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What Is The Army Physical Fitness Test

how to prepare for BRITISH ARMY basic training | Free Training Plan Included

The Army Physical Fitness Test, also known as the APFT, is designed to test the fitness of soldiers in the United States Army. A test of your muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness is conducted by scoring you on 3 separate events:

a push-up completed with your upper arms at least parallel to the ground

a sit-up completed with your upper body rising to a vertical position, with your neck over your spine

a two-mile run

You are scored on your performance in the APFT by adding up the total number of points in each of the 3 events. Scoring is based on gender, age category, and number of repetitions you perform for the push-up and sit-up, plus run time.

If youre an active soldier, you are required to take the APFT at least twice a year, and if youre a reserve soldier, you must test at least once per year.

Prepare Financially If War Is Coming

As a civilian, you have to prepare financially for war, as life under a constant threat of attack will be extremely expensive. The enemy will actively try to disrupt the supplies of both the army and of civilians, this will end up in massive shortages of food and water, which will drive the prices up significantly if you stay in the area. Even if you evacuate the area you will still need a lot of money, as your living conditions while on the road will probably be extremely bad.

There is no point in trying to sell all of your valuables right at the doorstep of an impending war. Take all your money out of the bank, before anybody starts withdrawing money from the banks, as this will make shortages in the money supply and it will only prolong how long you have to stay in the area. A war will destabilize any currency so your best bet is to get some silver and gold coins and always follow OPSEC, for more information as to how much silver or gold you should have, check my recent article How much silver should a prepper have .

Prepare To Evacuate If War Is Coming

A lot of people will try and stay back no matter how hard it gets, so they can protect all of their assets, the problem is that there is no telling how long the war will take, and how exactly are you going to prepare all your assets against an army? As to when you should evacuate the area it depends on a lot of factors and you have to have some foresight for this.

The problem is that most civilians will wait for the government to tell them when to evacuate, generally speaking when the government notifies the population that they should evacuate that it is way too late. This call for evacuation will end up in a mass panic, with thousands of people taking the roads and highways which inevitably will end up in a massive traffic jam. Logically thinking there are two scenarios that can happen as to when and why the government orders the evacuation of an area:

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How To Prepare For Pull

Pull-ups and push-ups are not that bigger of a deal. If you can get through the racing part, then you will definitely make it to the end. But, dont underestimate other physical tests, especially the pullups.

I am sure that when you will go to prepare for running, then you will also prepare for pull-ups and push-ups. Here are some tips for you:-

How To Join Indian Army Medical Test

Flynn: America

All your hard work can go in vain if you are not medically fit. So, it is very important to be in your best medical condition. Though there is not much that you can do, but still you should try to give your best.

I would like to advise all the readers to please make sure that you fit in the medical criteria of the army, because if you are not eligible in any case, then its useless to prepare for the army.

Anyway, here are a few things that you can do for the medical test:-

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How To Prepare For War As A Civilian

A lot of people think that civilians will not get affected by war, the truth is that civilians will be the most affected by war. Not only that they will get directly targeted, but if they choose to stay in the area then they will have to face a lot of hardships during their day to day lives.

You can prepare for war as a civilian by making preparations to evacuate, sooner or later you will have to evacuate and it is better to do it before everyone panics. In addition to this, you should withdraw as much cash as you can, buy food and water for a couple of days and make a detailed plan of where and how will you evacuate the area.

As a civilian one of the biggest changes you will face while preparing for war is how you will find water, simply put you will not be able to store enough water. In this case, my personal recommendation is to get a high-quality portable water filter which has a 0.2-micron filter on Amazon.com

War can be a very scary thing, especially if the war is fairly close to your hometown and you are a civilian. The problem is that even if a war is right at your doorstep, the government will still try to calm you by downplaying how bad the situation really is. The governments main goal is to keep the area as stable as possible, if everybody panics and doesnt show up to work the next day then the militarys efforts will be a lot harder.

Do Not Rely On Your Car If War Is Coming

When you are imagining yourself evacuating your area then you are probably thinking that you will hop in your car and just go. The truth is that evacuating with your car is highly unlikely, because of two major factors. The first problem is traffic jams, if you do not evacuate early enough then you will be stuck in a traffic jam. On the other hand, you might find that getting fuel for your car will be a lot more expensive if not entirely impossible to get.

