world at someone else’s expense. The military has installations all over the world and gives its members opportunities to travel like no other company in the world.

4. You would feel way too guilty receiving free medical care for you and your family.

5. You want to be really old when you finally retire from a company.

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Enlisted: Prior Service Reenlistment Eligibility Reserve Program

If you are a recently separated or discharged Navy veteran or Other Service Veteran who is in a closed rating or who would otherwise be ineligible for reenlistment, this program can help you access new opportunities through a change of rating. Note: This program was formerly known as Recruiting Selected Conversion Reenlistment Reserve .

Not All Branches Are The Same

13th MP Co. Soldiers return from Afghanistan

When it comes to basic requirements, not all branches of the military are the same. The Air Force typically closes the door to recruits at age 39 The Marines close it at 28, and both the Army and Navy limit the maximum age to 34. The Coast Guard has both doors open to applicants as old as 39, according to Military.com. All the Coast Guard asks is that you score at least 45 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, have no more than two dependents and be willing to serve on or around the water.

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What Is The Transferee Process

If you are Transferring from the Army or Navy the transferee process is almost identical to the Rejoiner process detailed above. You still apply online through the RAF Website and conduct an initial Interview and Aptitude Testing which will confirm your suitability for the Branch/Trade. You will not be able to continue through the remainder process until you have your transfer paperwork approved by the APC/Fleet and a confirmed release date.

What Are The Pension Implications On Rejoining

If you are in receipt of an Armed Forces Pension or Early Departure Payment , there may be financial implications on rejoining. It is advised that you contact the JPAC on 0141 224 3600 to discuss the impact that rejoining will have on your pension. Further guidance is also available within the booklet at the following link :

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Army Seeks Retired Medical Personnel To Rejoin Service To Combat The Coronavirus

The Army has launched an effort to see whether retired doctors, nurses and medics may be willing to be recalled to military service, citing the extraordinary challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has created.

An Army general said in a message to eligible veterans that the Army is turning to trusted professionals capable of operating under constantly changing conditions and reaching out to gauge the interest of those who qualify. The solicitation, obtained by The Washington Post, applies to both retired officers and enlisted soldiers.

When the Nation called you answered, and now, that call may come again, wrote Lt. Gen. Thomas C. Seamands, the Armys deputy chief of staff.

The message comes as U.S. officials have expressed widespread concern that the nations public health system could be overwhelmed if the virus spreads too quickly. The Army announced Tuesday that it will dispatch hospital units to cities that are hit hard, with soldiers from Fort Campbell, Ky. Fort Carson, Colo. and Fort Hood, Tex., going to New York and Washington state.

The message states that the Army is interested in people who served in eight jobs: critical care officer, anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, critical care nurse, nurse practitioner, emergency-room nurse, respiratory specialist and medic.

An Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Emanuel L. Ortiz, reiterated much of the same message in a statement.

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Rejoining the Army

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  • As the political process falls apart, the military return to centre stage
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    You can read this Insiders :

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    Submit Your Application 3aptitude Test

    You will take an aptitude test to determine which military occupations are the best fit for you. Preparation is key so make sure you are well rested, healthy, on time, and careful with your answers. You will be tested on verbal skills, spatial ability and problem solving. It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete a series of three Canadian Forces aptitude tests. The following practice aptitude test will provide you with an example of the style and structure of what you will experience when you write the real test at a Recruitment Centre near you.

    You will also complete a personality inventory which provides information on your personal characteristics and qualities. To learn more about your personality and how it can influence job choices, check out this personality assessment.

    Join The Military As An Enlisted Member

    Enlisted members make up most of the military workforce. They receive training in a job specialty and do most of the hands-on work. Usually, youll sign up for four years of active duty and four years inactive. After youve completed your active duty time, you can either extend your contract or re-enlist if you want to continue serving.

    Officers make up a much smaller part of the workforce. To join as an officer, you typically must have a four-year college degree and complete an officer program. You compete for promotion to continue your career. Most officers are managers who plan and direct operations. Others are professionals like doctors and lawyers. Officers get paid more than enlisted members and enjoy certain other benefits.

    You dont have to join as an officer to become one though. You can join as an enlisted member and attend officer training later on.