You might think that you will start hoarding as much fuel as you can, for some people this does work out, but for most this will lead to a lot of complications. Storing fuel safely is not that easy, you will need a well-ventilated room, the main problem is not that the actual fuel will ignite but that the fuel vapors will ignite. You might think that you need a source of an open flame for this fume to ignite, but even small sparks can ignite it, like when you are repositioning the fuel canister on the ground.

Once you realize that you are not able to evacuate with your car, and all your plans had the vehicle as the primary method of transportation, then you will have to make the difficult choice and abandon it, taking whatever you can with you. This is why I highly recommend getting some backpacks filled with food, water, and medicine, just in case you have to hurry.

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Indian Army Gd Recruitment Process:

As I said, The Selection of the soldiers in the Indian Army is basically done through the direct recruitment process which is also called as the Army Rally Bharti. The Indian Army gives the ads in the Newspaper and also shares the details on the official website. The selection process of the soldier is tough to clear. The selection of a candidate will be done on the Physical Fitness Test. A candidate will have to appear for these following tests:

  • Physical Fitness test

Physical Standard for Army GD:

  • Chest Should be well proportioned. Minimum expansion 5 cms. should not be less than 77cm
  • Weight Proportionate to height and age +10% acceptable. Candidates should not be less than 50 kg
  • Height- The height of the candidate should not be less than 167cm.
  • The height and weight of the candidate must be a standard condition as per the BMI .
  • Medical examination will be conducted by authorized military doctors as per the medical standard prescribed in current regulations applicable to Enrolled Personnel on entry.
  • Good mental, medical, and physical health, free from any disease/disability, likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duties.
  • No Cardio-vascular disease, surgical deformities like knock knee, flat feet, etc. infection of ears, no history of any series of diseases.
Visual Standards:

How to prepare for Army GD through the Books:

You can Avail our Service:-

For purchasing any books for defence examination-

Start A Split Schedule

How to Prepare for Army Officer Selection Board

Now isnt the time to stick to your once-a-day, mediocre workout. If youre wondering how to get in shape for the Army, the answer lies in doubling up but doing so smartly.

Experts recommend implementing a split schedule workout, meaning youll work out both in the morning and in the afternoon. Choose one time to do aerobic and cardiovascular exercises, and another focused on strength training and resistance.

For best results, isolate your resistance training to a single time interval, and stick with that setup. The reason? Your muscles need time to recover and repair themselves, so youll need that buffer of rest in between.

Aim for between 30 and 45 minutes of cardio each day, and vary the intensity to avoid burnout. Then, switch between weight training and resistance-based workouts to appropriately vary the workout.

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Soldier Nursing Assistant Paper Format

The written exam for nursing assistants contains the questions based on GK, Maths, Chemistry, and Biology.

The paper will be of total 200 marks, and 80 will be the passing marks. The maths question will be of class 10th level, whereas, the Biology and chemistry questions will be 12th based. The candidates will get 1 hour to complete this exam.

Have A Backup Plan In Case A War Breaks Out In Your Area

Having a backup plan is vital for your survival in a war zone as a civilian. Things can go bad, and it is better to prepare for the worst and expect the best than the other way around. There is no telling what hardships and dangers you will have to face as a civilian, so make sure that you have at least one a backup plan, and that every member of your family knows about it.

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Preparing For The Apft

Preparing for this fitness test can be simple or difficult, depending upon your current fitness level. If you are in excellent shape, simply focusing on the specific test exercises for a month or two should be sufficient to score well on the APFT.

If you are not currently fit or fit in only one discipline or you have a good deal of extra body fat to lose, you will need to start training long before you take the Army fitness test. You’ll want to improve your overall baseline fitness first, and then narrow in on the specific areas that will be measured during testing.

Army Gd Soldier Paper Pattern

Ten Commandments to Prepare for Training

The written exam for soldier GD will be of a total of 100 marks, out of which the candidates will have to score at least 32 marks in order to get passed. Also, the candidates will get 1 hr to finish the paper.

30% of questions asked in the exam will be based on GK or general knowledge, 40% of the paper will be from General Science and the remaining 30% of questions will come from maths. All the questions will be asked according to the class 10th level.