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    Will The Army Fix My Teeth

    Apart from missing teeth , cavities are also disqualifying factors. While it is completely possible to have military dentists fix your teeth for you, the procedure would be better performed by civilian dentists like the ones at Linhart Dentistry, especially because they specialise in cosmetic dentistry.

    Officer: Direct Commission Officer Program

    US Army Asks 10,000 Retiree Soldiers to Rejoin Service to ...

    If you have previously served as an Officer in the military and would like to affiliate with the Navy Reserve, you should contact a Navy Recruiter to discuss your options. You will not need to complete any prerequisite Officer training.

    If you are an Enlisted veteran who is now a college-educated professional in one of the specialty areas sought by the Navy Reserve, you may apply through the Direct Commission Officer Program and will need to complete the 12-day in Newport, RI.

    The Direct Commission Officer Program is available to those who qualify in the following fields:

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    How To Join The Military After Age Thirty


    U.S. Representative Paul Broun, Jr., is a doctor in the Navy Reserves. He’s also 66 years old. In 2012 he tried to convince the overnment to accept military applicants no matter their age, as long as they could meet the minimum health and fitness requirements. The House said no. Every branch of the military has age limits, from the Coast Guard to the National Guard, and most of them come to a halt before age 35. However, there are ways to enter the military when you’re 35 or older. Speak to a recruiter of the branch you’re interested in for the most up-to-date guidelines and hidden loopholes, as rules change all the time.

    Can I Keep My Previous Pay And Rank/promote

    The level of pay you will rejoin on is entirely based on the availability within your chosen Branch/Trade, the experience you have gained since leaving and how competitive your application is. To assess this fully you must start the Rejoiner process as outlined above, the Branch and Trade Advisor will review your application and you will be informed of the outcome. This can only be dealt with on a case by case basis and in order to fully assess this you need to submit your application, so we have all the required information.

    In some cases where extensive experience has been gained since leaving, we can look to increase rank upon return, if your experience since leaving the service is related to your chosen role. If you are looking for a rank increase, please ensure you provide maximum detail in the Professional History Form to support your application.

    Aircrew rejoining from Main Stream Pay might be eligible for transfer to the Professional Aviators Spine on, or immediately after rejoining this currently also provides a PAS Transfer Bounty for Flight Lieutenants.

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    Reserve Entrance Programs For Those Who’ve Served Before

    There are different programs that allow you to affiliate with the Navy Reserve. Your eligibility for these programs depends upon your prior service background, how long its been since you were discharged from service, and a variety of other factors. As a military veteran, you should refer to the Reserve entrance program that best applies to you.

    How To Rejoin The Military After A Medical Discharge Re

    Retired Chinese Veterans Are Forced to Rejoin the Army | Epoch News


    Each military discharge is assigned a reenlistment code. A discharge code of RE-3P is assigned to former sailors who were discharged from the Navy for medical reasons. If a Navy veteran with a reenlistment code of RE-3P wishes to rejoin the military, he must obtain a waiver from the office of the Commander, Navy Recruiting Command, commonly referred to as COMNAVCRUITCOM. If a waiver is granted, the former sailor will be notified and can then reenlist in the military.

    Contact a military recruiter and make an appointment to discuss rejoining the military. Advise him that you have been discharged and received a reenlistment code of RE-3P. Tell him you will attempt to obtain a waiver from COMNAVCRUITCOM and provide him with a copy of your discharge document. Your official military discharge document is Department of Defense form 214.

    Provide the COMNAVCRUITCOM operator with your recruiter’s name, telephone number and recruiting station address. You will then be asked to provide detailed medical records you have accrued since leaving the military provide them by email, fax or mail. When COMNAVCRUITCOM receives your information, they will begin an investigation in accordance with COMNAVCRUITCOM Instruction 1131.2C to determine whether you are eligible to receive a waiver.


    About the Author

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    Can You Sign Up For The Army If You Get Kicked Out Of The Navy


    If you leave the military can you join again? It’s a question that many former service men and women ponder. The short answer is, if you’ve been kicked out of the Navy, you generally don’t have the option to join the Army. Depending on the type of discharge you received, your service days may be done. There are several types of discharges that can keep you from re-enlisting in the service, including a bad conduct discharge, an “other than honorable discharge” and a dishonorable discharge. On the other hand, if you received a general or honorable discharge, you may qualify for re-enlistment.

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