So, if you prepare well then you will easily be able to clear this exam. But be very careful while answering the questions, as wrong answers will result in negative marking. Please note that if you have an NCC c certificate then you will not have to give the written exam.

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Get Plenty Of Food And Water To Be Prepared If War Is Coming

Now that you know the route which you will be taking, you will have to make sure that you have plenty of food and water. The human body cans survive around 3 weeks without food and about 3 days without water, although this number will get a lot lower depending on your traveling conditions and how often you can resupply. You will have to also take into consideration the weight of all this food and water and how will you carry it.

A lot of people will recommend you buying MREs which are powdered meals, the problem with them is that these are fairly expensive and you are better to keep your cash for emergency situations, like for buying additional food and even transport. The next time when you go to the local store, take a look at canned foods, as these will be your best options locally. If you want to know which canned foods are good for a long time, then check out my recent article Longest lasting canned foods .

Your main problem will be finding plenty of water, if you are traveling on foot you will simply not be able to carry enough food and water at the same time, in this case, you should get a water filter, like the one I have suggested at the beginning of this article.

Is Army Ocs Physically Harder Than Basic Training

Army Officer Candidate School is more challenging compared to Basic Combat Training .

While both training courses push you to the limits in terms of physical fitness, there is more stress on leadership qualities at OCS.

Army OCS candidates are constantly evaluated for their leadership characteristics in addition to physical fitness and tactical skills.

The program is also slightly longer .

The Army purposely makes OCS more difficult compared to basic training.

It prepares high-ranking officers, those that will make difficult decisions out in the field later on down the road.

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Military Pcs : How To Prepare For Your Military Move

When you first get orders, you usually have several months before you actually need to report to the next duty station. Of course, this isn’t always the case: Some families might only have a month or two to prepare .

There are some tasks you canât do until the week you actually move. But there are many things you can do now to prepare for your move.

Even if you don’t have orders yet, you can start preparing for the inevitable PCS. The more work you put in ahead of time, the more successful your move will be.

Have First Aid Kits If War Is Coming

How to Prepare for the ARMY Physical Fitness Test | My Tips to Pass

Make sure that you have a couple of first aid kits, during wartime, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get help from a doctor, as most hospitals will be flooded with injured soldiers and civilians. The problem is that in a war zone, where there is no more water flowing through the taps is that small cuts can get infected fairly fast and this is why you will need at least one first aid kit per family member.

While looking for first aid kits, make sure that the ones you get have also some Oxygenated water, as these are very good at disinfecting wounds.

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What Happens After Ocs

Once you complete the 12-week training course at OCS its time for the next step in the process.

A newly commissioned officer of the U.S. Army attends the Basic Officer Leader Course .

The Basic Officer Leader Course is a three-phase training program that offers initial military training for junior commissioned and warrant officers.

Its purpose is to train new officers on the subject matter specific to their new job .

Army Officers are different from enlisted personnel in that they can make suggestions, yet their MOS and assignment is not guaranteed.

The U.S. Army uses the Order of Merit list to compare officer candidates to each other.

Those that perform near the top of the metrics generally get assigned to the branch of their choosing.

Meanwhile, lower-performing OCS students will likely get placed wherever there is a need in the Army and likely not their first or second choice for placement.

Therefore, performing well at Army OCS is critical to getting an assignment that youll enjoy.

Don’t Forget To Stretch

Stretch your legs aggressively, specifically the hamstring, for holds of 25 to 30 counts every day. Flexibility is vitally important to fitness and preparation to help avoid injury in your Army workout. Stretching is tested in basic training as well, and men usually struggle with flexible hamstrings. So use your training blocks to incorporate challenging stretching routines for 10 to 15 minutes each day.


If you have previous injuries, speak with your health care professional about her recommendations for you moving forward with an Army workout.

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Before You Begin Training

The most important thing to recognize before you start training for the APFT is that the test is simply one measurement tool used to assess overall fitness. If you excel in these three disciplines it’s likely that you have excellent overall fitness and are well-prepared for the rigors of combat.

If, however, your fitness goal is simply to pass the APFT, you are missing the point of the testing. Yes, you can train specifically to do well on the test, and this will generally mean you have good overall fitness, but it’s important to have a solid base of total health as well. Total health includes:

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